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  1. What is platonic love and what does it have to do with all this?
  2. Sex with someone you're not attracted to
  3. LESBIAN or Bi?!?!
  4. turned on by kissing a guy??
  5. Calling all Kinsey 6s or 0s!
  6. I don't wanna be gay
  7. help!
  8. relief or exitement after coming out?
  9. Does anyone else find women more attractive when they are with men?
  10. Kinky bdsm?
  11. is this wrong to behave "gay"
  12. can't stand being confused and unsure anymore
  13. how can I figure out my orientation?
  14. Does questioning mean you're not straight?
  15. Would it make more sense?
  16. dream about lesbian friend?
  17. GAYYY or??
  18. The rush of love
  19. Romantic orientation? I'm a little confused right now.
  20. Am I or am I not.............???????
  21. Lesbian but want to be hugged by a guy?
  22. Am I really a lesbian?????
  23. Fetish vs. aspergers obsession
  24. sexual arousal or something else...?
  25. Dating a transwoman
  26. Does the age you are attracted to change as YOU age?
  27. Asexual dominatrix?
  28. Cats and Dogs?
  29. figuring out you are ace at a younger age?
  30. More Attracted to a guy's face, but not their bodies...
  31. Dating
  32. What should I do?
  33. she never writes first
  34. Am I really attracted to men?
  35. Confused about sexual arousal
  36. Question to the ladys
  37. What am I?
  38. Question for gay men
  39. total crisis
  40. Came out as Lesbian but am having second thoughts
  41. What does confusion mean?
  42. I just want to unburden...
  43. What should I do?
  44. "Attraction" v. "preference"- confusing definitions.
  45. contraceptive pill and sexual orientation
  46. Mtf trouble self satisfying
  47. Im confused with my sexuality.... please some advice
  48. ace? probably not, but confused
  49. Demisexual obsessing over arousal
  50. I want to die
  51. What now?
  52. Will guys want to be with me?
  53. Orgasm before puberty
  54. breaking vicious circle
  55. Confused ..again
  56. I don't know what I am?
  57. Over analysing?
  58. Question for girls
  59. Is liking 'twink' porn a sign of....
  60. Think I might be a lesbian but simply cannot accept it
  61. Stereotypical gay or more than that?
  62. I wish I was straight
  63. wanna be somewhere else
  64. no partner, no job, picky?
  65. I really love her.
  66. Is it my orientation? Or do I hate men?
  67. useful questions to yourself before inner coming out
  68. Sexually attracted to men, but not romantically/emotionally?
  69. People who discovered they are gay later- what made you sure you are not bi?
  70. Is it possible to transition into being gay?
  71. Am I really gay?????
  72. I need help figuring out my life
  73. First time experiencing sexual attraction?
  74. Is this a real crush?
  75. Lesbian in denial?!?!
  76. how does the bi-cycle work for you? Do you ever completely dislike one gender?
  77. I have feelings for more than one person
  78. I am gay but too scared to admit it out loud
  79. Fiance wants to get back together, but I think I might be lesbian?
  80. But what about me?
  81. Completely confused on what my orientation is
  82. Attraction to much older men from a young age and feeling ashamed/scared
  83. Just icing on the cake...
  84. I feel dirty
  85. Question for bisexuals?
  86. I just don't know anymore.
  87. Am I Bi or gay?
  88. Twin sexuality.
  89. I'm having really scary wet dreams (I'm being raped)
  90. A question to other non-binary people in regards to dating...
  91. Confused about best friend's sexuality
  92. How can you tell if a crush is real or not?
  93. Anyone has experience with this?
  94. I think I blocked my mind
  95. I need help :(
  96. Making a new label to fit you, or toss all the labels out the window?
  97. Gay girls/lesbians, would you date a bisexual?
  98. Gay?
  99. I feel like I'm wrong for being gay
  100. Attracted or just wanting to be friends?
  101. Being asexual rant
  102. Maybe asexual?
  103. Very fluid??
  104. Accepting one's bisexuality
  105. Why don't I like boys as much as my other girlfriends?
  106. Is it okay for me to label as bisexual if im biromantic and homosexual??
  107. Am I panromantic greyasexual? How do I know?
  108. Fictional people as reliable indicators of sexuality?
  109. Most curious indeed!
  110. Asexual?
  111. Queer or Lesbian?
  112. Ignorant or understandable question?
  113. Just looking for friendly advice.
  114. What am I?
  115. What does this mean about me?
  116. too dependent on my friends
  117. Coming out to MYSELF? Questions to determine your sexuality?
  118. NSFW Sudden clarity about sexual orientation only during (female) orgasm?
  119. I like AFABs but...
  120. Gay but not feeling the same way about guys as I used to?
  121. Is this demisexual?
  122. I hate my sexual orientation?
  123. Does this make me Bi?
  124. sexual confusion
  125. Is this called anything specific?
  126. HOW do you know you're ready to come out?
  127. So confused? Feel unwanted desire for men?
  128. What does bondage say about me?
  129. How do you know if you're still questioning or ready to come out?
  130. Bisexual or Lesbian?
  131. Exactly what am I?
  132. Not comfortable with opposite-sex attractions
  133. Coming out with NO relationship experience?
  134. Confused about attractions: Sexual vs. Romantic vs. Physical
  135. I feel like my soul is hurting. Gay Boy?
  136. Am I turning gay?
  137. Sexuality confusion
  138. Does this sound more like Pansexual or Bisexual?
  139. Confused about sexuality
  140. Yet another, but different story. What am I?
  141. Hetero-Romantic and/or Demi-sexual
  142. I Thought I was Gay but....
  143. What label fits me?
  144. Most likely bi, but don't feel that I can explore my same sex attractions
  145. Gay or internalised Bi-phobia?
  146. Is this normal?
  147. can fall in love with either gender, but only sexually attracted to one
  148. it possible to have sex with someone without the touching or kissing?
  149. This can't be happening
  150. Dating someone with depression/dysthymia?
  151. I am confused
  152. should i be confused?
  153. Does it feel different?
  154. Can this affect sexuality?
  155. Am I still pansexual?
  156. What am I?
  157. Just being picky?
  158. attracted to be misread as lesbian
  159. Should I go for it?
  160. Can you be gay if you don't want gay sex?
  161. Neither lesbian nor bi...
  162. Letting it all out... at least
  163. Question about liking the same gender and it being 'ingrained'?
  164. It...doesn't feel real?
  165. Gay guys sexual experiences with women?
  166. Gay people who used to think you were bi! Help please
  167. Unsure, probably gay though
  168. How can you tell if another girl likes girls too?
  169. Any truth in the "your brain on porn" argument?
  170. Why did my orientation change like this???
  171. Past sexual fantasies/attractions super confusing
  172. Transboy wondering about his sexuality
  173. I'm sooo confused
  174. Oops here they come...the feelings
  175. Feel very gay, but also kind of bi?
  176. Thought I was gay but maybe not?
  177. Does this seem like the thoughts of someone who is clearly gay?
  178. Top Button Fetish, does anyone else have this?
  179. Female arousal - "Bumpy things"
  180. sexual thoughts confusing your mind and who you really are?
  181. I'm attracted to men...I think?
  182. Gay (?)
  183. Bisexuals-how do you figure out your preference?
  184. Am I still pansexual/panromantic?
  185. Lesbian, pansexual? A mix?
  186. Update on My Confusion
  187. very weird...conflicting feelings...doesn't make sense
  188. question to gay guys and bi women
  189. All my feelings seem like lies...
  190. I've thought of something
  191. Bisexual or just gay? Help?
  192. Homosexual and Biromantic, is this to be considered bi or gay???
  193. straight when not in love
  194. Question to lesbians and bisexual women
  195. Is homoflexible & heteroflexible more bi or gay?
  196. Sorta confused
  197. Puberty and Sexuality
  198. Am I Bisexual or just a lesbian?
  199. I have a question...
  200. Sexuality Confusion, Please Help....
  201. Attracted to girls romantically, worried about sex?
  202. Gender/Gender Expression and Sexuality
  203. Desires/Disgusts
  204. very special type
  205. am i really gay?
  206. Questioning for a while, just wanting answers.
  207. What is this?
  208. My sexual desires terrifie me
  209. Is lesbian porn actually like real lesbian sex?
  210. Questions for pansexuals
  211. Am I too young to know?
  212. I don't know if I'm gay or not.
  213. First date with a girl ever and I'm suddenly super nervous that I'm not really gay?
  214. Please help :(
  215. Mid-thirties and still confused
  216. Is it wrong to do this...? Sexting and masturbating...
  217. is this bisexual?
  218. Fancy women in real-life. Men erotic in fantasies.
  219. If I've been questioning for months now...
  220. Am I normal?
  221. Can I be sure I'm something that I'm not?
  222. I think I'm in love with my best friend
  223. Just a quick question...
  224. Is it possible I'm bisexual?
  225. Confused about sexuality! I need help!
  226. Just a question...
  227. Am i still attracted to someone when i can't imagine myself with them?
  228. Help me out, please!
  229. Am I demisexual?
  230. Bisexual but can't seem to get hard with girls
  231. Celebrity Crushes
  232. starting a new job, new people, what do i do if they ask about my sexuality?
  233. I NEED serious help
  234. Orientation confusion
  235. Contradictory sexuality
  236. Looking
  237. Is it really "just a phase"?
  238. Curious about a "youth" group in Fairfield CT
  239. Would you be angry if I didn't let you touch me ?
  240. Confused...
  241. Past heterosexual arousal?
  242. Is this why I'm not attracted to men?
  243. Can a Kinsey 5 person legitimately call themselves gay?
  244. Trying to figure things out...
  245. A confused jumble of thoughts...
  246. only into butches
  247. Is there such thing as labeling yourself: Bisexual-but only date girls?
  248. Can lesbians have "guy crushes"?
  249. Is it normal for some people to transition sexualities?
  250. Maybe lesbian?