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  1. What if I do get back a positive?
  2. so..bit awkward...i discovered my clit and now i think I've overused it?
  3. Physically incapable of pleasure through masturbation?
  4. Bottoms, how do you prepare yourself?
  5. do straight girls watch two girls lap dance (video) and be turned on/orgasm?
  6. Period Sex?
  7. Fatigue before orgasm
  8. Will I get rabies?
  9. Awkward masterbation question..
  10. What is mastErbating?
  11. I have suddenly started masturbating every day ?
  12. think i like women but i tried consciously masturbating to male fantasy? bit graphic
  13. Faint little rings??
  14. Any other subs on here?
  15. 2 years and never been able to cum hands free from fucking my boyfriend
  16. Scrotum blister...
  17. I don't know what to do
  18. Is it unhealthy for afabs to pee standing up?
  19. Don't know how to resolve
  20. muscles contract so much when near orgasm that i can't 'finish' (sorry tmi)
  21. Am I okay?
  22. Can someone help define sexual fantasies for me please? (thank gawd for anon!)
  23. Questions about stds?
  24. pap smears...but I'm trans :(
  25. Is this a problem?
  26. I think I may have an eating disorder.
  27. Can't eat while on period
  28. i want to see how my body reacts to different types of porn but we have a blocker
  29. Reaction to injection?
  30. Sudden burning sensation in inner thigh
  31. Can't reach orgasm when fooling around
  32. A friend says "One-sided sex is unhealthy": Is that true
  33. Tapeworm?
  34. Vaginal Orgasms
  35. guilt
  36. Want to kill myself but I'm frightened
  37. I accidentally cut myself while shaving down there
  38. Masturbation and sexual orientation confusion. Help
  39. First time
  40. Orgasm while standing?
  41. Am I being crazy?
  42. Unprotected sex?
  43. Bleeding again?
  44. Masturbation without mess?
  45. Girl Girl Sex
  46. FTM- Bleeding for A Month Straight
  47. Do people not die/get sick from doing scat?
  48. How to make scars fade faster
  49. Do I have to date someone?
  50. Kept going soft and took ages to cum
  51. Non-epileptic seizure??
  52. Eczema, some other condition or just dry skin?
  53. Female orgasm too quick (weird complaint)
  54. Im ruining my life (Rant)
  55. difficulty finding pleasure
  56. I'm so scared :( Is it serious?
  57. Psychological or real?
  58. Urine Leakage?
  59. Question about hookups & oral sex
  60. Feel awful (flu-like) after any exercise
  61. Cervix stuff
  62. Why am I doing this?
  63. Cyst/boil or zit? What's the difference?
  64. I need your help - I am going crazy on this!
  65. Has anyone ever been fisted before?
  66. Is this serious?
  67. I think there's something wrong?
  68. Pain and nausea after masturbation?
  69. i'm a transguy that won't take a bath
  70. Painful genital issue (please help)
  71. Boyfriend's sexual problem
  72. Inverted clitoris... possibly TMI
  73. I'm so scared I will be super sick before or during my trip?
  74. Anal Douching... Help
  75. To all penis owners
  76. (contains some gross stuff) Master bating with underwear is it bad? o_o
  77. Bleeding for 14 days??
  78. Chest issues and binding
  79. Feel strange today
  80. How much should I worry about having an STD?
  81. Stress and sex drive?
  82. Condom felt uncomfortable
  83. Hair and body insecurities?
  84. Wanting To Explore Sexuality
  85. Sexual desires vs Emotions
  86. Was this sexual abuse?
  87. Rapid, unexplained weight loss
  88. Losing weight and excesse skin
  89. My teacher told me...
  90. Holding Full Bladder for Masturbation?
  91. Pubic and Body hair
  92. my vibrating ring almost put me in the ER
  93. Question about virginity?
  94. Just found out I have TN
  95. How to tell if it is IBS?
  96. Anal tear?
  97. Fellow people with Aspergers/ASD
  98. Why is self-harm considered a bad thing?
  99. I just did something bad and it feels so good...
  100. How big of a risk are U.T.Is?
  101. homophobic fear of PROSTATE EXAM
  102. Should I be worried??
  103. Was I asking for it?
  104. Ejaculating early
  105. Despair
  106. psychotic state or property?
  107. masturbating
  108. Ringworm in my house??
  109. Herpes transmission
  110. Benefits of sex vs masturbation
  111. extra pills
  112. Costochondritis
  113. Pre-cum
  114. Homemade nipple play advice/tips?
  115. Bowels adapting to vegetarian diet? How long?
  116. Should I get checked after being in a sauna?
  117. Is it possible to break your bladder/sphincter?
  118. Reduced sex drive??
  119. Blurry vision after workout
  120. How to make sex with a condom feel better?
  121. Sudden weight gain
  122. my partner made me insecure about my genitals
  123. What's happening?
  124. Anal Sex and Chldhood Gay Repression
  125. Retractile testicle?
  126. Brown period blood?
  127. Guilty?
  128. Pain in the left ovary
  129. Only feel turned on when I'm peeing?
  130. Is this normal ?
  131. Tearing during sex?
  132. Horny, lonely
  133. Need advice after first time lesbian sex...
  134. Hicky...Advice?
  135. Need help
  136. Masturbating- I somehow found a way to do it wrong
  137. Should I get tested?
  138. High levels of Estrogen and Testosterone in pre HRT trans women
  139. Lesbians and safe sex
  140. Period Woes
  141. Period? Or more serious
  142. Is it normal to hate hearing my name in bed?
  143. Cold sores or canker sores?
  144. Question about strapons
  145. medical dungeon
  146. ....help???
  147. Trans boyfriend sex help
  148. I think I might have an STD, should I tell my parents
  149. Lump underneath right side of chest
  150. Tensing legs
  151. Itchy crotch?
  152. Criteria for eating disorder?
  153. Unsure
  154. not happy with myself
  155. Constant habit of tugging on my foreskin.
  156. What happened?
  157. I'm freaking out.
  158. Acne Care
  159. First sexual experience
  160. Very depressed and scared...
  161. No alcohol this weekend
  162. Feeling bad about kinky fantasies
  163. Ribs showing, abs aren't
  164. Oral for the first time and early ejaculation
  165. Masturbation (girls)
  166. I'm really scared :(
  167. Can you bottom if you have haemorrhoids?
  168. Difficulty with Topping
  169. Transguy bottom-growth?
  170. Trans-Sex drive
  171. Scary Contraction Like Feeling
  172. Do girls go through a voice change too?
  173. Sucking on a banana turns me on?
  174. I want a baby :(
  175. Strong Sexual Urges
  176. Herpes simplex virus type ii
  177. Taking ages to cum in sex
  178. Vaccines and Insurance
  179. Anal issue (help)
  180. Childhood abuse in adulthood.
  181. Sex without penetration/oral?
  182. I feel so unattractive
  183. AFAB Voice cracks??
  184. Stomachaches from anxiety?
  185. Pain during masturbation?
  186. They say things get better.. but..
  187. transgender, pretend to be gay?
  188. Preferring to masturbate as a female?
  189. Is fanfiction sex realistic at all?
  190. talking about sex embarrasing
  191. Is anal sex supposed to happen at all?
  192. I'm having a hard time to quit smoking
  193. This is embarrassing.. oh gosh..
  194. Embarrasing, but...
  195. I want to be pregnant?
  196. Wisdom teeth?
  197. Bad reason for braces?
  198. painting fingernails
  199. I don't want a pap test :(
  200. Do blowjobs need to be deepthroating?
  201. I don't understand gay sex
  202. How to heal self harm bruises?
  203. Takes a long time to come?
  204. Diabetes?
  205. Can you become anorexic by decision?
  206. Vaginal/pelvic pain?
  207. Really don't want to wear a condom
  208. I had unprotected sex
  209. Safe Lesbian Sex
  210. Different Positions/Topping & Bottoming
  211. Is it unhealthy to not release any sexual tension?
  212. Trouble getting off unless i'm alone.
  213. Is it wrong to get braces for cosmetic reasons only?
  214. penis sensitivity ?
  215. Taking out anger on my sexuality
  216. Onset of bulimia?
  217. For those who dislike clean-shaved pubic regions
  218. When lack of sex leads to cheating...
  219. Underarm hair?
  220. Was this caused by binding?
  221. Mental health and blackmail
  222. Am I weird for disliking conventional sex?
  223. Taking ages to cum in sex
  224. Spotting on new pills?
  225. 25 and never kissed anyone - will it be awkward?!
  226. Am I going to die?
  227. Ashamed of masturbating
  228. No relationship/sex experience - turn on or turn off?
  229. How to improve sex life?
  230. Is this self harm?
  231. Different issues with toilet stuff
  232. How many fingers?
  233. Cum denial, are there any risks?
  234. Effects of T
  235. sex problem
  236. Anxiety about my prostate
  237. Being a virgin at age 26
  238. Body image issues?
  239. Scissoring- Yay or Nay?
  240. A question for uncut men that have anal sex with condoms
  241. Oral Sex Taste
  242. A Weird Discharge- Actually Normal?
  243. Hormone blockers and height
  244. Agender/Testosterone Shots?
  245. Finding A Sex Friend?
  246. Pain after using prostate massager...
  247. A little bit of blood after fingering
  248. Sticky, dry and shiny glans and foreskin
  249. Was this a panic attack?
  250. Lesbian bed death..?