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  1. When a guy wants to get close to me..
  2. Just came out to three more people
  3. Anyone else having dates shut down as soon as you say how inexperienced you are?
  4. Can I just *be*out without coming out
  5. So, I'm out...
  6. HRT Here we go!
  7. Caught with EC?
  8. I am a bit lost
  9. resources for HIM
  10. Timing...
  11. On my own, i guess
  12. How do you know if a therapist is a good match
  13. Why does my family need to know I'm bi if I'm married?
  14. Coming out as bi and married
  15. The Children.
  16. Afraid to take any more steps forward
  17. first therapy appt is tomorrow
  18. finally saw my counselor today...
  19. Jealous of my brother's happiness!
  20. Censoring yourself
  21. The storm inside me...
  22. Could This Work
  23. Question for the women who have "switched teams" after being married to a man
  24. what do you think?
  25. Old poem, powerful words.
  26. Knowing you're gay without experience
  27. Coming out experiences - Guys vs Girls
  28. I got it, i got the book...
  29. Is It Really Cheating?
  30. Feeling lost
  31. Allow me to introduce myself
  32. Nervous, but, why?
  33. Taking too long
  34. Boulevard movie
  35. Where to start?
  36. A turning point
  37. Coming out to others before your spouse? Is it fair?
  38. My future/college?
  39. Still Working Through It
  40. Playing the waiting game
  41. Out to one more...again
  42. 37 and Never Been Kissed (by a man)
  43. Any other lesbian woman can relate?
  44. Come out then date or vice versa?
  45. Liking being gay?
  46. I am TERRIFIED.
  47. 29, Married with Children, and I'm a Lesbian. How to cope?
  48. I don't know what I want or what I like anymore
  49. 28 and almost ready to come out
  50. AnyLater in life experiences with coming out to siblings?
  51. Am I a coward?
  52. how or what made you realize you were gay/bi?
  53. I'm probably alone in this, but...
  54. Feeling incapable of carrying on
  55. Thrilled to be Out, Open and Gay!
  56. Step by step in a new direction
  57. How to be a liar??!!
  58. How to live an inauthentic life
  59. book
  60. My son had his Bar Mitzvah today
  61. After sex with my best friend...
  62. Affair "high" vs. Coming Out "high"
  63. Issues with focusing at work
  64. Jealousy was actually attraction
  65. I feel less invisible now
  66. Tell my friend how I feel?
  67. Another one of those 5 signs that...
  68. Good morning from a long break
  69. Accepting myself?
  70. Dream closet
  71. Now what?
  72. books
  73. Why am I still doubting my sexuality?
  74. Out to one more...
  75. My friend is going to leave tomorrow...
  76. So many openings
  77. Frustration
  78. Regretting not coming out earlier
  79. Not sure how to proceed
  80. It's time at 68
  81. Pride Event
  82. 31 and Questioning
  83. Is labeling myself important to others?
  84. empty nest
  85. 31yrs old married and just told my husband I'm gay....
  86. 31yrs old married and just told my husband I'm gay....
  87. 31yrs old married and just told my husband I'm gay....
  88. Coming Out Letter to Parents: Draft
  89. Being Bi (maybe....)
  90. Late in life
  91. What happened to him?
  92. Just came out to my colleague/friend :)
  93. Guilt over ex
  94. gender conformity and personal style
  95. Stop Overanalyzing
  96. Two-Year Committed Relationship - Still Introduced as 'Friend'
  97. Who put us in the closet?
  98. 33 and taking steps to "come out"
  99. Moving?
  100. Sort of came out to my boyfriend (again)
  101. single for 23 years. Is this a record
  102. 30s and still confused
  103. Family problems...
  104. Came Out on Facebook
  105. More emotional
  106. How to meet people when you're not really out?
  107. Olbg
  108. Married woman in love with a lesbian
  109. Definitely not straight...
  110. Stumble trudge trudge...
  111. Ready to take chance, but scared
  112. Feel like its gonna be ok...
  113. In the closet for way too long....need courage
  114. LGBT groups on social media rant
  115. correlations
  116. Teenage-style crushes
  117. Really feel I want to come out to someone
  118. Borderline Personality Disorder
  119. Fantasizing with same gender while having straight sex
  120. Moving Back...Maybe
  121. glad I found this place
  122. Pride Parade Montreal 2015
  123. Should have put out more... ?
  124. She Left Today...
  125. many questions
  126. I realized I am gay
  127. I Need Help
  128. Dying inside and worried
  129. Anyone know how to deal with a fundamentalist family?
  130. We've created a mess, but still want happiness :(
  131. I don't want to be bisexual and I don't want to deal with this.
  132. Positive interactions, events associated with coming to terms with your sexuality
  133. the fem-stud pairing
  134. Emotional night
  135. Relief but guilty
  136. Promiscuous before coming out
  137. I want a husband. Is this normal?
  138. Going to my first gay bar at age 38...
  139. Kinsey Test
  140. Epiphanies after coming out/realising you're LGBT?
  141. Ouch...this hurts
  142. Ugh!... parents :/
  143. Broken hearted
  144. good bye guys
  145. Hey Great Whale
  146. in between semi denial
  147. marriage at almost 40
  148. People not realising you're LGBT even after you've come out?
  149. TV Crush
  150. Thank you
  151. Travelling woes
  152. Doubting... am I a Lesbian, or am I Bi.
  153. My Story...
  154. unaccepting son
  155. I just need to vent
  156. Confused by his actions
  157. Feeling left behind
  158. Almost Hyperventilated
  159. Feeling lonely
  160. 30, introvert and socially awkward
  161. How Does the LGBTQ Community feel about those who Come Out Late?
  162. Am I Doing The Right Thing
  163. Depersonalization
  164. Depersonalization
  165. Are there any adult males 50 or older on this site?
  166. Being labeled too old
  167. What keeps people going?
  168. Following your heart or mind?
  169. Take my time to figure it out? But how...
  170. 31 and out late
  171. Finding comfort zone
  172. Coming Out in person vs by letter
  173. I hate my life
  174. Out later than some, but can I pass?
  175. Right back in a rut again
  176. Sigh. Got some bad news today.
  177. Stares...
  178. Can all mistakes be forgiven?
  179. No more sparks?
  180. How soon do I need to let someone know I'm a newb?
  181. 49 going on 25
  182. Yet another midlife mess
  183. My Car
  184. Coping with Guilt (Rambling)
  185. Your view of being Gay Then and Now
  186. Out...now what?
  187. Are gays accepting?
  188. Confused
  189. Wife wants perpetual empathy
  190. Went to Pride yesterday
  191. Coming Out Passively
  192. what is up with +35
  193. Stay in marriage after coming out or move on?
  194. 33 year old coward
  195. Acclimatization
  196. Grrrr
  197. Same old struggles
  198. New job - and able to be myself
  199. Scary and Sad Day
  200. My coming out trainwreck
  201. The road to acceptance.
  202. look at yourself
  203. I told my boyfriend that I'm questioning
  204. Feeling a little taken advantage of
  205. Going home this week, I am a bit nervous...
  206. every time i poop blood comes out to
  207. Ever want to Runaway?
  208. The thing which is called dating!
  209. Stuck
  210. Wish I could disappear
  211. Came out to hair dresser
  212. Feeling overwhelmed
  213. not doing so great.....need to know i'm not alone
  214. I know Victoria's Secret!
  215. more and more I cant take it
  216. Just broke up with my bf :'(
  217. Just when i thought yeah this is me... I get a curveball
  218. Thinking of telling my boyfriend + utopic fantasies
  219. Emotionally Draining Weekend
  220. How did you start living "out" after repressing everything for years.
  221. Realizing I am a lesbian and getting over a broken heart with a man
  222. newbie here...
  223. My First Meet-Up
  224. Intensely questioning late(r) in life
  225. Club scene not my thing
  226. My friendship is stake...I don't know why we are fighting.
  227. Effects of the closet
  228. the biggest step i have taken!
  229. how do you start off platonic ???
  230. i chickened out of coming out....feeling unauthentic . need support.
  231. Feel like I'm living two lives again.
  232. Need advice on how to go through the process of dating a straight girl.
  233. Should I Just Tell Him How I Feel
  234. lets talk primate behaviour... are we civilized or just acting out behaviour differe
  235. Genderfluidity Question - how to tell grandma
  236. Gay Alter Ego
  237. Questions about being gay vs. bi
  238. Still got one foot in the closet
  239. Can't stop thinking about her
  240. 38 and I should know this by now!
  241. still confused but.. well..
  242. Transgender Coming out and name??
  243. EC is nice but doesn't seem like real world :(
  244. Confused and lost
  245. Went to a Pride event
  246. my life is just point less
  247. Stop 'the world', I need to get off...
  248. When someone cheapens your journey
  249. Another great talk by Ash Beckham - On Duality
  250. Living hell