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  1. I am getting divorced
  2. First LGBT meetup
  3. My Update
  4. Advice on how to respond to my adult kids
  5. Promiscuity?
  6. I'm Not Trying to be Butch.....but
  7. Deciding to Move Forward and Let Go
  8. Send me some good vibes!
  9. Is there something you can DO to fall in love?
  10. What does it mean...
  11. Soon to tell, but there is hope!
  12. black dog
  13. Why Am I So Afraid?
  14. "my husband is not gay" show on TLC
  15. Not out
  16. I really wish I weren't such a loser.
  17. Inner Turmoil
  18. went to my first gay church
  19. My wife outed me to my granddaughter and kicked me out
  20. Forced out prematurely
  21. Breakthrough
  22. This weekend I tell my wife
  23. Pregnant ladies
  24. Please tell me all the good things!
  25. Married, Confused, in Desperate Need of Advice
  26. had my first "real" crush
  27. Finally asked the question I've been wondering about...
  28. What happened after I came out to my kids
  29. Two Years!
  30. My life, my story. (Advice please)
  31. What happens next?
  32. Any 'active' lesbians who came out late? How did you build up a lesbian identity?
  33. I think I'm homoflexible. What's best to do??
  34. What To Do???
  35. Donīt know how open I want to be about being bi...
  36. One Year Anniversary
  37. Has anyone had a relationship with a Narcissist
  38. connecting in gay community
  39. Guarded, shut-down, & social phobias
  40. More Confirmation I'm Lesbian
  41. Is there a such thing as a platonic gay relationship?
  42. Input on a big decision
  43. Relationships later in life - More difficult?
  44. New Year, Some Progress, Still Hurting
  45. Sometimes I think it's just my age getting to me...
  46. Dealing with shame
  47. Anti depressants...coming out...depression
  48. done it!
  49. Being in the closet
  50. Reconciling Love and Desire
  51. the towel is in the ring
  52. Who Lives in Phoenix or the surrounding Area
  53. It's Been A While.
  54. Impossible not knowing who you are?
  55. A new one
  56. What I Wish I Woulda Known..... (2 years later)
  57. Workaholism
  58. Happy 2015!
  59. Could it happen?
  60. how many dates before sex?
  61. Eeeek!!! Homophobic Wife!!!
  62. choices you will regret
  63. Empty Closets - Charitable Donations Now Open!
  64. Can I be Lesbian and Religious?
  65. Out, well just a bit, now what?
  66. dating apps and websites
  67. New Years Resolution.
  68. New Years Resolution.
  69. New and Drowning
  70. Thoughts about moving towards dating
  71. Confused and need to move this forward!
  72. Please help with some guidance, no critism pleasep
  73. Does financial differences mathers in relationships?
  74. 12 months ago since I told the wife
  75. I need your advice!!!!
  76. need some advice. feeling down
  77. The Beauty and Passion of Flamenco
  78. Something I've noticed
  79. Thinking about my father
  80. Dr Who - BBC
  81. Just A Rant
  82. Where does a mature gay man meet younger gay men in the UK?
  83. Holiday Guilt...
  84. Help...I need to talk
  85. A little fear
  86. Tough times for many of us!
  87. suggestion...
  88. emotions...
  89. Reinhold Messner: Badass Mountain Climber
  90. Thanks all of you!!
  91. Needed to Test the Waters so I went to a Strip club
  92. Christmas Day with my ex
  93. How to find a girlfriend?
  94. Just told a friend
  95. There needs to be friend version of *** (example)
  96. Dreading Christmas
  97. online Dating rant/fun
  98. I saw my therapist today
  99. Married Bisexual Woman - NEED ADVICE
  100. Any New Dolly Parton Fans?
  101. Well this is a fine mess I have gotten me into.
  102. Rescuing/Caring for others
  103. Gay and married
  104. In denial or do I really like women?
  105. How long to wait
  106. relate?
  107. Thank you all
  108. Second Adolescence?
  109. The most amazing talk!
  110. How did you behave when you were in the closet?
  111. Becoming bi/gay at 27?
  112. bi parent refinds himself
  113. My wife gave a green light
  114. my ex
  115. Dream about getting married and calling if off
  116. Daughter Acceptance at University
  117. Preparing to move out
  118. I'm 36 and married....why have I only started realizing I'm probably gay now
  119. Let's review, shall we?
  120. I don't know why I can't deal with this.
  121. I'm gay, transgendered, and in a wheelchair
  122. Oh my!
  123. Grandparents
  124. Repressed memories
  125. Coming out to my kids this weekend
  126. very confused. please help.
  127. Happy Hanukkah
  128. How To Wind Down A Marriage?
  129. Hating myself tonight
  130. struggling with life
  131. Married with Children
  132. My coming out story
  133. I have accepted myself!
  134. I did it again, hurt by a straight guy
  135. Beginning of a relationship... (I think)
  136. Hey guys! You now have a reason to look at Playboy
  137. I am THIS close to joining a Buddhist monastery...
  138. life after coming out
  139. I don't think I could ever meet a woman.
  140. Wasted 20 years
  141. Went back into the closet
  142. Is it too late?
  143. my observation
  144. Is this a common experience for women coming out of long hetero marriages?
  145. Accepting who I am and what it means
  146. ambiguous friendship
  147. So that's different
  148. Me and my Colo-Rectal Surgeon
  149. Children of the 60s and beyond...
  150. I'm saying goodbye
  151. 20yearolds?
  152. Out to my therapist .. And??
  153. Why should I repress my feelings,
  154. Scared
  155. Scheduled 1st counseling session
  156. When did you start caring what other people say?
  157. Went Dancing Last Night
  158. Being out at workplace dilemma
  159. mind blown
  160. Crushing guilt
  161. 32, finally wrapped my head around being gay
  162. all the lonely
  163. When do you know?
  164. Bad Wednesday evening...
  165. Coming out
  166. New to this, scared and need help
  167. So confused
  168. Some Coming out Reflections and Realizations
  169. Do you ever feel your life is in "park" mode?
  170. Metrosexual, catholic, urban snowflake
  171. Came out to an old friend
  172. A Truth about Relationships
  173. Still Alone
  174. Still figuring it out...
  175. Contemplating bisexuality
  176. Inexperience and indecision
  177. My worst fear...
  178. Lying about porn.
  179. Thought I was Bi and wonder if I'm not
  180. flow
  181. Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends
  182. Heuristcs
  183. Still Surprised of Your Sexuality?
  184. 27 years old and my experience is pathetic
  185. Trouble accepting
  186. The crash
  187. Breaking up with relatives
  188. out to wife
  189. Ex as Character Disordered
  190. It's done!
  191. Seed planted?
  192. Want to tell my friends but can't
  193. Any advice?
  194. It's Me Again...
  195. dating after 50
  196. Confused. Frustrated. Depressed.
  197. Catholic and gay?
  198. Sad state of affairs
  199. Losing my mind.
  200. casual sex?
  201. My Friendship Puzzle
  202. More evidence of the remarkable times in which we live
  203. Dropping expectations about life might help?
  204. Is that normal or is it only me?
  205. Any Blame for Not Coming Out Earlier?
  206. open letter; Dear Normal Gay Guys
  207. hello friends need opinions please
  208. Friends - Before and After Coming out
  209. Hey there!
  210. Finally got to meet someone like me
  211. told him.....
  212. What the hell is going on?
  213. How to help my big brother?
  214. Curious...
  215. Intense feelings of grief and loss
  216. Thoughts about Nov. 1983...
  217. male gay later in life poll - what age out/questioning?
  218. Needs, needing, needy (:-P)
  219. sex requirement in MOM
  220. Telling my dad that im a lesbian
  221. help!!! suggestions for mental health care?
  222. Good morning!
  223. Still confused...
  224. A funny thing happened at work the other day...
  225. Need Advice
  226. What do you think that I should do
  227. first meeting strategy
  228. Why am I such a coward to come out?
  229. Who Am I?
  230. How do you let people know you're gay?
  231. I'm sure my story is a familiar one but...
  232. what a fine mess I've made
  233. No sympathy for depressive moods/anxiety
  234. How to find local support
  235. Most of you know my story
  236. My bizarre life...
  237. Going Against Type
  238. Sudden transformation
  239. jekyl & hyde
  240. When does it slow down?
  241. for Gay/ Bi guys.....
  242. This level of intimacy.
  243. Married to a man, in love with a woman
  244. The in-laws
  245. Ride the Wave?
  246. Will my kids be bullied?
  247. Our straight partners (ex/soon to be ex)
  248. Talking with heterofriends about same sex attraction
  249. Today's stats: 1 plus point, 1 minus point :P
  250. interesting times.....