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  1. Lady problems (general and sexual)
  2. How do I bring this up with my partner?
  3. Too well lubricated?
  4. Strap-ons...
  5. Hate myself
  6. Fingering feels like sharp vibrating? Only happens to me and not my partner.
  7. Burning in vaginal area?
  8. Can you get rimmed if you had Hepatitis A before?
  9. He is a 10" but he wants to go fully in :)
  10. Is this a sign I'm getting sick again?
  11. Is there a problem?
  12. Dysphoria preventing me from seeing the doctors
  13. how to overcome the fear/ axiety of being intimate
  14. Little to no desire for masturbation (Female)
  15. Is masturbation healthy?
  16. Embarrassing question...
  17. Question for other gay/bi men?
  18. Pain putting on condom. Any advice?
  19. Guide to gay sexual health?
  20. Virginity?
  21. Finding an LGBT doctor
  22. Toenail Infection
  23. Dermatillomania/picking advice
  24. Easiest way to get PreP in NYC ?
  25. Problems with period?
  26. Semen and sweat are smelling like fish
  27. Sleep problems
  28. At 44 I don't wan to be gay (self-care, self-harm).
  29. I couldn't come?
  30. Is this normal?
  31. On wearing a binder
  32. I couldn't orgasm lately and it makes me self conscious
  33. Vagina itchy?
  34. First experience was difficult...
  35. Cant orgasm with the last two dates...wtf
  36. Spotting VS period
  37. Chest Pains when close to orgasm?
  38. Zit-thing near anus
  39. HIV from oral?
  40. Is this a problem?
  41. Autism question
  42. Incontinence
  43. Sex with a transwoman
  44. 1st sexual experience
  45. Hypersexuality?
  46. HIV questions
  47. My boyfriend is cruiseing Saunas
  48. Gay/Bi/Pan Girls: Would you date a really skinny girl?
  49. not sure if he's wrong about this....
  50. not sure if he's wrong about this....
  51. First time tips?
  52. My boyfriend won't pleasure me like i do him
  53. how often... ?
  54. Concerned about my body
  55. Late Period
  56. Help with what to do.
  57. I kind of want a one night stand and need advice
  58. First Time.
  59. Masturbating to much?
  60. Is this normal?
  61. Herpes Simplex 2
  62. PReP
  63. STI Issues
  64. Non reciprocating sex?
  65. Mental health question
  66. Masturbation problems (of the female kind).
  67. Labiaplasty
  68. Is it wrong for me to want to avoid anal sex
  69. Discussing menstrual cups...
  70. Gay Sex Advice for an FtM
  71. Shame and effects while masturbating
  72. Is this dysphoria?
  73. Potentially embarrassing question. Can't fit more than one finger in vagina?
  74. Sensitive Clitoris
  75. Possibility of tumor?
  76. Keep sex interesting without anal
  77. Is this a problem?
  78. Bad ingrown toenail.
  79. Issues with my appearance - How to work on it?
  80. HIV- spit in the eye
  81. How do you get intimate with another woman if your mtf?
  82. Bleeding after masturbating anally with a dildo!
  83. how to use a dildo? (male)
  84. How to Have Safe Sex as a Lesbian?
  85. What does this mean?
  86. Random shaking in hands?
  87. a question on drugs
  88. Painful coccyx (tailbone)
  89. Hands Free Orgasm
  90. Stopping periods ftm
  91. Nausea after masturbating?
  92. Taste?
  93. I want to feel horny again
  94. Is it hereditary?
  95. Small Clitoris
  96. Butt questions and male orgasm
  97. Question about masturbation?
  98. Twisted Fantasies
  99. celibacy
  100. Dominance
  101. Masturbation? Meh
  102. "tested myself" by looking at naked guys. i'm sorry but where is their vagina?! TMI
  103. Sores
  104. Sudden loss of libido
  105. Ever get to a point where masturbating isn't enough? craving real connection
  106. Periods. Is this normal?
  107. Zuigerphobia
  108. Taking care of my body for the first time?
  109. Period or something else?
  110. HPV infection?
  111. Flu like symptoms within a week after oral sex
  112. Lost my ability to orgasm!
  113. Hangman
  114. Can I stop my periods?
  115. I don't get butterflies or warm fuzzy feelings?
  116. lets talk Anal Plugs
  117. hate penis and a lesbian, hate penetration or just inexperienced/frigid?
  118. Had unprotected sex :/
  119. Can't find my left ovary??
  120. How to kiss?
  121. A... Twitch
  122. Anal fingering, am I at risk?
  123. closet and mental illness
  124. Cutting
  125. Increase in sexual desire since I realized I was trans
  126. Bleeding
  127. After hookup nerves, please help
  128. Erections less frequent after coming out to self?
  129. Lady hair removal
  130. Treatment for sex addiction??
  131. ok i am trying to workout what being turned on feels like..tingles in hands?
  132. My body doesn't react?
  133. Most dangerous sex position?
  134. Fear of getting pregnant won't let me have sex
  135. On bad night, and now the consequences!
  136. Bruise from Binding
  137. Desire for sex
  138. Knee pain?
  139. Body hair
  140. Is it possible to give up a porn addiction?
  141. Do I have too much testosterone?
  142. i dont think i get turned on?
  143. Fingering - stamina and speed improvement
  144. S/M and Self-harm
  145. Afraid of sex
  146. Sex Toys
  147. What else apart from anal and blowjobs?
  148. Nearly falling asleep during sex
  149. Some questions about aphrodisiacs.
  150. What vaccines should I get before having sex for the very first time?
  151. Obesity after eating disorder .. Trigger Warning
  152. Genital Warts has ruined my life
  153. Anorexia.
  154. Female body hair
  155. Mid-Twenty and dental crisis
  156. Oral makes me sick. Do I ever have to do it?
  157. Odd attraction
  158. Crush and attraction..
  159. Period Shame
  160. How did you learn how to masturbate?
  161. First time mastrubating - tips?
  162. Extremely painful vagina and bum!
  163. How long after syphilis treatment can you have sex?
  164. I don't feel anything when fingered. At all
  165. Tightness
  166. Can't get turned on.. And when I do it's painful?
  167. Umm...... This is weird.
  168. Periods
  169. Buck teeth
  170. guilty for masturbating with a thought of suppressed crush (?) ...(+is this gay?)
  171. Amount of semen
  172. Really want a toy but I'm too scared
  173. Only used to masturbating one way/problems with orgasm
  174. Got diagnozed with herpes ...
  175. anxiety at work getting much worse (bar work) , advice?
  176. video of two girls kissing made me really turned on...does that mean I'm lesbian?
  177. My foreskin is infected? Please help
  178. When emotional pain becomes physical.
  179. Could I have IBS?
  180. I can't turn myself on or satisfy myself
  181. How to knock down your libido?
  182. Drinking too much water?
  183. how can you tell if you are sexually frustrated?
  184. Herpes Diagnoses
  185. How to stop bingeing when lonely
  186. STD Scare [Re-Post]
  187. How do I gain weight?
  188. How do you eat a girl out/give her an orgasm? Help
  189. Sex with stuffed animals.
  190. i don't know when/if i feel turned on (what does it feel like to you?), ace?
  191. Curved erection?
  192. I can't work out if i get turned on? what does being turned on feel like?
  193. Help: Is there something wrong?
  194. Young, might have hemorrhoids, and terrified to see a doctor (WARNING: GROSS)(URGENT)
  195. using household objects that has a pipe shape in anal how safe is it?
  196. What if I do get back a positive?
  197. so..bit awkward...i discovered my clit and now i think I've overused it?
  198. Physically incapable of pleasure through masturbation?
  199. Bottoms, how do you prepare yourself?
  200. do straight girls watch two girls lap dance (video) and be turned on/orgasm?
  201. Period Sex?
  202. Fatigue before orgasm
  203. Will I get rabies?
  204. Awkward masterbation question..
  205. What is mastErbating?
  206. I have suddenly started masturbating every day ?
  207. think i like women but i tried consciously masturbating to male fantasy? bit graphic
  208. Faint little rings??
  209. Any other subs on here?
  210. 2 years and never been able to cum hands free from fucking my boyfriend
  211. Scrotum blister...
  212. I don't know what to do
  213. Is it unhealthy for afabs to pee standing up?
  214. Don't know how to resolve
  215. muscles contract so much when near orgasm that i can't 'finish' (sorry tmi)
  216. Am I okay?
  217. Can someone help define sexual fantasies for me please? (thank gawd for anon!)
  218. Questions about stds?
  219. pap smears...but I'm trans :(
  220. Is this a problem?
  221. I think I may have an eating disorder.
  222. Can't eat while on period
  223. i want to see how my body reacts to different types of porn but we have a blocker
  224. Reaction to injection?
  225. Sudden burning sensation in inner thigh
  226. Can't reach orgasm when fooling around
  227. A friend says "One-sided sex is unhealthy": Is that true
  228. Tapeworm?
  229. Vaginal Orgasms
  230. guilt
  231. Want to kill myself but I'm frightened
  232. I accidentally cut myself while shaving down there
  233. Masturbation and sexual orientation confusion. Help
  234. First time
  235. Orgasm while standing?
  236. Am I being crazy?
  237. Unprotected sex?
  238. Bleeding again?
  239. Masturbation without mess?
  240. Girl Girl Sex
  241. FTM- Bleeding for A Month Straight
  242. Do people not die/get sick from doing scat?
  243. How to make scars fade faster
  244. Do I have to date someone?
  245. Kept going soft and took ages to cum
  246. Non-epileptic seizure??
  247. Eczema, some other condition or just dry skin?
  248. Female orgasm too quick (weird complaint)
  249. Im ruining my life (Rant)
  250. difficulty finding pleasure