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  1. Confusion
  2. Sexual attractions?
  3. Insecure.
  4. Help? dealing with trans partners(?)
  5. Would like your opinion
  6. Unsure??
  7. I'm confused I felt butterflies but why !!
  8. Yet Another Teen not too sure
  9. I'm a black lesbian and want to do interracial dating
  10. Could bad experiences with men have affected my sexuality?
  11. Should I send my gay crush flowers? IDK!!
  12. what the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation?
  13. Fantasy vs Reality
  14. How to ask this person out?
  15. Questioning, and scared about it. (LONG post)
  16. Are people generally reluctant to date trans people?
  17. Did I "get scared" into dating men?
  18. Will I ever accept myself?
  19. Sounds odd, but I'm scared I might be straight
  20. Am I asexual or something else?
  21. 25 First "Gay" Experience, Still not sure...
  22. More harm than good in the future?
  23. Wanting to be lesbian??
  24. wtf is wrong with me!!
  25. I'm worried... :(
  26. I Think I Might Be...
  27. Do you make friends with some people on here that you have a crush on?
  28. I'm craving other women like I crave food
  29. Married Flirter
  30. In Love with a friend
  31. So Lost
  32. In love with someone who might be in denial about her sexuality
  33. I'm lesbian but open to having sex with MTF transgender people ?
  34. Can hormones affect sexual orientation ?
  35. Questioning...
  36. I feel insecure about my small breasts
  37. Confused...
  38. Lesbian/bi, but sort of icked out by idea of oral?
  39. How do gay people in denial manage to be in Hetero relationships for long?
  40. Confused- help!
  41. Please I need advice
  42. I got turned on by a hetero fantasy
  43. What counts as Lesbian Sex?
  44. Amoromaniac son
  45. Do I still belong to this world?
  46. In love with my best friend, but...
  47. I'm lesbian but get turned on by gay porn
  48. genital response - fear or arousal?
  49. Confusing!
  50. Am I a homosexual heteroromantic?
  51. falling in love with a stranger
  52. how do you know its your soulmate?
  53. Is this a form of internalized homophobia?
  54. A mix of denial and confusion
  55. Do some lesbians have sex with men when their out of relationships
  56. Belfast...by the fire station xxx
  57. How to tell your sexual orientation?
  58. What's the difference between pansexual and bisexual?
  59. Problems with being in a hetero relationship, bi or lesbian?
  60. Is it weird to be a lesbian and use a dildo for sexual pleasure when alone
  61. Completely confused...
  62. Confused about Life -.-'
  63. worried about being a lipstick lesbian
  64. My mom can't stop talking about when i get married
  65. 35, married and infatuated
  66. He told me he loved me but he lied
  67. What does homoflexible mean
  68. Stripclub
  69. What the hell is sexual attraction even?
  70. I don't know if I'm straight, bi or gay anymore
  71. Should I call it off now?
  72. how long should a new lesbian couple wait to have sex ?
  73. Help...are these signs that I am gay?
  74. Is there something there?
  75. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder... Or does it?
  76. I'm a gay girl who is curious about sex with a man...
  77. Sex with my BF is a chore
  78. My mom is trying to force me to come out
  79. bicurious girl backs out of sex at the last minute
  80. Do you think we could be friends or not ?
  81. I don't know what I am...
  82. Horny Lesbian afraid Masturbating might get old
  83. does wanting to experiment with a man make me not a lesbian ?
  84. Could someone be a gay demisexual?
  85. Butch/Femme "out of style"?
  86. My girlfriend is obsessed with big breasts is this normal
  87. Gay because of upbringing?
  88. Feeling bad...
  89. Muscular Women attraction: Does this mean I am gay?
  90. Why do some lesbians say hateful things about bisexual girls when
  91. Is it very hard to find someone to have causal sex with in the lesbian community ?
  92. I feel like a stupid slut !
  93. Fear of becoming straight...
  94. Internal homophobia, loneliness, and confusion
  95. Lesbians vs bisexuals
  96. Coming out as 'straight'
  97. Is guilt a normal part of accepting yourself?
  98. Made myself bisexual..?!?
  99. What is an open minded lesbian ?
  100. Would lesbians do stuff for their lover even if they didn't like it ?
  101. I'm a bisexual female but i some times refer to my self as lesbian is this wrong ?
  102. This forum is GAY, not LESBIAN!
  103. Trip troubles
  104. Lesbian with quirks?
  105. Advise on sexuality
  106. OCD and my sexual oriention
  107. Women with big breast who don't feel anything from them being touched
  108. Why do I feel defensive about being attracted to women?
  109. hey guys
  110. Am I gay, or do I have daddy issues?
  111. I love my boyfriend but I think I might be a lesbian
  112. Homosexual, hetero-romantic?
  113. Emotional connection?
  114. gay crush!
  115. Don't know whether to say bi to the gay...
  116. Don't know what to do
  117. porn and sexual orientation
  118. Kindsey Scale- Is it accurate?
  119. I need to know if im bi or gay because of feelings
  120. Does the first kiss matter?
  121. How do you tell a butch lesbian that your only attracted to femmes in a nice way ?
  122. I think i'm bi but now I kinda feel more lesbian ?
  123. Help with Pansexuality!
  124. straight with gay crush???
  125. Nervous, and seriously questioning my sexuality. Help?
  126. Is it true that all lesbians don't like scissoring ?
  127. Does anyone else have these kinds of 'moments'?
  128. Do online crushes have a lack of physical feeling?
  129. I'm not sure what this is?
  130. Fml
  131. Feeling old at age 25 because i never had a girlfriend
  132. Feeling comfortable around guys and unnerved around girls
  133. Scared and confused... could I be gay?
  134. Do I Like this person?
  135. Confusion about my sexuality
  136. Does anyone else totally lose interest after sex?
  137. Double-ended dildo
  138. I'm crushing on a straight girl and i don't know how to deal with it
  139. I can only ejaculate and get an erection by rubbing my scrotum
  140. confused :'(
  141. am I bi or just bargaining?
  142. Is it weird for a bisexual girl to want to be faithful to her partners?
  143. Gay guys Have you experienced Arousal to the Opposite Sex during your teenage years?
  144. Need some input, please.
  145. Am I too old to be a virgin.
  146. am i over analyzing ?
  147. Why am I still not comfortable?
  148. What's a crush?
  149. Lesbian male crush or not?
  150. I need some help
  151. Arousal or anxiety?
  152. I need some honet help BADLY
  153. my mom keeps making fun of how lesbians have sex !
  154. Suppressing my heterosexuality?
  155. Tired of running but confusing and afraid.
  156. Doubting
  157. I Feel So Stupid
  158. Why to some people male Bisexuality=Pervert
  159. Please i need answers
  160. I thought I was bi, but I am increasingly uncomfortable about straight sex.Help!
  161. How did you know you were gay when in straight relationship?
  162. Relationships and sex
  163. Women who look like men or men who look like women?
  164. Do Women have relationships with MTFs?
  165. Confused
  166. Lesbian with quirks?
  167. Exactly what goes into a gay?! (AKA help, pressured into labels)
  168. Lack of sexual attraction or sexual libido?
  169. Not gay enough?
  170. As a virgin, can I be certain of my identity?
  171. I don't know what to say when people ask...
  172. Why is it wrong to have this sexual preference? Or lack thereof?
  173. Does watching this make me gay?
  174. For females -about your reaction to the opposite sex
  175. Am I bisexual? Or am I straight?
  176. Sexuality and amount of sleep
  177. Should I go with what makes me aroused?
  178. Girlfriend unsure if gay or pan or bi
  179. Opinions please!
  180. How is anyone supposed to tell their sexuality?
  181. Some pointers for exploring sexuality appreciated!
  182. What am I other than confused?
  183. Lesbian but....
  184. The sex could be better...
  185. I hate kissing.
  186. Would you date a guy who is not interested in anal?
  187. I don't know what to do..
  188. Still not sure what I am
  189. seeking advice/thoughts
  190. Both masculine and feminine feelings (with a guy)?
  191. Fantasies while in relationship
  192. Movies
  193. Am i gay or bi now please help
  194. Confused
  195. Stop! In the name of Love
  196. Could I really ever be gay?
  197. Cold Feet about my Sexuality
  198. I'm confused...
  199. Girls girls girls
  200. Sexual arousal vs. sexual attraction?!
  201. Is this at all peculiar?
  202. Sexual attraction real or not?
  203. What does it feel like when you are sexually aroused>
  204. Sexual libido
  205. Afraid of the church
  206. What is real attraction?
  207. I can't orgasm, my GF feels terrible :( help! [Explicit]
  208. Not Enjoying Sex
  209. Am I gay
  210. Please Help
  211. I feel terrible. I have no idea why.
  212. Very confused
  213. process of coming out (to yourself)
  214. Not sure..
  215. I'm so confused.
  216. I'm in between
  217. feeling messed up
  218. People who came out later in life; were you AROUSED by the opposite sex?
  219. Has what I've believed my sexuality to be a lie?
  220. Can someone help me? I'm so confused
  221. My girlfriend cried during sex
  222. At my wit's end with bottom dysphoria...
  223. kissing???
  224. Advice on coming out?
  225. Bi to gay?
  226. Noticng opposite sex
  227. Does that mean
  228. What could this mean?
  229. Is it possible
  230. Just wondering
  231. Who am I? And what should I do?
  232. help :(
  233. Its been 10 years and still can't figure out my sexual orientation
  234. Opposite sex dream
  235. Please help: Am I bi-sexual??
  236. Romantically and sexually attracted to men, but romantically attracted to women.
  237. What is going on kind i be gay or bi
  238. So about my friend
  239. So i tested myself again
  240. I need some love advice!!! Internet love!
  241. Way my body reacts
  242. No clue what I am
  243. Meeting people
  244. Am I a lesbian?
  245. So, What actually am I?
  246. Help, I don't know what to do about this girl I like
  247. Appreciation or attraction?
  248. Has anyone felt this way??
  249. Gay but then realized bisexual?
  250. Gay but sexually attracted to girls?