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  1. Emotional roller coaster
  2. Youngin' needs advice from the wiser council.
  3. Feeling hopeless about love life
  4. Stages of Grief
  5. Draft Coming Out Letter
  6. For those who have kids: what would you do?
  7. Pda
  8. local gay married men support groups
  9. Is Gay Freindship Possible
  10. Married, young baby, coming out...
  11. is it possible to be gay/bi without recent experience?
  12. Freedom of Being Totally Out
  13. Major Doubts
  14. Flying solo?
  15. There's no questioning anymore
  16. how do you get the conversation started?
  17. Books? Resources?
  18. i did it i came out
  19. Came Out To The Therapist Today
  20. How do I teach my kids it's ok to be gay?
  21. need help and advice
  22. For those who got married or are still married.....
  23. Generous
  24. Our Needs vs. Our Kids' Needs
  25. Never too old...
  26. realizing i might not be bi
  27. Lost in Wonderland and scared.
  28. 24 years old and terrified of ageing
  29. Well, it explains a lot...
  30. MAJOR turn of events!
  31. Third time's the charm!!!!!
  32. feeling like its wrong...
  33. Out at 28 finding it difficult
  34. To be or not to be "straight"
  35. Old activists coming out?
  36. Inner turmoil!
  37. Therapist - is it her or me?
  38. Yom Kippur
  39. Love? Monogamy?? Monagamish?
  40. My Emerging Sexuality
  41. "...and Guest"
  42. Good ways to let other gay people know you are around?
  43. another scared married guy
  44. Lost and Found - Conflicting feelings after coming out
  45. Just joined a gay choir!
  46. Holding on...
  47. letter to my parents -- that I didnt send
  48. Letter to mom
  49. My life is changing
  50. Anybody had this happen?
  51. Taking a step
  52. transgender parents - FTM or MTF - hows the relationship?
  53. Absolutely Terrified.
  54. Married soccer mom co-worker - why?
  55. Should I come out to my wife and kids?
  56. I'm deeply confused and depressed
  57. Rock and a hard place
  58. Highschool Bullying
  59. coming out and its effect on career trajectory?
  60. Came Out to my family!
  61. Relocation?
  62. From Me to We
  63. Gay Dating Scene - More Difficult than I Thought
  64. Oh boy...
  65. Unsure-ish
  66. Reversal
  67. What are you reading, Queer wise?
  68. Suicidal thoughts, realizing im gay seems to hard to handle
  69. So how do you know? For a woman who is probably gay
  70. Relationship Advice!
  71. am i considered in the closet?
  72. How to react? and is it good or bad questions?
  73. Moving from straight to gay relationships - arghh scary!!!
  74. What will happen?
  75. Been a couple of months
  76. Reality has collided with Fantasy
  77. Same-Sex Dreams
  78. first gf
  79. would you date an old friend?
  80. Childhood Friends -- for those who really are later in life
  81. Cliques
  82. Coming out Workshop - Will my age matter?
  83. openly gay
  84. Weird, awkward, scary--and done
  85. Finally accepted my desires but confused
  86. "...the man in the relationship"
  87. Pushing 40 and coming out....
  88. How to stay open and move forward?
  89. About me...
  90. New to EC - Looking for Advice
  91. Looking Like A Dyke?
  92. Looking At Girls
  93. Tough Day
  94. Anyone been in this place?
  95. Where to get involved
  96. Reconnecting with people - adults can play games, too
  97. I did it!!!
  98. About to explode and need to vent.
  99. I have been directed to leave my home
  100. Feel like I'm shattering
  101. I need help?
  102. Weird Feeling
  103. Complete Reset on Life
  104. losing to life. nowhere to look.
  105. Bisexual Transition to Gay!
  106. Some questions about the fine line between being gay and bi.
  107. Oh oh, sometimes I get a good feeling...
  108. Surprised.
  109. First of Many Questions
  110. Out, About, and Coming Out
  111. Finding community
  112. Confused in late 30's
  113. Finding the variety and flavor of being gay that fits
  114. You might be a middle aged lesbian if...
  115. So much going on....
  116. married and gay
  117. The Origin of Expectation - A Reflection
  118. When two lives collide
  119. Out of nowhere
  120. Dating someone with cat allergies
  121. Good quote showing a truth of divorce
  122. Working with colleague, in love too
  123. Why do I grieve for my teenage self?
  124. Obvious signs or ridiculous stereotypes?
  125. I think I need help
  126. Starting a new psychotherapy group
  127. Rainbow guitar strap
  128. I think my high school therapist made things worse
  129. Rejecting Identity, Resisting the Normative!
  130. Amazed to find myself here!
  131. A bi guy coming to terms with himself.
  132. A Turning Point
  133. Sean Saves the World
  134. This Wonderful Pride Weekend
  135. I plan on coming out to my wife to tonight, but I keep saying its the wrong time?
  136. Out to my parents...
  137. How do you reconcile years of hetero sex with La Vita Nuova?
  138. You have got to be kidding!?
  139. To Be Free or Not To Be Free, that is the question.
  140. Lesbian in a heterosexual marriage.
  141. transgender?
  142. figuring out my sexuality and trying to find support, that's not family
  143. Came Out To My Mother Yesterday Bad Scene
  144. 36 and transitioning to.....
  145. Went to vigil at Russian consulate tonight
  146. Maxx - an update
  147. Parenting- My Son and The Pink Ball
  148. Holy duck, I did it...
  149. How much do you tell your family?
  150. a question for Lesbians?
  151. travel
  152. Hurting so much
  153. How did you do it ?
  154. Any carers out there?
  155. How to rectify to oneslef coming out to family - those I have already lost.
  156. Help! 36 and still in the closet...
  157. How To Meet Other Lesbians If You Don't Like Going Out?
  158. 1/2 way out = stressful
  159. We Going on Vacation
  160. Life is SO SO good!
  161. Outed in workplace by colleague
  162. Ok, y'all are scaring me...
  163. Gay women and straight men
  164. Where to start...
  165. Intimidated by gay bars?
  166. My son lied to protect me
  167. A bit discouraged
  168. Finding a Therapist
  169. Confused about my sexuality
  170. Missed Opportunity
  171. Just Told Our Daughter About the Divorce...
  172. Not ready, but hate living the lie
  173. Super late in life....
  174. Going to club alone?
  175. Dance Like a Lunatic
  176. What's it like being married to a MOS while gay?
  177. Eating me up inside...
  178. She's Driving Me Nutso (Rant)
  179. Really changing
  180. Finding LGBT friends in the middle of nowhere
  181. So scared of losing a friend by telling him how I feel
  182. I think I have a date.
  183. Lost...
  184. My story :)
  185. I'm a bit nervous
  186. Books...
  187. right back where I started
  188. Why do I sabotage my search for a real guy?
  189. Leaving Your Straight Partner
  190. For profit LGBT?
  191. A little lost...
  192. New Hairdresser
  193. I'm finding it hard
  194. Crush at work
  195. Suggestion From a Friend
  196. Scam artist: "David Hilton"
  197. How do you get rid of someone?
  198. Straight gay rights activist
  199. uncertain partner
  200. Fear - Anxiety - Lonliness - Panic Attacks
  201. dating advice
  202. Figuring out identity within lesbian community
  203. Well. I'm doing it.
  204. One more thing to add to the week
  205. Expose myself......
  206. Writing
  207. How Did You End Up With Your Current (LGBT) Partner?
  208. Why do I feel like this?
  209. Friendship
  210. Does anyone live in Connecticut
  211. Dating and Sex
  212. Finding out later on...?
  213. dating after coming out late
  214. Confused..!
  215. Anyone in Buffalo or western ny
  216. Should I ask her out? Argh, you'd think this would get easier with age!
  217. The Meaning of Acceptance
  218. Is it really ok?
  219. Could it be anymore complicated?
  220. Painful past memories
  221. Venting & Sharing...
  222. Divorce first, out second?
  223. Realizing Later in Life?
  224. Kids slept over for the first time this weekend
  225. Took Major Step Today
  226. new guy on here
  227. Jealous of my son & i know i should not be feeling like this
  228. Frustrated
  229. Alone; how strange?
  230. Recovering from Divorce
  231. adoption
  232. Sole custody of toddler & dating??
  233. Confused: possibly ending hetero marriage with kids, in love with a woman
  234. A Definite Kinsey-Zero Being Challenged
  235. How did you end up married?
  236. Vulnerable
  237. Questioning Sexuality
  238. FWB type question
  239. Is anyone else in therapy?
  240. You are a gay ! so why you are afraid of sleeping with guys ?
  241. The painful loss of a marriage
  242. Interrogation
  243. Scared of commitment
  244. Need Lots of Advice
  245. To those who have divorced...
  246. I just want to run away and focus on me for awhile
  247. Confused as how to proceed.
  248. Question for bisexuals?
  249. New to EC
  250. How to go about relationships.