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  1. Feeling confused and alone
  2. Emotionally challenged right now!
  3. Where to meet other lesbians? (Wisconsin edition)
  4. This is a rollercoaster but I know I can't get off
  5. Being ourselves
  6. starting a fire by myself
  7. homophobic father
  8. I don't think coming out will make anything better
  9. Question about joining LGBT groups
  10. Happy Passover!
  11. Almost There
  12. Went to my first Coming out group.
  13. My life is falling apart around me...
  14. Putting My Innocence to Death
  15. Not sure i can do this anymore.
  16. Generally feeling good...
  17. Feeling doubt after coming out to a spouse...
  18. More confused than a 13 year old girl
  19. Finally! went and visited a nearby LGBT center
  20. How should I initiate closeness/touch?
  21. The Lost Art of Seduction
  22. Sexual Ambiguity - Long Story
  23. Coming out to elderly parents?
  24. Spouses who already KNEW their spouse was gay, yet reacted poorly to confirmation...
  25. My story....
  26. I'm crushed tonight
  27. Gay and Christian and depressed
  28. Starting anew
  29. Older, but not wiser?
  30. Am I selfish or finally finding me?
  31. What am I doing?
  32. Counselling commences
  33. Trying to find acceptance
  34. Pilgrimage to San Francisco
  35. Remembering Birthdays
  36. Bi-Curious n Scared
  37. Husband insisting on couples' counseling
  38. Time to give up on therapy?
  39. Dating fears
  40. Emotions are running away from me
  41. What Have I Done...
  42. Some good stuff on the right relationship
  43. What's happening to me?
  44. I am self-centered and selfish
  45. Depressive crash
  46. I feel I ruined my life
  47. Dealing with regret about bad decisions :(
  48. I am an emotional train wreck
  49. Small steps to coming out ...
  50. Amazing Teacher
  51. The problem with being bisexual
  52. Secrets, lies and self acceptance
  53. Gay days then questioning myself again.
  54. Noone fancies me
  55. Amen!
  56. My story to date
  57. Finally saw a Counsellor...
  58. Told the children we are separating and they are devastated!
  59. I told the kids.
  60. Knowing vs. Accepting
  61. Who is the real me? Does alcohol really help?
  62. Casual encounter with married man
  63. After all these years, who am I?
  64. I'm gonna miss my wife..
  65. Realizing I am bi
  66. If you are not out does your partner mind?
  67. Trouble with self acceptance
  68. Boyfriend Update
  69. Gay Chicken or Dysfunctional Egg
  70. Coming out update
  71. bereavement
  72. Difficult situation
  73. Need Help/Suggestions and Advice
  74. General advice
  75. I feel so WORTHLESS... =(
  76. Process has begun
  77. Unexpected problem of coming out
  78. The End
  79. Jewish Divorce Today
  80. Advice about coming out to my husband
  81. is sweden safe?
  82. Some Useful Advice
  83. Married, love my wife but it's an impossible lie
  84. Need new therapy goals
  85. Came out to myself at 30
  86. Feel like I don't belong
  87. Family still in love with my ex
  88. Trying it on/first date
  89. My pathetic life
  90. Do all gay guys leave their home town?
  91. Straight Wife Unexpectedly Plays Hard Core
  92. lost my momentum
  93. My boyfriend is afraid to be gay...
  94. "Out" in Public
  95. Skeptics
  96. Collateral relationship damage from the closet?
  97. My wife is livid
  98. Life is Not Fair
  99. Solitude
  100. What is it like?
  101. Boyfriend Update
  102. What if love isn't real?
  103. Lesbian married to a man?
  104. My quest for acceptance..
  105. Living the straight life
  106. Movie?
  107. "Cure me im gay"
  108. starting to feel shame
  109. Through the looking glass I've gone
  110. The quest for self-forgiveness
  111. Breaking up is hard to do
  112. Remembering Joe Rose
  113. Shy and friendless
  114. I'm so so so tired all the time
  115. How did you feel in the closet
  116. Wind Knocked Out of My Sails
  117. Just came out to my 13-year-old
  118. WTH just happened???
  119. Suddenly feeling out of date, out of touch and out of my element
  120. Scared and going through a separation
  121. Soul Searching
  122. When to start divorce?
  123. Gotta be honest
  124. Did she forget...or is that my answer????
  125. 37 and still confused but met a guy...
  126. Newbie on all levels, starved for support.
  127. How I Intend to Tell the Kids
  128. How the closet has changed me
  129. The Storm Raged On
  130. im gay but y do i still hate it
  131. How Can I Move On When I'm Still In Love With Her???
  132. Frustrating soon-to-be-ex
  133. Coming Out to Friends Made During Marriage
  134. Came out to my wife 8yrs ago but she still wants me!
  135. I came out to the ex...finally.
  136. How do I let her go?
  137. I’m sorry. I need to clarify this.
  138. Getting a "Get", or a Jewish Divorce...
  139. I just hit on a brand new friend--and she turned me down!
  140. Personality Test - Interesting result
  141. Bisexuals: did you feel better coming out?
  142. Ugh! I need....
  143. Update....
  144. So what's the next appropriate step?
  145. desperately seeking Cali...
  146. A taste of what's to come.
  147. Chasing "Straight" Girls/ Guys, Thoughts?
  148. First date with old guy
  149. My questioning is becoming a BIG problem.
  150. Just out and lonely
  151. Still gay?
  152. telling the kids
  153. Something about me...
  154. Breakup after 9 years... Now what?
  155. Help - 39 with kids and coming out
  156. Not sure if my boyfriend is gay?
  157. Where is my life?
  158. Anyone experience pity?
  159. LGBTQI support group or a Counsellor.
  160. Sex with an older man
  161. YES it is possible!
  162. looking for friends in south florida..
  163. Why am I making such a mess of everything?
  164. Hug
  165. Yes, I AM a Lesbian!
  166. Advice needed.
  167. Has anyone ever temporarily left a relationship?
  168. I started therapy today
  169. A Photo History of Male Affection
  170. Is he straight or on the DL?
  171. A positive tale
  172. Coming out in my twenties - embarrassments
  173. I had this powerful dream...
  174. I met an older guy
  175. Nervous About Coffee on Wednesday
  176. Advice? Come out.
  177. And so the plane crashed...
  178. Making Excuses
  179. Where am I going?
  180. Who am i?
  181. Need advice support:My Future/Single/Marriage of Convenience?
  182. Am I too old
  183. Orchestrate?
  184. Moving day
  185. I think my parents have worked it out.
  186. Making a mountain out of a molehill
  187. hey everyone
  188. Moved out, tell parents soon...
  189. Feeling like I've stalled
  190. A year later...
  191. Gay. Conservative. Asian. Sort of a frigid?
  192. I think my ex-wife is a pod-person!
  193. I was correct...
  194. Wife is suspsious
  195. Accepting losses in coming out
  196. New to this
  197. there are going to be questions
  198. 31, married 12 years, 3 kids... Gay.
  199. Worrying about parent's health
  200. A cheating bisexual. My fear
  201. Shame?
  202. "Came Out" to One More Person...My Sister!!!
  203. transgender determination help needed
  204. Can't sleep
  205. Love my husband, but...
  206. A Meeting With the Rabbi
  207. The Word "Love"
  208. gay later in life....acting out. HELPPPPP
  209. So, feeling sad...
  210. Finally..."came out" to one person!!!!
  211. So a development...
  212. Feeling low
  213. Feeding my closet with guilt.
  214. Feeling like my own prisoner
  215. Do we think in twenty years time, their will be later in life folk?
  216. Let's talk trust...
  217. How did you know for sure?
  218. Tell me it's gonna be ok...
  219. Even when the heart hurts...
  220. I don't feel any closer…
  221. Where do I belong
  222. does music move you?
  223. Balance?
  224. Looking for more activity
  225. I think I have finally Arrived...
  226. Writings from a weary mind......
  227. Selecting a Therapist
  228. Afraid of the unknown
  229. I now cry at the movies..
  230. We have a deal: Divorce this afternoon!
  231. Today's lesson...
  232. Not ready yet?!
  233. The decades-old facade is crumbling...
  234. This is my story...
  235. How did you know???
  236. Closeted guy meets closeted guy?
  237. Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man
  238. Socializing
  239. How do I know if I'm in the closet or just really confused?
  240. I'm Out! - Wife now accepted me as Gay, not Bi
  241. Update and Thoughts
  242. "Never thought she was anything but straight"
  243. Resources for gay men...
  244. I love who I am. I am bisexual.
  245. This Is Me - wiht bad spetting..
  246. "Out Late" Documentary
  247. It was what it was.
  248. Valentine's Day redux
  249. Gay networked families
  250. Ex leaving area...now