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  1. Keep asking myself the same question
  2. My first share NCOD 10/10/15
  3. He was shocked but graceful
  4. He couldn't even handle that...
  5. National Coming Out Day Event
  6. Coming out day story...inspired by EC folks!
  7. Healthy vs unhealthy sex (alone or with others)
  8. My "Coming Out Day" movie marathon
  9. No More Regrets?
  10. I don't want to become invisible again
  11. inspired by teatree
  12. Just came out to my best friend, can't believe I did it :)
  13. Feeling very discouraged.
  14. gonna level up soon...
  15. Are you doing anything for Coming Out Day (Oct. 11)?
  16. Are you really comfortable being a homo?
  17. Wish me luck...
  18. Came out to my best friend. It's a start!
  19. Self Esteem
  20. Bought my first LGBT gear today
  21. I can't say it! + Responsibility
  22. Excited for my friend
  23. choosing to have kids?
  24. I had no idea
  25. I wish I could just live my queer life
  26. I'm just so freaking tired of all this..
  27. Bold statement?
  28. Queering up your wardrobe...ideas?
  29. Yes homo
  30. Going to first LGBTQIA event tonight!
  31. Is this all that you guys think about now?
  32. Separating other issues from your orientation
  33. What does being out mean to you?
  34. What was your worst identity crisis
  35. ever have anxiety with the idea of sex with the opposite sex?
  36. I cannot believe I am talking about this....
  37. Very, very, very sad.
  38. Relationship with Ex Spouse after Separation
  39. Tara or Kennedy?
  40. There's a woman...
  41. First Time (with a guy)
  42. Changing perspective, but frustrated
  43. Youtube
  44. Thank you for being here!
  45. came out to a friend.
  46. Struggling with decision that impacts my journey
  47. Normalising your ofientation
  48. Finding excuses
  49. Introducing parents to first same-sex SO
  50. I'm so angry. Any advice
  51. Coming out, take 3
  52. Facebook...
  53. My Story.
  54. Does sexuality matter if you're taken?
  55. Looking in the mirror
  56. When will I finally allow myself to be who I want to be?
  57. Opening the closet door
  58. Very confused lonely wife
  59. Is it silly? Normal?
  60. I think something changed...
  61. Processing the shame
  62. Just had a thought...
  63. I still have a lot of confusion about what attraction really is
  64. Comparing yourself to others
  65. Interested but frustrated
  66. Finally went to a meet-up
  67. how do you find support groups?
  68. It's a long story...
  69. This guy inspires me a lot
  70. I wrote a letter....
  71. struggling with this
  72. Why are lesbians better accepted then gay men?
  73. Navigating new world
  74. Seriously, how did you know "for sure"
  75. what now?
  76. not really prepared for this...
  77. Social Anxiety
  78. VENT: "Just get a divorce!"
  79. Community support
  80. Help needed
  81. Struggling with communication
  82. Self reflection and embracing, let's help eachother!
  83. What a difference a year makes
  84. Ignorance from him
  85. Sartorial Emancipation
  86. Told Him I'm Out of the Closet
  87. Mourning non-sexualized female spaces
  88. I need help. Don't know where to begin...
  89. Virgin at 31
  90. Coming out... but no relationship
  91. Premonitions about others?
  92. Wishing I was asexual
  93. Opened conversation w my husband
  94. As time goes by.....
  95. A small success
  96. Alternatives to Divorce?
  97. Trying to move on
  98. Do you escape through fiction?
  99. So now what?
  100. random thoughts, maybe an update-ish?
  101. Feeling jealous...
  102. Old memories in a new light
  103. How much has moving on your own increased your feeling of 'freedom'?
  104. Females are "killing it" with meaningful threads
  105. Feeling like Second Best
  106. No idea what I'm supposed to do.
  107. i didnt choose this!
  108. Forgiving others
  109. What to do when you hate yourself?
  110. Yup, I'm Out.
  111. Jealousy
  112. interesting resource...
  113. How's everyone doing?
  114. Will people think I was dishonest?
  115. Feeling disjointed, feeling frustrated
  116. From the New Yorker : your "husbands"
  117. Has anyone moved on from marriage and started a new life with their new partner?
  118. My story..
  119. Pros of coming out
  120. Moving out tomorrow....sort of
  121. I think I'm really going to do it.
  122. dreams vs reality
  123. Disconnection
  124. Update: My support group, and coming out to my husband.
  125. little update...
  126. Failed coming out. I'm a selfish jerk.
  127. When is it not enough anymore?
  128. Anger at the system, burning immature anger
  129. Internalized Homophobia
  130. Cried during...
  131. How to make LGBT friends?
  132. Knocked down right out of the gate
  133. Meeting other LGBT people, with social anxiety
  134. When a guy wants to get close to me..
  135. Just came out to three more people
  136. Anyone else having dates shut down as soon as you say how inexperienced you are?
  137. Can I just *be*out without coming out
  138. So, I'm out...
  139. HRT Here we go!
  140. Caught with EC?
  141. I am a bit lost
  142. resources for HIM
  143. Timing...
  144. On my own, i guess
  145. How do you know if a therapist is a good match
  146. Why does my family need to know I'm bi if I'm married?
  147. Coming out as bi and married
  148. The Children.
  149. Afraid to take any more steps forward
  150. first therapy appt is tomorrow
  151. finally saw my counselor today...
  152. Jealous of my brother's happiness!
  153. Censoring yourself
  154. The storm inside me...
  155. Could This Work
  156. Question for the women who have "switched teams" after being married to a man
  157. what do you think?
  158. Old poem, powerful words.
  159. Knowing you're gay without experience
  160. Coming out experiences - Guys vs Girls
  161. I got it, i got the book...
  162. Is It Really Cheating?
  163. Feeling lost
  164. Allow me to introduce myself
  165. Nervous, but, why?
  166. Taking too long
  167. Boulevard movie
  168. Where to start?
  169. A turning point
  170. Coming out to others before your spouse? Is it fair?
  171. My future/college?
  172. Still Working Through It
  173. Playing the waiting game
  174. Out to one more...again
  175. 37 and Never Been Kissed (by a man)
  176. Any other lesbian woman can relate?
  177. Come out then date or vice versa?
  178. Liking being gay?
  179. I am TERRIFIED.
  180. 29, Married with Children, and I'm a Lesbian. How to cope?
  181. I don't know what I want or what I like anymore
  182. 28 and almost ready to come out
  183. AnyLater in life experiences with coming out to siblings?
  184. Am I a coward?
  185. how or what made you realize you were gay/bi?
  186. I'm probably alone in this, but...
  187. Feeling incapable of carrying on
  188. Thrilled to be Out, Open and Gay!
  189. Step by step in a new direction
  190. How to be a liar??!!
  191. How to live an inauthentic life
  192. book
  193. My son had his Bar Mitzvah today
  194. After sex with my best friend...
  195. Affair "high" vs. Coming Out "high"
  196. Issues with focusing at work
  197. Jealousy was actually attraction
  198. I feel less invisible now
  199. Tell my friend how I feel?
  200. Another one of those 5 signs that...
  201. Good morning from a long break
  202. Accepting myself?
  203. Dream closet
  204. Now what?
  205. books
  206. Why am I still doubting my sexuality?
  207. Out to one more...
  208. My friend is going to leave tomorrow...
  209. So many openings
  210. Frustration
  211. Regretting not coming out earlier
  212. Not sure how to proceed
  213. It's time at 68
  214. Pride Event
  215. 31 and Questioning
  216. Is labeling myself important to others?
  217. empty nest
  218. 31yrs old married and just told my husband I'm gay....
  219. 31yrs old married and just told my husband I'm gay....
  220. 31yrs old married and just told my husband I'm gay....
  221. Coming Out Letter to Parents: Draft
  222. Being Bi (maybe....)
  223. Late in life
  224. What happened to him?
  225. Just came out to my colleague/friend :)
  226. Guilt over ex
  227. gender conformity and personal style
  228. Stop Overanalyzing
  229. Two-Year Committed Relationship - Still Introduced as 'Friend'
  230. Who put us in the closet?
  231. 33 and taking steps to "come out"
  232. Moving?
  233. Sort of came out to my boyfriend (again)
  234. single for 23 years. Is this a record
  235. 30s and still confused
  236. Family problems...
  237. Came Out on Facebook
  238. More emotional
  239. How to meet people when you're not really out?
  240. Olbg
  241. Married woman in love with a lesbian
  242. Definitely not straight...
  243. Stumble trudge trudge...
  244. Ready to take chance, but scared
  245. Feel like its gonna be ok...
  246. In the closet for way too long....need courage
  247. LGBT groups on social media rant
  248. correlations
  249. Teenage-style crushes
  250. Really feel I want to come out to someone