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  1. Recognizing LGBT later in life
  2. Holding my breath
  3. velvet rage?
  4. how do people become gay?
  5. Break it off?
  6. i don't have a thread title
  7. Well I opened the floodgates. I think I might be gay.
  8. Anyone experience Mixed marriages ?
  9. What would you do?
  10. Has anyone experiences this?
  11. Just Saying Hi
  12. Married, distressed and not sure who I am
  13. I Stepped Out of The Closet for a Moment....
  14. Freedom
  15. Two Years Ago Today
  16. Is she my best friend or my girlfriend?
  17. Bisexual feelings going wild in a straight marriage
  18. Came out to parents!
  19. Gay Purgatory
  20. I don't know what to think at the moment
  21. Relief
  22. Hello
  23. So what now? I feel utterly lost.
  24. Telling your partner
  25. First Valentine's Day
  26. Bingo, bringing your homophobic fears and sexuality to a new level of understanding
  27. I don't know what to feel honestly
  28. Valentine's Day cards...and me
  29. I'm moving South and I'm freaked out.
  30. how do you stop comparing yourself...bad body image
  31. to speeddate or not, that is the question????
  32. Closing the door behind me
  33. Four years
  34. Later In Life Coming Out...At Work
  35. Goals -after you've come out.
  36. Date vs. just hanging out?
  37. I am a married man who questions sexuality
  38. Thirsty for Lesbians
  39. I am home now
  40. Lower activity a bit these days but still here and still learning :)
  41. 264 Haircuts
  42. What is wrong with me???
  43. Lol, if they don't know I'm gay by now...
  44. emotions
  45. I just met someone
  46. breakthrough today...yay me!!!
  47. Winter blues- overwhelmed- not one more issue
  48. so here's a thing/dilemma
  49. Advice
  50. valentines day depression is setting in :(
  51. Worse and worse....
  52. I think it just keeps getting better
  53. Need Advice
  54. Crush
  55. Two small but nice developments.
  56. Coming out???
  57. I don't feel alive anymore
  58. so i took a hugh step towards authenticity
  59. From acceptance to thankfulness.
  60. Your core being, listing to myself
  61. So I made a decision
  62. The Reason Why "I Feel So Cheated"
  63. Is she just not interested?
  64. this is what i came out for???!!! what a disappointment
  65. I feel so cheated
  66. The passive aggressive ex spouse
  67. Family Mags now promote LGBT families..
  68. Too late to bloom?
  69. I've decided...
  70. My Divorce is Final
  71. and another one down...
  72. straight sex (in hindsight)
  73. Can a youth know their orientation?
  74. Coming out to teen/adult kids. How and when?
  75. Dark energy in the universe and how I feel about my sexuality
  76. Should I come out to my wife?
  77. The book Farm Boys has done it again - sexual development reflected upon
  78. Struggling...
  79. Obsessed with girl/sex?
  80. How did it all turn out this way?
  81. Afraid of Sex
  82. Making Progress but still struggling a bit to my own disappointment
  83. Not at this age?
  84. Just can't seem to let go
  85. A few good things in a row
  86. The right therapist/meaningful therapy experiences
  87. Is a Marriage Counselor unbiased?
  88. Struggling with Divorce
  89. Doing stuff and analysing my reactions.
  90. Too much to handle
  91. Women's march (or your local sister matches)
  92. How to get over someone? (unrequited love)
  93. Stressing, jealous of y'all
  94. Good old fashioned lover boy...
  95. Just joined a meet up and it raised some anxiety
  96. How do you say goodbye to the person who never quite chose you?
  97. What a transition!
  98. Crying at weird moments
  99. Met someone online:Now what do I do?
  100. Wife's trying to accept my bisexuality
  101. How to stop the guilt?
  102. Wary of getting into new relationship
  103. My BF had a heart attack this morning
  104. Being alone, a must read article
  105. For the women on here 30 and up, how long have you been waiting...
  106. 26 and Facing Realizations After Several Years of Doubt
  107. I am so Wrong,....
  108. I want it all
  109. Which Way to Jump?
  110. "Maybe you'll meet a nice guy."
  111. Needing to talk it out
  112. I'm so grateful for coming out
  113. Ego trippin'
  114. Did anyone wait for a while before telling their partner?
  115. Confused
  116. 25, UK, and waiting for my first GIC appointment
  117. I wish sometimes I never came out
  118. I need someone to talk to!
  119. Absolute Worst Week In My Life
  120. So there's this woman....
  121. Hurt and disappointed
  122. Reflections on identity, our journeys, and the stages of coming out
  123. Living with Parents and Brother
  124. The hard conversations
  125. My transition plan.
  126. I came out in a different way today
  127. Wanting Children
  128. Well, here goes.
  129. First Night
  130. Divorce / Coming Out Ceremony
  131. Coming out late in life survival kit
  132. Going deeper into the closet
  133. I want to break free
  134. being gay and wanting kids
  135. Too old to be new?
  136. Possible to have a romantic relationship from a hook-up?
  137. Putting the kids before self
  138. The view from this side is clearer
  139. Coming out as a lifelong process
  140. I sorta kinda just cane out at work
  141. looking for perspective
  142. cheating, divorce, and homosexuality
  143. How should I come out to my husband's parents?
  144. Looking for suggestions for how to deal with down moments
  145. Do I deserve to be happy?
  146. Closeted married guy seeking advice
  147. I think I may be turning a corner
  148. Am I just overly sensitive?
  149. Challenge accepted.
  150. Came out to my parents, now its just awkward.
  151. A proposition
  152. I didn't know him well but he helped me on my journey
  153. Happy new year!!!!
  154. Frustrated with Attractions
  155. Incredible Change Is Possible.
  156. Tell me it gets better?
  157. Confused and digusted with myself. Underage feelings
  158. Don't know where I am at anymore
  159. Your thoughts please...
  160. Hello Everyone! ( Intro Post:) )
  161. Could you be with a "strict top"?
  162. Starting To See The Light
  163. What was the thing that made you face the truth?
  164. Intro from Bunnydee
  165. Admitting that I'm afraid
  166. Some reasons it took me so long
  167. LIES PEOPLE TELL ME: "You just haven't met the right person yet"
  168. I like women but also hate them. ??
  169. Out to my wife,I think
  170. Sick of being lovesick!
  171. Scared of 'hetero feelings coming back - is this just a stage of coming out?
  172. Another first
  173. Coming out to my mum
  174. Is It Time?
  175. How's your holiday season?
  176. Trapped
  177. 2nd honeymoon after coming out
  178. Another female experience...and what do I do with this anger I'm feeling?
  179. New Holiday Traditions
  180. Happy Chanukah
  181. Don't Know What the Right Thing To Do Is
  182. When you come out in a message and you're waiting for the response...
  183. What if I never get married?
  184. Being gay screwed up my life
  185. Does being gay have complications as an adult?
  186. What is happening with me
  187. Finally came out to someone in Real Life
  188. Thought I knew for sure, but now doubts
  189. The truth
  190. Seems I'm a natural lesbian but still have guilt
  191. Questioning at Mid Life
  192. New Year's Resolutions
  193. for all of us
  194. Weird life journey
  195. Married woman in love with religious lady
  196. Why am I struggling to follow my truth?
  197. Big step tonight
  198. coming oug, going back in, coming out against. maybe
  199. Finally, A Boyfriend!
  200. Embarrassed - crush on a co worker
  201. I'm not sure where this insecurity is coming from
  202. An announcement, that unknown force that help me in check
  203. Guys...I DID IT
  204. Our journeys
  205. Finally
  206. What's Done is Done
  207. Hello from this 43 year old lesbian
  208. Taking the next step
  209. Book, Farm Boys, by Will Fellows, what I'm seeing to date
  210. Not dealing well today
  211. My truth
  212. Regret....
  213. Testosterone levels and feeling gay
  214. Well I did it
  215. Have I Screwed This Up Too Much?
  216. Isolated
  217. Such a heartwarming day
  218. Angry at myself for denying it for so long
  219. Losing the life I know?!?!?
  220. For those struggling with anxiety, depression, uncertainty, a simple reflection
  221. Why can't I get over the anxiety
  222. 99% of my sexual fantasies are about women
  223. update on coming out
  224. Pressure building
  225. Update one year later
  226. Holiday trouble with partner
  227. Married and in the closet
  228. Stuck in control - for almost six years now
  229. The last few days
  230. Is there really someone for everyone?
  231. out of the closet and stuck on the bedroom
  232. Help.Major crush on student..
  233. Coffee date.....
  234. Now I am out, too.
  235. Seeing a therapist!
  236. (Female) Tops vs. Bottoms
  237. Well that didn't work out.
  238. I feel I have totally accepted myself as gay and I want it, but....
  239. Old questions, brought on by new answers.
  240. Lessons and learning
  241. Associating being gay with being alone
  242. I don't want this!
  243. Some advice and encourage
  244. Filed for Divorce
  245. Movin' Out
  246. Second female encounter left me feeling confused
  247. What is wrong with me?
  248. in a relation w a straight woman
  249. How did I get here?
  250. Book, Farm Boys, by Will Fellows, best gay themed book I've read