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  1. Best ways to meet people
  2. genderfluid, but maybe not?
  3. Sexual encounters before and after coming out to my spouse
  4. How to engage someone
  5. 1 foot out 2 steps back in.
  6. Slamming that closet door
  7. She locks herself back in that closet
  8. gay shame. i freakin tired of it. rant!
  9. New Member
  10. Revved up: Richard Coles, a very modern vicar
  11. Gay Dads shunned by kids on Fatherís Day
  12. Little gay voice in my head wants out
  13. I went to Pride and...um?
  14. A video worth watching
  15. 'Coming out to the the straight spouse' 12 months and beyond.
  16. My coming out story "My Secret Pain"
  17. I'm the bread winner...
  18. Lonely on Pride week
  19. Taking the plunge!
  20. I think I'm on a Plateau?
  21. Coming out to my kids?
  22. Lost, angry and isolated
  23. The intimate part of my relationship is messing with my head
  24. almost 30 and still grabbing at straws
  25. Defending myself is getting tiring
  26. Signs of sexual ambivalence
  27. Passing
  28. Going to Pride this weekend...kind of.
  29. I feel alone in my life most times
  30. bob hoskins quote
  31. Oscar Wilde Syndrome
  32. Forge meaning. Build identity.
  33. Anyone from Ohio?
  34. dealing with the aftermath of coming out late in life, after marriage and kids
  35. New Found Pride
  36. What was it like for you when you denied yourself?
  37. I don't want to be strong , i want to be vulnerable!!!!!!!
  38. back and forth
  39. Coming Out Conversation.
  40. Prince Charming...
  41. Update on coming out and love
  42. Is this normal behavior for a spouse?
  43. I'm coming out to my nan this week
  44. Good song for the dumpers
  45. Hello, first post and a bit lost
  46. Should I tell him I'm a lesbian?
  47. Married with kids and bisexual.
  48. It's been a while...
  49. Repressed or Not so lesbian maybe?
  50. Told my Mum and had a bad reaction!
  51. Perhaps the time has come to move on...
  52. Can someone bring the Lesbian out of you??
  53. No idea in what to do next
  54. I did it...told my wife I'm gay
  55. The Big Emergence
  56. I am 41 should I come out or let sleeping dogs lie?
  57. recently broke it off with boyfriend, or so i thought?
  58. Still struggling and confused
  59. Asked to Join a Gay Men's Support Group
  60. Do I have the right to celebrate pride?
  61. Books on talking to child about gay parent?
  62. Those who have been in hetero relationships- when did you come out?
  63. A question about therapy...
  64. Decided to End Therapy
  65. So therapy was intense.. I have a better understanding why I stayed hidden now.
  66. Is it over?
  67. Scared of seeing her again!
  68. late 30s and cant handle
  69. intro
  70. Dream about ex-gf
  71. married and confused about being bi or gay
  72. NSBs and other side effects
  73. she's all mine!
  74. Having a low day
  75. so confused
  76. Would you have come out earlier if...
  77. Self-conscience in public with gay guys
  78. What is wrong with me??
  79. Gay or Gay?
  80. Feeling sad and alone
  81. Shame-Inducing Gifts for the Newly Divorced
  82. I am so ready to give up on this
  83. I don't want to associate with straight people anymore
  84. Why can't I just do it?
  85. I was not a Jock, what were you
  86. 3rd str wedding aniversary
  87. Gay, married dad criticized after coming out
  88. I'm really struggling with online dating.
  89. Lesbians who have been with men...
  90. Best Practices to come out at work?
  91. I need to read some happy stories....any ideas?
  92. a bit PO'ed about yesterday...
  93. I don't know what to do
  94. my story, 37 free at last
  95. Advice needed, out of touch with "dating"
  96. Not fully out of the closet what to do?
  97. Just when I thought things were getting more positive.....
  98. Getting bi
  99. 15 yrs. straight, 3 yrs. lesbian, totally messed up.
  100. Prisoners of past decisions
  101. First gay bar/club experience
  102. Why am I upset?
  103. Preparing for the Conversation with the Wife
  104. How are Gay men different?
  105. "Fun" Friday Night
  106. for those who are Questioning things
  107. I think I'm in love but how do you know!?
  108. losing my mind
  109. A numbers game
  110. Is this what adulthood is about?
  111. What to tell him?
  112. Something horrible just happened
  113. Freaking Out Tonight
  114. How much time do we really have to come out?
  115. Still "stuck" in every facet of life
  116. I just came out to my wife as bi
  117. Maybe I should just give up
  118. Lesbians in straight marriages...
  119. Introduction
  120. I have no sex drive at the moment..
  121. Lament...
  122. What a wimp BMC77 is
  123. The fun of being "just friends"
  124. how to stop loathing what I am
  125. Open marriage?
  126. Meredith Baxter Interview
  127. Finally Ended It
  128. Popped my cherry
  129. Did you ever consider coming out?
  130. Divorced lesbians who married men ( or still in relationship?)
  131. Write an email to your future self!!
  132. Coming out at 31: my update
  133. Negotiating the parents - new relationship
  134. New member -- facing who I am in my 40s
  135. Taking a deep breath
  136. I did it...
  137. Odd bargaining phase?
  138. The Power of Belief
  139. Question for gay "late bloomers"
  140. Requestioning?
  141. Need advise
  142. What to do if I am married with kids and figure out that I'm gay
  143. Personality and age of realization: a nonscientific study
  144. 51% confidence and rising
  145. Angry
  146. I have a college interview today
  147. This video will make your day
  148. Great session with counselor today
  149. Q: A Brief Survey
  150. In need of more courage...
  151. Happy Mother's Day!
  152. Thinking of coming out to my wife this week
  153. A thought re: "body policing"
  154. Just turned 75 - is the best yet to come. . .
  155. Former lurker wants to say his piece
  156. Anyone got depression because of sexulity ? I'm looking for hope.
  157. Asking advice from acquaintances
  158. Adjusting to a new life
  159. The art of not caring
  160. How to deal with change after college :(
  161. almost ready to tell him
  162. He finally opened up.feeling good :)
  163. Becoming camp / outwardly gay
  164. Rough day today
  165. Self worth and being gay
  166. Being someone you are not
  167. Perfectionism
  168. Is he gay?and how do I offer him support?.
  169. No clue until later in adulthood?
  170. Trans* In Adulthood And The Loved Ones In My Life
  171. how do you REALLY know
  172. Words of Wisdom
  173. I want to share something.... (spouse related)
  174. Any hope for my marriage?
  175. Divorced your straight spouse...regrets?
  176. Has anyone divorced from their straight spouse and regretted it?
  177. been abit but im back
  178. Scared and excited
  179. How long does therapy take?
  180. Non-binary genders and parenthood - anyone else with similar experiences?
  181. I came out, but...
  182. Dating sites , are they really meat markets ? your advice please
  183. My introduction, and why I'm considering coming out at 42
  184. Came flying out of the closet!!
  185. My first post - how do I come out to the husband?
  186. My story
  187. Goodbye
  188. Scared to Death...
  189. How do I know if I'm attracted to someone?
  190. Straight talk
  191. All you lurkers out there....
  192. speaking to children
  193. Don't know what to think or do!
  194. Hi everyone
  195. Has your jewlry or clothes outed you?
  196. My story.... for anybody interested
  197. Coming out
  198. Gay: In Retrospect
  199. Entertaining the thoughts of coming out to more people
  200. married woman but realizing more and more i'm either bi or a lesbian
  201. I am scared of dating women
  202. Came out to a friend tonight...feeling good
  203. Super shy waiting for Mr Right to show up!
  204. What is this?
  205. Lying, a fact in relationships
  206. My husband leaves tomorrow and I can't stop crying!
  207. Came out to my son and mom...........
  208. Good Grief
  209. What does it feel like for you??
  210. Devasted
  211. What did I get myself into (to those that have been married)
  212. Trying to find myself again ...
  213. i dont know whats up any more.
  214. 29y/o female in 6yr straight relationship, feeling more 'homoflexible' than bi..
  215. It feels strange to me.
  216. What does this mean?
  217. Can I have a temper tantrum? I don't want to be gay. I just don't.
  218. Gay man facing choices.
  219. Is it best to die a virgin?
  220. a self relivation
  221. What does this all mean???
  222. Very unusual story- am I gay??
  223. Ready to start down this road...
  224. Sexuality confusion. Please help part 2
  225. Do you regret marriage?
  226. Doubts about begining a relationship...
  227. How do you know?
  228. Stuck in Denial,Fear,Or self bargaining?
  229. Officially divorced
  230. Finally some good news...
  231. Coming out to others when I am still figuring out my hetero marriage. Experiences?
  232. Nothing Beats a Gin and Tonic...
  233. Help please. Can I marry a women and be happy ?
  234. Gay couples not able to adopt in their state.
  235. I struggle to gain independence
  236. 'Late to the coming-out Party' people problems
  237. Gay Lifestyle: A Common Thread
  238. Rejection
  239. Being a lipstick girl who is only attracted to other lipstick girls, toughts?
  240. Anyone here that is raising kids with a same sex partner?
  241. children being accepting
  242. The gay "lifestyle"
  243. Intense week...
  244. Hetero sex but lesbian/gay
  245. This no sex is becoming a BIG problem
  246. Date Excitement Thread
  247. Really lost...
  248. Married but crushing on a girl again
  249. coming out to your kids
  250. Feeling confused and alone