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  1. Self sabotage
  2. Flake out
  3. Damn anxiety
  4. Getting Divorced
  5. When your heart is in a million places
  6. Ideas...
  7. I need to be less lovable...haha
  8. Came out to my sister
  9. What to do?
  10. Married and looking for insight
  11. dating a GAY person.
  12. Sexuality Inexperienced. How to deal with it? (Long)
  13. Hi
  14. Emma's Growing Up...
  15. Internalised homophobia is very confusing
  16. Dream on
  17. Accepting that there will be failures
  18. The questioning cycle
  19. Time off With My Girl
  20. Came Out to My Niece
  21. Alright, I'm ready to make out with a woman
  22. Need to know more how to have my first gay sexual experiace
  23. 50 and gay
  24. Finding a Gay Aspie....
  25. The potential to change everything
  26. Not getting any further / is it worth it?
  27. Guys, I'm really happy today
  28. I'm getting mixed signals...help?
  29. Any positive in coming out late?
  30. Trying to help someone
  31. Ruminating
  32. Good times and bad
  33. Maybe I should just give it up
  34. Swing two. Coming out to my husband
  35. I came out to my Dad!
  36. How much is fully coming out worth to me...
  37. Guess who's back?
  38. Things have truly moved rapidly
  39. Ever just feel like you're going crazy?
  40. Why did he f* up my life?
  41. Where are all the lesbians? :/
  42. those damn geminis... ;)
  43. I just want to feel the joy
  44. Well I guess my label doesn't matter anymore
  45. So why does being gay matter so much?
  46. Trying to Get My Nerve Up....
  47. How can I get to know her...
  48. Processing through dreams
  49. Progress...
  50. Who wants to talk about what makes us happy about being LGBT?
  51. Married/questioning
  52. on desire and desiring (the sexual part of being homosexual)
  53. Istanbul Turkey
  54. If it were not for my kids, I'd off myself, I reckon.
  55. social anxiety and building confidence
  56. internalized homophilia and pride
  57. Pure-O, OCD Anyone?
  58. Don't care who she is, won't know who I am
  59. Lonely bi
  60. If you're out, do you people in the real world define you by your sexuality?
  61. Well my night in a gay bar took some unexpected turns
  62. Breaking a bond
  63. Anyone else from Texas?
  64. Labeling my anger
  65. Hope for the middle aged
  66. Post denial
  67. What Exactly Am I?
  68. Did any of you not know that you were attracted to the same sex when you were a teen?
  69. Coming out at 35
  70. am i bi or a lesbian and will it end my relationship ?
  71. I feel like sh*t right now
  72. Wife is getting more comfortable now it appears
  73. Poly Relationships
  74. 28 out to family and ready to come out to rest of the world
  75. Am I crazy? Sense of Loss
  76. Baby steps toward understanding?
  77. I know what I want.
  78. Better late than never!
  79. Hello Everyone
  80. Small Town Issues
  81. Guys I'm terrified of coming out to my Dad
  82. Started Talking To Wife
  83. More of the same
  84. the open communication started last night...
  85. Attended a Professional function with my FiancÚ
  86. Doctor's Visit
  87. 28, closeted, drowning in regrets about the past
  88. Bi Bracelet
  89. Hurt is universal, reactions can be the same
  90. Learning to love yourself
  91. Real life later in life group
  92. My Coming Out Story and Still Being Stuck
  93. The sad ending(?) to my trigger crush
  94. It has begun
  95. Is it possible to be so far in the closet you don't know it?
  96. She now understands
  97. Coming to terms with myself
  98. Does it ever get better?
  99. Making Friends Article
  100. Seeking advice ii
  101. Feeling stuck
  102. What would make you feel like you've embraced your identity?
  103. happy anniversary to me
  104. Depressed, fighting off suicidal thoughts
  105. Escort for same-sex experimentation?
  106. Fragile
  107. This is the calmest I've been in a long time
  108. Like something from a cheesy movie
  109. Anyone else transitioned out of a marriage when you realized you were gay?
  110. timeline
  111. So confusing.....
  112. What next?
  113. first post
  114. Taking a deep breath
  115. Worrying about being creepy
  116. This may turn out to be awkward...slightly nervous
  117. Coming Out to Myself?
  118. Being gay and not knowing it, an analogy.
  119. Torn heart
  120. Non-Traditional Divorce
  121. Yesterday Was Long
  122. Emptiness
  123. Seriously crushing right now
  124. Feeling stuck
  125. Finally told my husband...
  126. When will full reflection come out?
  127. Helloe again...
  128. 35 and coming out
  129. Getting it Off My Chest
  130. To those who came out later in life, how did you meet your first significant other?
  131. Some People
  132. Dinah
  133. action plan
  134. This is happening
  135. Anger
  136. Do people try to figure you out?
  137. Embracing your Bisexuality
  138. Who has actually embraced their identity?
  139. Since I found my crush online...
  140. Collateral Damage or just Damaged?
  141. Thoughts on having a child..
  142. Same sex crush on you
  143. End of the line
  144. REsolving Fears
  145. Graduating EC
  146. A little frustrated...
  147. What's the right way to come out of the closet?
  148. Bringing my love of reading to my love of women
  149. Waxing and waning
  150. heads up, program to watch.
  151. Update
  152. I lost a good friend today
  153. My gay life, my straight life
  154. So disappointed
  155. Post coming out depression
  156. Myriad of emotions
  157. I guess what I'm looking for is evidence that leaving is the right choice
  158. Playlists?
  159. Reflecting on My Journey
  160. Did anyone else deal with disbelief from ex-partners?
  161. Had a talk with my husband yesterday
  162. Internalised homophobia
  163. Depression leads to realization?
  164. Everyone assumes I'm gay but I am not sure
  165. I think wife is beginning to understand
  166. awareness...
  167. Married and Closeted
  168. The 2nd Dreaded Conversation Happened
  169. How much emotional turmoil did you feel after coming out?
  170. Frustrated...
  171. I'm Angry
  172. Epiphany
  173. I need a kick in the butt re. coming out to my mother
  174. Clearer
  175. List of People is Growing
  176. How to plan on moving from "Dad" to "Mom-2?"
  177. An Epiphany
  178. Time to quit lying to myself
  179. What You Really Really Want by Jaclyn Friedman
  180. Tipping the scales
  181. Goals for Therapy?
  182. Baby steps
  183. A toe out the door
  184. life is short
  185. Mature yet the Brain of a 16 year old
  186. Like a child
  187. Shame
  188. How did you compartmentalize being LGBT for all those years?
  189. Getting intimate...
  190. What is the LGBT stereotype you have the hardest time dealing with?
  191. So much noise
  192. I want to break free!
  193. Thought it was going to be easy
  194. 41 and trapped
  195. Bisexual Marriage
  196. How do I move forward?
  197. Can't imagine having same sex relationship
  198. Labels...
  199. Issues With My Children
  200. So I'm gay
  201. A little more open to my wife
  202. When do the emotions get easier to deal with?
  203. Small steps...
  204. Does sex really matter that much?
  205. Go to a meetup?
  206. Thinking back on my journey
  207. Am I on the right track?
  208. 2 years out
  209. First relationship with a man
  210. Denial
  211. I found Empty Closets, can anyone suggest a forum for my wife?
  212. Buidling a life as a gay dad
  213. Any one experience this?
  214. I fell bang in love with someone and it didn't do me any favors.
  215. I flirted today! Completely non-self consciously
  216. Nobody said it was easy
  217. Coming Out, Love and Acceptance, Gay Bashing
  218. I think I've made a decision without realising I've made a decision
  219. Are you still married after coming out?
  220. Katchoo's home thread
  221. Contemplating my crush - discoveries
  222. My Thoughts
  223. Where the *!? is my inner voice, and what is it telling me?
  224. I'm confused...
  225. New Member whose wife just found
  226. Drowning...
  227. A response to a PM I received...
  228. Should I tell my crush I have feelings for her - what would you do?
  229. Fears about separation
  230. My truths
  231. Headaches
  232. Hello. I haven't posted here in awhile.
  233. Coming out beyond your close circle?
  234. Feeling alone since telling my wife
  235. Painful - Hard to Live....
  236. Pre-rejection
  237. Wow, This hit me hard
  238. I want a balloon and an ice cream cake for coming out
  239. Hollowness
  240. Mixed weekend
  241. The word "lesbian"
  242. Random ramblings about my week
  243. How can you tell a girl is interested?
  244. Scared, so very scared
  245. Did I do this all wrong? What would you do?
  246. Toing and froing
  247. So many things at once
  248. Bisexuality
  249. Living one way at home but another way every where else
  250. Feeling discouraged