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  1. What was the thing that made you face the truth?
  2. Intro from Bunnydee
  3. Admitting that I'm afraid
  4. Some reasons it took me so long
  5. LIES PEOPLE TELL ME: "You just haven't met the right person yet"
  6. I like women but also hate them. ??
  7. Out to my wife,I think
  8. Sick of being lovesick!
  9. Scared of 'hetero feelings coming back - is this just a stage of coming out?
  10. Another first
  11. Coming out to my mum
  12. Is It Time?
  13. How's your holiday season?
  14. Trapped
  15. 2nd honeymoon after coming out
  16. Another female experience...and what do I do with this anger I'm feeling?
  17. New Holiday Traditions
  18. Happy Chanukah
  19. Don't Know What the Right Thing To Do Is
  20. When you come out in a message and you're waiting for the response...
  21. What if I never get married?
  22. Being gay screwed up my life
  23. Does being gay have complications as an adult?
  24. What is happening with me
  25. Finally came out to someone in Real Life
  26. Thought I knew for sure, but now doubts
  27. The truth
  28. Seems I'm a natural lesbian but still have guilt
  29. Questioning at Mid Life
  30. New Year's Resolutions
  31. for all of us
  32. Weird life journey
  33. Married woman in love with religious lady
  34. Why am I struggling to follow my truth?
  35. Big step tonight
  36. coming oug, going back in, coming out against. maybe
  37. Finally, A Boyfriend!
  38. Embarrassed - crush on a co worker
  39. I'm not sure where this insecurity is coming from
  40. An announcement, that unknown force that help me in check
  41. Guys...I DID IT
  42. Our journeys
  43. Finally
  44. What's Done is Done
  45. Hello from this 43 year old lesbian
  46. Taking the next step
  47. Book, Farm Boys, by Will Fellows, what I'm seeing to date
  48. Not dealing well today
  49. My truth
  50. Regret....
  51. Testosterone levels and feeling gay
  52. Well I did it
  53. Have I Screwed This Up Too Much?
  54. Isolated
  55. Such a heartwarming day
  56. Angry at myself for denying it for so long
  57. Losing the life I know?!?!?
  58. For those struggling with anxiety, depression, uncertainty, a simple reflection
  59. Why can't I get over the anxiety
  60. 99% of my sexual fantasies are about women
  61. update on coming out
  62. Pressure building
  63. Update one year later
  64. Holiday trouble with partner
  65. Married and in the closet
  66. Stuck in control - for almost six years now
  67. The last few days
  68. Is there really someone for everyone?
  69. out of the closet and stuck on the bedroom
  70. Help.Major crush on student..
  71. Coffee date.....
  72. Now I am out, too.
  73. Seeing a therapist!
  74. (Female) Tops vs. Bottoms
  75. Well that didn't work out.
  76. I feel I have totally accepted myself as gay and I want it, but....
  77. Old questions, brought on by new answers.
  78. Lessons and learning
  79. Associating being gay with being alone
  80. I don't want this!
  81. Some advice and encourage
  82. Filed for Divorce
  83. Movin' Out
  84. Second female encounter left me feeling confused
  85. What is wrong with me?
  86. in a relation w a straight woman
  87. How did I get here?
  88. Book, Farm Boys, by Will Fellows, best gay themed book I've read
  89. I
  90. Anyone in Colorado Advice
  91. Stuck in an unhappy life
  92. Riding the Pendulum of sexuality (What am I?)
  93. The dilemma of wanting something so bad...but wanting to wait until you're in love
  94. Finally came out at the police force...
  95. I have no idea what I'm doing
  96. Not questioning anymore!
  97. Nerves!
  98. Handling holidays
  99. Nervous about posting
  100. The time has come
  101. Muslim children being "brainwashed" for jihad & gay's childrens treatment in the West
  102. How do get past the fear of leaving?
  103. Two fathers raising kids, how is it?
  104. May/December relationships?
  105. I'm ready to embrace me
  106. Breaking Point
  107. Taking the plunge later in life.
  108. Some reflections on gender and sexuality
  109. Scantily dressed women in advertising, the confusion is over.
  110. Frustrated and torn about what to do
  111. Told my wife I'm bi
  112. Anxious About Where to Live
  113. Owning being gay
  114. in a pickle
  115. A new kind of comfortable
  116. I'm still seeing women and men very differently...HELP!
  117. HOW did you tell your partner?
  118. Who am I, really? Scared and feel alone ..
  119. feeling kinda
  120. Gay people who used to be in straight relationships
  121. She keeps flirting although I've asked her not to...
  122. Coming out later in life harder?
  123. Life feels full of possibilities right now
  124. Men for sex, women for love?
  125. Am I Screwed Up Here?
  126. Learning more about me
  127. Wife pretended to support me and now wants a divorce
  128. I think my problem is people in general.
  129. Spouse jealous of my same gender friends
  130. Getting Divorced and My Cat Died
  131. Separation, divorce, and then this...
  132. Did I violate a boundary by asking her to take down her walls for a few minutes?
  133. The book, Farm Boys by Will Fellows, and a jig saw puzzle
  134. You authentic self
  135. Sometimes I want to go back
  136. On the path.
  137. The act of mourning
  138. Eye contact
  139. hey there. been a while
  140. Gay stereo types - not me
  141. Major life change
  142. How to deal with mounting anxiety before coming out ( to work)?
  143. Am I being too sensitive?
  144. Second Adolenscence hitting - noticing a big change.
  145. A quick update on Maxx
  146. The End is Near
  147. Found a second key, a key to a closet in a closet
  148. Just came out on social media
  149. Falling in love with my lesbian friend/co worker
  150. First timer questions
  151. Falling in love with someone not my husband
  152. Positive and reasonably confident
  153. Confused, depress, thinking of killing myself
  154. Update/confession time
  155. Childhood Friendships
  156. Changing my mind
  157. So Sad
  158. Trying to make sense of it all - gender and sexuality
  159. What kind of life can I lead?
  160. No sex? How do you do it?
  161. Too soon to get back out there?
  162. What should I expect?
  163. Panic over sexuality one year into great marriage
  164. Dating
  165. Is it all starting to catch up with me?
  166. First date with a woman!
  167. My first "crush" since coming out to myself
  168. Right now I wish I could just take a pill...
  169. Identity Crisis
  170. So is it my sexuality or my gender?
  171. Unsure
  172. I feel so lost, lonely and depressed.
  173. Stuck in a box
  174. Is it time to just let him go?
  175. Staying with hetero partner?
  176. sometimes honesty can be incredibly messy
  177. Confused
  178. Need advice and a little handholding
  179. About humans and relationships with them.
  180. Accepting that you might have been wrong all along
  181. I Think My Wife May Be On To Me
  182. How can I get excited...?
  183. Closet door slammed
  184. Relationship getting serious
  185. Understanding at 47
  186. Anal penetration
  187. I wondered on down to ECs's: For Parents and Family Members of LGBT People
  188. I can't stop thinking that I'm ruining everyone's lives
  189. Invisible force holding my conversion back
  190. Is there ever a good time to tell your opposite-sex partner?
  191. Discouraged with dating
  192. Still confused
  193. Today's small victory, trying to integrate my college friends into my truth
  194. Can anyone relate?
  195. What is it like to fall for someone much younger than you
  196. What it is like to figure out your sexuality later in lifre
  197. How do you deal with passive aggressiveness?
  198. Attractions towards women feel more real
  199. . . . will I ever be truly content?
  200. Sprouts!!
  201. Angry!
  202. New here--introducing myself
  203. Out for almost a year and still in limbo
  204. I seriously don't know what I'm going to do
  205. So many hot women!
  206. Wish I could be gay for a living...
  207. Hard to find someone to talk to.../Thank you
  208. Sex and love put into different compartments
  209. realise you're gay beyond mid 20's, lack of representation play a part?
  210. The joys of questioning yourself (advice appreciated)
  211. Dealing with anxiety and afraid to come out
  212. any bi women able to make open marriage work?
  213. Learning to be alone
  214. in a dark place after coming out
  215. First Date since Coming out
  216. Scared of losing friends
  217. Again, a crush on a straight guy
  218. I feel like a douchebag coming out to wife
  219. When the New Wears Off
  220. Baby steps
  221. Saying "i am gay" to myself
  222. Wedding Ring
  223. Bi Married: Does your spouse know?
  224. give up, give in
  225. Questioning
  226. Being patient with yourself
  227. Are you missing anyone right now? Struggling to get over 'em?
  228. Emerging feelings. . . at work
  229. Walking into a wall
  230. What to do?
  231. Need to make it clear
  232. When do you stop being afraid?
  233. The teaching of hate and contempt, why?
  234. What do I do now?
  235. I Am Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  236. Am I lesbian or just curious?
  237. learning how to approach women?
  238. 42 and still confused.
  239. Randomness.
  240. Wanting to fit in
  241. Having panic attacks and suicidal thoughts
  242. Can anyone relate to this?
  243. Other resources/support?
  244. Don't know what to do
  245. Helpful advice wanted
  246. First Trip to P-Town
  247. Revisiting Inflection Points
  248. Update of sorts
  249. Confused
  250. Coming out to young kids