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  1. ready to take that first step
  2. Feeling so sad!
  3. valentines
  4. when is a date not a date....
  5. Will you be my polygamous valentine?
  6. In Pain--Need Support
  7. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
  8. Invited over to this forum
  9. So later in life right?..
  10. Im sorry to disappoint you guys
  11. Writers... Holy Cr@p!!!
  12. Coming out later in life
  13. feeling like shit
  14. I don't wanna let go of my wife...
  15. Anniversary
  16. So I've now met two guys..
  17. I need to vent a little.
  18. People Pleasers...?
  19. I need some like minded people in my life
  20. Hheellpp!!!!
  21. refusing someone and later regretting it
  22. An emotional evening
  23. Upcoming Conversation
  24. Another dip on the roller coaster ride
  25. Joe Kort works with mixed orientation couple
  26. Wisconson & Scotland
  27. Should I tell my sister...
  28. Does it get better and if so when?
  29. How do i do it?
  30. The BIG Married and Gay thread..
  31. Hey guys, met my man friend again last night...
  32. Hey guys, met my man friend again last night...
  33. Opportunity
  34. how do I get past feeling selfish?
  35. [ Mood update: Angry ]
  36. bi mature need help
  37. How do I get over feeling like an idiot for coming out to myself so late?
  38. Moving out
  39. Confused
  40. How much information?
  41. Lap dancing club
  42. Really Sh---ty Day
  43. Hunted
  44. Social Reality vs Politically Correct
  45. So, I told my husband tonight
  46. The process of coming out to a young child
  47. Why I am here.
  48. Thank you everyone
  49. My so-called "gay" and "straight" traits
  50. What a roller coaster
  51. Anxious feelings about intimacy?
  52. Miserable at Home and at Work
  53. Real-life logistics of coming out in marriage with kids...
  54. Still struggling
  55. Real life friend questioning?
  56. I think I need some sense talked into me
  57. I need to come out to friends
  58. A little food for thought for us Later in Life folks...
  59. Feelings come and go.
  60. Confused!? HOCD? Tearing me appart?
  61. The emotional stages?
  62. At what point comes self-acceptance?
  63. Confused
  64. new here
  65. I'm distancing myself from my family
  66. What was I thinking...II
  67. Married, but gay :(
  68. How to come out to my fiance.
  69. Valentine's Day
  70. What was I thinking...
  71. How to know for sure without testing the waters...
  72. Could this just be a phase?
  73. Later in life Trans question
  74. When did u know?
  75. Do you find yourself more at ease in the world?
  76. Anybody in the UK?
  77. I can't cope
  78. How do I explore?
  79. My biggest fear...
  80. help
  81. Am I being careless?
  82. How long does horrible last?
  83. So I need to weird check
  84. Making a new life
  85. I am angry and hurt....
  86. How did you ever get over self-loathing?
  87. So after going therapy with my wife...
  88. Want to feel something? Click here.
  89. I feel like..
  90. I don't know how to cope
  91. I hate whoever I am / becoming....
  92. Just discovered my suppressed side
  93. Letting yourself feel
  94. What if it doesn't "get better"
  95. Honestly
  96. Alone
  97. emotional connection to women
  98. Help! Out on the ledge now...
  99. Crushes/Dating in your 40's
  100. So...Love
  101. This is what got me to start my process of coming out...
  102. Scared of being alone...
  103. Seeing an Old Friend
  104. Totally Out & Officially Divorced....
  105. Married (long-term) but not out
  106. What if I make a mistake?
  107. depressed and lonely
  108. What's a bear to do?!?
  109. Tipping Point? A question to Bi's and people who used to call themselves "Bi"
  110. How to make it easier for my wife?
  111. so yea...this excitement thing
  112. what the f#?@ is wrong with me?!
  113. My husband isn't coping
  114. how meet other men when you're older
  115. Act
  116. Coming out at 32.
  117. Am I Too Late?
  118. Are we talking PTSD?
  119. will anyone talk to me in this section?
  120. What can I do to give him courage to come out?
  121. Age?
  122. I've never been so scared in my life...
  123. Starting Over & "Living Out"
  124. Schlub!
  125. anyone been outed at work?
  126. In need of wisdom
  127. Any advice?
  128. Rant - (sorry)
  129. Being honest with myself
  130. Confused about what I want now.
  131. Gay Bar - Freaked me out!
  132. Study: Out of the Closet and Into the Trenches: Gay Male Baby Boomers, Aging, and HIV
  133. I'm having a really hard time being a good mom
  134. Bromance with Married 40 Year Old - Is he trying to come out?
  135. STI's
  136. Scared and sad
  137. Dating with Rudimentary Gaydar
  138. Selfish?
  139. Planning on outing to my wife soon.
  140. How long is too long ?
  141. A wife of gay man asking a question
  142. Am I being selfish?
  143. Over 40 / never married - out?
  144. The adventure continues
  145. A Song for All of Us!
  146. Surprised by gay married numbers
  147. life in australia
  148. So I'm putting myself out and I'm getting attention from guys...(am I straight?)
  149. The Band-Aid Got Ripped Off Today
  150. Relations with wife and kids - experiences?
  151. Married Advice 101
  152. Over 40 -married - issue
  153. Sex - so yeah, I don't know how :(
  154. And....I'm back
  155. Sharing my Exitement!
  156. Is my boyfriend Gay? So confused HELP!,
  157. How do Gay guys and girls manage to get into a heterosexual marriage and family?
  158. Soon-to-be-Ex wanted to meet...
  159. Do you think I am gay?
  160. I saw a lesbian dream AGAIN! >o<
  161. Happy new year?
  162. Can we Talk?
  163. Question for gay men married to woman, now out or coming out
  164. I came out to my wife yesterday
  165. Confused? Angry and Disappointed!? Rant!!
  166. stuck, lonely feeling
  167. Settling, bad idea?
  168. So, I never told my wife, but told a girlfriend..
  169. Confused...mixed signals...how do I tell her??
  170. The contridiction which is my wife
  171. Had a Little Bit O' Fun
  172. The 75-Year Study That Found The Secrets To A Fulfilling Life
  173. Later in life types - how did you dodge the bullet? (Job related)
  174. So I told my wife I didn't want to be with her
  175. Finding my Christmas Spirit...
  176. Regret coming out late in life
  177. Looking for people to chat with!
  178. Confused about orientation still!
  179. So many years and still not comfortable
  180. My last Christmas with wife and children together
  181. Where do I go from here?
  182. Am I a lesbian? Or just consfused be amazing sex?
  183. taking more baby steps
  184. Donít Ever Wipe Tears without Gloves
  185. My husband is really struggling
  186. Taking gay relationship public after straight life
  187. Career glass ceiling for gays?
  188. My Wake-Up Moment
  189. really struggling with future
  190. How many American men are gay?
  191. ;-) year 1 of out, more firsts
  192. Happy Anniversary: The Last One
  193. Lesbian, but cheated on by husband - very confused!
  194. Hi
  195. I used to be so certain - now doubts creep in
  196. Bi M married to str8 F
  197. An Apology to my EC Friends
  198. This is a strange feeling
  199. It has been a bad couple of days.
  200. Dating Sites
  201. Really feel defeated
  202. Gay Dating after Marraige
  203. bisexuals in opposite-gender relationships...
  204. I'm sorry that I love you.
  205. encouraging signs
  206. Late onset transsexualism/homosexuality
  207. Chely Wright - Like Me
  208. Gay X-Mas Parties
  209. MTF & Wife, Seeking Advice
  210. Support hearing today
  211. Question for gay couples
  212. coming out and now want to run back in
  213. Sexual compatibility
  214. A Great Week!!!
  215. Talking to the kids...
  216. I've been away for a while....
  217. Wish me luck
  218. Things are never what they seem
  219. living arrangements with ex?
  220. Terrified...
  221. Teens and older guys
  222. So I built this plant-stand
  223. Has anyone regretted coming out to the wife?
  224. My Last Secret
  225. i really do need an advice....
  226. My 2 biigest concerns
  227. I need your input....
  228. hey guys need your help. i feel awful
  229. Feeling Much Better After Telling Ex Iím Gay
  230. Is It Possible
  231. A thought on something niceÖ
  232. Out of Darkness
  233. Something good
  234. Just so lost....
  235. What to do.....
  236. Met Someone
  237. What is wrong with me?! :(
  238. One of lifes missed opportunities
  239. If you married the opposite sex
  240. Came Out to My Ex-Wife This Morning
  241. So glad to be here
  242. Is this all there is
  243. Have any of you conceived via sperm donor?
  244. Parenting Equality
  245. On the Move
  246. Turkey Day!!
  247. A Blessing for my Therapist
  248. Still stuck being single
  249. My Story
  250. I still want to be the "good" child! *trigger warning*