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  1. get rid of infatuation
  2. I feel like I chose to be gay, and it's freaking me out
  3. Confused... Help?
  4. Turning Bi or Not?
  5. Feeling Like My Attraction is Invalid
  6. Androgynous Love
  7. Straight Girl: Is my boyfriend gay?
  8. Is Sexual Orientation just another Identity?
  9. Need help: Long-Term Game Plan
  10. Masturbation question
  11. I think I'm bisexual but why do I feel this way..?
  12. Gay or not?
  13. Liking a Trans Boy
  14. Bi or pan?
  15. Kinsey 1 and 2?
  16. A Question For Lesbians and Gay Men!
  17. Biromantic Homosexual?
  18. Trying to figure stuff out..
  19. A Curious Question
  20. What does sex with someone you're truly sexually attracted to feel like?
  21. The Importance of Penis
  22. Sexual thoughts are confusing right now
  23. Masturbation and attractions?
  24. Am I bi or just Straight curious?
  25. Confused again , weird fantasies
  26. Confused about sexuality
  27. I want to have sex with guys. Curious?
  28. Want to have sex with a guy..but i'm lesbian?
  29. My romantic orientation?
  30. A Longing for Friendship or A Lust for Love?
  31. Sexually confused?
  32. How do I know I'm lesbian if i haven't even kissed a guy? or girl?
  33. Should my doctors know im lesbian?
  34. I broke down after sexual acts?
  35. How do you work it out?
  36. Asexual with fetishes?
  37. I'm Scared to Start a Relationship Because I Don't Want it to End
  38. Question for other bisexuals
  39. Masturbating to men?
  40. Does anybody else enjoy BDSM porn? I'm so disgusted with myself because I am.
  41. I'm tired and confused and don't know what I am
  42. Confused about sexuality - I don't know if I'm in denial or HOCD
  43. I am gay, but the personalities of (most) gay men turn me off. Please help!
  44. Extremely confused and distressed...
  45. What sexuality am I?
  46. psychologically complex fantasies
  47. possibly a furry?
  48. For gay guys
  49. crush or huge admiration
  50. Bi and attracted to trans
  51. Gay/Lesbian people- do you perceive the sexual energy of the opposite sex?
  52. 21 year old crush on 16?
  53. I'm I Think I'm Attracted to Trans* People
  54. Am I Bi or Lesbian?
  55. Question for lesbians
  56. Wanting to be attractive yet experiencing no attraction?
  57. Same Gender "crush"?
  58. In Desperate Need of Advice: Orientation Confusion,What Am I?
  59. Scared to be something definitive
  60. Always Questioning
  61. Is it normal to be both attracted to someone and want to be like them?
  62. Shouldn't i know at this point!!!!?? "Help"
  63. What am I?
  64. soft butch vs. men
  65. Does your Aesthetic preference match your Sexual preference?
  66. experiences of straight relationships when you were younger?
  67. Question for: CIS GAY MEN
  68. Questioning
  69. Wet dream about men but I'm a lesbian?
  70. Bi because I am, or because I don't want to be gay?
  71. closure of a ended realtionship
  72. Really confused am I Straight Bi or Gay?
  73. A little jealous...
  74. Asexuality Spectrum
  75. kissing my friend advice needed
  76. Question for bisexual women
  77. Coming out to female friends
  78. Am I gay or bi?
  79. What is my sexuality?
  80. Demigirl and Lesbian??
  81. Is there any point in calling yourself bisexual if you're homoromantic?
  82. Bisexual to Gay to Bisexual?
  83. Asexual or...?
  84. Am I Gay or Bisexual?
  85. does this make me biromantic?
  86. Cheating
  87. What does this mean?
  88. At the Pinnacle of Confusion
  89. Just a rant, am I weird, input would be most welcome.
  90. Is 'bisexual' commonly used as an umbrella term, or as an orientation?
  91. Oh gosh please help me...
  92. My mum doesn't seem to think my questioning is important?
  93. Like watching guys kiss?
  94. Have a combination of crush feelings and aspirational feelings on women?
  95. Subconscious Attraction or Delusion?
  96. have "only" straight friends
  97. Should I stop 'experimenting' with my friend going through a bad time?
  98. Major confusion out of left field
  99. what is the difference between 'gay' and 'bisexual with a strong preference'?
  100. Unsure about sexuality
  101. suffocated
  102. Concerned about Sexuality
  103. Fear of men
  104. crying over someone as a sign of what?
  105. lesbian but had an almost sexual dream with guy friend? help
  106. Standard lesbian or bi question, but I could really use insight!
  107. Do you think I could be a lesbian or bisexual?
  108. Inexperience but might be lesbian
  109. Can preference in porn speak to sexual orientation?
  110. Fellow asexual seeking advice
  111. What did he mean by this?
  112. Sex with my husband
  113. I think I've realised that I'm bi sexual?
  114. I can't figure out my sexuality
  115. Am I gay, straight, bi or just curious?
  116. How can I figure out my romantic orientation?
  117. My lesbian girlfriend is depressed...
  118. Is it common for (straight) girls to never feel aroused by the idea of sex with a man
  119. What would you label me?
  120. Help!
  121. How do I find girls to experiment with?
  122. Confused...
  123. never ever attracted to women until now
  124. Unsure
  125. Identity Issues/Straight hangover crush
  126. Transition? Straight to Bi
  127. turned on because of love??
  128. Panicking about feelings and struggling to understand them
  129. Sex workers...
  130. What does physical arousal feel like for you? - butt-talk
  131. confused
  132. Confused by a fetish
  133. Sooo Confused
  134. PLEASE help??
  135. Lesbian, but mainly only attracted to tomboys?
  136. Fellow bisexuals: do you seek only one partner, or more?
  137. Confused again, please help out!!
  138. Asexual and ???
  139. Kinsey 2-4, is there really a difference?
  140. Is this a crush?
  141. Is this asexuality?
  142. So I think i'm a lesbian, but...
  143. quick question
  144. Confused about sexual & romantic orientation
  145. Autoandrophillia and being a lesbian?
  146. Avoiding the Stages of Grief?
  147. Somewhat homoflexible
  148. Confused
  149. What's the difference...?
  150. I feel like bisexuality is taboo here...
  151. "Mourning" the straight life I thought i'd have?
  152. Thoughts on racial preferences?
  153. "If youre even watching this video, youre probably gay" -thoughts?
  154. Can all you lesbians tell me all the ways you knew you were a lesbian?
  155. Not sure what this means...
  156. Aspergers Syndrome and questioning sexuality?
  157. Bisexual or just a phase?
  158. Why do many gay people think theyre bisexual at first?
  159. Thinking I may be lesbian or bisexual but i'm not keen on girls bits? :/
  160. Are there any lesbians out there who actually once enjoyed being intimate with guys?
  161. Doesn't want to have sex
  162. "Gay phase" or actually gay?
  163. Need to get this off my chest
  164. Biphobia or Homophobia?
  165. Need help figuring out what I am?
  166. for people who were closeted for a long time
  167. I need help understanding my Asexual boyfriend
  168. Orgasming
  169. How to, uh... "get back to myself"?
  170. Am I restricting myself? Or am I overthinking my sexuality?
  171. I'm probably gay. To make myself feel less alone, is this rational thinking?
  172. A lesbian who regularly sleeps with men?
  173. To those who believe HOCD is a myth
  174. Sexual dreams and orentation
  175. I think I'm gay, just one problem...
  176. What does this mean?
  177. Masturbating and sexual orientation
  178. Never-ending Doubts
  179. "If you're questioning, you're probably not straight"?
  180. Bi people.. do you ever fluctuate between interest and hostility towards one gender?
  181. Bit of confusion
  182. How do I do it?
  183. Scared when someone likes me?
  184. Breaking apart from the seams.
  185. What do I label myself?
  186. Pois?
  187. Think I'm bi?
  188. Porn Addiction and Sexuality
  189. my friend likes to mention his penis to me
  190. Can't get my thoughts straight - questioning
  191. How to gain more confidence as a top?
  192. Sexual and romantic orientation don't match what gives?
  193. I wish I were straight
  194. Annoyed about getting horny
  195. Mind tricks?
  196. woman in fantasy
  197. Can taking hormones alter your orientation?
  198. Genuinely Bisexual or Gay in denial?
  199. lesbian having sex with guys.
  200. What's my sexuality?
  201. I don't know what to make of this...
  202. What does my reaction to the opposite sex mean?
  203. Doubted myself straight?
  204. My first love is getting married!
  205. Dating Anonymously
  206. Can you be attracted to the opposite sex somehow when you are lesbian/gay?
  207. Self-fulfilling Prophecy?
  208. Figuring out if I'm gay, need help
  209. Can Porn Change Sexual Orientation
  210. of dreams and fantasy question
  211. Lesbian struggling massively with sexual response to men
  212. What does this say about my sexuality?
  213. How do you come to terms with yourself?
  214. I'm so confused
  215. Am in denial of being bisexual?
  216. I think I might be gay!
  217. Bisexual to Gay
  218. hi
  219. Guys give me anxiety
  220. Need quick advice
  221. is it strange if...
  222. Is heteroromantic or biromantic but homosexual a "stepping stone" to being gay?
  223. Do straight girls feel this way ?
  224. Ever just
  225. Sexual Harrasment.
  226. I think I'm a lesbian but I can't accept it
  227. Am I a lesbian?
  228. advice would be nice.
  229. Gay cruising sex vacation for closeted guy ideas?
  230. help, questioning I guess
  231. Am i really lesbian ?
  232. How do you cope with being a biromantic homosexual?
  233. Do you have to be attracted to the male body to...
  234. Is she bi?
  235. Justifying bisexuality
  236. Arousal through humiliation of sorts?
  237. How can you know?
  238. Unsure - maybe bisexual?
  239. special women
  240. Am I asexual/aromantic?
  241. Am I ace?
  242. I got an erection from one gay clip and I'm thinking I could be gay...Am I?
  243. trying to let myself be gay but it's freaking me out
  244. Change effort
  245. Can staying in the closet make you physically ill?
  246. Is this a secret attraction?
  247. I am demisexual and demiromantic. Could it change?
  248. Is this a normal step in the self-acceptance proccess - numbness
  249. Sexual and Romantic feelings different?
  250. Difference between Bromance and Romance?