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  1. Told a guy I had feelings for him, now feel like an idiot.
  2. A Moving Conversation
  3. Out Update
  4. Heterosexually Married Gay Men - How to be Supportive?
  5. Almost sure I'm lesbian and need to come out to daughter
  6. Lost and Confused
  7. bi feeling more comfortable with straight side
  8. First date ever... advice?
  9. Progress with the Kids
  10. people?
  11. Anxious
  12. A common concern when coming out to friends?
  13. Coming out to children
  14. Resources for spouses/partners
  15. Update - my story - "coming out" the other side!
  16. Atheism 2.0
  17. I finally did it!
  18. Seeing family for the first time since
  19. Stepping backward
  20. The twirling messages in my head
  21. wish i realized sooner...
  22. Rejected again...
  23. Womyn's Festivals
  24. Finding my true self
  25. Summer and thoughts of love.
  26. sexual desire after coming out
  27. Out to Another...that makes three!
  28. Troubles of an inexperienced bisexual
  29. Why do I need approval
  30. New member here
  31. Well done Ireland proud but also sort of empty
  32. Dating at 57
  33. The Benefits of Wearing Pride Jewelry
  34. I did it!
  35. Dating and relationships later in life
  36. Another Family Session with Kids Therapist
  37. Sad and Lonely
  38. who is in a loving relationship mtf after transition?
  39. Late Bloomers
  40. Another Pearl from Perel
  41. I want to tell him....but how?!
  42. Who am I?
  43. I think I'm lesbian, but in Heterosexual relationship
  44. open discussion
  45. Big Crush On Acupuncturist
  46. Going round in circles
  47. Experiences with living with angry wives
  48. online dating
  49. advice on talking about my sexuality with my parents more openly
  50. Scared, lonely, feeling ridiculous
  51. Hello everyone!
  52. i know patience...
  53. Diabetes - Do you have it? How do you handle it?
  54. Feel Ugly, want to feel beautiful
  55. Dating (no experience of anything)!
  56. Had a setback...
  57. Not sure how to proceed, or if I should?
  58. One year ago sunday...
  59. in 30s & questioning sexuality
  60. Need To Be Patient
  61. A conversation. Help please
  62. Coming out:how to tell wife
  63. Wrong "CV"
  64. Grace and frankie (Netflix exclusive) one for the married later in lifer
  65. Family Therapy with Kids
  66. card for FB?
  67. I Did It !
  68. Starting to Hate Myself
  69. Homosexual men married to a woman.
  70. Disheartening realization...
  71. Lightbulb moment!
  72. I'm so Nervous
  73. married and happy,but need to be able to talk to guys who are bi curious too
  74. Making Friends & Dating in Your 30s
  75. Came out to my wife
  76. I feel lost in my mid 20s
  77. I can't help it...
  78. Looking through old college yearbooks...
  79. Hate not fitting in...
  80. My life doesn't seem real
  81. What if?
  82. Feeling like a f****** wimp
  83. Survey
  84. Fingers Crossed
  85. Tried suicide....failed
  86. So confused re new relationship
  87. Old and in the way?
  88. What's happening to me?
  89. Im 30 and just now realizing Im asexual. What now?
  90. Being Gay and Celibate?
  91. Interesting article from divorced straight spouse of gay man
  92. Romantic road trip
  93. Better Late Than Never?
  94. Separated 35 year old, coming to terms & facing up...
  95. Hi there!
  96. What Kind of Lesbian are You? (Humorous)
  97. Going to meetup groups...
  98. Help
  99. Married and in the closet
  100. Lesbian questioning my gayness
  101. is it legal?
  102. Books on Coming out gay after marriage
  103. I'm confused!
  104. Anniversary is coming and not sure what to say
  105. How did you come out to your parents? Advice?
  106. It's been a very gay weekend
  107. Confused.com.
  108. hey guys, i need your help. 40 and in a crisis of depression
  109. How does it feel to be gay in a straight relationship?
  110. 60 and coming out
  111. Robin Williams' last film to finally be released
  112. Just another set back
  113. I am looking for Ltr
  114. I want her
  115. Saving Money, Retirement, and other scary stuff
  116. When you don't fit easily into one category
  117. Transgender/nonbinary
  118. permission...
  119. More than 1.5 years out and still having a very hard time with having come out
  120. Does anyone else feel damaged by their coming out experience?
  121. New and confused
  122. heartache.. advice needed.
  123. Is it really that hard to live alone?
  124. coming out to wife of 23 yrs.
  125. More than once
  126. I'm 29 and I came out to my girlfriend tonight
  127. Scared of coming out
  128. Self-sabotaging!
  129. First date
  130. Should I wait?
  131. Feeling a little better
  132. Life Alone as Transgender ?
  133. AARP article - dating for gay men 50+
  134. New here
  135. Telling kids: divorce, sexuality, new boyfriend
  136. Bisexual myths hurt
  137. Attracted to selfish guys.... gotta stop it!
  138. Fear being old
  139. Mid 20's, fell for a girl, now life's upside down - can't stop analyzing-- would appr
  140. 25 Years And My Life is Still...Advice, please?
  141. Who do I tell first?
  142. words...
  143. Transgender/orientation confusion
  144. Is a Heteronormative Life after coming out the best idea?
  145. im new. 26. bisexual.
  146. Coming into my own slowly but surely
  147. 40ish Dad Who Doesn't Know How to Be Gay
  148. 25, not out, lost, scared, confused and hesitant
  149. New here, need guidance.
  150. Lonely
  151. Coming out later in life?
  152. Single Divorced Dad Needs Advice
  153. Dealing with regrets
  154. Melancholy
  155. Married to a man, Living as a Lesbian, Possible?
  156. Came out to a co-worker, sort of...
  157. Always knew
  158. I am so glad I made it here (and a story).
  159. hiding your sexuality at work...
  160. Life Worth Living
  161. Scared...
  162. Being in love with or loving someone
  163. Happy!
  164. Okay, let's do this...
  165. How to explain myself to my straight partner?
  166. Just Cant do it
  167. Dating Later
  168. Why pp should not judge gay folks who first got married, etc.
  169. Im in love with a straight woman and i am married
  170. Making progress
  171. too late?
  172. What makes someone gay?
  173. One year ago
  174. Interesting article
  175. Come out or seperate?
  176. Still Confused at 40
  177. Therapy is Rough and Shitty
  178. Young Adult LGBT Meeting
  179. Married and looking for advice
  180. met somebody but he is HIV+...
  181. Just when I thought I was out, she pushes me back in
  182. Oops! Maybe I am not.
  183. Bisexuality, marriage, and kids.
  184. Bisexuality 101 For the Middle Aged
  185. High school reunion
  186. As the end of therapy approaches
  187. Need advice really bad... totally confused I've fallen in love with a girl
  188. A question for gay couples
  189. Is this denial?
  190. Help. Am I unloveable?
  191. Job resumes for the trans community.
  192. Love and Money
  193. Tired of keeping my exH's gay life a secret
  194. My Elder Gay men! How did you do it!
  195. I did it!!
  196. A brave new world... But I feel so ashamed
  197. Help
  198. This might be controversial but...
  199. What made you sure?
  200. A dream or a heartache
  201. Coming out late and still terrified
  202. well i am making some progress
  203. Help wanted please. Confusion with online dating...Need input and new strategy thanks
  204. Gay life sings...
  205. The Biggest Secret
  206. HELP! I can't get myself to make a move..
  207. Trans with young children
  208. not understanding the straight spouse
  209. Deja vu all over again
  210. The fine line crossing into the "Scene"
  211. Political affiliation and the LGBT community
  212. What do I do about my crush?
  213. Ban politics threads in this sub forum?
  214. Sorry for offending post
  215. well, i did it...... and i'm out....
  216. Hey Great Whale, something to look forward too...
  217. Girding my Loins
  218. Afraid of physical intimacy
  219. Support vs. Social
  220. Confused at 37
  221. Any Advice?
  222. Religion
  223. Struggling
  224. Dating Issuses: a Bit of a Rant
  225. I have no idea what is going on.. What do you think about this situation?
  226. Alabama Mess
  227. How could I have not known for 32 years?
  228. Had a Conversation with Wife on Friday
  229. so now I know, cannot come out to parents and expect acceptance
  230. Were your first same sex experiences casual or as part of relationships?
  231. Constantly questioning sexuality. My story. Could use help
  232. Feeling unaccepted in the lesbian world
  233. How did you know?
  234. My brain is a jumbled mess!
  235. My Story
  236. "Sir", "Ma'am", "Miss" and people's names
  237. Dazed and Confused
  238. How do you do it? I might be ready again.
  239. I guess Im finally OLD!!! Sheesh
  240. Advice on supporting my wife and myself
  241. Unsure about going to the LGBT center
  242. gay news
  243. Feel Dumb
  244. Have I accepted my sexuality?
  245. Everyone has their limits.
  246. Maybe off topic here
  247. I know I shouldn't
  248. I should tell my story
  249. Modeling for an Art Class
  250. What is it like living alone after being married?