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  1. Careful what I wish for...
  2. Why I came out
  3. Life alone
  4. Dreams & Nightmares
  5. life is complicated...
  6. what I still don't quite get
  7. The need to process...
  8. If you could choose...
  9. Bad therapy...?
  10. EC break?
  11. Wait, what? Did I just tell a whole bunch of people that I'm gay? Uh-oh.
  12. Inependence Day
  13. Resources
  14. Guilt & Happiness
  15. Having a Rough Time of It
  16. Does Coming Out really help resolve Depression?
  17. The big discussion with my wife
  18. What is this thing that I'm feeling?
  19. Local Activity Groups
  20. What if I am crazy?
  21. What is most important
  22. Help. SEX ADDICT or GAY?
  23. Other people's gaydar
  24. gaydar again
  25. Other people's gaydar
  26. Laughing at myself: looking back at a life in the closet
  27. First time stating preference
  28. A long road
  29. Uuuuuuuck! Reality check. Can't go back.
  30. Kissing a girl
  31. Really need a hug right now
  32. Where to?
  33. Another Big Step & Time to Tell Kids
  34. How Much Denial Can a Person Be In?
  35. What took me so long? Oh right, I'm married.
  36. Change
  37. Hi everyone and thanks!
  38. Doing time
  39. my life
  40. How do you meet people?
  41. Things I can do now that I'm out (that I couldn't do before)
  42. Stereotypes
  43. Help! I need to Courage to do what I need to do!
  44. Taking Another Step
  45. Just checking in...
  46. newb in need of advice/feedback?
  47. Should I give him time (Mr. Confused case).
  48. How late is "late?"
  49. To Italy or Bust ... (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)
  50. Took the homophobia test
  51. Loneliness
  52. 32 year old bisexual female- anxious and confused
  53. Quiet Death of a marriage.
  54. I don't know what to do...
  55. Slowly moving forward, but with a moment of huge irritation
  56. Outed
  57. Joe Kort
  58. it does get better
  59. Just a check in
  60. To those with experience am I heading down the path of denial?
  61. When will the fog lift?
  62. YouTube story ... 51 y.o. married with kids
  63. 61 Years of Age and Still Not Able to Accept My Orientation!
  64. Trouble imagining being with a guy
  65. I think I'm biromantic homosexual & married to a man
  66. Hoping to find someone to talk to.
  67. 53 and on my way out.. wanting advice on what to do
  68. stress eater - coming out & weight loss
  69. Think I'm Finally Ready...
  70. Ok - Next step for me
  71. Fluctuations, feel like crap
  72. Coming out deadline again.......
  73. Husband is so supportive...trying to find Bi in me. Not working.
  74. Out of the closet with no direction
  75. Questioning and libido
  76. 34, and never been on a date
  77. They say they love me no matter what
  78. That lesbian eye contact thing...
  79. who knows?!
  80. I'm gay, but my wife still wants me!
  81. Here goes
  82. An update: Huge progress... Ongoing challenges!
  83. Depressed by "Coming Out Story" videos
  84. Leaving someone you love
  85. Dazed and Confused Part TWO...
  86. Is this a normal step in acceptance?
  87. Update on the first 10 days after coming out to my wife.
  88. Notes I gave to my wife when I came out to her
  89. Want to Be Totally Out
  90. A decision comes closer, I think
  91. Building on emotional sand?
  92. Another small step
  93. Out to Wife as of last night
  94. Holidays/Special Occasions Are the Worst.
  95. I'm questioning my sexual orientation...
  96. Success stories?
  97. Confused!
  98. How to get past the guilt
  99. What do you NEED to know before sex about STDs
  100. Just Came out to everyone on Facebook.
  101. Came out to my first gay friend
  102. Life story and emotional turmoil
  103. Do you enjoy intimacy?
  104. Confused..
  105. A polyamorous solution?
  106. Went Red for Marriage Equality
  107. Coming out to Wife
  108. I want to cheat on my husband but I know its wrong
  109. I told my sister today.
  110. Getting through that final stage of coming out...
  111. Feel like crying....
  112. Tired of the closet, but petrified of opening the door.
  113. My Wife's Not Gay Anymore and Now I'm Re-Closeted Too!
  114. Going forward
  115. Heartbreak, coming out & everything in between
  116. Gay 41 and lonely
  117. Anyone ever regret coming out
  118. Shutting closet door
  119. This is so hard
  120. Vulnerability of the newly gay
  121. Adult special needs child
  122. Just came out to my wife.. she was very supportive
  123. it should be easy
  124. Feeling a little upset
  125. Heartbroken
  126. If only I'd been more honest 10 years ago...
  127. Came out to my wife, she left
  128. Coming out as Kinsey 4 - what about my straight relationship?
  129. help
  130. My first date!
  131. Bisexual- deciding who to date and why
  132. I think I may be an oddity even here...
  133. Did HIV fear contribute to you coming out later in life?
  134. Should I let my guard down?
  135. School LGBTQ Alliance
  136. Coming to terms, how to cope?
  137. The boiler repair man
  138. Thoughts...
  139. Freedom
  140. Married Lesbian Asks Me If I Have A Boyfriend...
  141. I Know Why She Is Unhappy
  142. If You Are Married With Kids
  143. Dumb penis question
  144. I Want Sex Just Not With My Spouse
  145. Transition - (venting)
  146. confused and unsure what to do
  147. Folks married w/school age kids
  148. This forum
  149. I'm a grandma, mom, ex-wife...and gay?
  150. Almost married...now what?
  151. Confusion
  152. Silent treatment
  153. Share your life goals!
  154. Life and how it can always be tough
  155. Reaction from a special friend...
  156. My daughter's anti-homophobia school project...:-)
  157. Came out to my mother...
  158. gonna tell the kids
  159. Reminder to married folk: What you say here appears on Google
  160. Dazed and Confused...
  161. Cistene Chimney
  162. Gay men who came out to their wife: what unanticipated questions did she ask?
  163. Advise from Transgender Parents
  164. Desperate for...
  165. not as great as Pete's story but ...
  166. Like a dream...
  167. Fashion tips for the older gay man
  168. 28, married for 5 years, think I'm gay
  169. The term, "Closet Case"
  170. Update on coming out to my wife
  171. Dads from previous relationships support group
  172. On Not Being a Gay Man
  173. Hi and an update from 55
  174. date 3 tomorrow...
  175. Hello to my (older) friends here
  176. in a bit of a panic!
  177. May December Romance
  178. Need a vacation
  179. new forms
  180. Honesty
  181. Comparison of non-relationship sex : sauna vs. NSA vs. Friends with benefits
  182. Couldn't tell therapist I'm gay today.
  183. Not coping well
  184. Kinda weird....
  185. I have just told my husband I'm gay.
  186. Covert book purchasing on Amazon
  187. Just came out to my oldest sister!
  188. Coming out after 38 years of marriage
  189. Theme?
  190. Books and articles on LGBTQ That may help
  191. Older LGBT who came out long ago, why EC?
  192. Gay vs Lesbian
  193. Am I being called "old"? :)
  194. 45 Married M w/out kids, gay and staying in the closet for now anyway
  195. bi/m/wants sons friend
  196. Where are the 50 somethings?
  197. Almost 34 and just now admitting it.....
  198. Just looking for some support
  199. My gender story
  200. married male
  201. Married lesbian: is divorce inevitable?
  202. Married and on the Brink of Coming Out - Advice
  203. Mixed Orientation Marriage
  204. Engaged and now doubting sexuality... need advice please!
  205. Urgent! Please Help! Married man in need of advice!
  206. Married & gay
  207. Married to straight woman, I'm bi or gay
  208. Confused married male
  209. Get married or break up?
  210. married and in love with a woman
  211. Married and wanting to transition
  212. Come out to wife and stay married?
  213. Middle Aged Married And Gay
  214. Please advise - trying to help my brother who I suspect is married & Gay
  215. Bi and married
  216. Straight Male attracted to PreOP Transexuals but I'm Married
  217. Married, gay and the therapist
  218. Married but aching
  219. I'm supposed to be getting married :-(
  220. Married, Gay and Worried
  221. Married with 2 kids - can I save my marriage?
  222. Married but Gay?
  223. lesbian and married
  224. Help please! (married woman)
  225. gay married with very small children
  226. married and gay, help needed
  227. My mom is married to my dad and now in love with a woman!
  228. Married 34 male coming out
  229. Married, Gay and Lost
  230. Still married, still gay, still not out
  231. Married and Questioning
  232. How to come out when you are married....
  233. Married guy committed to staying with wife
  234. Are there forums for married, but gay, men?
  235. Gay, married, and still committed to her...I think
  236. Married and extremely confused
  237. Married and not out
  238. Married and kinda out
  239. Married and have just come out
  240. 45 closet Gay male but used to look at women in porn
  241. Spilled the Beans to Married Friend
  242. All my friends are getting married, I'm just getting drunk (well, not really)
  243. A married woman has a crush on me...help!
  244. Almost 35/coming to terms with own sexuality
  245. Sadness has become my companion eversince my "future boyfriend"got married
  246. Married man seeking advice
  247. Married - wanting to come out
  248. newly discovered sexuality at 29
  249. 38 married still in closet
  250. Married man at a crossroads