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  1. Not fully gay then?
  2. How can we ever be sure?
  3. Can't figure it out for myself. Boy, girl, gay, straight, Who knows.
  4. I like women but i keep attracting men Help !
  5. My relationship affecting my sexuality?
  6. I just need clarification
  7. Sexual attraction determined by fantasies/porn?
  8. Private parts are discusting?
  9. How can I....
  10. I don't want to be......straight
  11. Really need help
  12. This is weird but
  13. Is this a sign
  14. Gotta admit... I'm confused
  15. Question for the ladies!
  16. How you did you know?
  17. Do you think...
  18. help and advice plz :( would be greatly appreciated
  19. How to know for sure..
  20. How would I know?
  21. Questioning and Anxiety :(
  22. Struggling With My Sexuality
  23. type of orgasm a clue to your sexuality?
  24. Repressing your sexuality
  25. Scared of being gay
  26. Sex Drive and Fantasies
  27. I need advice! What's wrong with me?
  28. Does this mean I am not gay?
  29. Sexual arousal and attraction?
  30. So scared that I'm a fake
  31. I keep testing myself help
  32. QUICK question. Is it possible?
  33. Just arousal? Orientation? I don't even know...
  34. Confused
  35. I Need some answer help!
  36. emotional vs physical vs being alone
  37. Am i gay or bi now help?!
  38. I do not want to be a lesbian...am i weird?
  39. Am i gay or bi?HELP
  40. Am i gay or bi?HELP
  41. I shouldn't be with guys
  42. I can't find my label...
  43. Being with current boyfriend affected attraction to guys?
  44. Why is it so hard for me to accept my sexuality?
  45. It's kind of convoluted...
  46. Pretty darn sure I am a lesbian
  47. Actually afraid and/or unsure of being straight?
  48. Don't know what to do
  49. I feel so helpless
  50. Came out as Bi. Don't feel better.
  51. Thought I would feel better than this...
  52. Need help identifying...
  53. Damn these doubts!
  54. Advice please?
  55. Feel like my body's sending me mixed messages
  56. Not sure what the heck is up
  57. Need a bit of clarity on sexual attraction please
  58. Bargaining lesbian or bisexual in denial?
  59. Boobies and vagina :)
  60. SSAD as part of BiPolar
  61. Confused
  62. Am I a lesbian?
  63. Seriously, what AM I?
  64. What even am I?! :S
  65. Sexual dilemma
  66. Im tired of typing into google "how to look like a lesbian"
  67. Wondering if other women get excited by nude male body
  68. rainbow pride bracelets?
  69. For those who are confused...
  70. Gay? Bi? HELP!!!!
  71. HELP! Falling for a girl!
  72. Creeped out by genitals?
  73. Intimacy/a relationship with the opposite sex seems scary? Anyone else?
  74. Not interested in sex?
  75. Lesbian turned bi?
  76. Trying to figure everything out still
  77. I just want to know who I am
  78. Feelings are weird, and I need advice.
  79. Be sure of sexuality?
  80. Seriously Confused. Advice?
  81. Straight, but I think I'm Bisexual.
  82. Not sure of my attractions
  83. Wondering whether my experience sounds familiar
  84. Feeling empty after sex
  85. Is she gay for me too
  86. overweight bi girl trying to meet gay women
  87. Loss of attraction or sexual libido?
  88. would rather label myself as lesbian than bisexual
  89. A locked closet.
  90. Am I gay? I fell in love with a male friend?
  91. Confusing case again
  92. Real attraction or made up?!
  93. feels different with girls than guys
  94. Because it never hurts to ask...
  95. Constant Warfare between sexes
  96. I'm a girl and I'm aroused by pictures of pussies!
  97. just crazy confused
  98. Gay.. Not gay?!
  99. Completely crushed
  100. Gay/Bi/Pan Men: Would you date a trans*man?
  101. how to not be bisexual
  102. Physically hurting
  103. Difference between girl crushes and boy crushes
  104. How can I become gay? (please read before answering)
  105. Please Help
  106. Trying to convince myself I'm lesbian?
  107. What if......
  108. How do you live as a biromantic homosexual?
  109. Bisexual? Gay? Why does this feel so complicated?
  110. Confused
  111. I think I am gay..?
  112. Lack of sexual attraction towards women?
  113. Friend crush or real crush?
  114. How to know what you prefer? Or both?
  115. Post-Coming Out Doubts
  116. My sexuality :/
  117. Indicators and sexuality
  118. Am I bisexual?
  119. Girl-crushes as in admiration versus actual crushes so confused
  120. Am I still a lesbian if I think lesbian porn is boring in general
  121. Confused?
  122. Crushing for openly lesbian girls
  123. in the closet about being in the closet
  124. wierd fantasies, gay or bisexual?
  125. Sexual fluidity or mind tricks? Confused.
  126. No female crushes but had fantasized about female friends
  127. How do you determine you orientation if you got raped
  128. Confused, but will not conform
  129. Questioning
  130. Can you still be gay if you're really picky with your crushes
  131. shouldn't I at least try a straight relationship?
  132. Scared of fluid sexuality
  133. Narcissist or Lesbian??? Desperate..
  134. I think I'm turning gay???
  135. I never thought I would feel this way
  136. What am I?
  137. How did you get out of the barganing stage?
  138. Homo relationship with doubts
  139. My sexuality is confusing me
  140. Breaking up with your bf/gf because you're gay
  141. Confused, not sure what to do or where to start
  142. Not gay anymore? o.o
  143. Stupid Question, How Do You Know Who You Are Aroused By?
  144. bisexual vs. lesbian
  145. Self-Acceptance
  146. Coming out and then realizing you're wrong?
  147. Suppressed Sexuality?!?
  148. Is it possible to repress your sexuality?
  149. Can abuse prevent the understanding of your true sexuality?
  150. unsure of sexuality. . .
  151. Fluid Sexuality and Long Term Relationship?
  152. Isn't it better to just keep my sexuality to myself?
  153. Porn vs sexuality
  154. still confused about my sexuality
  155. i hate questioning my sexuality! rant.
  156. dreams and sexuality
  157. I'm Questioning My Sexuality
  158. Was I in Denial Of My Sexuality?
  159. daydreaming and sexuality?
  160. why do we question our sexuality?
  161. do dreams have any real significance? sexuality crisis time
  162. So confused about my sexuality
  163. Reassessing sexuality
  164. Very confused about my sexuality
  165. Some questions about my sexuality...
  166. I want to keep hiding my sexuality
  167. Panicked about Sexuality
  168. Sexuality problems.
  169. Sexuality sucks. :C
  170. Can't see any reason to confront my sexuality.
  171. My questioning of my love for him related to questioning my sexuality?
  172. Sexuality and Parents?
  173. Opening Up About My Sexuality
  174. sexuality? help me?
  175. asking people about their sexuality
  176. Uh I accidentally my sexuality...
  177. i think i am accepting my sexuality more and moving out of bargaining
  178. drained over sexuality
  179. Sexuality = ?
  180. Fluctuating Sexuality...
  181. Another Cliche Confused Sexuality thread.
  182. Messy conflicts in my sexuality and gender
  183. Questoning My Sexuality?
  184. Of Repression and Sexuality
  185. Confused about sexuality
  186. Another cliche Confused Sexuality thread.
  187. i'm confused about my sexuality
  188. Is using labels for sexuality bad?
  189. if sexuality was not a big deal.......
  190. I've never been confused about my sexuality?
  191. My ex-boyfriend, my old first-love(girl), and my confused sexuality.
  192. Sexuality
  193. Confusion about sexuality. Help, please.
  194. looking deeper into my sexuality
  195. questions about sexuality
  196. Sexuality confusion
  197. re-questioning sexuality
  198. Questioning My Sexuality
  199. Can't figure my sexuality out,or just don't want to confront it?
  200. Sexuality
  201. How do you know what your sexuality is?
  202. Sexuality
  203. Obessions regarding sexuality
  204. Sexuality
  205. Survey About Sexuality
  206. Blaming everything bad on sexuality
  207. Gray areas of sexuality
  208. Being obsessed with my sexuality
  209. How Do You Except Your Sexuality?
  210. What do you do when you're unsure of your sexuality?
  211. sexuality confussion
  212. If You Could Change Your Sexuality Would You?