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  1. Physical attraction and love (a little bit TMI)
  2. Should I Shave... Down There?
  3. is this gay? asexual? just curiousity? low libido even?
  4. I dunno what this is.. Thistitle will make more sense if you read.
  5. Failed at being straight. Not sure if gay or asexual. Help? (Long post.)
  6. Help... My Sexual and Romantic Orientation do NOT Line Up
  7. Am I sexual?
  8. Please help!!!!
  9. Sexual and Romantic Orientation Don't Really Line Up
  10. Am I asexual?
  11. Internalized Biphobia or Something?
  12. Straight to bi to gay?
  13. Just a quick question
  14. I don't know what to do
  15. Embarrassed over strong urges...
  16. Am I a lesbian???
  17. Sexually attracted to my uncle
  18. What is a crush?
  19. Confused but think there are reasons
  20. Confusion with Fetish and Sexuality
  21. How do I handle this?
  22. not experienced
  23. make my interest obvious
  24. Don't feel anything when kissing / having sex. Should I break up?
  25. Rarely ever feel a "spark" when kissing or having sex. Should I end it?
  26. Dad has me uncomfortably aroused sometimes :( . How do I stop it?
  27. What would this be called?
  28. I'm so confused about my sexuality...I'm embarrassed and scared.
  29. A phase?
  30. A question about crushes?
  31. Confused?
  32. i'm a gay guy, but find women attractive?
  33. What does love feel like?
  34. asexual and sex
  35. I feel uncomfortable about the idea of sex in general.
  36. miracle of starting relationship
  37. suppressed sexuality completely
  38. Bi?
  39. Bisexual or straight?
  40. He loved me.
  41. What if it really is a phase?
  42. Dating/sex apps
  43. Does Anyone Know What's Going On???
  44. abnormal way of realizing sexuality?
  45. Doubting Sexuality?
  46. Where to begin...
  47. Self conscious?
  48. For Lesbians- men and relationship
  49. Best relationship yet - kind of...
  50. Could I be a lesbian?
  51. Sexuality confusion
  52. Why do most gay men seem to act feminine? Are they all like that?
  53. Very confused and need help
  54. I just don't get it
  55. I'm attracted to "ugly" girls
  56. Quoiromantic and inner introspection
  57. Crush on a colleague... & she's a lot, lot older.
  58. I thought I was a lesbian
  59. Horrible & sudden waves of despair
  60. am i weird???
  61. Dream orientation? Is this possible?
  62. no chance to meet someone
  63. Advice
  64. Feeling rather betrayed
  65. Attraction or Fetish?
  66. So I might be heteroflexible?
  67. My boyfriend wont go down on me
  68. Sex is painful. Is it because of orientation or communication?
  69. Why can't I be into men?
  70. gaydar
  71. Panic over Sexual Orientation
  72. Why the awkwardness?
  73. my friends never texts me first
  74. Red flag for cheating?
  75. Coming out when you're single?
  76. What does this mean?
  77. Does this mean I'm gay?
  78. What's a crush?+how important are they?
  79. Am I bisexual?
  80. boys vs girls
  81. I am so confused
  82. Crush on guys but sexually attracted to women--lesbian/bi?
  83. I want to be straight
  84. I'm absolutely confused and embarrassed over myself. ;-;
  85. Fully Confident in Sexuality
  86. straight again
  87. Open Relationships?!!
  88. Feeling sick from people's touch?
  89. A guy Im dating has had sex with over 1000+ men!!
  90. Need Help with Sexuality
  91. Are There Any Gay Guys Who Aren't Whores?
  92. Dildo Questioning?
  93. Am I gay
  94. Sooo Confused
  95. Confused. Feel like I could be gay?
  96. Lesbian, but male fantasies?
  97. Partner is demisexual - advice please?
  98. do i identify or do i love?
  99. Confused about sexuality :/
  100. Is there any point to labeling your sexuality if you never plan to date?
  101. I think I misunderstood what sexual attraction is.
  102. Did Anyone else Experience This?
  103. role of single people
  104. Confusion+ "Ideal" guy and STILL nothing
  105. Go from bisexual and highly interested in sex to gay and asexual
  106. Asexual, gay or polysexual?
  107. Confusion and experimenting?
  108. What would you qualify as bisexual?
  109. Lesbian who doesn't like oral?
  110. Explain these terms please?
  111. So confused, so many obstacles
  112. Autosexual fantasies?
  113. Gay?
  114. With An Exception
  115. How much of sexuality is related to sexual attractions?
  116. Moved in with Roomate. He thinks he loves me.
  117. Gay or Pansexual?
  118. how to stop doubting my sexuality??
  119. I Wish I was Asexual Too... Love Feels Impossible
  120. Hard to accept :(
  121. trembling with anger
  122. I'm Not Awkward?
  123. Wish I could be asexual...
  124. A couple of questions.
  125. Transgender and questioning sexuality/attraction
  126. What is going on? Is it internalised homophobia?
  127. having a hard time
  128. wanna cure their same-sex attraction?
  129. my friend outed me
  130. So I bought a dildo... Probably Bi?
  131. How do you know if an attraction is fake?
  132. Is this possible or wishful thinking?
  133. i become homophobic
  134. Do gay people ever develop feelings for people of opposite sex?
  135. How do I figure out my interest in girls?
  136. Biromantic Homesexual
  137. Is "biromantic homosexual" a transition phase to gay?
  138. Just wanted to see others thoughts...
  139. I had a dream where I was bisexual?
  140. Am I asexual? Bi?
  141. I feel like my friend is attracted to me...
  142. social fetishism
  143. Confused. Thinking of experimenting
  144. Dream I had... bothering me a bit.
  145. Very Confused
  146. Very Confused
  147. How does bisexual preference work?
  148. Is blushing an indicator of attraction?
  149. Straight woman in gay relationship
  150. Help with sexuality
  151. Was it attraction?
  152. Bisexual fluidity
  153. Do guys actually want love??
  154. Periods and questioning. -Anyone else?
  155. Sexual harassment
  156. "Straight"? Gay Porn Question
  157. ever had a too intense girl friendship?
  158. I'm gay but...
  159. ignoring after rejection
  160. Trying to figure out what my attraction is to men.
  161. I don't understand what this means.
  162. doubts. I have felt a spark when kissing a guy but only crushed on a girl
  163. Sometimes i wish
  164. I have a problem
  165. Acceptance.
  166. Getting wet and upset
  167. fell for girl but feel more straight than ever
  168. Orgasm as it relates to sexual orientation?
  169. Lesbian -sex questions
  170. Insecurity and admiration or attraction?
  171. Is it even possible to get laid being trans?
  172. Why did you think you were gay before you knew you're bi?
  173. flirting first move
  174. Can I want to make oral sex with a guy but be a lesbian?
  175. Why did you think you were bi before you knew you're gay?
  176. What does Kinsey 5 mean to you?
  177. Lesbian of 13 years suddenly straight?
  178. Scared I think im lesbian because I strongly connected with a lesbian
  179. do i have to try being with a guy?
  180. Is it normal to get bored during sex?
  181. Give it to me straight, am I gay or Bi?
  182. What if it's not how I imagined it to be?
  183. Confused again
  184. What is it like to feel sexual attraction?
  185. previously felt electric shock when kissing a guy but now think i may be lesbian
  186. Queerplatonic relationships?
  187. lesbians: how do you feel about guys?
  188. Bisexuals
  189. Like the idea of sex but not real life sex - asexual?
  190. I'm bi but I can only picture myself dating women
  191. To the bisexuals who previously identified as gay.
  192. I had a dream about marrying my friend.
  193. Erotic Dreams
  194. what conclusion would you draw if you'd only has one crush ever?
  195. My Conversation with mum
  196. Bisexuals/Pansexuals
  197. Lesbian?
  198. Just a vent
  199. I am nervous that our connection will be just friend like
  200. My best friend dumped me, too dependant, sign lesbian?
  201. How intimate did you get before you felt fireworks (or similar)? id ever?
  202. I am getting over my crush but i don't want to. it is making me question.
  203. im gay, but star at cleavage
  204. i feel protective of her , is this a crush?
  205. How good of an indicator are fantasies?
  206. inner heterophobia
  207. Internalized biphobia?
  208. Gay awakening?
  209. Bi people: how do you deal with the procreative aspect of straight sex?
  210. Caught my daughter watching porn
  211. i act consciously gay but it feels natural?
  212. Polysexuality??
  213. How to tell if it's overthinking or denial?
  214. how could i have no clue i was gay?
  215. am i a lesbian? or am i discriminatory about men?
  216. In two minds.
  217. At what age did you have your first gay crush?
  218. when i imagined myself getting married when i was younger i always felt too butch?
  219. Does this make me gay or bi?
  220. Porn and orientation?
  221. Do any bi people here use to identify as gay/lesbian?
  222. Gays that used to be bi
  223. do these symptoms sound like i want to BE her or BE WITH her?
  224. Gay/Bisexual/Straight?
  225. Weird feeling
  226. I don't want to ever have sex?
  227. For the gays/lesbians
  228. Straight or bi in denial? Was I never a lesbian?
  229. Should i admit my feelings to a girl i'm in love with if she's in a relationship?
  230. crushes: is it possible to just have one same sex crush/love?
  231. Straight sex makes me think I'm not actually bi
  232. a i gay because i watch loads of lgbt media or do i watch lgbt because I'm gay?
  233. a childhood 'crush' is stopping me label myself gay
  234. Does this make sense?
  235. A change in sexuality?
  236. A lot of trans men named Jay
  237. i can orgasm to lesbian fantasies but i'm almost fearful of thinking about men?
  238. Difference between attraction and sexual attraction?
  239. anyone have an eating disorder before they realised they were gay?
  240. Afraid I'm gonna change
  241. How do I know if I'm asexual?
  242. can a kiss with opposite kiss still feel good if gay?
  243. can i call myself gay/lesbian without having physical experience?
  244. Is sexual fluidity real?
  245. i'm scared i don't know myself well enough to label myself gay
  246. Bisexual or something else?
  247. I had a strange dream today.
  248. do straight girls notice other girls curve of lips, eyes, neck, hands, details
  249. Fantasies changing - worried
  250. I got detected/asked if i was a lesbian by another lesbian?