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  1. Newbie on all levels, starved for support.
  2. How I Intend to Tell the Kids
  3. How the closet has changed me
  4. The Storm Raged On
  5. im gay but y do i still hate it
  6. How Can I Move On When I'm Still In Love With Her???
  7. Frustrating soon-to-be-ex
  8. Coming Out to Friends Made During Marriage
  9. Came out to my wife 8yrs ago but she still wants me!
  10. I came out to the ex...finally.
  11. How do I let her go?
  12. I’m sorry. I need to clarify this.
  13. Getting a "Get", or a Jewish Divorce...
  14. I just hit on a brand new friend--and she turned me down!
  15. Personality Test - Interesting result
  16. Bisexuals: did you feel better coming out?
  17. Ugh! I need....
  18. Update....
  19. So what's the next appropriate step?
  20. desperately seeking Cali...
  21. A taste of what's to come.
  22. Chasing "Straight" Girls/ Guys, Thoughts?
  23. First date with old guy
  24. My questioning is becoming a BIG problem.
  25. Just out and lonely
  26. Still gay?
  27. telling the kids
  28. Something about me...
  29. Breakup after 9 years... Now what?
  30. Help - 39 with kids and coming out
  31. Not sure if my boyfriend is gay?
  32. Where is my life?
  33. Anyone experience pity?
  34. LGBTQI support group or a Counsellor.
  35. Sex with an older man
  36. YES it is possible!
  37. looking for friends in south florida..
  38. Why am I making such a mess of everything?
  39. Hug
  40. Yes, I AM a Lesbian!
  41. Advice needed.
  42. Has anyone ever temporarily left a relationship?
  43. I started therapy today
  44. A Photo History of Male Affection
  45. Is he straight or on the DL?
  46. A positive tale
  47. Coming out in my twenties - embarrassments
  48. I had this powerful dream...
  49. I met an older guy
  50. Nervous About Coffee on Wednesday
  51. Advice? Come out.
  52. And so the plane crashed...
  53. Making Excuses
  54. Where am I going?
  55. Who am i?
  56. Need advice support:My Future/Single/Marriage of Convenience?
  57. Am I too old
  58. Orchestrate?
  59. Moving day
  60. I think my parents have worked it out.
  61. Making a mountain out of a molehill
  62. hey everyone
  63. Moved out, tell parents soon...
  64. Feeling like I've stalled
  65. A year later...
  66. Gay. Conservative. Asian. Sort of a frigid?
  67. I think my ex-wife is a pod-person!
  68. I was correct...
  69. Wife is suspsious
  70. Accepting losses in coming out
  71. New to this
  72. there are going to be questions
  73. 31, married 12 years, 3 kids... Gay.
  74. Worrying about parent's health
  75. A cheating bisexual. My fear
  76. Shame?
  77. "Came Out" to One More Person...My Sister!!!
  78. transgender determination help needed
  79. Can't sleep
  80. Love my husband, but...
  81. A Meeting With the Rabbi
  82. The Word "Love"
  83. gay later in life....acting out. HELPPPPP
  84. So, feeling sad...
  85. Finally..."came out" to one person!!!!
  86. So a development...
  87. Feeling low
  88. Feeding my closet with guilt.
  89. Feeling like my own prisoner
  90. Do we think in twenty years time, their will be later in life folk?
  91. Let's talk trust...
  92. How did you know for sure?
  93. Tell me it's gonna be ok...
  94. Even when the heart hurts...
  95. I don't feel any closer…
  96. Where do I belong
  97. does music move you?
  98. Balance?
  99. Looking for more activity
  100. I think I have finally Arrived...
  101. Writings from a weary mind......
  102. Selecting a Therapist
  103. Afraid of the unknown
  104. I now cry at the movies..
  105. We have a deal: Divorce this afternoon!
  106. Today's lesson...
  107. Not ready yet?!
  108. The decades-old facade is crumbling...
  109. This is my story...
  110. How did you know???
  111. Closeted guy meets closeted guy?
  112. Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man
  113. Socializing
  114. How do I know if I'm in the closet or just really confused?
  115. I'm Out! - Wife now accepted me as Gay, not Bi
  116. Update and Thoughts
  117. "Never thought she was anything but straight"
  118. Resources for gay men...
  119. I love who I am. I am bisexual.
  120. This Is Me - wiht bad spetting..
  121. "Out Late" Documentary
  122. It was what it was.
  123. Valentine's Day redux
  124. Gay networked families
  125. Ex leaving area...now
  126. The Subtle (or not so subtle) Self-Hating
  127. Bad week.. bad month.. bad year
  128. Hope vs. false hope?
  129. I feel ridiculous.
  130. Im a bi and i have married gf. Im confused. Need advice.
  131. Unfettered
  132. Openly Gay Man Dating/Relationship Advice with an individual LGBT Later in Life
  133. Confused and As Afraid As I Ever Could Be!!!
  134. Newbie here. Wanted to say hello and get some advice.
  135. Which way to go
  136. Coming out to my mother again?
  137. Converting closets to cabanas...
  138. Sexual feelings
  139. To tell before or after?
  140. Physical and mental health... And Ellen Page
  141. confused
  142. ready to take that first step
  143. Feeling so sad!
  144. valentines
  145. when is a date not a date....
  146. Will you be my polygamous valentine?
  147. In Pain--Need Support
  148. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
  149. Invited over to this forum
  150. So later in life right?..
  151. Im sorry to disappoint you guys
  152. Writers... Holy Cr@p!!!
  153. Coming out later in life
  154. feeling like shit
  155. I don't wanna let go of my wife...
  156. Anniversary
  157. So I've now met two guys..
  158. I need to vent a little.
  159. People Pleasers...?
  160. I need some like minded people in my life
  161. Hheellpp!!!!
  162. refusing someone and later regretting it
  163. An emotional evening
  164. Upcoming Conversation
  165. Another dip on the roller coaster ride
  166. Joe Kort works with mixed orientation couple
  167. Wisconson & Scotland
  168. Should I tell my sister...
  169. Does it get better and if so when?
  170. How do i do it?
  171. The BIG Married and Gay thread..
  172. Hey guys, met my man friend again last night...
  173. Hey guys, met my man friend again last night...
  174. Opportunity
  175. how do I get past feeling selfish?
  176. [ Mood update: Angry ]
  177. bi mature need help
  178. How do I get over feeling like an idiot for coming out to myself so late?
  179. Moving out
  180. Confused
  181. How much information?
  182. Lap dancing club
  183. Really Sh---ty Day
  184. Hunted
  185. Social Reality vs Politically Correct
  186. So, I told my husband tonight
  187. The process of coming out to a young child
  188. Why I am here.
  189. Thank you everyone
  190. My so-called "gay" and "straight" traits
  191. What a roller coaster
  192. Anxious feelings about intimacy?
  193. Miserable at Home and at Work
  194. Real-life logistics of coming out in marriage with kids...
  195. Still struggling
  196. Real life friend questioning?
  197. I think I need some sense talked into me
  198. I need to come out to friends
  199. A little food for thought for us Later in Life folks...
  200. Feelings come and go.
  201. Confused!? HOCD? Tearing me appart?
  202. The emotional stages?
  203. At what point comes self-acceptance?
  204. Confused
  205. new here
  206. I'm distancing myself from my family
  207. What was I thinking...II
  208. Married, but gay :(
  209. How to come out to my fiance.
  210. Valentine's Day
  211. What was I thinking...
  212. How to know for sure without testing the waters...
  213. Could this just be a phase?
  214. Later in life Trans question
  215. When did u know?
  216. Do you find yourself more at ease in the world?
  217. Anybody in the UK?
  218. I can't cope
  219. How do I explore?
  220. My biggest fear...
  221. help
  222. Am I being careless?
  223. How long does horrible last?
  224. So I need to weird check
  225. Making a new life
  226. I am angry and hurt....
  227. How did you ever get over self-loathing?
  228. So after going therapy with my wife...
  229. Want to feel something? Click here.
  230. I feel like..
  231. I don't know how to cope
  232. I hate whoever I am / becoming....
  233. Just discovered my suppressed side
  234. Letting yourself feel
  235. What if it doesn't "get better"
  236. Honestly
  237. Alone
  238. emotional connection to women
  239. Help! Out on the ledge now...
  240. Crushes/Dating in your 40's
  241. So...Love
  242. This is what got me to start my process of coming out...
  243. Scared of being alone...
  244. Seeing an Old Friend
  245. Totally Out & Officially Divorced....
  246. Married (long-term) but not out
  247. What if I make a mistake?
  248. depressed and lonely
  249. What's a bear to do?!?
  250. Tipping Point? A question to Bi's and people who used to call themselves "Bi"