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  1. Scared of coming out
  2. Self-sabotaging!
  3. First date
  4. Should I wait?
  5. Feeling a little better
  6. Life Alone as Transgender ?
  7. AARP article - dating for gay men 50+
  8. New here
  9. Telling kids: divorce, sexuality, new boyfriend
  10. Bisexual myths hurt
  11. Attracted to selfish guys.... gotta stop it!
  12. Fear being old
  13. Mid 20's, fell for a girl, now life's upside down - can't stop analyzing-- would appr
  14. 25 Years And My Life is Still...Advice, please?
  15. Who do I tell first?
  16. words...
  17. Transgender/orientation confusion
  18. Is a Heteronormative Life after coming out the best idea?
  19. im new. 26. bisexual.
  20. Coming into my own slowly but surely
  21. 40ish Dad Who Doesn't Know How to Be Gay
  22. 25, not out, lost, scared, confused and hesitant
  23. New here, need guidance.
  24. Lonely
  25. Coming out later in life?
  26. Single Divorced Dad Needs Advice
  27. Dealing with regrets
  28. Melancholy
  29. Married to a man, Living as a Lesbian, Possible?
  30. Came out to a co-worker, sort of...
  31. Always knew
  32. I am so glad I made it here (and a story).
  33. hiding your sexuality at work...
  34. Life Worth Living
  35. Scared...
  36. Being in love with or loving someone
  37. Happy!
  38. Okay, let's do this...
  39. How to explain myself to my straight partner?
  40. Just Cant do it
  41. Dating Later
  42. Why pp should not judge gay folks who first got married, etc.
  43. Im in love with a straight woman and i am married
  44. Making progress
  45. too late?
  46. What makes someone gay?
  47. One year ago
  48. Interesting article
  49. Come out or seperate?
  50. Still Confused at 40
  51. Therapy is Rough and Shitty
  52. Young Adult LGBT Meeting
  53. Married and looking for advice
  54. met somebody but he is HIV+...
  55. Just when I thought I was out, she pushes me back in
  56. Oops! Maybe I am not.
  57. Bisexuality, marriage, and kids.
  58. Bisexuality 101 For the Middle Aged
  59. High school reunion
  60. As the end of therapy approaches
  61. Need advice really bad... totally confused I've fallen in love with a girl
  62. A question for gay couples
  63. Is this denial?
  64. Help. Am I unloveable?
  65. Job resumes for the trans community.
  66. Love and Money
  67. Tired of keeping my exH's gay life a secret
  68. My Elder Gay men! How did you do it!
  69. I did it!!
  70. A brave new world... But I feel so ashamed
  71. Help
  72. This might be controversial but...
  73. What made you sure?
  74. A dream or a heartache
  75. Coming out late and still terrified
  76. well i am making some progress
  77. Help wanted please. Confusion with online dating...Need input and new strategy thanks
  78. Gay life sings...
  79. The Biggest Secret
  80. HELP! I can't get myself to make a move..
  81. Trans with young children
  82. not understanding the straight spouse
  83. Deja vu all over again
  84. The fine line crossing into the "Scene"
  85. Political affiliation and the LGBT community
  86. What do I do about my crush?
  87. Ban politics threads in this sub forum?
  88. Sorry for offending post
  89. well, i did it...... and i'm out....
  90. Hey Great Whale, something to look forward too...
  91. Girding my Loins
  92. Afraid of physical intimacy
  93. Support vs. Social
  94. Confused at 37
  95. Any Advice?
  96. Religion
  97. Struggling
  98. Dating Issuses: a Bit of a Rant
  99. I have no idea what is going on.. What do you think about this situation?
  100. Alabama Mess
  101. How could I have not known for 32 years?
  102. Had a Conversation with Wife on Friday
  103. so now I know, cannot come out to parents and expect acceptance
  104. Were your first same sex experiences casual or as part of relationships?
  105. Constantly questioning sexuality. My story. Could use help
  106. Feeling unaccepted in the lesbian world
  107. How did you know?
  108. My brain is a jumbled mess!
  109. My Story
  110. "Sir", "Ma'am", "Miss" and people's names
  111. Dazed and Confused
  112. How do you do it? I might be ready again.
  113. I guess Im finally OLD!!! Sheesh
  114. Advice on supporting my wife and myself
  115. Unsure about going to the LGBT center
  116. gay news
  117. Feel Dumb
  118. Have I accepted my sexuality?
  119. Everyone has their limits.
  120. Maybe off topic here
  121. I know I shouldn't
  122. I should tell my story
  123. Modeling for an Art Class
  124. What is it like living alone after being married?
  125. Did you always know you were gay?
  126. Upcoming Bar Mitzvah
  127. Working through the divorce process.
  128. Need some validation atm. I feel stir crazy.
  129. It's official I married an idiot!
  130. I donīt want to be seen as a coward
  131. How to avoid offending gay friends
  132. Need a break.
  133. Religious
  134. So... I told my wife.
  135. It's over, a new start..
  136. Sexless but Equal
  137. Bringing out the Gay Self while in 12-step recovery
  138. life sucks right now
  139. How do you know for sure?
  140. not ready
  141. Genderfluid later in life.
  142. I forgot!
  143. Not hot
  144. the kids....
  145. A reminder of the freedoms we take for granted.
  146. Do you think about "the one that got away"?
  147. being out, but not really
  148. Just can't get over my ex.
  149. quick question about medications
  150. coming out
  151. Eureka!
  152. memories
  153. Coming out to older parents
  154. I Feel The Music
  155. top surgery risks
  156. The State of My Affairs (or lack thereof)
  157. I just can't handle this.
  158. Dirty Old Man
  159. Life, Love, Work, and Everything
  160. Amazing!
  161. And then depression Hits
  162. do you watch Gay USA news?
  163. Divorced
  164. tiring trying to pretend
  165. How to Struggle (Well)
  166. gay people in romantic relationships with people of the opposite sex
  167. Not sure what to do
  168. continuation of progress at counselor, I'm out...
  169. progress at the counselor
  170. Got a Letter from the Ministry of Justice
  171. Self-Compassion in LGBTQIA+ Individuals
  172. Husband came out to me
  173. I give up
  174. On Marrying the Wrong Person
  175. Mixed Orientation Marriage
  176. What next? Anger has nowhere to go? An anti-climax
  177. Some support and advice please
  178. Willing Blindness
  179. Why do events/holidays not seem special anymore?
  180. Consumed with guilt!!!
  181. American Sniper
  182. Hi, from a stepdad, not confused, but nevertheless in a state of flux; I think?
  183. 1st Anniversary
  184. Moving out, moving on.
  185. late bloomer here
  186. Wife brought up divorce last night...
  187. When did you know you were gay
  188. Ex acting doubtful after coming out.
  189. Married but Seriously Questioning my Sexuality
  190. Life after coming out of the closet...
  191. Next steps after self-acceptance
  192. Therapist sorta dumped me :(
  193. Celibacy.......
  194. Relationship over... and the next one begins?
  195. LGBT aged 65 and over?
  196. Winter blues
  197. hurtful news
  198. want to start a group….i think?
  199. why am I figuring this out so late
  200. Coping with straight people - rant
  201. orgasm - does it feel different as you get older?
  202. overcoming my fears
  203. My week of coming out!!!!!
  204. Why is dating so difficult after coming out
  205. The Danger of Hiding Who You Are
  206. Letting go of a crush
  207. Weekend reading: A Gentleman's Guide to Sex in Prison
  208. Supportive Community...but...
  209. Another one bites the dust - Alabama
  210. "Don't worry, there's someone out there for you"...(a rant)
  211. question for people in straight relationships
  212. out and about
  213. Bisexual half way out - and now I think I'm actually a lesbian
  214. A new Name
  215. I'm sad
  216. I can't stop thinking about her
  217. Is This Normal...
  218. Anyone ever gone back into denial?
  219. rough day
  220. feeling a little lost today....hmm :(
  221. Have you tried out a 'stereotype'?
  222. starting a family
  223. Who "gets" you?
  224. I went from being in the closet to starting a relationship with a dancer
  225. Feeling lost
  226. Done
  227. Homosexuality and "Natural Selection"
  228. In Memorium
  229. married but struggling with sexuality
  230. "It is what it is"
  231. Confusing feelings
  232. Kind of Came Out to My Husband Last Night
  233. What I'm wishing right now...
  234. Emotional waves, triggered memories, coping
  235. I am getting divorced
  236. First LGBT meetup
  237. My Update
  238. Advice on how to respond to my adult kids
  239. Promiscuity?
  240. I'm Not Trying to be Butch.....but
  241. Deciding to Move Forward and Let Go
  242. Send me some good vibes!
  243. Is there something you can DO to fall in love?
  244. What does it mean...
  245. Soon to tell, but there is hope!
  246. black dog
  247. Why Am I So Afraid?
  248. "my husband is not gay" show on TLC
  249. Not out
  250. I really wish I weren't such a loser.