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  1. I'm 35 and just accepted I'm gay
  2. A new normal
  3. The real me
  4. Outed by wearing rainbow?
  5. Mom Knows! And I am the one who told her....
  6. Am I chasing an unrealistic dream?
  7. Fears about the future
  8. I told my wife
  9. Told another friend today
  10. Coming out so far
  11. Being Out in Public
  12. A Deep Emotional Bond I was not Expecting, now what...
  13. Saw Something Nice Today
  14. Walking away
  15. Is it wrong to want to be loved again ?
  16. I need some urgent help!
  17. First Lesbian Date at 40
  18. Met a man
  19. Loneliness. Lots of loneliness
  20. Repression and first knowing
  21. Great feeling today
  22. What is this, guys?
  23. Regrets of the closeted
  24. All the things
  25. Want to gain strength...
  26. Want to burst!
  27. First time feelings
  28. Feeling down and venting...
  29. Did I make the right choice
  30. Gaslighting
  31. 36 but still can't deal with it
  32. How do I know I am just not addicted to sex?
  33. Therapy and more...
  34. Relationship anarchy
  35. My new years resolution
  36. Unwanted crush, help!
  37. Is forgiveness and moving on a sign of strength or of weakness?
  38. I wonder: I wonder if LGBT teen brains are tarnished because of homophobia.
  39. New here and looking for support
  40. Help! In my 30s and I think I'm a lesbian, or bi?
  41. Well that sucked...
  42. What would it feel like to grow up straight? Or to grow up openly and proudly gay?
  43. I want to just label myself bi and get on with it
  44. Memory lane is an interesting place
  45. Labels again...
  46. I Wonder: was sex used by evolving humans to deal with rigors of daily life?
  47. Trans lesbian that transitioned later in like
  48. Kinsey scale and confusion
  49. For those of you with children...
  50. A year update
  51. Feeling rather gay today
  52. Straight marriage to lesbian...
  53. An Update On My
  54. Identity
  55. Confused
  56. Am i Gay if i love anal with a dildo
  57. Anxiety stomach
  58. How can you know it's not just 'forbidden fruit syndrome'?
  59. Hello, New to this site
  60. Encouragement?
  61. Can't stop dreaming about men.
  62. So confused I want to throw up
  63. Anyone else from BC-interior ?
  64. Married, new baby, questioning, sad
  65. My needs as a gay woman
  66. Those who have come out and divorced, moved on... effects on kids??
  67. Gay guy stereotypes?
  68. So confused and lost
  69. I know I am going to come out, I am finally starting to really feel happy about it
  70. For those who have fully accepted youselves, is the 'promise' real?
  71. OMG what did I do!?!?!
  72. Notice a change since questioning
  73. Residual homophobia
  74. Knowing you and gay vs accepting you are gay
  75. How much do you think about your sexuality?
  76. I feel like doing something stupid
  77. Amused
  78. new to site and lgbt
  79. I realize I am gay, I just can't accept it.
  80. Feeling Sad about Not being aroused by women?
  81. Coming Out as Lesbian after Straight Marriage
  82. Liking younger men
  83. Am I the last of the Stone Butches?
  84. Enjoyment during sex
  85. My story so far
  86. Thoughts on separation
  87. Getting to enjoy the little things....
  88. Haven't been here for a while
  89. Help coming out to my wife
  90. Lesbian stereotypes
  91. Last night..
  92. Trigger crush / breakup mixtape
  93. Hi there, just checking in
  94. How to survive being in the closet?
  95. When do you feel safe flirting?
  96. Maybe I'm not too old
  97. I feel I may have won the "find a therapist" lottery...
  98. WWYD? What's fair?
  99. Making connections
  100. Music of my mood right now....
  101. How long did it take for you to get over your trigger crush?
  102. What does being in love feel like?
  103. How much weight do/did you give to past 'evidence'?
  104. The roller-coaster
  105. Identifying triggers for negative emotions
  106. How late is too late to have kids?
  107. First Pride Parade
  108. More and more confusion
  109. Guilt
  110. I feel like I lost my best years
  111. Wow, that was fun!
  112. When everything seems not to make sense anymore
  113. Starting to feel okay
  114. Feeling low
  115. Starting over
  116. Spouse's anger during separation
  117. That ONE guy when you're les
  118. I did get it all
  119. Next spent...
  120. Picky or actually a lesbian?
  121. I need therapy to recover from seeking therapy...
  122. All this talk about labels...
  123. Not knowing until later on
  124. How do I cope
  125. Guys I think I'm nearly 100% positive I'm going to separate from my husband
  126. Ever since I've accepted being gay...
  127. False calm and doubt?
  128. Friday night
  129. Have a crush on the wrong guy. Or not?
  130. Rejection
  131. Codependency
  132. Update - open marriage doesn't work :(
  133. Separating relationship issues from sexuality issues
  134. Transgendered
  135. Will it all just become clear...
  136. It's been 2 weeks since ive been out...
  137. On a lighter note: When He's Just Not That Into You
  138. Questions...
  139. How do you know if you're being self-defeating?
  140. Have you ever been diagnosed with an attachment trauma?
  141. New here, how do I tell dates I'm inexperienced
  142. How to feel like you're part of the gay community?
  143. Moving a little deeper into my gay identity
  144. Getting past the feeling that you've made it all up
  145. It seems to me that...
  146. I'm still here
  147. My boyfriend has his ex move in to his place...
  148. Our perception of time
  149. A positive exercise.
  150. Past crushes and fear of the unknown
  151. I'm gay. And it all makes sense now.
  152. Therapy question
  153. When she contacts me, I have so many feelz.
  154. For those "later in lifers" seeking answers, research "effects of controlling parents
  155. Vent - Really just want a hug
  156. Struggling
  157. Is it time to just say I'm gay and be done with it?
  158. My Friend Posted He Has a Crush on a Guy
  159. Sex Drive?
  160. Is it normal (in this process) to feel like something is missing?
  161. Stuck MOM Maintaining
  162. Long distance relationships
  163. Sex in long-term relationships
  164. One component of sexuality suppression, "confusion"
  165. Craving intimacy as I begin the process of coming out
  166. Getting comfortable with all the feelz....
  167. Help from spouse in coming out
  168. Why is dating so hard?
  169. So desperate, thinking of hiring an escort
  170. Missed Pride...
  171. Trying to turn life around
  172. I want to change but don't want the life that comes with it?
  173. The blurred line between Friendship and Relationship
  174. Rejection
  175. Feelings vs. Reality
  176. Feeling weirdly today
  177. How to subtly let other people (women) know I am open to..?
  178. It still doesn't seem real...
  179. Coming out to my friend was not what I expected ...
  180. Why can't I believe in myself but others can
  181. I've had enough
  182. About questioning
  183. Taking up a sport after 30?
  184. I want to have sex with everyone
  185. Who has kids? Priorities?
  186. So my ex just tried to kill himself
  187. Thoughts on being called a girl
  188. How I have been feeling lately! (encouragement)
  189. God I had this dream last night
  190. Guys, it aches, it hurts
  191. Raising kids & gender
  192. I came out to my wife...
  193. A letter
  194. Here are the things I am scared of. Please tell me it will be okay.
  195. Does anyone build up a relationship in their head?
  196. Looking forward to my 1st 'out' event
  197. From one to another...
  198. Vulnerability Continued....
  199. Scoping out dates, counselling session, and other things in my mind
  200. Buying straight best friend gifts
  201. Thinking about having kids....
  202. Explaining the closet
  203. Book review comment - "graduate from eternal adolescence"
  204. An amazing dream
  205. Need some support
  206. I feel..... + women issues
  207. Giving Up Hope
  208. Looking for term or terms for upset human brain
  209. PRIDE - is it losing something
  210. Retrospective crushes
  211. Is it normal for all of these attractions to feel painful?
  212. How would you feel if…
  213. Shame and guilt
  214. Examining labels
  215. Fantasies
  216. I met the first real-life guy who is bi like me (and other effects of coming out)
  217. I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself.
  218. I'm not sure what I'm feeling...
  219. Trust issues
  220. When I like a woman, I feel the need to runaway. How do I stop that?
  221. having a conversation with your family about your own sexuality when you are out
  222. When someone is hurt that you didn't come out earlier
  223. I marched in Pride!!!
  224. Could you help me understand "vulnerability"
  225. Self-fulfilling prophecies?
  226. I'm gay!
  227. Overcoming shame and the closet
  228. I want to ask her out....
  229. For those of you who are married, but seeking something outside of it...
  230. Feeling straight
  231. For your entertainment, I encourage you to read some of the "readers comments".
  232. More on shame, rather long and maybe unfinished
  233. Was she being nice to make a sale? What do I say to her?
  234. Is it a crush?
  235. Mental Healt issue
  236. Pride outfit
  237. The Barricades I Build from Years in the Closet
  238. Could I have been trans?
  239. Queer for my career/peeking out of the closet
  240. When you think you're in a good place
  241. Oversexualising?
  242. Life Update...and its good this time ^^
  243. Jealousy of straight people
  244. Building new memories
  245. Did I make myself a lesbian?
  246. How did you feel when you finally started a gay relationship?
  247. Counselling
  248. How soon did you tell your opposite-sex partner?
  249. I feel like such an idiot…
  250. Pride