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  1. The Kinsey Scale
  2. "Experimenting"
  3. Accepting myself in a religious family
  4. Lesbian or not ?
  5. i really didnt know
  6. Trying to accept my sexuality - lesbian
  7. straight but crushing
  8. No text message a day after the first date
  9. gayer when depressed
  10. Feeling lost.
  11. lgbt people at non-lgbt places
  12. I find girls disgusting
  13. Question for the gay girls?
  14. emotional torment
  15. Can sexual attraction just *dissapear*?
  16. women in my fantasies
  17. I'm still a little confused...
  18. Masturbation vs. real life
  19. Masturbating to.... nothing?
  20. Love?
  21. credible Am i gay tests
  22. Homo romantic but bisexual?
  23. Pan romantic??????????????
  24. Internalised biphobia/homophobia?
  25. Confused and Scared??
  26. straight attracted to lesbians
  27. Lonely LGBT+
  28. OCD, denial, homophobic, or biphobic?
  29. bi erasure
  30. sick to be lgbt
  31. Straight/bisexual/pansexual girls…
  32. The Worst Thing You Could Be
  33. Am i a normal bisexual? please help
  34. Is my ex-bf bisexual/gay/asexual/gender confused, or it is me?
  35. straight or bi ?
  36. My childhood crush - shame and anger
  37. dreams or fantasies?
  38. So where's the off switch for questioning?
  39. lgbt testimonies site?
  40. I hate myself for loving you
  41. Doubting my sexuality due to ex-partners behaviour during sex
  42. falsely in love
  43. Is being a lesbian accepted more in society
  44. too shy to be gay in front of her
  45. Help! What does my dream mean?!
  46. girls-signs of attraction
  47. Can alcohol change someone's sexual orientation ?
  48. dilemma in social situations
  49. come out of unsureness as straight
  50. A New Kind of Partner?
  51. Attraction to "pretty boys"?
  52. Bisexual w/ preference for women or Biromantic Lesbian?
  53. Can bisexuals ever be satisfied?
  54. when I'm with a woman
  55. Straight but nervous around girls?
  56. To anyone who has seen a naked man
  57. Doing things only for experience
  58. Does it mean something if you want to kiss them?
  59. How to know my sexuality if my focus is more on personal connection, not attraction?
  60. is it normal wanting to penetrate
  61. Should I come out to my dying mother?
  62. How do you deal with paranoid feelings? (please help me)
  63. Why do a lot of lesbians hate penetration ?
  64. Am I still in deep denial or finally (slowly) accepting my attraction?
  65. Finally enjoying sex.
  66. bisexuals would you prefer to date another bisexual or a gay person
  67. Okay, I don't know how things escalated this quickly.
  68. I don't know what I feel (still)
  69. What to do with my so extremely shy boyfriend?
  70. Struggling about dating a guy who has HIV. What to do?
  71. Is this a crush? What's the deal?
  72. lesbians say they aren't sexually attracted to men ,but find them hot ?
  73. How do you ask an lgbt person for help face to face?
  74. Moral Dilemma - Help
  75. Attracted to trans* person before they came out
  76. What's the best indicator of sexuality?
  77. Could I still be a lesbian if...
  78. Is what I'm going through normal? Am I bisexual, straight, or in denial?
  79. Confused..
  80. Making out with opposite-sex friend: not good
  81. Straight / bi women only like 'manly' guys...right?
  82. Biromantic Asexual...?
  83. Consolidating differences in romantic and sexual orientation. What the heck am I?
  84. Straight, Bi or Gay? Need help here!
  85. I don't want to be bisexual.
  86. I really don't know
  87. I think I might be homosexual?
  88. Bad situation, need advice... what am I?
  89. Do men give better blow jobs than women ?
  90. Am I REALLY Lesbian?
  91. If a straight guy enjoys receiving oral sex from men is he still straight ?
  92. Does she like me ?
  93. help with meeting another lesbian, could become my first lesbian date
  94. Please help if you can...
  95. I have a lot of confusion and some memories to share...
  96. Life Help.
  97. Need some outside thoughts on whether i'm a lesbian?
  98. Gender identity confusing my sexuality?
  99. My predicament desperate need of help!
  100. Confused and distraught
  101. Am i lesbian,bi,or curious,straight ?
  102. Can you be gay if you only like boobs?
  103. The Line Between Bisexual and Lesbian
  104. Is this normal for gay women to feel like this, or does this make bi? Is this denial?
  105. Is this normal for gay women to feel like this, or does this make bi? Is this denial?
  106. what the hell am I ?
  107. Am I aesexual?
  108. pan, bi, poly, omni sexual
  109. I don't want to be gay.
  110. Fantasy: Pretending to be a guy?
  111. Why the hell do people think a strap on dildo and a penis is the same thing ?
  112. well i have a pretty odd sexual fantasy for my age
  113. Do bisexuals feel like they have to choose?
  114. Bisexual... or lesbian?
  115. All people are a little bisexual?
  116. I am biphobic/heterophobic and tired of little affirmation for gay identities.
  117. Could dreams/fantasies be linked to my orientation?
  118. Comparison - lesbian
  119. Am I Bi?
  120. I feel like I chose to be gay?
  121. Biromantic Homosexual
  122. how can i accept myself
  123. Label Police
  124. Sexuality Struggles
  125. How do you get over first lesbian relationship failure?
  126. Confusion
  127. Am i Asexual?
  128. Advice: Lebian or Bisexual Feelings?
  129. Internalized Homophobia?(Little Graphic)
  130. Some awkward sex questions that would help me figure out my sexuality (please help!)
  131. Am I a freak ???
  132. I feel like I can't relate to lesbians anymore
  133. Was this a good idea or a bad one?
  134. If someone is sexually attracted to both sexes but romantically to one are they not b
  135. Am I actually attracted?
  136. Am I bi or....?
  137. Does being in gay relationship make it harder to break up?
  138. Mixed signals from this girl I like??
  139. One of my friends needs advice?
  140. Undefinable feelings
  141. I'm more comfortable thinking of my sexual orientation as a perversion
  142. Sexually confused, very distressed
  143. Are your siblings/family grossed out with the thought of you being gay?
  144. Clarity needed
  145. confusion
  146. Are lesbians who never had lesbian sex a turn off to lesbians ?
  147. Unsure about things.
  148. I love what I should hate ...
  149. A question about Orientation
  150. In the closet and feel guilty when my unknowing parents do nice things for me
  151. how do I not be self centered when meeting new people
  152. Just wanted a second opinion.
  153. Extremely Confused? :(
  154. Why am I suddenly attracted? Wanting attention?
  155. Did I just got used to the fact that I love her ?
  156. Maybe it's a sign
  157. What's my sexual orientation?
  158. is there something wrong with me ?!?
  159. Does less over-thinking = less confusion?
  160. confused and in need of an answer
  161. Could Having a Unwanted Sexual Moment influence a person?
  162. Always dominant in fantasies?
  163. Possible Bi, Not attracted to masculine guys?
  164. what to do?
  165. Bisexual vs. lesbian
  166. Become scared of men
  167. Is sexuality a choice ?
  168. I'm mtf lesbian, and I like dick in my ass?
  169. In denial?
  170. fustrated and confused
  171. Is this attraction or admiration?
  172. Confusing night
  173. Can isolation cause confusion about orientation?
  174. Sexual Attraction Am I Bi?(Graphic)
  175. Pictures vs Public Attraction?
  176. Some guys are cute, I'm confused?
  177. confusion
  178. Do you think the hatred of labels is just a scapegoat for real lgbt problems ?
  179. Just another confused person (y)
  180. What does this attraction mean?
  181. Am I starting to accept myself?
  182. describe the ultimate sex goddess/god/other
  183. Apologies for the sexually explicit content, but how do you lick pussy?
  184. Married but gay??
  185. Afraid of being straight or bi?
  186. I like making my self look slutty , even though I'm not
  187. HOCD or Questioning
  188. Bi or not?
  189. Should the meaning of the word lesbian be changed ?
  190. i need advice
  191. Questions for asexual romantics
  192. Gay... butt like vaginas???
  193. The guys I like
  194. What does queer mean ?
  195. Sexuality and Emotions-Possible Connection?
  196. The correct label
  197. Am I gay because of this? I hope not, help me please
  198. Help me please, I'm not gay!!!
  199. So here goes...
  200. Jealous of straight/bi guys?
  201. Can't tell what I am
  202. HELP. "I don't want to be gay"
  203. Lesbians who came out as adults: question
  204. Porn and sexuality
  205. Dumbfounded about my Sexuality
  206. Porn and attraction
  207. Is it bad for a lesbian to use a realistic looking dildo?
  208. Strange thing...
  209. Religion bringing me down?
  210. I'm Trans and a lesbian, Is it weird i slept with a girl pre op?
  211. Unsure of orientation
  212. Transgender guy questioning my sexuality, help me please?
  213. Just a little confused..
  214. So this just happened..
  215. Romantic interests rising.. Bi-sex aid?
  216. Mind and heart twisted
  217. Confused
  218. Problems with (straight) sex
  219. How can you tell if it's a phase?
  220. I know labels can make things worse… but does it sound like I'm gay?
  221. Confused
  222. Is it possible that I'm gay?
  223. Lesbians: how did you know you weren't attracted to men?
  224. Asexual or just low sex drive?
  225. Trouble
  226. bisexual who might be gay?
  227. Have I repressed my feelings so much, or am I actually Bi?
  228. Can't stop
  229. I really AM Bi / Pan, after all.
  230. Am I really gay?
  231. Is there any way to be sure of your orientation?
  232. Sexual fantasies help?
  233. Gay male, but likes lesbian porn?
  234. How much shame/guilt should I feel about this?
  235. I'm slowly getting sick of my family
  236. I'm not attracted to straight guys anymore
  237. I'm Starting To Feel Ashamed
  238. Very confused about identity
  239. I feel like I'm gay. But my parents are making me be straight.
  240. How can I tell if it's just a phase or if I'm realising my sexual orientation?
  241. Is it a common thing for lesbians to leave their partners for men ?
  242. Can birth control change your sexual orientation ?
  243. How do you stop questioning and trust instincts your about your sexuality?
  244. Am I bicurious or something more?(male)
  245. Dating someone, but have feelings for someone else
  246. I feel like it's my fault that I'm gay...
  247. Help & Advice ?
  248. I am dating a guy but I love a girl.
  249. Worried that I'm... Straight?
  250. Bisexuality? Obssesive thinking?