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  1. Moving Back...Maybe
  2. glad I found this place
  3. Pride Parade Montreal 2015
  4. Should have put out more... ?
  5. She Left Today...
  6. many questions
  7. I realized I am gay
  8. I Need Help
  9. Dying inside and worried
  10. Anyone know how to deal with a fundamentalist family?
  11. We've created a mess, but still want happiness :(
  12. I don't want to be bisexual and I don't want to deal with this.
  13. Positive interactions, events associated with coming to terms with your sexuality
  14. the fem-stud pairing
  15. Emotional night
  16. Relief but guilty
  17. Promiscuous before coming out
  18. I want a husband. Is this normal?
  19. Going to my first gay bar at age 38...
  20. Kinsey Test
  21. Epiphanies after coming out/realising you're LGBT?
  22. Ouch...this hurts
  23. Ugh!... parents :/
  24. Broken hearted
  25. good bye guys
  26. Hey Great Whale
  27. in between semi denial
  28. marriage at almost 40
  29. People not realising you're LGBT even after you've come out?
  30. TV Crush
  31. Thank you
  32. Travelling woes
  33. Doubting... am I a Lesbian, or am I Bi.
  34. My Story...
  35. unaccepting son
  36. I just need to vent
  37. Confused by his actions
  38. Feeling left behind
  39. Almost Hyperventilated
  40. Feeling lonely
  41. 30, introvert and socially awkward
  42. How Does the LGBTQ Community feel about those who Come Out Late?
  43. Am I Doing The Right Thing
  44. Depersonalization
  45. Depersonalization
  46. Are there any adult males 50 or older on this site?
  47. Being labeled too old
  48. What keeps people going?
  49. Following your heart or mind?
  50. Take my time to figure it out? But how...
  51. 31 and out late
  52. Finding comfort zone
  53. Coming Out in person vs by letter
  54. I hate my life
  55. Out later than some, but can I pass?
  56. Right back in a rut again
  57. Sigh. Got some bad news today.
  58. Stares...
  59. Can all mistakes be forgiven?
  60. No more sparks?
  61. How soon do I need to let someone know I'm a newb?
  62. 49 going on 25
  63. Yet another midlife mess
  64. My Car
  65. Coping with Guilt (Rambling)
  66. Your view of being Gay Then and Now
  67. Out...now what?
  68. Are gays accepting?
  69. Confused
  70. Wife wants perpetual empathy
  71. Went to Pride yesterday
  72. Coming Out Passively
  73. what is up with +35
  74. Stay in marriage after coming out or move on?
  75. 33 year old coward
  76. Acclimatization
  77. Grrrr
  78. Same old struggles
  79. New job - and able to be myself
  80. Scary and Sad Day
  81. My coming out trainwreck
  82. The road to acceptance.
  83. look at yourself
  84. I told my boyfriend that I'm questioning
  85. Feeling a little taken advantage of
  86. Going home this week, I am a bit nervous...
  87. every time i poop blood comes out to
  88. Ever want to Runaway?
  89. The thing which is called dating!
  90. Stuck
  91. Wish I could disappear
  92. Came out to hair dresser
  93. Feeling overwhelmed
  94. not doing so great.....need to know i'm not alone
  95. I know Victoria's Secret!
  96. more and more I cant take it
  97. Just broke up with my bf :'(
  98. Just when i thought yeah this is me... I get a curveball
  99. Thinking of telling my boyfriend + utopic fantasies
  100. Emotionally Draining Weekend
  101. How did you start living "out" after repressing everything for years.
  102. Realizing I am a lesbian and getting over a broken heart with a man
  103. newbie here...
  104. My First Meet-Up
  105. Intensely questioning late(r) in life
  106. Club scene not my thing
  107. My friendship is stake...I don't know why we are fighting.
  108. Effects of the closet
  109. the biggest step i have taken!
  110. how do you start off platonic ???
  111. i chickened out of coming out....feeling unauthentic . need support.
  112. Feel like I'm living two lives again.
  113. Need advice on how to go through the process of dating a straight girl.
  114. Should I Just Tell Him How I Feel
  115. lets talk primate behaviour... are we civilized or just acting out behaviour differe
  116. Genderfluidity Question - how to tell grandma
  117. Gay Alter Ego
  118. Questions about being gay vs. bi
  119. Still got one foot in the closet
  120. Can't stop thinking about her
  121. 38 and I should know this by now!
  122. still confused but.. well..
  123. Transgender Coming out and name??
  124. EC is nice but doesn't seem like real world :(
  125. Confused and lost
  126. Went to a Pride event
  127. my life is just point less
  128. Stop 'the world', I need to get off...
  129. When someone cheapens your journey
  130. Another great talk by Ash Beckham - On Duality
  131. Living hell
  132. intelligent?
  133. I'm not doing well
  134. Now the wife knows
  135. First Therapy appointment today!
  136. Feelings about marriage equality
  137. Need help! New relationship and sex.
  138. I am a mess feeling so lost
  139. Surviving the stares and whispers at local gym
  140. I have a question
  141. Explaining homosexuality to parents
  142. Trouble With Friends That Are Women
  143. Freaking myself out...
  144. Did I Do Something Wrong
  145. How does age matter to you, and why?
  146. More Coming Out Humor
  147. Office Romance?
  148. Trans masculine transition??
  149. So confused
  150. Almost came out to my wife in an arguement...
  151. I think I came out?
  152. Selling house
  153. Feeling old, fat, ugly and foolish
  154. Alone this holiday weekend
  155. Nicely overwhelming!
  156. new guys...
  157. I'm attached to my massage therapist. FIRST WOMAN CRUSH EVER.
  158. Dykes on Bikes
  159. Question for all you experienced people?
  160. accepting but moving on
  161. Is this common?
  162. How do you know your bisexual?
  163. In Memoriam
  164. Need Help Guys...PLEASE
  165. Laughing at myself...
  166. Coming Out Humor
  167. I'm engaged but
  168. lawyer in crowd?
  169. Lost who I thought I was
  170. Is it too late?
  171. break up sex - normal and expected?
  172. I Guess I'm Gay, Right?
  173. Late 30's and the epiphany
  174. Running out of time.
  175. Feeling like a fraud?
  176. maybe having a periods is not so bad
  177. transgender vs transvestite?
  178. Late 30's, lesbian living a straight life.
  179. My wife asked and (unfortunately) I said yes.
  180. Too much too soon?
  181. Seeking Words of Wisdom
  182. Getting used to myself
  183. I'm scared, I'm sad & I'm lonely
  184. 39 married 3 kids a husband and questioning myself :(
  185. Another I think I might be finally coming out in my 40s story/request for support
  186. Father's Day
  187. Hard To Go Back In The Closet
  188. Found accepting church
  189. Coming out??? How?
  190. New Here - My Story
  191. I just came out to my wife
  192. How do you convince yourself that you aren't the only gay/bi person in your area?
  193. I just came out to my husband
  194. Feeling Fatigued
  195. Heteroromantic homosexual
  196. Robin Williams' final movie "Boulevard" (a must see)
  197. Age Difference
  198. Being Outed
  199. coming out to wife - resources
  200. new to this
  201. Coming out
  202. Coming out to an unstable family member?
  203. So there's another queer event...
  204. how do you figure out your type?
  205. The Closetomb
  206. End of My 2nd Adolescence
  207. wrote a draft of coming out script to wife/son
  208. Really upset!
  209. Came out to wife and family
  210. Am i alone?
  211. Confused Again...So Frustrating
  212. Heart Condition: Literally & Figuratively
  213. What A Weekend!
  214. yep dating problems and more
  215. Stuck
  216. Has it really gotten easier?
  217. how to reach out to other gay men for friendship
  218. true change?
  219. Holy crap-finally told my wife!!!
  220. Married, Male and Bi ...
  221. Does Sex = Self Validation
  222. Bargaining & grief
  223. the pain of being in love with your best friend
  224. It's Not Fair...
  225. Anybody wanna tune in on this
  226. married guys who identify as gay
  227. Is my Hubby closeted?
  228. Dressing Well
  229. Cosmic sign of hope? Or cruel cosmic joke?
  230. what does it take to graduate EC?
  231. Mother Issues?
  232. Changing my perspective...
  233. Womaninamber leaves the house! (or at least I hope so)
  234. Help!: Coming Out Late and Divorcing with Kids
  235. What do you feel for your exes?
  236. My First Pride at the Age of 52
  237. First real date with a guy this week....
  238. Came close
  239. Road Map
  240. Dating Tips -- Feel Like I'm in Limbo
  241. I miss having my secret. Is that weird?
  242. came out to therapist
  243. opinion please...
  244. First big step
  245. Dating as an asexual?
  246. Confused
  247. Kinsey scale
  248. Apprehensive about going to a gay bar
  249. A Modern Family
  250. Another big step today