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  1. I don't want anything anymore
  2. Am I ready to date?
  3. Rainbow Mommy Bracelet Got Noticed!
  4. All mixed up - please help
  5. Where am I in life? Hermit forever? More than just gay?
  6. Will I ever be happy?
  7. I came out to my oldest friend
  8. Some rambling thoughts
  9. I am a shame factory
  10. Emotions and writing a coming out letter
  11. Most awkward weekend ever....
  12. Update on CapColors
  13. "This looks so gay"
  14. in the closet for the holidays
  15. A Great Weekend
  16. Desperation panic anger
  17. Queer? Almost lesbian? Gayish? Mostly gay?
  18. Smiling more
  19. Yes, I need a label!
  20. Can't tell if the grass is greener...
  21. Stuck in a loop
  22. I think my brother was also gay...
  23. What do you do without role models?
  24. lgbt rally
  25. 80% gay
  26. just coming out
  27. Changing friendships
  28. Alone and afraid
  29. How to Deal with a Terminal Marriage.
  30. I did it! Came out to my sister
  31. When will the fear stop?
  32. I'm so angry
  33. Struggles
  34. I love her
  35. Considering coming out to colleague at work
  36. I got hit on
  37. My issues with shame and fear
  38. Is this weird?
  39. some sexual self-analysis
  40. Had my first conversation
  41. Fun post: my queer geek stuff
  42. Dealing with the closet
  43. I don't want to lose me
  44. Journey Questions
  45. What the heck is flirting, exactly?
  46. Married life so far...
  47. My bf doesn't even want to talk (though I'm scared too..)
  48. Realistic expectations
  49. I flirted with a girl
  50. Teenagers are tough!
  51. I chopped my hair off!
  52. How "OUT" are you?
  53. Sexuality/life balance
  54. relationship question
  55. Waking up at 42 and my love for someone new
  56. Unrequited love for the 1st time = absolutely heartbroken
  57. Do I need to come out to my wife?
  58. Struggling with internalized negative messeges
  59. This is a first for me
  60. Yay for me!!!
  61. Is my marriage even fixable?
  62. Dont Like My Thoughts
  63. Bisexuals (and probably pansexuals too)
  64. mixed orientation marriage cost
  65. Free!
  66. Do you feel like part of the lgbt community?
  67. How happy with your current place in your journey are you?
  68. Do the bad days get less bad?
  69. I'm dealing with this now at my age?
  70. Getting this off my chest
  71. Messed up!
  72. Worst Therapy Session Yet
  73. Some thoughts after my therapy session last night
  74. Completely opened up... to my hairdresser!
  75. is this dishonest?
  76. Liking younger men?
  77. Older, Curious & Learning To Understand It
  78. Update of sorts. In Therapy and at a crossroads.
  79. have a really down moment
  80. Hi
  81. Lesbian in a heterosexual marriage
  82. A (not so?) trivial topic - hair!
  83. Gay dads!!!
  84. Not ready to tell my Mom and Dad
  85. Reasons I love being in a same-sex relationship
  86. Fulfilment for bi woman, married to a straight dude (for Dummies)
  87. The search for labels...
  88. Are you able to talk about these stuff also with people IRL?
  89. Born like this
  90. Testing the water conversation
  91. So, had aa weird conversation with the ex...
  92. It does get better!
  93. Conservative friend now seems open minded
  94. Unexpected support
  95. came out to my mom
  96. Another anxiety attack
  97. How denial works
  98. 53 and obsessing
  99. so....this happened...
  100. How can I break out of a rut?
  101. retrospection fun and evolving mind.
  102. the end of a career
  103. A Odd Situation Indeed
  104. Can't be the only one.
  105. No choice but to live a lie
  106. My life... the person Im in love with is not the person I live with.
  107. I chickened out (and thoughts on being a hermit)
  108. Considering a Major Change
  109. Getting to see my BFF in 2 days!
  110. Been a while
  111. got a partner before a divorce- ok or not
  112. How do I move from heart ache to joy?
  113. Tempted to come out to mum
  114. Marriage Equality and Coming out Later in Life
  115. My husband moved out
  116. Out-ish as Bisexual at 45
  117. Straights are everywhere, but they're not everyone
  118. Advice on closeted lesbian/in denial
  119. Keep asking myself the same question
  120. My first share NCOD 10/10/15
  121. He was shocked but graceful
  122. He couldn't even handle that...
  123. National Coming Out Day Event
  124. Coming out day story...inspired by EC folks!
  125. Healthy vs unhealthy sex (alone or with others)
  126. My "Coming Out Day" movie marathon
  127. No More Regrets?
  128. I don't want to become invisible again
  129. inspired by teatree
  130. Just came out to my best friend, can't believe I did it :)
  131. Feeling very discouraged.
  132. gonna level up soon...
  133. Are you doing anything for Coming Out Day (Oct. 11)?
  134. Are you really comfortable being a homo?
  135. Wish me luck...
  136. Came out to my best friend. It's a start!
  137. Self Esteem
  138. Bought my first LGBT gear today
  139. I can't say it! + Responsibility
  140. Excited for my friend
  141. choosing to have kids?
  142. I had no idea
  143. I wish I could just live my queer life
  144. I'm just so freaking tired of all this..
  145. Bold statement?
  146. Queering up your wardrobe...ideas?
  147. Yes homo
  148. Going to first LGBTQIA event tonight!
  149. Is this all that you guys think about now?
  150. Separating other issues from your orientation
  151. What does being out mean to you?
  152. What was your worst identity crisis
  153. ever have anxiety with the idea of sex with the opposite sex?
  154. I cannot believe I am talking about this....
  155. Very, very, very sad.
  156. Relationship with Ex Spouse after Separation
  157. Tara or Kennedy?
  158. There's a woman...
  159. First Time (with a guy)
  160. Changing perspective, but frustrated
  161. Youtube
  162. Thank you for being here!
  163. came out to a friend.
  164. Struggling with decision that impacts my journey
  165. Normalising your ofientation
  166. Finding excuses
  167. Introducing parents to first same-sex SO
  168. I'm so angry. Any advice
  169. Coming out, take 3
  170. Facebook...
  171. My Story.
  172. Does sexuality matter if you're taken?
  173. Looking in the mirror
  174. When will I finally allow myself to be who I want to be?
  175. Opening the closet door
  176. Very confused lonely wife
  177. Is it silly? Normal?
  178. I think something changed...
  179. Processing the shame
  180. Just had a thought...
  181. I still have a lot of confusion about what attraction really is
  182. Comparing yourself to others
  183. Interested but frustrated
  184. Finally went to a meet-up
  185. how do you find support groups?
  186. It's a long story...
  187. This guy inspires me a lot
  188. I wrote a letter....
  189. struggling with this
  190. Why are lesbians better accepted then gay men?
  191. Navigating new world
  192. Seriously, how did you know "for sure"
  193. what now?
  194. not really prepared for this...
  195. Social Anxiety
  196. VENT: "Just get a divorce!"
  197. Community support
  198. Help needed
  199. Struggling with communication
  200. Self reflection and embracing, let's help eachother!
  201. What a difference a year makes
  202. Ignorance from him
  203. Sartorial Emancipation
  204. Told Him I'm Out of the Closet
  205. Mourning non-sexualized female spaces
  206. I need help. Don't know where to begin...
  207. Virgin at 31
  208. Coming out... but no relationship
  209. Premonitions about others?
  210. Wishing I was asexual
  211. Opened conversation w my husband
  212. As time goes by.....
  213. A small success
  214. Alternatives to Divorce?
  215. Trying to move on
  216. Do you escape through fiction?
  217. So now what?
  218. random thoughts, maybe an update-ish?
  219. Feeling jealous...
  220. Old memories in a new light
  221. How much has moving on your own increased your feeling of 'freedom'?
  222. Females are "killing it" with meaningful threads
  223. Feeling like Second Best
  224. No idea what I'm supposed to do.
  225. i didnt choose this!
  226. Forgiving others
  227. What to do when you hate yourself?
  228. Yup, I'm Out.
  229. Jealousy
  230. interesting resource...
  231. How's everyone doing?
  232. Will people think I was dishonest?
  233. Feeling disjointed, feeling frustrated
  234. From the New Yorker : your "husbands"
  235. Has anyone moved on from marriage and started a new life with their new partner?
  236. My story..
  237. Pros of coming out
  238. Moving out tomorrow....sort of
  239. I think I'm really going to do it.
  240. dreams vs reality
  241. Disconnection
  242. Update: My support group, and coming out to my husband.
  243. little update...
  244. Failed coming out. I'm a selfish jerk.
  245. When is it not enough anymore?
  246. Anger at the system, burning immature anger
  247. Internalized Homophobia
  248. Cried during...
  249. How to make LGBT friends?
  250. Knocked down right out of the gate