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  1. Questioning Everything After Marriage. Everything.
  2. i think i'm too old
  3. So I took my wife to watch Manchester Pride.
  4. Took me long enough
  5. Coming out at 35 in NYC
  6. older is better!!
  7. I am new here
  8. Came to a realization today...
  9. Been MIA for a while
  10. An update
  11. Dealing with chronic illness and sexual intimacy
  12. Just nearly came out to my husband!
  13. Update
  14. Public signs
  15. Support groups
  16. Good Things!
  17. What do you use for hair loss?
  18. Attended my first support group meeting`
  19. let me inside the head of the married closeted gay man!! ?
  20. hey have any of you gone through a social withdrawal period?
  21. Our Story, as Told by Robin Williams
  22. Love in Denial
  23. A Cautionary Note for those gay folks divorced or separated with kids.
  24. Coming out after a straight marriage
  25. Who knew he was gay?
  26. Not finding men my age attractive
  27. I did it! I told my boyfriend!!!
  28. do you think they would mind?
  29. I stood up to my ex homophobic church and told them I will be cutting ties with them
  30. How open are you?
  31. Silverdaddy Lifestyle)
  32. went to my first party in the LGBT community
  33. I never thought I'd say it...
  34. Hi Folks, I have to confess to being a chicken.
  35. today is an UP day
  36. Feeling Down
  37. New rules of communication
  38. First wedding anniversary
  39. Soliciting positive thoughts
  40. Where do I go from here...
  41. My 1 year EC anniversary.
  42. I Came out to My Wife Yesterday
  43. No ‘Labels’ / No ‘Definitions’
  44. BBC Documentary - Parents and Transgender Youth
  45. Time to branch out
  46. Married men you need to watch Masters of sex
  47. Want to leave but scared to go...
  48. I push everyone away
  49. What is it like to be in a real relationship?
  50. New to it all
  51. Newbie
  52. **update** since coming out to my wife
  53. People don't care about my orientation as much as I do!
  54. Family Reunion
  55. Had enough! I'm done!
  56. Thankful for gay friends
  57. Ready to move forward, in a strange place
  58. 20 years late
  59. New start
  60. so you are straight? no way
  61. Could gay men go extinct?
  62. almost let the cat out of the bag.
  63. wanna be with a guy
  64. Do I deserve the bombshells?
  65. Still closeted, less and less happy about it
  66. Back to reality after a week away :-(
  67. Anyone else achingly lonely?
  68. Made a couple friends...
  69. i think i lost a friend today
  70. A bit of Pride today
  71. Well I guess I'm not telling you then...
  72. Once the wife leaves..
  73. Why You Shouldn't Fear Coming Out Later In Life
  74. Been so depressed for so long, what do I do with very good news?
  75. excessive fear of rejection hold me back
  76. I suffer from depression.
  77. Is this unusual?
  78. Late Bloomer Embarrassment?
  79. Setting up a regular “Gay Night Out” within an open relationship.
  80. Tell ya...
  81. Closet damage
  82. Divorced
  83. My one year EC anniversary - a week late!
  84. Being true to ourselves
  85. Married, a different possibility
  86. gay guilt and next steps
  87. Finally went to a gay venue.
  88. Wife forced me to tell the children
  89. Fears
  90. Out vs. Out
  91. Should Have Realized You Were Gay When..
  92. Releasing the 'perfect boy'
  93. How to refer to your love interest whilst in your wife’s presence?
  94. Unusual and awkward, but with good in
  95. An update from last week
  96. Comedy Bang Bang podcast with Todd Glass on coming out later in life
  97. Services?
  98. Exploration?
  99. bizarre question from a married woman
  100. confusion is torturing
  101. Random rambling
  102. Life questions...
  103. Freaked out! (sexuality/gender identity/health issue... 3-in-1)
  104. Going to a gay support group tomorrow
  105. Clue or Red Herring
  106. Emotional Abuse Survivor
  107. Interesting Addition to the Conversation about Being Gay and Married
  108. Saying hi (again) and thank you!
  109. Blog series: on prejudice
  110. Alone
  111. Summer camp for LGBT men
  112. The struggle continues.....
  113. What would you say?
  114. Married, gay and came out to my best friend
  115. Need Advice: Meeting New People
  116. What to do
  117. Building a closet
  118. heading to my first Pride event
  119. Just Reaching Out
  120. Came out to my wife today
  121. Friend possibly Ftm
  122. Not sure how to phrase this!
  123. Seen the doctor today
  124. If I can imagine it does it make it true?
  125. I can't cope anymore
  126. The Last Hurdle
  127. Maybe I'm not straight?
  128. If you were married or in a serious relationship (hetero) when you came out...
  129. Perhaps I should have come out...
  130. May/December
  131. Anyone ever thought they were gay as a kid but later changed their minds about it ?
  132. The plague that pursues me…
  133. Nobody ever asks me about it
  134. i think i might have come out to my mom.
  135. 11 days without my children. Not sure i can do it.
  136. Confused again
  137. Getting affordable counseling
  138. It's ok to feel my emotions. (BOOOOOOOM)
  139. Drrrunk
  140. Fraud
  141. Relationship w/ children after coming out
  142. Coming out in later life when married questions
  143. Husband is being awful to me!
  144. come out now or not....
  145. Just booked accommodation for going to Pride
  146. questioning myself
  147. Family Events
  148. Question?
  149. Does coming out help with self acceptance?
  150. Went to Pride
  151. I feel so lonely.
  152. Richard Chamberlain: Coming out at 68
  153. So confused and alone
  154. I have come out to one other
  155. How do you pick up on DL?
  156. Seeing through the storm
  157. I accept you, but not me.
  158. How did you...
  159. Checkin' In
  160. Struggles with Intimacy.
  161. Surely not?????? a bit of my story so far.....
  162. How to carry on...
  163. Wish
  164. A Hugh Step part 2
  165. New Here: Posted in other group!
  166. Divorce Papers
  167. 30 and married, but I think I might be a lesbian...
  168. Transitioning at 54?
  169. Meeting immediate Family for the first time since coming out 4 years ago by email
  170. My husband came out to me...
  171. Opinions/advice
  172. Stuck in a rut
  173. Scared of not knowing
  174. Sometimes amazing things happen
  175. I've got it in my head...
  176. Letting Me Go?
  177. Came out to a friend of mine just now
  178. avoiding the issue
  179. Does it feel the same?
  180. I came out to my estranged dad today
  181. Best city to come out in?
  182. Rough Evening
  183. Struggling with homophobia
  184. Thought that I might share this with all
  185. Breakthrough
  186. unsure & looking for support
  187. will I regret doing this?
  188. Feeling like I'm 14 again
  189. Revisiting my past
  190. Well, i took a hugh step
  191. My brave is... small :(
  192. Communities vs. Networks
  193. How Coming Out Once Meant "Coming In"
  194. Well I did it today, I've asked for a divorce
  195. Not feeling much Pride [Venting]
  196. Stonewalled
  197. should i settle?
  198. The hard conversations and pain have begun..
  199. Moments that make you realise - it is time
  200. Trying for the second time
  201. Another "Later in Life" article
  202. Feeling Really Bad
  203. Came Out to Co-Worker and Now Incredibly Anxious
  204. married dilema
  205. Something I thought I'd never ever ever say!!!
  206. Thinking of Moving (starting over)
  207. Seddenly feeling angry and sad at those who condemned my sexuality.
  208. What's with gay relationships...
  209. NE ohio anyone? I need some friends.
  210. Husband wants to engage with my bi side...
  211. dealing with staff you fancy:
  212. Falling for someone significantly younger than you...
  213. curious about lesbians!
  214. Going to World Pride in Toronto
  215. The Arrangement
  216. His left me
  217. coming out to my family doctor....
  218. So much pain..
  219. how to come out to husband
  220. Dealing with who I am through spirituality.
  221. Bi or gay?
  222. What do you think?
  223. Later in life - perceptions of people
  224. new to the forum. . . question inside
  225. Tired of feeling like I don't belong
  226. My weird Saturday – WTF happened? - S.O.S.
  227. Straight behavior out of necessity
  228. College
  229. why does it take some lesbians along time to figure out their lesbian ?
  230. About to take the leap.....
  231. does this mean anything
  232. late bloomer at 40
  233. Utter emotional panic..
  234. Do we bang the drum too loudly....?
  235. Man in the Mirror
  236. Ugh...today
  237. I'm desperate to be me, but life isn't having any of it
  238. These feelings and thoughts are exhausting.
  239. ......
  240. where to go from here
  241. I don;'t know how to act.
  242. wife plays hard ball
  243. Coming out bi to my wife this week
  244. Still trying to work things out!
  245. for gay families
  246. "Dazed" and confused: transitioning at 30 yrs old?
  247. Hugh step, should I take it?
  248. Finding the pieces of me
  249. Another hurdle cleared
  250. New to all of this... at twenty six