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  1. Lgbt+ sports clubs
  2. I don't think it's confidence?
  3. A daughter's gift to her gay dad
  4. My ex wrote me a poem
  5. Married
  6. Spent time alone
  7. Coming out while Married
  8. I'd rather do dishes than date
  9. Had a good day.
  10. Dating after divorce?
  11. Homophobia in Church
  12. Mini Freak Out
  13. Medications for depression, your experience
  14. Just a Quick Update
  15. Ever feel like "accidentally" outing yourself?
  16. help, encouragement, advice? Please?
  17. Being gay is what I am or who I am?
  18. The joy of coming out to oneself ....realizing other men think like this too...
  19. Struggling with it
  20. Oh Happy day
  21. Struggling with acceptance
  22. How do you deal with a bit of panic?
  23. Went on a date....
  24. Getting easier
  25. Did you do anything symbolic or ceremonial to embrace your sexuality?
  26. i just had to say it somewhere
  27. My wife bought my son a rainbow shirt
  28. Goals and Dreams - what are yours
  29. Can sexual orientation change ideas about marriage?
  30. What to do next
  31. Big Step for Me- I am going to Pride
  32. The Joys of Coming Out
  33. Scared & Excited
  34. NYC Pride - To go or not to go
  35. Maybe I'll make a fancy gayness graph.
  36. Anyone relate?
  37. Honesty
  38. First step taken, now what...
  39. Futureme.org
  40. Energy
  41. Struggling with Self Acceptance
  42. A momentary moment of internalized Homophobia
  43. What I learned from being harrassed yesterday
  44. So this happened.....
  45. Pride is coming....
  46. Dating for late in lifers
  47. What was your turning point in acceptance of your sexuality?
  48. Wanting to run away
  49. No Matter What Happens, I have no regrets about coming out. I love being gay.
  50. Just looking to make some friends 😊
  51. Just looking to make some friends 😊
  52. Trying to work on myself
  53. I can love my life right now
  54. My crush - Can anyone relate?
  55. Maybe it is my current relationship!
  56. masc/fem expression
  57. whynotsooner
  58. Experience with online dating apps
  59. Anxiety and uncertainity
  60. Phantom abuse
  61. I don't know what I'm looking for
  62. And so I suppose we what I've learned is that life never stop a being complicated
  63. Gay and very lonely
  64. Freeze when trying to take next step
  65. realizing later in life and feeling trapped
  66. Felt so right
  67. Over the years sexual interest in women fade away. Anyone the same?
  68. Over the years sexual interest in women fade away...
  69. Letting go: My Career no longer defines me
  70. Help me gay up my Spotify
  71. Anyone else lonely?
  72. My story.....thoughts?
  73. Hope and visions for the future
  74. Outted by accident now very anxious
  75. Frustrated
  76. Is my life....coming together??
  77. Boundaries...
  78. Mental Health
  79. Finally Told Somebody Else
  80. Eurphoric feeling - journal entry
  81. Everything and nothing
  82. Drifting
  83. Went to my first LGBT activity!
  84. Lost in a sea of uncertainty
  85. *nervous wave*
  86. I'm old but happy!
  87. Visiting San francisco
  88. Well that was easy...
  89. Finally accepted myself... what do I do now?
  90. Feeling better
  91. so.... feelings
  92. Sex with the opposite-sex is the least scary option?
  93. Straight women have more same sex thoughts then straight men?
  94. Is she flirting or she just having fun??
  95. Advice needed!!!!
  96. One week since I came out to my wife
  97. How are you doing
  98. So Messed Up, So Much Doubt
  99. Sometimes when being me is like bursting...
  100. Thoughts?
  101. Options after coming out to a straight spouse
  102. Depressed over my life choices...
  103. Feeling lonely, so I am going to vent
  104. Anxiety off the charts today!
  105. Came out...at 50. What do I do now?
  106. Same sex relationships where the sex is absent
  107. deep in the pit of my belly
  108. Letting go
  109. Will coming out to a person make you feel better?
  110. LGBT and custody
  111. Feeling Some Kind of Way
  112. It's just not working in the real world.
  113. feeling lonely
  114. Did you just reach a point where you couldn't do it anymore?
  115. Next step part 2
  116. A funeral for my marriage
  117. If straight people fantasise about the same-sex...
  118. Dreams
  119. Recoming out
  120. Lesbian... and then not...
  121. The Fundamentals...
  122. Open Marriage
  123. Going out clubbing
  124. How to get in touch with people you meet online (here)
  125. Today Was A Tough Day
  126. Some setbacks and some progress
  127. If your marriage was ever happy...(ramble)
  128. Please help.
  129. Catalyst
  130. Trying To Figure It All Out
  131. Baby steps
  132. Coming out at 31...
  133. Another post about my divorce guilt
  134. Gai/Bi and still happy in marriage
  135. Being in a straight relationship
  136. Feeling down
  137. What do you do to "feel gay?"
  138. My desire and physical arousal seem to be contradicting each other . . .
  139. Waiting for "survival mode" to end.
  140. Worried I'll be a bad lover
  141. It doesn't seem real - Can anyone relate?
  142. Anyone else consumed with thought & unable to focus?
  143. Self reflections
  144. Too much drink
  145. I think I am finally ready to come out
  146. For us late in life gals...
  147. Thoughts on the journey...
  148. Could reallllllllllllllyyyyyyy use some advice about my sexuality!!!
  149. Sex versus romance and intimacy
  150. Questioning Sexuality Later in Life
  151. WTF - married, kids, sex rehab, therapy, now confronting sexuality
  152. Embracing my sexuality - can I take a mulligan?
  153. Just venting
  154. Finally came out casually at work.....
  155. Married with kids, but want to be with women...
  156. I am Bisexual: finding myself and reflections on how I got here
  157. Can a person you barely know be your catalyst?
  158. Cultural shock?
  159. Am I rewinding back to the closet?
  160. This d*ke feels strong today
  161. Struggling to remember the past
  162. depression
  163. Bisexuality and monogamy
  164. Pursue a crush?
  165. Repressed orientation due to conservative culture?
  166. Feeling broken hearted without a breakup
  167. Being married, bisexual and in love. Relationship struggles. Opening up to share.
  168. Does the concept of dating scare anyone else?
  169. Jealous of other married folks...
  170. I realized I was gay last year
  171. Easier to stay Hetrosexual ?
  172. When does it all end?
  173. Today, 21108 days and a few leap years on... I told a friend
  174. Moving on.. long term relationship
  175. Is there a magnetic force behind attraction?
  176. How can I be happy in the meantime?
  177. Is this what self acceptance feels like?
  178. Feeling really guilty today...
  179. Coming out ...the gratitide that comes for being the man I am
  180. Is it possible to not realise that you were gay earlier in life?
  181. Bi in Hetero Relationship (aah)
  182. Feeling less guilty for once
  183. Advice...
  184. What just happened.
  185. Just really struggling...
  186. 3 years, already
  187. I've been living a lie . . .
  188. Support groups?
  189. I'm okay
  190. Feeling paralyzed
  191. A small statue beckoned ... masculinity unavoidable
  192. My life feels so unmanageable sometimes
  193. Back to square one
  194. Anniversary
  195. My long time friend who is gay is proposing for arranged marriage
  196. Lost my girl virginity
  197. Trusting a friend again
  198. Straight & lesbian
  199. Outgrowing
  200. When he's looking...and you dare not
  201. feel a whole lot better since transitioning
  202. be honest what do u guys think?
  203. When you can't hide from yourself....acceptance
  204. I feel amazing.
  205. Safety in a heterosexual relationship
  206. When they called me a d*ke...
  207. I "came out" to an associate at a business event - and I laughed
  208. Here's my straight versus not straight list:
  209. Sharing with family ---- that I love who I love.
  210. What does this mean?
  211. Do I stay or let them go?
  212. Waiting for other people to decide things/being patient
  213. Life is easier and I am nicer when I stop fighting it
  214. Good update
  215. Getting over my catalyst
  216. Reconciling the past with the present
  217. I finally said it out loud to him
  218. Nervous
  219. How to ask out a waitress (and I don't have a clue if she's into women)
  220. The marriage dilemma
  221. Need advice. I'm 34 and just came out
  222. I need some tips
  223. Subjecting myself to emotional abuser
  224. Smiling
  225. Update on my marriage
  226. Admiration for guys = gay or something else?
  227. Shame and IH in current Political Environment
  228. On the cusp...
  229. Developing "gaydar"
  230. Podcast Episode
  231. Kinsey
  232. Memories make sense
  233. Hi friends - lots of updates :)
  234. Here we are again, sort of
  235. Thankfully one trait I have and love is my ability to reinvent.
  236. Marriage is hard
  237. It all feels pointless
  238. Choices
  239. Finding Myself and Becoming a Narcissist.
  240. Dinah Shore - Lesbian Romp
  241. How do you get out of a rut?
  242. Next step
  243. After ALOT of processing...
  244. Bi curious and married
  245. Coming out at work?
  246. Just so Lonely Sometimes
  247. Created a mess and separating from my husband
  248. My friends think Im faking it
  249. Is my fantasy revealing about my sexuality or not?
  250. Closure and the impact on shame