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  1. Our perception of time
  2. A positive exercise.
  3. Past crushes and fear of the unknown
  4. I'm gay. And it all makes sense now.
  5. Therapy question
  6. When she contacts me, I have so many feelz.
  7. For those "later in lifers" seeking answers, research "effects of controlling parents
  8. Vent - Really just want a hug
  9. Struggling
  10. Is it time to just say I'm gay and be done with it?
  11. My Friend Posted He Has a Crush on a Guy
  12. Sex Drive?
  13. Is it normal (in this process) to feel like something is missing?
  14. Stuck MOM Maintaining
  15. Long distance relationships
  16. Sex in long-term relationships
  17. One component of sexuality suppression, "confusion"
  18. Craving intimacy as I begin the process of coming out
  19. Getting comfortable with all the feelz....
  20. Help from spouse in coming out
  21. Why is dating so hard?
  22. So desperate, thinking of hiring an escort
  23. Missed Pride...
  24. Trying to turn life around
  25. I want to change but don't want the life that comes with it?
  26. The blurred line between Friendship and Relationship
  27. Rejection
  28. Feelings vs. Reality
  29. Feeling weirdly today
  30. How to subtly let other people (women) know I am open to..?
  31. It still doesn't seem real...
  32. Coming out to my friend was not what I expected ...
  33. Why can't I believe in myself but others can
  34. I've had enough
  35. About questioning
  36. Taking up a sport after 30?
  37. I want to have sex with everyone
  38. Who has kids? Priorities?
  39. So my ex just tried to kill himself
  40. Thoughts on being called a girl
  41. How I have been feeling lately! (encouragement)
  42. God I had this dream last night
  43. Guys, it aches, it hurts
  44. Raising kids & gender
  45. I came out to my wife...
  46. A letter
  47. Here are the things I am scared of. Please tell me it will be okay.
  48. Does anyone build up a relationship in their head?
  49. Looking forward to my 1st 'out' event
  50. From one to another...
  51. Vulnerability Continued....
  52. Scoping out dates, counselling session, and other things in my mind
  53. Buying straight best friend gifts
  54. Thinking about having kids....
  55. Explaining the closet
  56. Book review comment - "graduate from eternal adolescence"
  57. An amazing dream
  58. Need some support
  59. I feel..... + women issues
  60. Giving Up Hope
  61. Looking for term or terms for upset human brain
  62. PRIDE - is it losing something
  63. Retrospective crushes
  64. Is it normal for all of these attractions to feel painful?
  65. How would you feel if…
  66. Shame and guilt
  67. Examining labels
  68. Fantasies
  69. I met the first real-life guy who is bi like me (and other effects of coming out)
  70. I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself.
  71. I'm not sure what I'm feeling...
  72. Trust issues
  73. When I like a woman, I feel the need to runaway. How do I stop that?
  74. having a conversation with your family about your own sexuality when you are out
  75. When someone is hurt that you didn't come out earlier
  76. I marched in Pride!!!
  77. Could you help me understand "vulnerability"
  78. Self-fulfilling prophecies?
  79. I'm gay!
  80. Overcoming shame and the closet
  81. I want to ask her out....
  82. For those of you who are married, but seeking something outside of it...
  83. Feeling straight
  84. For your entertainment, I encourage you to read some of the "readers comments".
  85. More on shame, rather long and maybe unfinished
  86. Was she being nice to make a sale? What do I say to her?
  87. Is it a crush?
  88. Mental Healt issue
  89. Pride outfit
  90. The Barricades I Build from Years in the Closet
  91. Could I have been trans?
  92. Queer for my career/peeking out of the closet
  93. When you think you're in a good place
  94. Oversexualising?
  95. Life Update...and its good this time ^^
  96. Jealousy of straight people
  97. Building new memories
  98. Did I make myself a lesbian?
  99. How did you feel when you finally started a gay relationship?
  100. Counselling
  101. How soon did you tell your opposite-sex partner?
  102. I feel like such an idiot…
  103. Pride
  104. New relationship
  105. Life in the first days after coming out
  106. What do gay and queer mean to me?
  107. Fear of being alone, Shame and The Closet
  108. My therapist wants me to try dating sites...
  109. How to question/experiment while married?
  110. Trying to explain to my husband is impossible
  111. Why I love being gay/queer
  112. Wishing for good religion
  113. Why be alive?
  114. Sleepless nights
  115. Wanting to be seen
  116. Gay kiss
  117. Finding other LGBT
  118. The Person I would Become
  119. Vulnerability and Relationships
  120. Reflection on the past, Hate and the Stonewall Inn
  121. Daily struggle going back and forth
  122. A long nightmare is over
  123. Navigating dating and relationships
  124. I feel ashamed
  125. Thinking again about labels
  126. Feeling isolated
  127. loved and let go
  128. Sad about not going to NYC Pride
  129. Happy #LoveWins anniversary everybody! It's been a year already!
  130. Weird Feelings
  131. Dating... Please, Help...
  132. Trauma during my teen years
  133. 2nd class citizen
  134. Amicable divorce, small child
  135. Interesting thing happened at a very popular fast food restaurant...
  136. I feel like I'm drowning
  137. Finding the next step
  138. Questioning my Bi-ness
  139. My first time at a gay bar...
  140. Feeling less confused (for now)
  141. Yes! Flirtation ;)
  142. My Attraction To Women Was Like A Storm
  143. Holding on
  144. Hiding and self esteem
  145. I am gutted
  146. A letter that you'll never read.
  147. I came out to my parents
  148. The Gay Search for Masculinity
  149. Bummer
  150. I think I have a crush on my friend...
  151. So confused...
  152. A different lens
  153. Does it feel natural to anyone else?
  154. Can't believe this is happening to me...
  155. Ups and downs, positives, negatives...what exactly is happening?
  156. Coming out to my wife
  157. What A Difference A Year Makes
  158. How do you deal with the fear of being attacked?
  159. One tiny band of braided cloth
  160. Shame Storms - remnants after coming out
  161. When people say they always knew
  162. So....it's happening :)
  163. LGBT Later in Life: Physically Close but not Sexually Intimate
  164. What all is real, and what isn't?
  165. I am lost in despair :(
  166. Two weeks...
  167. Wearing pridey accessories to work
  168. What do LGBT centers do...?
  169. Things get more difficult
  170. Marrid to a Woman but crave Men
  171. LGBT Later in Life - Hey, I'm Gay! [coming out @ 27]
  172. Feeling stuck
  173. Guys!!
  174. A new normal
  175. how to tell someone you just met tricky things about yourself
  176. I still get amazed...
  177. Is it me or is it him?!
  178. Live near Orlando and have no visibility in my town....
  179. She's so lovely 💓
  180. A good development
  181. Tales from the past. Kill the fags, they are after all non human.
  182. Tales from the past: being a homosexual was a disease
  183. Advice needed on new relationship
  184. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!
  185. Pulse Night Club
  186. Lesbian mafia
  187. Yeah, I really need a woman in my life
  188. My proud moment
  189. I felt really gay* today when....
  190. Love - pre ECs, post ECs reflection
  191. Go forth and be fabulously gay
  192. Steps forward and backwards
  193. Still struggling with myself...
  194. Sex therapist told me that this is probably all in my head
  195. LGBT+ friends
  196. LA Pride Parade - I'm disturbed
  197. Younger visitors, prey tell
  198. Reflection without an answer
  199. so, what a week...
  200. Coming Out in the Wake of Orlando
  201. A desire to post
  202. Happy hormones ventilation
  203. Keeping up the pretence
  204. Ok guys, enough of this sh*t
  205. I know she loved me too
  206. Communicatingnabout my bi/ gay desires with wife
  207. Hiw to approach wife to coming out
  208. I was lost until I found her ... now what?
  209. Sooo confused.
  210. Feelings. So many of them.
  211. Ranting and raving
  212. People calling your spouse your 'friend'
  213. 20 years difference am I crazy
  214. One of those days
  215. I need something...
  216. Had enough of moping!
  217. An emotional week and coming out high!
  218. Is it just my imagination?
  219. Validation
  220. Question for the ladies out there...girl-on-girl sex question?
  221. Really Feeling the Urge to Come Out
  222. marriage and Bisexual
  223. How do I best support my girlfriend?
  224. Kids and Pride
  225. Physical pain alongside or instead of emotional
  226. I opened up a little more on facebook
  227. Almost afraid to go to bed.....The Orlando Tragedy
  228. A couple small reflections
  229. How in the hell do you get over someone, when you have no one to get over them with?
  230. Just opened up and already made a big mistake
  231. Gay and fallen for a woman - HELP!
  232. My therapy - your feedback on shame would be appreciated
  233. Doubts
  234. Our voices, our community
  235. still finding myself
  236. Moving on
  237. How will I know I am ready to come out?
  238. About that coming out thing...cluster's reflections and ramblings.
  239. Open your mind, mom! I'm sick of this!
  240. Counselling
  241. Married and having others
  242. so i posted this on FB yesterday...
  243. What am I doing?
  244. Heart broken lonely and guilty
  245. I was inspired to come out on FB
  246. Male friendships
  247. Was it always clear for you?
  248. The Hungry Ghosts of Hookups
  249. Marriage dilemma again ! Few more specific questions.
  250. At Boston Pride, Depressed and Lonely