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  1. 11 days without my children. Not sure i can do it.
  2. Confused again
  3. Getting affordable counseling
  4. It's ok to feel my emotions. (BOOOOOOOM)
  5. Drrrunk
  6. Fraud
  7. Relationship w/ children after coming out
  8. Coming out in later life when married questions
  9. Husband is being awful to me!
  10. come out now or not....
  11. Just booked accommodation for going to Pride
  12. questioning myself
  13. Family Events
  14. Question?
  15. Does coming out help with self acceptance?
  16. Went to Pride
  17. I feel so lonely.
  18. Richard Chamberlain: Coming out at 68
  19. So confused and alone
  20. I have come out to one other
  21. How do you pick up on DL?
  22. Seeing through the storm
  23. I accept you, but not me.
  24. How did you...
  25. Checkin' In
  26. Struggles with Intimacy.
  27. Surely not?????? a bit of my story so far.....
  28. How to carry on...
  29. Wish
  30. A Hugh Step part 2
  31. New Here: Posted in other group!
  32. Divorce Papers
  33. 30 and married, but I think I might be a lesbian...
  34. Transitioning at 54?
  35. Meeting immediate Family for the first time since coming out 4 years ago by email
  36. My husband came out to me...
  37. Opinions/advice
  38. Stuck in a rut
  39. Scared of not knowing
  40. Sometimes amazing things happen
  41. I've got it in my head...
  42. Letting Me Go?
  43. Came out to a friend of mine just now
  44. avoiding the issue
  45. Does it feel the same?
  46. I came out to my estranged dad today
  47. Best city to come out in?
  48. Rough Evening
  49. Struggling with homophobia
  50. Thought that I might share this with all
  51. Breakthrough
  52. unsure & looking for support
  53. will I regret doing this?
  54. Feeling like I'm 14 again
  55. Revisiting my past
  56. Well, i took a hugh step
  57. My brave is... small :(
  58. Communities vs. Networks
  59. How Coming Out Once Meant "Coming In"
  60. Well I did it today, I've asked for a divorce
  61. Not feeling much Pride [Venting]
  62. Stonewalled
  63. should i settle?
  64. The hard conversations and pain have begun..
  65. Moments that make you realise - it is time
  66. Trying for the second time
  67. Another "Later in Life" article
  68. Feeling Really Bad
  69. Came Out to Co-Worker and Now Incredibly Anxious
  70. married dilema
  71. Something I thought I'd never ever ever say!!!
  72. Thinking of Moving (starting over)
  73. Seddenly feeling angry and sad at those who condemned my sexuality.
  74. What's with gay relationships...
  75. NE ohio anyone? I need some friends.
  76. Husband wants to engage with my bi side...
  77. dealing with staff you fancy:
  78. Falling for someone significantly younger than you...
  79. curious about lesbians!
  80. Going to World Pride in Toronto
  81. The Arrangement
  82. His left me
  83. coming out to my family doctor....
  84. So much pain..
  85. how to come out to husband
  86. Dealing with who I am through spirituality.
  87. Bi or gay?
  88. What do you think?
  89. Later in life - perceptions of people
  90. new to the forum. . . question inside
  91. Tired of feeling like I don't belong
  92. My weird Saturday – WTF happened? - S.O.S.
  93. Straight behavior out of necessity
  94. College
  95. why does it take some lesbians along time to figure out their lesbian ?
  96. About to take the leap.....
  97. does this mean anything
  98. late bloomer at 40
  99. Utter emotional panic..
  100. Do we bang the drum too loudly....?
  101. Man in the Mirror
  102. Ugh...today
  103. I'm desperate to be me, but life isn't having any of it
  104. These feelings and thoughts are exhausting.
  105. ......
  106. where to go from here
  107. I don;'t know how to act.
  108. wife plays hard ball
  109. Coming out bi to my wife this week
  110. Still trying to work things out!
  111. for gay families
  112. "Dazed" and confused: transitioning at 30 yrs old?
  113. Hugh step, should I take it?
  114. Finding the pieces of me
  115. Another hurdle cleared
  116. New to all of this... at twenty six
  117. Who am I kidding?
  118. Best ways to meet people
  119. genderfluid, but maybe not?
  120. Sexual encounters before and after coming out to my spouse
  121. How to engage someone
  122. 1 foot out 2 steps back in.
  123. Slamming that closet door
  124. She locks herself back in that closet
  125. gay shame. i freakin tired of it. rant!
  126. New Member
  127. Revved up: Richard Coles, a very modern vicar
  128. Gay Dads shunned by kids on Father’s Day
  129. Little gay voice in my head wants out
  130. I went to Pride and...um?
  131. A video worth watching
  132. 'Coming out to the the straight spouse' 12 months and beyond.
  133. My coming out story "My Secret Pain"
  134. I'm the bread winner...
  135. Lonely on Pride week
  136. Taking the plunge!
  137. I think I'm on a Plateau?
  138. Coming out to my kids?
  139. Lost, angry and isolated
  140. The intimate part of my relationship is messing with my head
  141. almost 30 and still grabbing at straws
  142. Defending myself is getting tiring
  143. Signs of sexual ambivalence
  144. Passing
  145. Going to Pride this weekend...kind of.
  146. I feel alone in my life most times
  147. bob hoskins quote
  148. Oscar Wilde Syndrome
  149. Forge meaning. Build identity.
  150. Anyone from Ohio?
  151. dealing with the aftermath of coming out late in life, after marriage and kids
  152. New Found Pride
  153. What was it like for you when you denied yourself?
  154. I don't want to be strong , i want to be vulnerable!!!!!!!
  155. back and forth
  156. Coming Out Conversation.
  157. Prince Charming...
  158. Update on coming out and love
  159. Is this normal behavior for a spouse?
  160. I'm coming out to my nan this week
  161. Good song for the dumpers
  162. Hello, first post and a bit lost
  163. Should I tell him I'm a lesbian?
  164. Married with kids and bisexual.
  165. It's been a while...
  166. Repressed or Not so lesbian maybe?
  167. Told my Mum and had a bad reaction!
  168. Perhaps the time has come to move on...
  169. Can someone bring the Lesbian out of you??
  170. No idea in what to do next
  171. I did it...told my wife I'm gay
  172. The Big Emergence
  173. I am 41 should I come out or let sleeping dogs lie?
  174. recently broke it off with boyfriend, or so i thought?
  175. Still struggling and confused
  176. Asked to Join a Gay Men's Support Group
  177. Do I have the right to celebrate pride?
  178. Books on talking to child about gay parent?
  179. Those who have been in hetero relationships- when did you come out?
  180. A question about therapy...
  181. Decided to End Therapy
  182. So therapy was intense.. I have a better understanding why I stayed hidden now.
  183. Is it over?
  184. Scared of seeing her again!
  185. late 30s and cant handle
  186. intro
  187. Dream about ex-gf
  188. married and confused about being bi or gay
  189. NSBs and other side effects
  190. she's all mine!
  191. Having a low day
  192. so confused
  193. Would you have come out earlier if...
  194. Self-conscience in public with gay guys
  195. What is wrong with me??
  196. Gay or Gay?
  197. Feeling sad and alone
  198. Shame-Inducing Gifts for the Newly Divorced
  199. I am so ready to give up on this
  200. I don't want to associate with straight people anymore
  201. Why can't I just do it?
  202. I was not a Jock, what were you
  203. 3rd str wedding aniversary
  204. Gay, married dad criticized after coming out
  205. I'm really struggling with online dating.
  206. Lesbians who have been with men...
  207. Best Practices to come out at work?
  208. I need to read some happy stories....any ideas?
  209. a bit PO'ed about yesterday...
  210. I don't know what to do
  211. my story, 37 free at last
  212. Advice needed, out of touch with "dating"
  213. Not fully out of the closet what to do?
  214. Just when I thought things were getting more positive.....
  215. Getting bi
  216. 15 yrs. straight, 3 yrs. lesbian, totally messed up.
  217. Prisoners of past decisions
  218. First gay bar/club experience
  219. Why am I upset?
  220. Preparing for the Conversation with the Wife
  221. How are Gay men different?
  222. "Fun" Friday Night
  223. for those who are Questioning things
  224. I think I'm in love but how do you know!?
  225. losing my mind
  226. A numbers game
  227. Is this what adulthood is about?
  228. What to tell him?
  229. Something horrible just happened
  230. Freaking Out Tonight
  231. How much time do we really have to come out?
  232. Still "stuck" in every facet of life
  233. I just came out to my wife as bi
  234. Maybe I should just give up
  235. Lesbians in straight marriages...
  236. Introduction
  237. I have no sex drive at the moment..
  238. Lament...
  239. What a wimp BMC77 is
  240. The fun of being "just friends"
  241. how to stop loathing what I am
  242. Open marriage?
  243. Meredith Baxter Interview
  244. Finally Ended It
  245. Popped my cherry
  246. Did you ever consider coming out?
  247. Divorced lesbians who married men ( or still in relationship?)
  248. Write an email to your future self!!
  249. Coming out at 31: my update
  250. Negotiating the parents - new relationship