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  1. Can anyone relate to this?
  2. Other resources/support?
  3. Don't know what to do
  4. Helpful advice wanted
  5. First Trip to P-Town
  6. Revisiting Inflection Points
  7. Update of sorts
  8. Confused
  9. Coming out to young kids
  10. (Almost) 23, divorced, and feeling lost
  11. Back to square one
  12. getting there
  13. So tempted
  14. So tired....marriage needs to end.
  15. Happy National Coming Out Day!
  16. Severely Confused and Alone
  17. Questioning who I am, need someone to talk to.
  18. 31 - Just Now Realizing/Accepting
  19. Feeling like Shit
  20. Me--PartII
  21. Hard to believe things can ever be better
  22. Has not responded to my coming out.
  23. Sadness but maybe some gentleness too
  24. Bi or gay after all
  25. Out. But.....
  26. Still don't feel completely sure about sexuality
  27. Gay but never been with a man
  28. Just when I thought..
  29. Me
  30. I am married but in love with my straight best friend
  31. Tonight is the night I die
  32. feeling a bit down
  33. No one left to come out to
  34. I... just blurted it out!
  35. A surreal dream
  36. Is it always worth leaving?
  37. I think I found a friend
  38. Who's harder for you to get over? Same sex or opposite sex (or a tie)?
  39. Boyfriend came out as gay, do we stay together or break up?
  40. Help me sort my mind.....
  41. I'm so angry at myself right now
  42. Is It Necessary?
  43. So, I am 32, and NOW I am confused. Help!
  44. Not gay or straight just Demi
  45. Thankful for....
  46. Late 20s. Feeling Lost.
  47. Feeling "stuck" coming out.
  48. Time frames and random thoughts
  49. wondering
  50. but can you go back once you know
  51. Maybe I am bi...
  52. Multiple questions
  53. awakening, realization, acceptance, fears
  54. Changes in other areas?
  55. sad
  56. Good read on fluidity
  57. Stay in closet forever hoping to revive friendship
  58. She came back to apologize...would you hear her out?
  59. Obligation
  60. Thoughts sought: A touch of emptiness?
  61. I'm Stupid...
  62. Questioning & confused
  63. Parental reaction....
  64. Still cry when share my story
  65. Scared.com
  66. I am weird...
  67. 37 years old, and still virgin...
  68. listing "healthy" when it comes to partner wants
  69. It's time to tell you all_ _ _ _
  70. my husband is onto me...
  71. High 5
  72. Lesbian 101 questions
  73. Married Closet Bisexual
  74. My First Gay Crush
  75. Kinda Lost Here
  76. Accepting It
  77. A letter...
  78. Might need to be talked down -- trigger problems
  79. Two steps forward, one step back?
  80. The acting is exhausting me...
  81. Not knowing at 36
  82. I could use some advice.
  83. O wow what a mess
  84. Aunt Susie
  85. Some questions to older gay people who came out to themselves after 21
  86. Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day everybody!
  87. Help! Older boyfriend came out
  88. Feeling lost
  89. Checking in....
  90. Time to figure out how to tell her
  91. Accepting loneliness...and moving on...
  92. Overcoming depression and moving forward
  93. It Gets Easier
  94. How do you deal with bad memories?
  95. Already dreading the holiday season...
  96. The closet
  97. Feeling Somewhat Dead on the Inside
  98. defeated
  99. Have the mental issues stopped?
  100. She's Back
  101. How would you have reacted?
  102. How normal is this?
  103. Today is my 20th Anniversary
  104. We were good friends...but he wants more (husband)
  105. Does this mean anything?
  106. Taking things as they are, and feeling empty
  107. I did it. I came out to my husband.
  108. So not expecting that
  109. Changing priorities
  110. Isolation & Realizations
  111. my husband
  112. I Am In Love With Someone I Can Never Have
  113. On a scale of 1-10...how you doing today?
  114. Where do I fit in once I do come out??
  115. Obsessive about my looks
  116. I hate myself right now, help!
  117. Disgust of women's sexual organs and smells
  118. Anyone else ever feel ashamed of feeling ashamed?
  119. I don't know anymore.
  120. Has anyone else experience this?
  121. It feels like the fight of my life inside.
  122. Loneliness ( The secret torture )
  123. A few more steps in the right direction
  124. the road ahead looks awful
  125. Was it all you thought it would be?
  126. Ongoing therapy, do I need to have sex with someone I'm attracted to to be happy?
  127. One down...
  128. Stuff you do to feel happy
  129. Where did you meet your (ex)partner?
  130. Feeling crap. :/
  131. Struggling today
  132. 40 years of hiding in the closet and now out
  133. Married for 10 years and questioning sexuality
  134. Today is not a good day
  135. Weed
  136. Ghosting. Who knew? .
  137. Are you able to stay friends with the same-sex people you pursue?
  138. Stay married or be free and live?
  139. What does it mean to be young?
  140. so i did a thing....
  141. My one year EC anniversary
  142. Coming out late/past relationships
  143. Frustrations with time.
  144. How much did your struggle hold you back in other areas?
  145. Explanations.
  146. Today I miss her, just need to say this
  147. Mid-twenties queer in an "male-female" relationship
  148. A single life
  149. Would you believe her? Or is she lying?
  150. Tonight was wonderful
  151. Yet another road block. . . why do I keep going back to it?
  152. How much did your struggle hold you back in life?
  153. Coming out while in a straight relationship?
  154. So much anxiety.....
  155. Do you think it's dysfunctional to search for true love?
  156. Apps & married guys
  157. Queer spirituality?
  158. I want to talk about my dad...
  159. Chicken day.
  160. Gay, but not "interested"? Help!
  161. Therapist advice
  162. What to do?
  163. Dating, meeting other gay men. Where do I start?
  164. It's been a year...
  165. Manifest your desires into reality
  166. Craving more friends
  167. I feel SO HAPPY that I have finally accepted to myself that I am gay.
  168. Every day gets harder. :(
  169. I've still got so much shame...why?
  170. Anyone else have a career that keeps you 100% closeted?
  171. Is she indecisive or not interested?
  172. Anyone Feel Inadequate... What to do?
  173. How to let go in a loving way: am I doing this right?
  174. Lost my first friend over this
  175. Another big step today
  176. I <3 my brother and his total support
  177. I am the only one? Only educated attractive intelligent funny single lesbian left
  178. Did you never have any sexual feelings towards the same gender when you were young ?
  179. I hate who i am
  180. Mustering up courage.
  181. Update... Its been a while
  182. One down...
  183. What can I possibly title this...any comments welcome
  184. Just because I have no-one else to tell.....
  185. Is it normal?
  186. Update of sorts (nothing exciting)
  187. So hard to meet men when you 52
  188. How to spend the day....
  189. Sex Life questions
  190. Depression and loneliness
  191. Finally starting to tell my friends
  192. feel like my life will change soon
  193. Happy, happy update
  194. Whatever happened to Yossarian?
  195. depression and loneliness
  196. Happy birthday to me
  197. Moving forward...
  198. The skill of walking away from people who are bad for, but you really like
  199. For those who struggled with denial...
  200. Never Say Never
  201. I can't stop thinking about gay sex....
  202. Same S**t, different day....
  203. They Say It Gets Better
  204. Dealing with fumbling around...
  205. First support group meeting
  206. lets find positives
  207. Have a much happier life now
  208. How to find (hidden) job postings.
  209. hi and another sad story
  210. Adjustments
  211. Came out to my girls and they are cool with it
  212. Continuing to live with ex?
  213. Living today's happiness, not tomorrow's
  214. Online Dating
  215. My Coming Out Update
  216. Broaching *that* subject
  217. when letting go means true love...
  218. Can anyone relate?
  219. Debating whether to become more out
  220. Trauma from my Narcissist Trigger
  221. Absolutely heartbroken- Hooked up with my first woman
  222. The best approach for dealing with this guy
  223. Given a gift
  224. Today is the day
  225. Mirrors
  226. Tortured love: The woman I can never have.. Advise please!
  227. I'm Out!!! But they keep dragging me back in.
  228. Things aren't good
  229. The last 14 days
  230. He told me he loves me
  231. Big Changes and I Can't Hardly Breathe...
  232. Consent
  233. Need to Vent and some Advice
  234. Trying to tell my wife
  235. Every question has the same answer.
  236. Don't want to do this anymore...
  237. I feel I'm being punished...
  238. I don't really know why...
  239. Quote that made me laugh today - given most of our situations
  240. Performance ?s and male bisexuality
  241. Just out.
  242. When someone you're getting to know, admits they were a cheater...
  243. Learning to listen and recognize your inner thoughts
  244. I want her to be my girlfriend!!!
  245. Hindsight
  246. Update
  247. I, i & i...
  248. She got angry at me while talking dirty
  249. Came out to my boyfriend
  250. Deadlock