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  1. Confused and Anxious?
  2. If I were REALLY gay I would...
  3. Worried I'll start doubting my sexuality again after coming out.
  4. Trouble accepting I'm straight?
  5. i turned bi????
  6. enjoyment of opposite sex experience?
  7. Signs of Love/Affection
  8. Friendly crush or crushy crush?
  9. Straight?
  10. Can I change my fetish? Should I be concerned?
  11. I wish i'd never come out, it doesn't get better
  12. Is There a Difference?
  13. Really confused
  14. Am I sexually attracted to men?
  15. Was this a sign?
  16. I think that I am Gay.
  17. Do I have a crush on my friend?
  18. Can't Figure it Out
  19. Confusion
  20. What age was your first same sex attraction?
  21. how can someone accept themself?
  22. I feel like I'm turning gay
  23. I'm just unsure..
  24. What was this feeling?
  25. Is there such a thing as a penis fetish ?
  26. Confused . . .
  27. I know my sexuality but it hasn't quite sunk in yet...?
  28. Bisexual or Straight?
  29. for gay guys:asking out of curiosity
  30. Am i still gay?
  31. Very confused, the usual "am I bi or gay" question >_<
  32. HIV Tests
  33. Married to a man, feeling guilty for being in love with a female
  34. Coming Out as Pan
  35. Can you still be a gay man if you don't lie giving blowjobs?
  36. Pansexual... Or a lesbian?
  37. Another confused teen (btw its really long)
  38. I'm Really Confused
  39. Can a person be gay if they are into both sexes ?
  40. Accepting sexuality: like a lightbulb switched on in my head?!
  41. My orientation
  42. I will love him; or, her.
  43. Friends or more?
  44. Sexual/sensual divide? Lesbian/polysexual divide?
  45. why do some gay guys like to touch women's breasts ?
  46. Nervous and Tired
  47. am i gay or asexual or confused!
  48. Sexual attraction?
  49. safe 3 way for lesbians?
  50. Same Sex fantasies?
  51. Dynamics of Love
  52. asexual or not?? help please
  53. Are fantasies reliable when it comes to finding your sexuality?
  54. Super confused...
  55. Attracted to someone - but not their smell?
  56. Mother's abuse did not 'make' me gay, but...
  57. Is everyone actually bisexual and is there no such thing as gay or straight ?
  58. Am I a lesbian?
  59. Oral sex
  60. Was it all a phase?
  61. being more turned on by transwomen?
  62. I think it's only one girl
  63. other lesbians should I tell a woman I did sexual stuff with a man ?
  64. Just don't know anymore!!!!
  65. I'm not attracted to butch women but androgynous women
  66. Soooo confused
  67. Is there something wrong with me?
  68. I need some help with a little bit of a situation I have with my best friend.
  69. Gay male, but girls turn me on?
  70. Acceptance
  71. Can hormones during puberty make you gay?
  72. So, did you first realize you were gay from sexual or romantic thoughts?
  73. Please help me with my Sexuality???(CONFUSED)
  74. How do I get over rejection
  75. Is drunk behavior a sign of sexual orientation?
  76. questions on arousal
  77. Is this wrong? And uh, what am I?
  78. I'm another person confused about their sexuality
  79. in need of a new label. maybe...
  80. I think people understand people who are not attracted to the opposite sex at all
  81. Finger ratio in determining sexual orientation: any truth?
  82. Is she jealous ? she said she wasn't interested ?
  83. I can't take it anymore
  84. Problems with sexuality and gender identity and relationship with my girlfriend?
  85. Still taboo
  86. Am I asexual or having some sort of internalized homophobia problem or just shy?
  87. Suppressed attraction...?!
  88. Paid too much attention to sexual attraction, now paying the price...
  89. meeting other transgender males
  90. What is bisexual identity?
  91. Does sexual attraction decide your sexuality?
  92. Is it stupid to lose your virginity to a man if you are a man?
  93. Attraction vs. sexual energy
  94. I wish I was heterosexual and not lesbian !!!
  95. Confused
  96. How much questioning?
  97. Rant, confused, bisexual, male.
  98. Fear of straight relationships...?
  99. Am I Bisexual?
  100. Sexuality confusion
  101. Insecure
  102. Just confused
  103. Advice
  104. thinking about her makes me aroused
  105. I think I'm gay but need a second opinion
  106. get a little throb in my clitoris by looking at same sex couples.
  107. Liking someone
  108. Confused About Friend
  109. Werid sex dreams...
  110. Internal... heterophobia???
  111. dildo and peen
  112. I'm not bi but is it ok to use to come out as bi so I have an easier life
  113. do people actually choose people to sleep with their attracted to subconsciously
  114. Depressed about my sexual past, I feel like I don't deserve to call myself gay
  115. Heterosexuality is the norm
  116. I didn't like him until I knew I couldn't have him
  117. Straight girls and lesbians: what is the difference in thinking...
  118. I miss breasts on my...boyfriend???
  119. Am i gay?
  120. Sexuality constantly shifting... feel bad looking for anything long-term
  121. Can you be attracted to the opposite sex and still be gay?
  122. Confused
  123. I only enjoy penetration in one position
  124. Any bi/lesbian who went through phase of penis curiosity
  125. Unsure if straight or bi
  126. girl wanna be
  127. Venting over something that confuses me
  128. A straight kiss makes me happy but not aroused... I'm kind of confused here
  129. Not sure if straight, bi or lesbian
  130. Preference.
  131. Am I Asexual?
  132. Am I a lesbian?
  133. Straight girl with confusing bi tendencies
  134. male energy in men makes me anxious
  135. With who do you want to wake up with...
  136. Is this normal?
  137. Confused/Lost
  138. What would happen..
  139. Romantic + Sexual Orientation
  140. Could I be gay?
  141. Lesbian or bi with intimacy problems?
  142. Dating no-nos?
  143. How?
  144. Please tell me other's feel like this sometimes too? :(
  145. Picking one guy after years of "window shopping"
  146. Question for anyone who went from bi to gay
  147. Indicators of sexual orientation
  148. Came Out, Now I'm Not Sure if I'm Gay?
  149. Scared of physical intimacy, relationships
  150. Signs of terrible Internal Homophobia or ?
  151. Do fantasies mean anything?
  152. Pervasive sexual arousal
  153. Penis fetish
  154. Grossed out by Penises
  155. ?????
  156. What can i do?
  157. Sexual fantasies
  158. does this mean Im gay?
  159. Does this make me Gay?
  160. I only think of men, how do I tell my girlfriend?
  161. I'm confused..
  162. Sexuality major confusion. Please help
  163. A Question on Self-Confidence
  164. Why does this happen?
  165. not really sure what to identify as
  166. i enjoy male solo porn but i think i'm lesbian?
  167. Romantic vs sexual
  168. What should I do?
  169. First Kiss Nerves
  170. is my girlfriend secretly bi?l
  171. Age Difference. Can it Work Out?
  172. I think I'm asexual?
  173. vagina and penis
  174. I am a lesbian but have feelings for guy??
  175. does bi curiosity always lead to bisexuality ?
  176. I just can't accept myself..
  177. the sex question?
  178. Awareness of sexual feeling (Female)
  179. Are We Together or is He Just Flirting?
  180. teeth trouble and dating!
  181. Confused
  182. Possibly Falling for Her. Help?
  183. Totally confused
  184. I don't want a bisexual girlfriend for my first lesbian relationship
  185. I'm inexperienced and embarrassed.
  186. Gay guys and vaginas
  187. What's wrong with me?
  188. is this boy coming on to me?
  189. please help-I am going crazy
  190. No clue what to do
  191. Confused(help appreciated)
  192. Questioning
  193. Lesbian but attracted to male anime characters even some that aren't femme
  194. What are the signs, when a girl likes you?
  195. Why is there more drama in a lesbian relationship?
  196. Methods of figuring it out beyond experiment?
  197. confused...
  198. Am I a Prude?
  199. What is the difference between sexual and sensual attraction?
  200. I just don't know
  201. Is it possible to feel this uncomfortable and still be gay/bi?
  202. How to know if a girl is lesbian???
  203. LESBIANS only please. Question about porn.
  204. What is my Orientation?
  205. Testing the straight waters..
  206. Confused about my feelings towards women
  207. I get hot and bothered thinking about my girlfriend having sex with guys
  208. Am I grey-ace?
  209. extremely confused.
  210. I think I'm gay but I want opinion
  211. im a female and have question about arousal
  212. I'm not comfortable...
  213. Feeling really confused, really need some help
  214. Lesbian with sexual abuse experience
  215. Rough relationship causing me to question sexuality
  216. lesbian and facial detection
  217. In love and really scared of losing my friend
  218. Sometimes when I am high...
  219. Feel like a lesbian but
  220. Can I identify as lesbian even though I'm not?
  221. Could this mean that I'm bi
  222. question for butch girls/women
  223. Would a gay man have sex with or love a transman?
  224. Help me help him
  225. Do some people identify as gay or lesbian because of these reasons ?
  226. Used and confused
  227. Bi-romantic Lesbian..?
  228. I'm gay but I'm attracted to femininity?
  229. Boyfriend and... a girlfriend?
  230. haunting thoughts after enjoying losing my virginity?
  231. PLEASE HELP! I'm so confused about my sexual orientation.
  232. Does he like me?
  233. lesbian and penis
  234. Questioning female crush - HELP
  235. What happens when a lesbian, dates an ftm trans person?
  236. In love with my best friend
  237. So, so stressed out over sexuality
  238. Love girls but want to be appreciated by men
  239. Lesbian, just want to give and not receive
  240. My friend and I are both bi, I want to give him a BJ.
  241. where do you guys go for lgbt entertainment/ advice?
  242. If you've ever be infatuated, please answer me!
  243. Should I ditch the 'bi' label and id as lesbian?
  244. when do you know?
  245. So confused
  246. I think I am in love but hes only want is sex
  247. How are you supposed to know?
  248. Lesbian or intense frienship
  249. What does this mean?
  250. I like boobs, sorta