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  1. Is lgbt stuff in my head a psychosis?
  2. Share any addiction story here, if you wish.
  3. To stay on birth control or not
  4. Smelling different after shaving genitals?
  5. Semen
  6. Masturbation Gone Wrong?
  7. Is organic lubes safe for dildos and other sex toys
  8. Best anal sex position to stimulate the prostate?
  9. Small white bumps that wont go away?
  10. When is it cleanest down there?
  11. What does anal sex feel like?
  12. Masturbation technique...
  13. Boyfriend doesn't want to eat, I'm worried
  14. Anal is impossible for me
  15. how do you stop watching porn ?
  16. Pain When Fingered?
  17. HELP! Scared I will be grossed out by a vagina the first time?
  18. Does anal get more comfortable over time?
  19. Anal pumps?
  20. NSFW question...
  21. PEP Treatment - Help
  22. aroused ... no more
  23. Girls who slept with guys, how do you get to an orgasm?
  24. Hi Blood pressure - need to get fit?
  25. Enjoy anal but also don't
  26. Malnourished due to IBS - Should I take a multivit-mineral?
  27. Strong smell, only on ejaculation
  28. maybe asexual, or depression
  29. Do any gay men use flash lights for sexual pleasure ?
  30. masturbation
  31. Can lesbians thrust during sex?
  32. Is this normal?
  33. Does a person have to have slept with each gender to know what their orientation is?
  34. Horny all the time
  35. I have this fetish....
  36. Loss of appetite
  37. Lesbians, what's your type of girl ?
  38. First Encounter and I'm Worried!
  39. Bisexual but hate male's genitals?
  40. Bloody semen after bottoming?
  41. Always having trouble orgasming?
  42. Help!
  43. Don't like sex...just a rant(angry rant)
  44. Am I normal or should I be afraid?
  45. Holy Orgasm
  46. Am i gonna die?
  47. Piss and sex????
  48. Do you need to see a gynaecologist to get on birth control?
  49. Annoying ear problem
  50. Can talking about sex a lot mean that you don't enjoy it?
  51. Nervous about sex..
  52. First time- same sex
  53. Questions about HPV
  54. Safe lesbian sex
  55. Want to try something new but.....
  56. Rimming
  57. How do I hold it in?
  58. Just swallowed a mouthful of mouthwash - OK?
  59. Teeth
  60. Help! Stomach/uterus/ovary issues??
  61. Describe your first lesbian kiss!
  62. I feel like I need to always bottom
  63. self harm
  64. Bruise on leg that isn't healing from bdsm
  65. Is it normal for the vagina to smell sweeter?
  66. how to self fu*k?
  67. First time bottom- need advice
  68. I know, I suck
  69. how do I make my pussy taste good
  70. Masturbate to relieve medication withdrawal symptoms?
  71. Only orgasm through masturbation (lesbian)
  72. Ugh..no sex drive/depression/meds
  73. My bf is having trouble with anal ?
  74. is this sort of normal?
  75. Masturbation Advice
  76. Describe your first lesbian experience!
  77. Am I doing it wrong???
  78. for love or just the sake of doing it
  79. I can't really get turned on unless there's some form of penetration...?
  80. Would girls think it's really weird for me to keep my clothes on during sex?
  81. nervous about sex?
  82. Can self-harm cuts create rashes???
  83. Is it weird...
  84. negative body image??
  85. Not eating
  86. I don't get wet?
  87. How to stop self-harming.
  88. am i self harming again ?
  89. My doctor thinks I have sjogrens syndrome, and I'm terrified.
  90. Embarrassing problem when I use my dildo
  91. penile papules
  92. Dopamine? Endorphins? Pleasure and chasing highs.
  93. Washing vaginal area
  94. I guess I thought it would feel...better?
  95. First romantic relationship, need advice
  96. Is it hard to find a bf?
  97. Casual sex and body image issues
  98. Tight Foreskin
  99. Medication for IBS?
  100. The purple spot (FTM- bottom half question)
  101. Is it possible to catch a disease from sex if...
  102. Touching Penises
  103. Is it safe to rim without a condom
  104. Giving oral sex to a girl, how is it?
  105. How is it supposed to feel when you insert a finger in your anus?
  106. Female condoms for lesbian sex?
  107. Options Other Than Shaving My Legs
  108. Spot on penis?
  109. Trying to lose weight while depressed
  110. Eating disorders and more
  111. eating pussy while missing some teeth
  112. Am I being selfish?
  113. Masturbation + Toys Advice?
  114. Yellow tinted semen that is chunky and foul smelling?
  115. Horny during periods
  116. Had cyber sex for the first time, but I couldn't ejaculate?!
  117. Bladder issues
  118. Rock climbing - good for back?
  119. Douching before anal sex?
  120. Too much masturbation?
  121. Is a dildo that's 1.5 to 2 wide safe for a first timer
  122. Sore Skin
  123. hitting the g spot with small hands
  124. Is anal fisting safe?
  125. Physical signs of being turned on?
  126. Is prostate massage dangerous?
  127. Mouth ulcers and blowjob
  128. Anus problems
  129. Skin care questions?
  130. Is this a STD?
  131. Female masturbation questions?
  132. I'm disgusted with myself
  133. Guys, are you comfortable with yourself?
  134. Alternatives to dildo/buttplug?!
  135. Don't feel turned on ever anymore
  136. male masturbation
  137. Am I allergic to my own Precum?
  138. Does Electrolysis Work?
  139. Girls, what do you like...
  140. What is this bump?
  141. I want to move up a size in dildos ?
  142. Can't Orgasm During Sex?
  143. How do you manage your weight??
  144. This is awkward...
  145. Crying after sex
  146. Open wound on penis.
  147. Weird taste to my ejaculate and nature it is released
  148. Getting motivated to work out while depressed
  149. How do I make masturbation more enjoyable for me , girls
  150. Masturbating never feels good
  151. Dark rings around my nipples.
  152. When I orgasm, I feel nothing.
  153. Is this a good idea?
  154. Fissures and bottoming?
  155. Sexual incompatibility
  156. Top or Bottom??? Or Not?
  157. Sex problems.
  158. Question about masturbation
  159. If you dildos are not 100% silicone can you keep them in the same case or space
  160. I need help from a girl..
  161. I came like a cis guy (but is that normal?)
  162. Something wrong with PC Muscles/ejaculation
  163. I'm bad at sex
  164. sex with stuff animals ?
  165. Not sure where to go; about my mental health.
  166. Testing (in Canada)
  167. Growths around anus
  168. How do you feel about feet/foot fetish?
  169. Embarrassing intestinal issue & sex
  170. Weird...? (masturbation)
  171. Might have fibromyalgia - feeling suicidal.
  172. Is it important to shave pubic hair before sex?
  173. Bleed anally after Masterbating not sure what to do
  174. Can squeezing your bladder cause damage to it?
  175. Straight male questioning and ass-play. Do any male bottoms get the same feelings?
  176. Using a Vibrator?
  177. Birth Control Problems
  178. probably a UTI???
  179. I had to peel my entire toenail how do I prevent future problems ?
  180. how to prevent HPV?
  181. Hurt Myself During Sex
  182. Getting Rid of Pubic Hair - Female
  183. How bad is anal first time(bottoming)?nervous
  184. Just smoked a year old cigarette
  185. I've been on the verge of an anxiety attack for 2 days
  186. Doubt
  187. Premature Ejaculations?
  188. Stomachaches and digestion problems?
  189. i dont want to cut again
  190. Does anal ever feel good?
  191. Girls!! Masturbation help...
  192. How do I prevent genital warts?
  193. Social Anxiety
  194. how do i pick the right condom size for my dildo
  195. Sex is gross
  196. Becoming more comfortable with bottoming
  197. Sexual dream???
  198. Too many fetishes?
  199. Hooked up with a guy but couldn't get hard.
  200. Sensitive Spot
  201. How does a horny lonely lesbian deal with a dry spell ?
  202. Should you tell your gynecologist about your female partners?
  203. How to Insert Tampons
  204. Problems in masturbation?
  205. What causes yeast infections ?
  206. I've been peeing a lot
  207. How does spooning work?
  208. Male yeast infection?
  209. Only attracted to girls in porn
  210. Help my bf to enjoy bottoming
  211. Losing my erection.
  212. Effect of porn
  213. Not possible, surely? (nsfw)
  214. Feeling guilty....
  215. Not sure what this is.
  216. Breast sensitivity?
  217. Amino acids?
  218. Skin between frenulum and penis head
  219. Additional skin (like labia) around vaginal opening inside of labia minora. Normal?
  220. how do I keep my landing strip trimmed and well groomed
  221. why would someones body hair change color ?
  222. Still can't get off.
  223. Right Hip Tension Up to Ejaculation
  224. Weird to talk during love making?
  225. Chemical Castration
  226. Why has my BO changed - I smell like a goat!
  227. lesbians, if your girlfriend suggested using a strap on, would you use it on her,?
  228. Ashamed of Being a Virgin
  229. im starting to cut now...
  230. Is bathing two times a day a bad thing ?
  231. I felt my orgasm rise.
  232. Becoming asexual? Help me..
  233. finding in person help for getting health insurance
  234. Found my parents... Strap on?
  235. i did something stupid
  236. Now it's bothering me.
  237. Myth about anal?
  238. Anal hair
  239. Penis size question
  240. Itchy self-harm scars
  241. breast issues
  242. Hurts when I pee
  243. penis is swollen
  244. how do I keep my landing strip looking good and avoid razor bumps ?
  245. Pearly Penile Papules
  246. Ring around penis
  247. A fat thick black dot on my back what is it?
  248. Hurts to Swallow? (not sexual)
  249. Addicted to Trading Pics?
  250. I'm not sure if this is normal