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  1. Have any of you conceived via sperm donor?
  2. Parenting Equality
  3. On the Move
  4. Turkey Day!!
  5. A Blessing for my Therapist
  6. Still stuck being single
  7. My Story
  8. I still want to be the "good" child! *trigger warning*
  9. Living in a fishbowl
  10. Trouble dating...
  11. My Ex Died This Morning
  12. Touching
  13. he hugged me in church...later in life
  14. It just so happens...
  15. Surviving the holidays
  16. Came out to my Girlfriend as Gay tonight
  17. Starting Afresh... Is it too soon to date?
  18. Starting a new life - my story
  19. Being bullied for having a gay parent
  20. Moving
  21. Went to daughter's P-T interview yesterday
  22. Parents and grandparents
  23. Soccer
  24. Should I risk it?
  25. Sorry Guys
  26. Thousands of pictures
  27. Tired of Bad Days.
  28. My "crazy" years before coming out
  29. How did your wife react?
  30. my first outing
  31. Why??
  32. Vandalized
  33. my blog that I want all to see
  34. Inspiring gay couples
  35. need to do a lot of work here
  36. Presentation
  37. Resolution
  38. breath
  39. Baby Steps Out of the Closet
  40. A gay life after marriage... My fork in the road
  41. Should I just give up
  42. Was it all for ego?
  43. How do I figure this out for sure?
  44. Closure w/homophobic dying parent
  45. Adaptation
  46. Therapist questions
  47. At Peace
  48. Because of his Job
  49. Regretting all the lost time
  50. Great progress!!
  51. "Yeah, right" ... I'm sure you've had that reaction to ...
  52. My son, the drummer!
  53. What would you say?
  54. Wishing I could keep it buried
  55. Parents, the worst part of being a teacher.
  56. Hello Again!
  57. Greetings & what now?
  58. In love with my straight married co-worker
  59. A Tacky Goodbye
  60. Sartorial Emancipation
  61. Confronting My Anger
  62. What do you do for a living and how did you get where you are today?
  63. Bad Habits
  64. I bought a tank top today
  65. I need psychiatric help
  66. Coming out to wife in a small town, is it possible without much damage?
  67. Sent a Message to the STBX
  68. Do you blame your parents?
  69. Wife bought me my 1st dress
  70. Now, here I am...
  71. What A Week to End it All
  72. Hello all
  73. Awkward day ahead....
  74. Guilt, regret, shame - how does one get over it?
  75. Question for those who discovered their orientation later in life
  76. Still afraid of hurting someone i care about
  77. Not what I expected...
  78. What Can I Give to a Dying Person?
  79. trying to get psyched up
  80. Mixed emotions
  81. Date ideas?
  82. Coming out to friends while in a hetero relationship
  83. To older OPENLY LGBT members:
  84. Am I a lesbian? And what should I do about my marriage?
  85. Wife told me off for NOT going to a gay bar!
  86. Healing my feminine side
  87. Police.
  88. Living a powerful life
  89. Being a Mentor, etc...
  90. People see me as butch even when I'm dressed femme. Why can't I be pretty?
  91. Why can't the monkeys just stop jumping around in my brain already..
  92. Dodging Lightening Bolts
  93. I have finally told him!
  94. traveling back north with less baggage
  95. Thank you EC
  96. Dating problems - Very unhappy
  97. Divorce is final...
  98. question about later in life besexuality
  99. Honesty begets fear...
  100. I disappeared for a little bit.
  101. Volunteering for a Gay Hotline
  102. Two weeks since coming out to my wife
  103. Lost Cause?
  104. praying for a gay mate? is that even possible?
  105. Yikes
  106. Internet dating - bit scared
  107. Confused - what next?
  108. In D.C. this week, meeting someone there
  109. I'm scared and shy
  110. Moved Out Today
  111. I need an online therapist
  112. So attracted to my married co-worker
  113. Sitting with the hurt tonight
  114. "Work crush" becoming much more
  115. A Tin Whistle
  116. Foam.
  117. The Reinvention Process
  118. I'd like be out.
  119. Name change question for women
  120. Who am I?
  121. Feelin trapped
  122. Moving Pieces
  123. Lost
  124. Such a sweet story :)
  125. Wanting sex for the first time
  126. A poem for all of us....
  127. Cat is out of the bag
  128. Struggling.
  129. Major shift
  130. Frozen.
  131. Gender Identity Female--Would Love Your Input
  132. mom first?
  133. Next step to becoming a member of the gay community
  134. Is it inevitable that this will end?
  135. Gay/lesbian porn
  136. Crush on an older woman
  137. took a new step
  138. I came out to my parents this weekend
  139. Realized something quite disturbing...
  140. Struggling to see way ahead after coming out to wife
  141. Fun day ahead (not)
  142. This Sucks
  143. a confession
  144. Apple.
  145. Bad night
  146. Tough times after coming out to my wife
  147. First steps on gay life - Already some frustrations
  148. why am I acting like this?
  149. Checked out a dating service
  150. Light bulb moment - Girlfriends
  151. He really likes me...I'm not so sure I like him so much
  152. Religion and Homosexuality
  153. Life After Divorce?
  154. What makes denial so powerful? Why is it so painful living in the closet?
  155. Having a Voice
  156. Married and bi: can it work long term?
  157. Great short video I've just watched...
  158. Relationship with spouse (after coming out)
  159. Need a little advice
  160. Hallway.
  161. at a loss of what to do!
  162. there are good things here too
  163. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  164. Love and Possession
  165. Really annoyed at me
  166. Depression & Despair
  167. Miserably scared to take the risk
  168. "My Turn" by Rachel
  169. Guts.
  170. Loving Life
  171. I am feeling like I am in purgatory
  172. Did anyone not even know they were gay until young adulthood?
  173. 37 and can't accept this....please help
  174. happy thanks giving
  175. The Good Stuff
  176. Noob.
  177. the great gay scapegoat (an epic rant)
  178. I came out to my wife today
  179. I have the most confusing sexuality ever =(
  180. LGBT Parenting
  181. Gay, Married and Stumped
  182. Family cat died
  183. Depressed
  184. Have a great weekend and here's to us!!
  185. Gay Escorts and/or "Sugar Babies" in Later Life
  186. sorry for lurking
  187. How do I ?
  188. The gay "me"
  189. Oh dear...
  190. The issue of labels.
  191. *roblems ahoy!
  192. If only life had DVR
  193. How do I know if she is interested?
  194. Slightly confused
  195. Blasts from the past?
  196. opening up
  197. Sexual self esteem (over 18 topic)
  198. So Thankful for this Thread...
  199. Help Me Please
  200. Back to my therapist search
  201. Advise please?
  202. I need someone to talk to
  203. Thank you!
  204. Do husband and son suspect?
  205. Need help with a question
  206. Am I really transgender? I know I'm genderfluid, is it a bad thing that I want to tra
  207. Gay and married
  208. Anyone Dealing w/US Shutdown? Directly or Indirectly?
  209. Overwhelming anxiety about coming out to parents
  210. I came out to my Girlfriend tonight
  211. Looking
  212. Freedom & Flannel
  213. I want to punch my brother
  214. Don't understand why I feel like this
  215. Big dilemma
  216. Worried about the weekend!
  217. Need advice for 1st date
  218. Don't Be Like Me
  219. Decided not to have a trial
  220. About me
  221. Looking back for clues...
  222. can't seem to mail the letter
  223. I'm in a bad place
  224. celebrity crushes
  225. Questioning sexuality & depression
  226. finally found song about married gay guy i was looking for wanted to share
  227. mid twenties and unsure.
  228. Dating age range
  229. Is happiness really ever possible
  230. Why are we gay?
  231. First "Out"ing, total fail
  232. Is this just a pipe dream?
  233. How old is 'later in life'?
  234. How has coming out made your life better/worse?
  235. Coming out, before sexually testing the waters...
  236. Old, Out And Happy
  237. A Surprising Dream
  238. found this article Married gay bi men in heterosexual marriages
  239. Childhood gay experience
  240. Dating while still legally married
  241. Akward Moment
  242. Just another guy who's lost and confused.
  243. Just friends or more?
  244. Emotional roller coaster
  245. Youngin' needs advice from the wiser council.
  246. Feeling hopeless about love life
  247. Stages of Grief
  248. Draft Coming Out Letter
  249. For those who have kids: what would you do?
  250. Pda