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  1. Another post about my divorce guilt
  2. Gai/Bi and still happy in marriage
  3. Being in a straight relationship
  4. Feeling down
  5. What do you do to "feel gay?"
  6. My desire and physical arousal seem to be contradicting each other . . .
  7. Waiting for "survival mode" to end.
  8. Worried I'll be a bad lover
  9. It doesn't seem real - Can anyone relate?
  10. 36 Female.. Am I a lesbian? What is wrong with me?
  11. Anyone else consumed with thought & unable to focus?
  12. Self reflections
  13. Too much drink
  14. I think I am finally ready to come out
  15. For us late in life gals...
  16. Thoughts on the journey...
  17. Could reallllllllllllllyyyyyyy use some advice about my sexuality!!!
  18. Sex versus romance and intimacy
  19. Questioning Sexuality Later in Life
  20. WTF - married, kids, sex rehab, therapy, now confronting sexuality
  21. Embracing my sexuality - can I take a mulligan?
  22. Just venting
  23. Finally came out casually at work.....
  24. Married with kids, but want to be with women...
  25. I am Bisexual: finding myself and reflections on how I got here
  26. Can a person you barely know be your catalyst?
  27. Cultural shock?
  28. Am I rewinding back to the closet?
  29. This d*ke feels strong today
  30. Struggling to remember the past
  31. depression
  32. Bisexuality and monogamy
  33. Pursue a crush?
  34. Repressed orientation due to conservative culture?
  35. Feeling broken hearted without a breakup
  36. Being married, bisexual and in love. Relationship struggles. Opening up to share.
  37. Does the concept of dating scare anyone else?
  38. Jealous of other married folks...
  39. I realized I was gay last year
  40. Easier to stay Hetrosexual ?
  41. When does it all end?
  42. Today, 21108 days and a few leap years on... I told a friend
  43. Moving on.. long term relationship
  44. Is there a magnetic force behind attraction?
  45. How can I be happy in the meantime?
  46. Update on my friend
  47. Is this what self acceptance feels like?
  48. Feeling really guilty today...
  49. Coming out ...the gratitide that comes for being the man I am
  50. Is it possible to not realise that you were gay earlier in life?
  51. Bi in Hetero Relationship (aah)
  52. Feeling less guilty for once
  53. Advice...
  54. What just happened.
  55. Just really struggling...
  56. 3 years, already
  57. I've been living a lie . . .
  58. Support groups?
  59. I'm okay
  60. Feeling paralyzed
  61. A small statue beckoned ... masculinity unavoidable
  62. My life feels so unmanageable sometimes
  63. Back to square one
  64. Anniversary
  65. My long time friend who is gay is proposing for arranged marriage
  66. Lost my girl virginity
  67. Trusting a friend again
  68. Straight & lesbian
  69. Outgrowing
  70. When he's looking...and you dare not
  71. feel a whole lot better since transitioning
  72. be honest what do u guys think?
  73. When you can't hide from yourself....acceptance
  74. I feel amazing.
  75. Safety in a heterosexual relationship
  76. When they called me a d*ke...
  77. I "came out" to an associate at a business event - and I laughed
  78. Here's my straight versus not straight list:
  79. Sharing with family ---- that I love who I love.
  80. What does this mean?
  81. Do I stay or let them go?
  82. Waiting for other people to decide things/being patient
  83. Life is easier and I am nicer when I stop fighting it
  84. Good update
  85. Getting over my catalyst
  86. Reconciling the past with the present
  87. I finally said it out loud to him
  88. Nervous
  89. How to ask out a waitress (and I don't have a clue if she's into women)
  90. The marriage dilemma
  91. Angry at crush & friend
  92. Need advice. I'm 34 and just came out
  93. I need some tips
  94. Subjecting myself to emotional abuser
  95. Smiling
  96. Update on my marriage
  97. Admiration for guys = gay or something else?
  98. Shame and IH in current Political Environment
  99. On the cusp...
  100. Developing "gaydar"
  101. Podcast Episode
  102. Kinsey
  103. Memories make sense
  104. Hi friends - lots of updates :)
  105. Here we are again, sort of
  106. Thankfully one trait I have and love is my ability to reinvent.
  107. Marriage is hard
  108. It all feels pointless
  109. Choices
  110. Finding Myself and Becoming a Narcissist.
  111. Dinah Shore - Lesbian Romp
  112. How do you get out of a rut?
  113. Next step
  114. After ALOT of processing...
  115. Bi curious and married
  116. Coming out at work?
  117. Just so Lonely Sometimes
  118. Created a mess and separating from my husband
  119. My friends think Im faking it
  120. Is my fantasy revealing about my sexuality or not?
  121. Closure and the impact on shame
  122. How likely is it?
  123. Random memories from childhood
  124. My greatest fear...
  125. Brain explosion
  126. A lonely journey
  127. Is this what I'm in for????!!!!!
  128. Letting go of the fairy tale to seek authentic life.
  129. A person comes up to me and says, Q8ty3Rz
  130. The Trouble with Living in a Small Southern Town
  131. Shaved legs
  132. The term 'Heteroflexible'
  133. Gender, sexuality.... reflection time
  134. Finally am at peace with myself
  135. when or how to tell someone you're dating that you're bi
  136. Same Gender Attraction Feels...Different?
  137. Out in the workplace?
  138. Thought of the day
  139. Getting Stuck
  140. 50 and just realised I'm gay
  141. That whole early / mid 1900s generation, tainted against homosexuality
  142. PREP and the new sexual Olympians
  143. I want a younger girlfriend
  144. Identity crisis or just really repressed?
  145. Feel like I'm on a rollercoaster
  146. Questioning
  147. Help!
  148. Am I doomed to be alone?
  149. Life 2.0
  150. Religion - Two Years Later...
  151. No going back
  152. 55 and questioning still
  153. do you think people who are popular in high school become successful later in life?
  154. Relationships before coming out : how did you feel ?
  155. Getting over someone...?
  156. Inwd 2017
  157. Do people love sex?
  158. Divorce / Coming Out Ceremony
  159. After coming out and unresolved issues
  160. Typical therapy needs for LGBT people
  161. Holding pattern
  162. Not sure what it is i need
  163. I wasted my life. how do you get over and move past the regrets?
  164. Need some advice
  165. What I want to say vs what I actually said
  166. Finally something is happening
  167. Acceptance at 25
  168. What questions do I need to ask myself?
  169. A few weeks on
  170. My last fear I need to conquer
  171. Listening to your gut
  172. True or False, my sometimes combative nature.
  173. Spoke with my cousin.
  174. Came out not early but after having a kid at 27
  175. Being me
  176. What were (are) we all afraid of?
  177. Stress, Anger, communication difficulties
  178. Prefer older women
  179. Hide and seek with myself
  180. Back in the closet again for a bit...
  181. As simple as learning to ride a bicycle?
  182. Reality Check
  183. Is it fair to date?
  184. If you are a single parent
  185. I'm freaking out a little
  186. On EC for 4 years today...
  187. How to overcome the fear?
  188. I finally came out to someone
  189. struggling with avoiding sexuality
  190. What am I?
  191. The "Homosexual" label.
  192. Troubles accepting sexuality...
  193. The second stage of coming out...
  194. Almost 30 and questioning my gender / sexualily.
  195. feeling maybe fat?
  196. Ladies, Would you consider dating a younger woman?
  197. Breakthrough!
  198. i came out to someone new and old
  199. This Is Not What I Hoped For
  200. What now?
  201. accepting my self more in my 50s
  202. Recognizing LGBT later in life
  203. Holding my breath
  204. velvet rage?
  205. how do people become gay?
  206. Break it off?
  207. i don't have a thread title
  208. Well I opened the floodgates. I think I might be gay.
  209. Anyone experience Mixed marriages ?
  210. What would you do?
  211. Has anyone experiences this?
  212. Just Saying Hi
  213. Married, distressed and not sure who I am
  214. I Stepped Out of The Closet for a Moment....
  215. Freedom
  216. Two Years Ago Today
  217. Is she my best friend or my girlfriend?
  218. Bisexual feelings going wild in a straight marriage
  219. Came out to parents!
  220. Gay Purgatory
  221. I don't know what to think at the moment
  222. Relief
  223. Hello
  224. So what now? I feel utterly lost.
  225. Telling your partner
  226. First Valentine's Day
  227. Bingo, bringing your homophobic fears and sexuality to a new level of understanding
  228. I don't know what to feel honestly
  229. Valentine's Day cards...and me
  230. I'm moving South and I'm freaked out.
  231. how do you stop comparing yourself...bad body image
  232. to speeddate or not, that is the question????
  233. Closing the door behind me
  234. Four years
  235. Later In Life Coming Out...At Work
  236. Goals -after you've come out.
  237. Date vs. just hanging out?
  238. I am a married man who questions sexuality
  239. Thirsty for Lesbians
  240. I am home now
  241. Lower activity a bit these days but still here and still learning :)
  242. 264 Haircuts
  243. What is wrong with me???
  244. Lol, if they don't know I'm gay by now...
  245. emotions
  246. I just met someone
  247. breakthrough today...yay me!!!
  248. Winter blues- overwhelmed- not one more issue
  249. so here's a thing/dilemma
  250. Advice