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  1. My husband said...
  2. This might be the year....
  3. Shame compass
  4. First dose of heartache and denial.
  5. Rambling about feeling a little lost this morning
  6. Thinking back to the past
  7. Infidelity of a married man
  8. Finding a date/partner
  9. Came out to therapist
  10. Kids and parenting: before/ after coming out
  11. Master of procrastination ... and the years come and go
  12. Not sure of who I am, what to do
  13. Realized I have another crush...
  14. I did it-- I went through with it. I finally did it.
  15. Have I lied....One Year Later
  16. I wish the pain was physical instead...
  17. Feels dirty, empty, and wrong!
  18. Absolutely empty mind.
  19. Eek! Facebook friend request!
  20. worried if a great friendship will change if I tell her Im a lesbian
  21. First lesbian dream
  22. so scared to even consider dating
  23. On feeling less than
  24. 48, a failure & terrified of death, yet wanting to die.
  25. One Door Closes, Another One Opens
  26. America (USA) in the 60s, 70s, 80s
  27. Too many moving pieces?
  28. 8 Stages of coming out
  29. question about sex with husband
  30. Reminisce on school crushes!!
  31. 24 year old and virgin
  32. Mellie has crashed and burned.
  33. leaking sieve syndrome
  34. Good self-help?
  35. A Reflection on David Bowie
  36. One year later....
  37. The future
  38. Am I a wrong?
  39. How to accept???
  40. Anxiety around men
  41. Lesbian - but married to a man. Feeling lost and sad.
  42. Porn and sexual feelings - advice.
  43. Feeling like I need a guidance counselor
  44. I was wrong
  45. I don't know if I'm gay or not
  46. Open marriages ?
  47. My Story
  48. Adjusting expectations for myself, in general
  49. Worried about maturity mismatches
  50. still Jung at heart (midlife theories)
  51. oscillate wildly
  52. Out & Out & Out & Out
  53. Major intamacy fears and anxieties (male)
  54. Confusion and Anxiety
  55. Came out to my chiropractor
  56. What was your very first moment of realisation?
  57. Institutional abuse
  58. married to man, now questioning sexuality????
  59. Came out to husband
  60. Crush on one of my best friends!
  61. Came out to a trusted cousin
  62. Just Realizing
  63. Locker room etiquette
  64. Good to be back
  65. On Not Being "Messy"
  66. Working for balance... and fast changes
  67. Codependency in marriage
  68. What the hell happened to dating?!
  69. only 5 days since my "epiphany" and I am feeling like a 17 year old boy.
  70. the universal story
  71. Rough Day
  72. Crush on a co-worker..not good. Help!
  73. More conversation, less action, more confusion
  74. Clarity on my childhood - a solid theory
  75. How soon is too soon?
  76. Carol- anyone seen it yet?
  77. Finding satisfaction where you are
  78. Feelings of guilt from ending a marriage
  79. dying inside
  80. I told him and his reaction sucks :(
  81. Where to start with counseling?
  82. "You get 23 hours of peace, then BAM! Tears. All the tears,"
  83. Late Bloomer
  84. Still not being completely true
  85. wanting to be more androgynous
  86. Confused at 30. ack!
  87. Quick question
  88. Feeling sneaking up on me
  89. Sappy, Diary Entry New Years Post
  90. Will she every stop being so horrible?
  91. Being a teenager again, and feeling frustrated
  92. married with kids and now know I'm gay - struggling with how to deal with it.
  93. Another question - do bi people secretly( or openly) prefer one gender to another?
  94. Coming out bi to family while married. Advice? Your own experience?
  95. Messing with my head
  96. Does anyone else feel messed up in terms of dating/relationships?
  97. Later in life folks who are fully out now...
  98. A Few Thoughts As We Close Out 2015
  99. Ive become a hermit... And I feel so alone.
  100. What has felt nourishing/meaningful to that does not require leaving a partner?
  101. This actually kinda sucks
  102. Is it possible to completely reinvent yourself?
  103. Feeling good
  104. Xmas is over, back to reality
  105. The grass isn't always greener--
  106. To email or not to email
  107. Coming out on social media?
  108. Discovering new interests
  109. lonley
  110. Just joined
  111. And so ends another horrible Christmas
  112. Rook some time to evaluate things.
  113. How to suggest an open marriage? How did you do that?
  114. I have to give up
  115. Small Things Really Make a Difference on Christmas
  116. Coming Out of Lurker-hood
  117. Christmas, for those who observe...
  118. Feeling really down and unlike myself
  119. The greatest fear
  120. Holy crap, did that just happened?!?
  121. Happy holidays!
  122. A friend sent me this story, I wanted to share with you guys
  123. No happy ending here :(
  124. Is It Too Late for Me?
  125. What if it's too late..
  126. Suspended animation
  127. Seeking participants for an interview study
  128. Christmas - A time for ??
  129. Divorce
  130. Input is appreciated
  131. Asking for Advice from the Older & Wiser (Life Stuff)
  132. What are some good strategies for surviving time with family when you're not out?
  133. Trying to be patient...
  134. Horny
  135. sexual fantasy question
  136. Stories about aching for normalcy, acceptance and love
  137. How's it going Mellie?
  138. New Normal
  139. Was there another way?
  140. At the crossroads.
  141. One Door Closes and Another One Opens
  142. New friends
  143. Neglect
  144. It's been a long week (an update, if you will)
  145. Finally starting to figure myself out
  146. How do I do this?
  147. New friends, new conflicts
  148. Straight people narratives (rinse and repeat)
  149. Introduced Myself, Here's My Story
  150. Back after a break from EC
  151. confused
  152. Accepting what I like, and what I don't
  153. Are you afraid you are 'dead inside?'
  154. Acceptance Backpeddal
  155. I don't know how much more I can take (this is so long you will not read it all)
  156. More effeminate after coming out?
  157. Who texts who??
  158. Off for the holiday
  159. First stupid celebrity crush
  160. Friendship query ....?
  161. A Really Good Read
  162. Wonder How Long This Will Take?
  163. How did you know what to do?
  164. Pictures from last christmas
  165. Dentist outing himself
  166. turn back time
  167. (Stuck?) in a bromance
  168. Feeling The Gays
  169. Update on my crazy life!
  170. Gay, Married, Kids, UGH
  171. I want to better myself
  172. I did it!
  173. Been confused for a long time
  174. I am...
  175. One of those days
  176. I'm happiest when I'm gay
  177. Dabda is back, focused on denial.
  178. Holy Hell with the Emotions & Questioning (word vomit)
  179. Struggling.
  180. Burnt out on men... Am I a lesbian?
  181. Destin to be a lonely old fag
  182. Sooo angry with life and at myself :(
  183. A year ago today...
  184. If you're unsure if someone is gay, should you ask them?
  185. Advice from married people
  186. I'm gonna be single forever
  187. Riding out a dip
  188. Update on baristajedi
  189. Recovering
  190. So tired of being in the closet
  191. Clueless! I need some advice.
  192. Terrified of seeing old friends
  193. Listen to Your Heart, a typical life tale of regret
  194. From gay to bi?
  195. Half tries and figuring out needs and wants
  196. Cross Generational Gay Relationships
  197. Somewhere in between
  198. ooops - Gotta Watch Out For That
  199. What now??
  200. My own advice (a small rant)
  201. I'm close to telling her so why can't I just do it
  202. Full Member Status but Sad
  203. met someone while I'm still coming to terms with being gay
  204. How do I tell her that I am inexperienced with women without scaring her off?
  205. Time to shake things up
  206. Moving Out.
  207. Have You Ever Lost A Partner Because of His/Her Religious Beliefs?
  208. I've set a date to come out
  209. Disappointed
  210. Interesting weekend...
  211. How do you get over your trigger?
  212. No Direction
  213. Dating after divorce.
  214. Being OK with being gay
  215. It's like I'm having to relearn everything....
  216. Just out of sorts lately.
  217. Down Day Rant
  218. Feeling Stuck
  219. Recent Widower - Recently Out - Incredibly Lonely
  220. Sooner than I was ready for....
  221. Question about therapy / telling spouse
  222. A short rant about the constant brain chatter
  223. I'm over my trigger
  224. Okay, guys. I need advice. Like, now.
  225. Brief introduction because I'm nervous!
  226. Me again... With so much guilt and doubt
  227. I'm going to call this progress...
  228. speed dating
  229. Every night...
  230. Social media question
  231. What to do when a friend might be curious?
  232. Need a little advice/encouragement
  233. Inspired by Cap
  234. Am I the only one?
  235. Another Intro
  236. Introducing myself
  237. *weeps* I thought it was just me
  238. I'm not sure if I count... But hi :)
  239. Finding peace during divorce / coming out late
  240. I'm going to leave this ridiculous rant right . . . here.
  241. 55, married for 25 years. Hubby died and...
  242. Struggles of Late Bloomer....It's only me?
  243. Pulled the Trigger
  244. Messy divorce.
  245. A lesbian asked me out, and I'm going
  246. Laughing
  247. Thank you everyone (update on Cap)
  248. Second adolescence--I think it's starting
  249. a fun lesbian event!
  250. How can i get a girlfriend?