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  1. Maybe I'm just old fashioned...
  2. Lesbians who had sex with men?
  3. why?
  4. 60 Married and Queer
  5. Welcome to my insanity
  6. Feeling Lost
  7. where are my opportunities to explore my sexuality safely?
  8. Anyone else feel like a minority in many ways?
  9. weirdness of life...
  10. Hello everyone
  11. Vulnerability
  12. How to accept myself.
  13. What is this...?
  14. What do I tell my 15 y.o.?
  15. She doesn't understand...
  16. Bi guys who like girls!
  17. Relatively older
  18. Aging sexy?
  19. little info on me and a question of what is next?
  20. Its time to give up on this
  21. I think I'm gay, but there's a major issue
  22. Gay support groups for people over 30
  23. Had friends over last night...
  24. I came out to a gay friend today
  25. I can remember as a child...
  26. Freaking out
  27. internet?
  28. Having a hard time...
  29. Strange dream.
  30. Gay Resorts / Guest Houses
  31. Thinking of what could have been..
  32. Father hunger?
  33. An opportunity to explore but it doesn't feel good.
  34. When is it selfish versus happiness?
  35. What's it like?
  36. 25th Year Reunion
  37. Figuring out who I am.
  38. It bothers me...
  39. Tired of fighting, tired of divorce!
  40. Therapist issues
  41. Who'd of thought..
  42. How do you see yourself...
  43. A "Duh" epiphany
  44. This marriage turning to dust maybe
  45. For my trigger crush friends
  46. My Story
  47. Work, Relationship, time for anything else?
  48. another one who fell for a girl
  49. Putting the cart before the horse
  50. Bisexual marriage problems?
  51. therapy now.....
  52. what type am I?
  53. My story.
  54. Darkness
  55. My story (in progess)
  56. A little more about me.
  57. Cocktail Party
  58. How do I know she's gay?!
  59. couldn't tell him
  60. Late Bloomer
  61. One year since coming out
  62. My Silly Ol' Pining Self...
  63. Vicious never ending circle
  64. Bad dreams
  65. When the Lights Came On!
  66. Advice needed on age difference
  67. When does "coming out" actually end?
  68. Fear, confusion, loneliness
  69. Suggestions for Gay & Lesbian Bars/Clubs in NYC?
  70. Financial Implications of Coming Out
  71. How do I move this forward...
  72. I hate myself and feel I will never be happy
  73. Drama Queen?
  74. Because of you...
  75. First Experiences
  76. Are you looking to get married again, this time Gay
  77. Have my first "date" tomorrow!
  78. Wish it was easy to forget...
  79. How do I get out of the "Friend Zone"?
  80. For those who are (were) married..
  81. Hi from a newbie
  82. shaken to the core
  83. How to tell with out destroying her
  84. Why does this happen ?
  85. We are Living in Remarkable Times
  86. In love with best friend. How do I tell my husband - if I do? (long)
  87. guy on guy flirting?
  88. Went on an overnight trip by myself for the first time
  89. Just told my mum!
  90. Forever Alone ?
  91. How do I find out?
  92. I told my son today
  93. overwhelming guilt
  94. How I got here [a very long post]
  95. Would like a girlfriend
  96. So confused...
  97. Self-righteous rescuer?
  98. Want to tell someone.
  99. Coming out and Staying Married in the Deep South
  100. Testosterone Veterans? Any Advice For Someone Starting?
  101. Pacing Myself... (re Coming Out)
  102. Bi And Learning
  103. Impermanence
  104. The curse of denial
  105. Show the love for EC and it's amazing members!!!!
  106. Pandora's Box of Worms
  107. List of Local Groups for Bi-Married and Gay-Married Men
  108. Embracing myself now.
  109. Coming Out in My 30s
  110. I am out. I feel good about it.
  111. Contemplating a big move
  112. What do you see your life in the next years when you're already old aged?
  113. worry about what's next
  114. Personality changes after coming out?
  115. No longer believe in marriage!
  116. "the last of the good girls"
  117. Came out to wife today! WOW
  118. Starting my journey late in life.
  119. Just made two phone calls.....
  120. Virgin no more
  121. I Need a Good Idea for a Date...Suggestions?
  122. average guy?
  123. Thirty and... proud.
  124. This is the hardest thing I've ever done
  125. How did you feel in your hetero relationship?
  126. Getting better
  127. denial oh well
  128. an intense mind expansion and connection with my inner being
  129. Happy New Year...
  130. Told someone I was gay! First time ever!!
  131. Out and fat (my nightmare)
  132. Sleepless in the hills of WV... wanting him
  133. Finally being honest with myself at 40, but now i have to come out to my wife!
  134. new crush falling for me.....
  135. Havent posted for a while....but the time has come to go
  136. I have no idea what to do next
  137. Does everyone's ex wife threaten to take their kids and home and everything away them
  138. wife was supportive but now not so much
  139. Trends and fluidity
  140. Fell in love with a girl
  141. When you give up caring about your Ex...
  142. When you give up caring about your Ex...
  143. wife comes back from vacation
  144. Relationships and Communication
  145. the new crush, in love again!
  146. A minor victory
  147. The Health Benefits of Writing
  148. Went to hospital
  149. Has anyone experienced an identity crisis?
  150. Divorced with kids
  151. Miracle...?
  152. You get to tell me I told you so...
  153. Public sex
  154. Can you discover you've been bi all along? Or maybe even a lesbian?
  155. Know who I am now
  156. Father Ray comes out
  157. Anxiety/depression after latent coming out?
  158. hate myself
  159. My wife discovered and is shattered
  160. i'm bi but what is it too late for me to go back now?
  161. 1 month since coming out to my bf
  162. 'Alone' need not mean, 'lonely'; a realization.
  163. Had a breakdown
  164. Anyone here coming out about gender later in life?
  165. I came out to my mother but not my husband yet
  166. Might have to come out to my husband today - help!!
  167. Can anyone relate?
  168. It's getting better
  169. Wear What You Want!
  170. Came out to my wife last night...
  171. Married and need advice
  172. 1st relationship since coming out
  173. Not so good today
  174. 5000 posts and counting...
  175. Out of the closet ... and then right back in!
  176. Jerk etiquette?
  177. Ex getting married
  178. How do I know if my wife knows?
  179. losing family time after coming out?
  180. I feel lonely
  181. A few questions
  182. Came out to my Ex tonight
  183. Need support
  184. Redesigning a life
  185. My update...
  186. Kids?
  187. Attraction changes as we get older?
  188. Situation escalating-freaking out
  189. Upcoming workshops for gay/bi/questioning men (repost from chit-chat)
  190. Help! Advice please!
  191. "Why Haven't You Got a Boyfriend"?
  192. I'm overwhelmed
  193. So sad
  194. Homophobic friends
  195. How do you know who or what...
  196. What am I doing!
  197. Special announcement: workshops for gay men
  198. Anyone else ever re-come out of the closet?
  199. Leaving today to meet a guy
  200. Lone people are easy targets for bullying.
  201. came out to my wife now what?
  202. More surprises from the wife: what is she up to?
  203. Yoyo's soap opera life update
  204. Awareness of sexuality before marriage
  205. Is 30 too late?
  206. Empty Closet Late in Life
  207. I told him, now alone. Whats the next step?
  208. we should all watch this
  209. Wife doesn't forgive only hates
  210. Married but gay
  211. I need to do this soon!
  212. feel alone. need to share
  213. Feeling insane today
  214. Emotionally in love, but not sexually attracted.
  215. Big eagle - flying high
  216. Not even sure where to begin...
  217. A half-step
  218. He won't accept it
  219. I did it!
  220. On the cusp of coming out
  221. My mom wants to show me a video of someone making fun of a lesbian who came out
  222. Whatever Happened, at Least we Learned
  223. Midlife crisis or end of denial? (sorry, really long :-))
  224. One year ago this weekend....
  225. How to break it to my husband
  226. living a lie?
  227. Struggling with coming out at 45/religion
  228. Shame and guilt
  229. Is my husband gay?
  230. Too much stress
  231. Were it not for social pressure
  232. Married & confused
  233. Took 30yrs to come out then lost everything i owned :-(
  234. open-sexless marriage with straight spouse?
  235. Questioning Everything After Marriage. Everything.
  236. i think i'm too old
  237. So I took my wife to watch Manchester Pride.
  238. Took me long enough
  239. Coming out at 35 in NYC
  240. older is better!!
  241. I am new here
  242. Came to a realization today...
  243. Been MIA for a while
  244. An update
  245. Dealing with chronic illness and sexual intimacy
  246. Just nearly came out to my husband!
  247. Update
  248. Public signs
  249. Support groups
  250. Good Things!