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  1. I want nothing to do with my life :(
  2. Crush on an older woman
  3. i'm depressed today
  4. Hard time meeting friends
  5. First real date with a woman!!!
  6. How can I create space while still being with the kids
  7. Unless I chicken out, tomorrow is the first step!
  8. I don't know how to come out
  9. So many things have happened and I'm so confused.
  10. How Much is Too Much?
  11. My imaginary girlfriend
  12. How many times in your life have you been in love?
  13. Missing my kids...
  14. Just for fun! Yes, I am a dork
  15. I don't even know how I feel anymore
  16. Came out to my older sister
  17. Dating Websites for Finding Friends?
  18. Thanksgiving wrapping up... Wife going downhill
  19. 38 year old bisexual guy
  20. ex-marrieds... what was the last straw?
  21. Rainbow Socks
  22. Thanksgiving
  23. I did it!
  24. Coming Out to A Dear Friend who is a Priest
  25. Figuring out wants vs needs
  26. And the blows keep on coming. Thanksgiving Disaster.
  27. talking to parents
  28. Myself, The Fella and his Ex-Wife
  29. And so the black curtain of lonely isolation fell...
  30. Think I am ready to come out, but when?
  31. You guys?
  32. Weird timing--just now began worrying that people might think I'm gay
  33. Does it count as a trigger crush if nothing ever happens?
  34. First time dating, and/or any success stories??
  35. I talked to my Best friend!
  36. Awful Day. Awful Night.
  37. Questioning and newly out women: Ever led a lesbian on?
  38. The fairytale
  39. My wife (soon to be ex) won't let go...
  40. Is it necessary to announce your sexuality?
  41. I would frustrate the heck out of the Spice Girls right now!
  42. What am I doing?
  43. That low point wasn't so bad...
  44. I dont understand...
  45. So confused (this is long)
  46. Are there any guys that want to have a relationship?
  47. Event Last Night
  48. Approximate trajectory of feelings
  49. I think my friend might be queer
  50. I need something in my life...
  51. Got told I'm not trans. That trauma made me do it
  52. Stereotyping people
  53. Forming platonic relationships
  54. Letting Go
  55. Is there a way to ask if someone is gay without being out?
  56. Worst night of my life
  57. how did i not know i was bi?
  58. Feeling anxious all of the time
  59. Feeling anxious all of the time
  60. Going on a date with a girl
  61. Full member status & adopting my illegitimate baby
  62. Had a heart to heart with husband
  63. 'Trigger crush' success rate
  64. Phantasy vs attraction vs ??
  65. Answer is still unsatisfying.
  66. What is my sexuality?
  67. Nearly 41 and can't keep this secret anymore
  68. You and your trigger crush: Passive or assertive?
  69. Some Retrospective Surprises after coming out
  70. Is it rude to ask someone if they're gay?
  71. Finally letting go?
  72. Was it all in my head?
  73. Anxious and SO glad I found EC
  74. Out but no one is surprised...
  75. I totally came out - on Facebook
  76. At an impasse
  77. New Crushes: Part Two
  78. Are friends normally this close?
  79. Internal dialogue
  80. Wondering if apology will ever come
  81. Extremely confused - help me sort this out..
  82. BMC77 update
  83. Coming out to husband
  84. Is this what a crush feels like?
  85. Coming Out can be humbling.
  86. i dont know how much longer i can play this game.
  87. She wants a separation / divorce
  88. Not sure what I feel, but happy
  89. putting myself out there
  90. Recapturing lost time and general worry
  91. Super Self Conscious...all over again!
  92. Going outside
  93. Math: The route of pi doubled (or something)
  94. Hurt, angry, and confused
  95. Going back in
  96. Went to a Gay Bar
  97. I almost told her, but..
  98. It Gets Better
  99. An Update: Marriage Counseling, Hope, and Moving Forward
  100. update
  101. So confused!
  102. A leap of faith
  103. Am I a horrible person?
  104. What I want vs what I have
  105. Opening the confusion
  106. So depressed :(
  107. 25 y/o male working towards coming out
  108. Beginning the journey
  109. I feel ridiculous
  110. So fed up, need to vent
  111. Be yourself, but accept the consequences
  112. What would you do if?
  113. What are your analogies for your situation?
  114. Inappropriate Crushes
  115. BMC77 - are you ok?
  116. Bad day.
  117. Lost threads thread...trying again
  118. The lost threads thread
  119. Acting like a teenager
  120. Should I or shouldn't I?
  121. Positive things
  122. Today the hair went from long to short :)
  123. That was awkward
  124. Homophobic Kids?????
  125. Let's call these "last minute thoughts"
  126. outed by ex partner?
  127. New paths
  128. I'm happy and sad
  129. I do believe I am OUT for good!
  130. Nice moments
  131. Is it just a crush?
  132. A new friend, maybe more...
  133. I don't want anything anymore
  134. Am I ready to date?
  135. Rainbow Mommy Bracelet Got Noticed!
  136. All mixed up - please help
  137. Where am I in life? Hermit forever? More than just gay?
  138. Will I ever be happy?
  139. I came out to my oldest friend
  140. Some rambling thoughts
  141. I am a shame factory
  142. Emotions and writing a coming out letter
  143. Most awkward weekend ever....
  144. Update on CapColors
  145. "This looks so gay"
  146. in the closet for the holidays
  147. A Great Weekend
  148. Desperation panic anger
  149. Queer? Almost lesbian? Gayish? Mostly gay?
  150. Smiling more
  151. Yes, I need a label!
  152. Can't tell if the grass is greener...
  153. Stuck in a loop
  154. I think my brother was also gay...
  155. What do you do without role models?
  156. lgbt rally
  157. 80% gay
  158. just coming out
  159. Changing friendships
  160. Alone and afraid
  161. How to Deal with a Terminal Marriage.
  162. I did it! Came out to my sister
  163. When will the fear stop?
  164. I'm so angry
  165. Struggles
  166. I love her
  167. Considering coming out to colleague at work
  168. I got hit on
  169. My issues with shame and fear
  170. Is this weird?
  171. some sexual self-analysis
  172. Had my first conversation
  173. Fun post: my queer geek stuff
  174. Dealing with the closet
  175. I don't want to lose me
  176. Journey Questions
  177. What the heck is flirting, exactly?
  178. Married life so far...
  179. My bf doesn't even want to talk (though I'm scared too..)
  180. Realistic expectations
  181. I flirted with a girl
  182. Teenagers are tough!
  183. I chopped my hair off!
  184. How "OUT" are you?
  185. Sexuality/life balance
  186. relationship question
  187. Waking up at 42 and my love for someone new
  188. Unrequited love for the 1st time = absolutely heartbroken
  189. Do I need to come out to my wife?
  190. Struggling with internalized negative messeges
  191. This is a first for me
  192. Yay for me!!!
  193. Is my marriage even fixable?
  194. Dont Like My Thoughts
  195. Bisexuals (and probably pansexuals too)
  196. mixed orientation marriage cost
  197. Free!
  198. Do you feel like part of the lgbt community?
  199. How happy with your current place in your journey are you?
  200. Do the bad days get less bad?
  201. I'm dealing with this now at my age?
  202. Getting this off my chest
  203. Messed up!
  204. Worst Therapy Session Yet
  205. Some thoughts after my therapy session last night
  206. Completely opened up... to my hairdresser!
  207. is this dishonest?
  208. Liking younger men?
  209. Older, Curious & Learning To Understand It
  210. Update of sorts. In Therapy and at a crossroads.
  211. have a really down moment
  212. Hi
  213. Lesbian in a heterosexual marriage
  214. A (not so?) trivial topic - hair!
  215. Gay dads!!!
  216. Not ready to tell my Mom and Dad
  217. Reasons I love being in a same-sex relationship
  218. Fulfilment for bi woman, married to a straight dude (for Dummies)
  219. The search for labels...
  220. Are you able to talk about these stuff also with people IRL?
  221. Born like this
  222. Testing the water conversation
  223. So, had aa weird conversation with the ex...
  224. It does get better!
  225. Conservative friend now seems open minded
  226. Unexpected support
  227. came out to my mom
  228. Another anxiety attack
  229. How denial works
  230. 53 and obsessing
  231. so....this happened...
  232. How can I break out of a rut?
  233. retrospection fun and evolving mind.
  234. the end of a career
  235. A Odd Situation Indeed
  236. Can't be the only one.
  237. No choice but to live a lie
  238. My life... the person Im in love with is not the person I live with.
  239. I chickened out (and thoughts on being a hermit)
  240. Considering a Major Change
  241. Getting to see my BFF in 2 days!
  242. Been a while
  243. got a partner before a divorce- ok or not
  244. How do I move from heart ache to joy?
  245. Tempted to come out to mum
  246. Marriage Equality and Coming out Later in Life
  247. My husband moved out
  248. Out-ish as Bisexual at 45
  249. Straights are everywhere, but they're not everyone
  250. Advice on closeted lesbian/in denial