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  1. The most surprising thing about being trans for me.
  2. Question on changing legal documents
  3. Genderqueer?
  4. I have a name idea, but...
  5. Am I Genderqueer?
  6. Finally found the condifence to dress in all-girl clothes to school
  7. How to hide binder+straps??
  8. RE: Coming out to high school! :)
  9. No meds
  10. Quite sure I'm trans now
  11. diy binder help
  12. I wish I was female.
  13. Feeling the Part but not Looking the Part?
  14. Am I pronoun-indifferent agender?
  15. My recent trip and gender
  16. internalized transphobia..in dreams?
  17. The VA and transgender
  18. hair tips
  19. Any Advice for A Younger Transgender Man?
  20. I just need to voice my thoughts...
  21. Harder to Hide
  22. Are drag acts a problem?
  23. Cheeks
  24. Transition process in the UK?
  25. Any advice on what to buy to help stay…..while running?
  26. My trans Journey
  27. They said my name.
  28. How to dress flattering when androgynous?!
  29. Questioning.
  30. Annual GYN Appointment--FTM
  31. Binding whIle working out?
  32. please help (sorry this is long)
  33. What If… I looked how I felt
  34. I'm not sure...
  35. What does it mean to be trans?
  36. What could hold me back?
  37. What if... I was born a boy
  38. Trans Advice
  39. Shoes
  40. How to be more feminine
  41. What if I'm not really trans?
  42. breast form question...
  43. Trying to express myself: as what?
  44. New clothes....
  45. Confused
  46. Please help with my gender?
  47. Finding the strength to start over
  48. Can transgender people adopt?
  49. GIC referral in the UK
  50. Trans with no dysphoria whatsoever as a kid?
  51. Ear piercing and earring choice for a professional still presenting as a man at work?
  52. Can't handle periods...
  53. Updating of an old fella here! I am doing awful!
  54. Newly discovered genderfluid, seeking short hairstyle
  55. Envy and Waiting for Transition
  56. Where Do I Turn?
  57. Ugh. My world is spinning.
  58. Transition thoughts
  59. My weird gender identity
  60. Mtf fat redistrubution
  61. Do you intend to live out or stealth as trans?
  62. Transitioning
  63. Little Trans frustrations...
  64. Really fucking depressed
  65. It's all flooding back again
  66. I don't understand
  67. Fear of regret.
  68. Counselor
  69. How to sneak clothes past parents (includes my therapy results)
  70. friend isn't acknowledging my gender
  71. demi gender...maybe??
  73. Itty Bitty Squishy Butch
  74. The topic of school uniforms
  75. So anxious I can barely type...
  76. Got my T letter, but am now feeling confused...
  77. I'm going to come out to everyone at school
  78. Uniform and Names... Ugh
  79. I feel like a caterpillar
  80. Starting to feel.... abnormal.
  81. Reducing chest size? (for faab ppl)
  82. MtF Voice Training - Any Tips?
  83. Help a non binary on periods?
  84. Is this gender dysphoria?
  85. I Want to Break the Mirror
  86. Genderfluid/Genderqueer
  87. Packers, Binding, Gender Expression
  88. Ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend?
  89. Genderqueer? You can be Genderhere
  90. Advice on names?
  91. Coming out and Hormones
  92. Ms Emma's random gender thoughts
  93. Dating
  94. Some thoughts
  95. New to bindning. Advice?
  96. Where Can I Find A Girlfriend Who Likes A Crossdressing Guy?
  97. An unusually comfortable day
  98. Male/Female names
  99. Ughhhhhhhhh.
  100. Is This Thought Reasonable...
  101. Closer to fine...
  102. Shaving your legs... A straight man's tale! :)
  103. The start of something..
  104. POC specific queer terminology
  105. How long until a voice changes?
  106. How do I know whether I'm transgender or not?
  107. Im really confused with myself
  108. Ideas on what my gender could be???
  109. A Question From My Therapist
  110. How I want to be a Drag Queen!
  111. How some of yours finded the *perfect* name?
  112. Don't think I'll ever be able to come out or transition
  113. Feel like I'm living two lives.
  114. Packing
  115. Feeling like your sexuality invalidates your gender?
  116. What would I be?
  117. This is confusing
  118. Would taking T be worth it?
  119. Androgyne vs agender?
  120. Does it always get worse before it gets better?
  121. harassment at school
  122. Genderqueer?
  123. Effects of testosterone?
  124. Genderqueer or Genderneutral?
  125. What significance would gender identity have in a perfectly egalitarian world?
  126. Sexuality issues changed into gender issues
  127. Gender identity and name
  128. Confidence and transtition... anyone relate?
  129. Great news after appointment with psychiatrist
  130. Uncertainty about my gender
  131. Any good resources about androgyne?
  132. What if I am making it up for attention?
  133. Confused
  134. Dysphoria and anxiety/headaches?
  135. Flattery Makes Me Question Being Trans
  136. Deciding another middle name
  137. Surgery before taking T
  138. FTM Top Surgery
  139. FTM Top Surgery
  140. Opinion on Tumblr and gender
  141. First haircut advice?
  142. Why do I feel this way?
  143. Is it a good idea??
  144. How can people see it?
  145. correcting pronouns and name
  146. Anybody used the Eva voice app?
  147. What is worse?
  148. How do I get a binder?
  149. Your Definition
  150. Transgender College Checklist
  151. Gender Expectations
  152. Just thought of something (vent-ish)
  153. The VA and gender therapy?
  154. Using A New Name
  155. Expressing sexuality as a celibate gay male
  156. Struggling with possible fluidity
  157. Who am i?
  158. another "am i ftm" post
  159. How to present as agender?
  160. Am I overthinking?
  161. Ideal stuff to wear for passing as male?
  162. A doubting mother
  163. Binder yey
  164. Not NB, Not Trans*, Not Bigender (Update)
  165. How best to try out pronouns/living as a guy?
  166. My mom said no ;(
  167. Name help?
  168. Is it stupid to be as hurt as I am?
  169. Siblings making fun of me for gender stuff
  170. Questioning - improved version
  171. Gendered Languages
  172. Am I trans? (FTM)
  173. Gender-neutral name?
  174. Feeling alone
  175. I see a regular old behavioral counselor. Is she the one I go to for letters/etc.?
  176. Gender fluid/agronym?
  177. I'm tired.
  178. Hesitation (Hormones)
  179. Facebook for a trans person?
  180. How to wash chest binders?
  181. Renaming yourself
  182. Have a crush on a non-binary person :) Tips?
  183. What does dysphoria feel like to you?
  184. I love being misgendered. Is that mean?
  185. A question for Demigender people
  186. Not a real trans
  187. Technical breast qs
  188. Still questioning whether or not I'm MtF transgender
  189. gc2b sizing?
  190. Are people who identify as agender considered transgendered?
  191. how to experiment while in the closet
  192. Legal name changes with dual citizenship.
  193. Gender issues make me feel so unmotivated
  194. College Preferred Name Policies
  195. Afraid of "Getting Stuck"?
  196. Binder question!
  197. Boy clothing
  198. I wish I knew how to cope
  199. Unsure what my thoughts mean
  200. Happy name things
  201. I'm not ready for summer...
  202. I just can't figure it out!
  203. Kinda came out?
  204. Figured Out at a Weird Time
  205. Giving up or I don't know... Pain?
  206. What is this called?
  207. Transboy? Non-binary? Making everything up??
  208. How do I buy underwear?
  209. Don't know how to act because of my socialization
  210. Questions About T and FtM Transition
  211. Masculine Underwear?
  212. List of what I know about my gender...
  213. Tips of feeling masculine?
  214. Singing while on T?
  215. How to deal with hair that I'm "not allowed" to cut?
  216. My Mother told me I'm a freak..
  217. Asthma, dry mouth, and binding
  218. Just confused
  219. Major confusion on my identity
  220. Name changes are weird
  221. Dealing with body dysphoria and curves
  222. How do I remember to use the right pronouns?
  223. Binders: half or tank?
  224. had a dream
  225. Feeling confused about gender
  226. How to convince my mom???
  227. Between Trans and Cis...?
  228. Dysphoria help?
  229. I'm afraid I'm making it up
  230. Revisiting a middle name, opinions?
  231. I'm really scared...
  232. Am I transexual?
  233. Is dysphoria beatable?
  234. Inspiring or Discouraging?
  235. Dysphoria Survival Strategy
  236. When to Wear a Bowtie?
  237. The Ultimate Trans Question
  238. Binder Help
  239. first try with crossdressing
  240. How to *know* your gender?
  241. Idols/Role models
  242. School Play: AHHHHHHHHH
  243. Urges to present as masculine? (HELP)
  244. I'm ''Too late''?
  245. MtF HRT and energy
  246. I think i like crossdressing
  247. Binder sometimes triggering dysphoria?
  248. AGENDER??? What am I????
  249. Does anyone on here use gender-neutral pronouns?
  250. DETAILED! TMI- I do not know what to think-frustrated