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  1. Feelin trapped
  2. Moving Pieces
  3. Lost
  4. Such a sweet story :)
  5. Wanting sex for the first time
  6. A poem for all of us....
  7. Cat is out of the bag
  8. Struggling.
  9. Major shift
  10. Frozen.
  11. Gender Identity Female--Would Love Your Input
  12. mom first?
  13. Next step to becoming a member of the gay community
  14. Is it inevitable that this will end?
  15. Gay/lesbian porn
  16. Crush on an older woman
  17. took a new step
  18. I came out to my parents this weekend
  19. Realized something quite disturbing...
  20. Struggling to see way ahead after coming out to wife
  21. Fun day ahead (not)
  22. This Sucks
  23. a confession
  24. Apple.
  25. Bad night
  26. Tough times after coming out to my wife
  27. First steps on gay life - Already some frustrations
  28. why am I acting like this?
  29. Checked out a dating service
  30. Light bulb moment - Girlfriends
  31. He really likes me...I'm not so sure I like him so much
  32. Religion and Homosexuality
  33. Life After Divorce?
  34. What makes denial so powerful? Why is it so painful living in the closet?
  35. Having a Voice
  36. Married and bi: can it work long term?
  37. Great short video I've just watched...
  38. Relationship with spouse (after coming out)
  39. Need a little advice
  40. Hallway.
  41. at a loss of what to do!
  42. there are good things here too
  43. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  44. Love and Possession
  45. Really annoyed at me
  46. Depression & Despair
  47. Miserably scared to take the risk
  48. "My Turn" by Rachel
  49. Guts.
  50. Loving Life
  51. I am feeling like I am in purgatory
  52. Did anyone not even know they were gay until young adulthood?
  53. 37 and can't accept this....please help
  54. happy thanks giving
  55. The Good Stuff
  56. Noob.
  57. the great gay scapegoat (an epic rant)
  58. I came out to my wife today
  59. I have the most confusing sexuality ever =(
  60. LGBT Parenting
  61. Gay, Married and Stumped
  62. Family cat died
  63. Depressed
  64. Have a great weekend and here's to us!!
  65. Gay Escorts and/or "Sugar Babies" in Later Life
  66. sorry for lurking
  67. How do I ?
  68. The gay "me"
  69. Oh dear...
  70. The issue of labels.
  71. *roblems ahoy!
  72. If only life had DVR
  73. How do I know if she is interested?
  74. Slightly confused
  75. Blasts from the past?
  76. opening up
  77. Sexual self esteem (over 18 topic)
  78. So Thankful for this Thread...
  79. Help Me Please
  80. Back to my therapist search
  81. Advise please?
  82. I need someone to talk to
  83. Thank you!
  84. Do husband and son suspect?
  85. Need help with a question
  86. Am I really transgender? I know I'm genderfluid, is it a bad thing that I want to tra
  87. Gay and married
  88. Anyone Dealing w/US Shutdown? Directly or Indirectly?
  89. Overwhelming anxiety about coming out to parents
  90. I came out to my Girlfriend tonight
  91. Looking
  92. Freedom & Flannel
  93. I want to punch my brother
  94. Don't understand why I feel like this
  95. Big dilemma
  96. Worried about the weekend!
  97. Need advice for 1st date
  98. Don't Be Like Me
  99. Decided not to have a trial
  100. About me
  101. Looking back for clues...
  102. can't seem to mail the letter
  103. I'm in a bad place
  104. celebrity crushes
  105. Questioning sexuality & depression
  106. finally found song about married gay guy i was looking for wanted to share
  107. mid twenties and unsure.
  108. Dating age range
  109. Is happiness really ever possible
  110. Why are we gay?
  111. First "Out"ing, total fail
  112. Is this just a pipe dream?
  113. How old is 'later in life'?
  114. How has coming out made your life better/worse?
  115. Coming out, before sexually testing the waters...
  116. Old, Out And Happy
  117. A Surprising Dream
  118. found this article Married gay bi men in heterosexual marriages
  119. Childhood gay experience
  120. Dating while still legally married
  121. Akward Moment
  122. Just another guy who's lost and confused.
  123. Just friends or more?
  124. Emotional roller coaster
  125. Youngin' needs advice from the wiser council.
  126. Feeling hopeless about love life
  127. Stages of Grief
  128. Draft Coming Out Letter
  129. For those who have kids: what would you do?
  130. Pda
  131. local gay married men support groups
  132. Is Gay Freindship Possible
  133. Married, young baby, coming out...
  134. is it possible to be gay/bi without recent experience?
  135. Freedom of Being Totally Out
  136. Major Doubts
  137. Flying solo?
  138. There's no questioning anymore
  139. how do you get the conversation started?
  140. Books? Resources?
  141. i did it i came out
  142. Came Out To The Therapist Today
  143. How do I teach my kids it's ok to be gay?
  144. need help and advice
  145. For those who got married or are still married.....
  146. Generous
  147. Our Needs vs. Our Kids' Needs
  148. Never too old...
  149. realizing i might not be bi
  150. Lost in Wonderland and scared.
  151. 24 years old and terrified of ageing
  152. Well, it explains a lot...
  153. MAJOR turn of events!
  154. Third time's the charm!!!!!
  155. feeling like its wrong...
  156. Out at 28 finding it difficult
  157. To be or not to be "straight"
  158. Old activists coming out?
  159. Inner turmoil!
  160. Therapist - is it her or me?
  161. Yom Kippur
  162. Love? Monogamy?? Monagamish?
  163. My Emerging Sexuality
  164. "...and Guest"
  165. Good ways to let other gay people know you are around?
  166. another scared married guy
  167. Lost and Found - Conflicting feelings after coming out
  168. Just joined a gay choir!
  169. Holding on...
  170. letter to my parents -- that I didnt send
  171. Letter to mom
  172. My life is changing
  173. Anybody had this happen?
  174. Taking a step
  175. transgender parents - FTM or MTF - hows the relationship?
  176. Absolutely Terrified.
  177. Married soccer mom co-worker - why?
  178. Should I come out to my wife and kids?
  179. I'm deeply confused and depressed
  180. Rock and a hard place
  181. Highschool Bullying
  182. coming out and its effect on career trajectory?
  183. Came Out to my family!
  184. Relocation?
  185. From Me to We
  186. Gay Dating Scene - More Difficult than I Thought
  187. Oh boy...
  188. Unsure-ish
  189. Reversal
  190. What are you reading, Queer wise?
  191. Suicidal thoughts, realizing im gay seems to hard to handle
  192. So how do you know? For a woman who is probably gay
  193. Relationship Advice!
  194. am i considered in the closet?
  195. How to react? and is it good or bad questions?
  196. Moving from straight to gay relationships - arghh scary!!!
  197. What will happen?
  198. Been a couple of months
  199. Reality has collided with Fantasy
  200. Same-Sex Dreams
  201. first gf
  202. would you date an old friend?
  203. Childhood Friends -- for those who really are later in life
  204. Cliques
  205. Coming out Workshop - Will my age matter?
  206. openly gay
  207. Weird, awkward, scary--and done
  208. Finally accepted my desires but confused
  209. "...the man in the relationship"
  210. Pushing 40 and coming out....
  211. How to stay open and move forward?
  212. About me...
  213. New to EC - Looking for Advice
  214. Looking Like A Dyke?
  215. Looking At Girls
  216. Tough Day
  217. Anyone been in this place?
  218. Where to get involved
  219. Reconnecting with people - adults can play games, too
  220. I did it!!!
  221. About to explode and need to vent.
  222. I have been directed to leave my home
  223. Feel like I'm shattering
  224. I need help?
  225. Weird Feeling
  226. Complete Reset on Life
  227. losing to life. nowhere to look.
  228. Bisexual Transition to Gay!
  229. Some questions about the fine line between being gay and bi.
  230. Oh oh, sometimes I get a good feeling...
  231. Surprised.
  232. First of Many Questions
  233. Out, About, and Coming Out
  234. Finding community
  235. Confused in late 30's
  236. Finding the variety and flavor of being gay that fits
  237. You might be a middle aged lesbian if...
  238. So much going on....
  239. married and gay
  240. The Origin of Expectation - A Reflection
  241. When two lives collide
  242. Out of nowhere
  243. Dating someone with cat allergies
  244. Good quote showing a truth of divorce
  245. Working with colleague, in love too
  246. Why do I grieve for my teenage self?
  247. Obvious signs or ridiculous stereotypes?
  248. I think I need help
  249. Starting a new psychotherapy group
  250. Rainbow guitar strap