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  1. Any T girl here in Winnipeg?
  2. Tips.
  3. Feelings. :)
  4. I don't know what to do...
  5. Names
  6. FTM pitch altering surgery
  7. I'm not exactly sure about my gender identity...
  8. Suspecting my friend is trans?
  9. Agender?
  10. What actually IS gender identity?
  11. I am not transgender
  12. Is it "safe" to try wearing a packer if I don't have bottom dysphoria?
  13. TSA and binding?
  14. Since when you knew?
  15. Soy, lies and phytoestrogens
  16. University.
  17. Not sure about my gender..
  18. Jealousy
  19. How can I manage to come out and transition before 18
  20. Passing & Not Being Out To New Friends (Discussion)
  21. Paying for transitioning
  22. Has anyone ever corrected YOU on your gender?
  23. Hurt by transphobia casual and close to home
  24. How to get my own girl's clothes
  25. I don't fit in the "I always knew" narrative - am I really trans?
  26. Anyone else think about this sometimes?
  27. Question about zip up/Velcro binders
  28. How to be a better trans* ally
  29. Well this is new....
  30. Finding the perfect name!
  31. Confused about my gender
  32. What does it mean to be trans without dysphoria?
  33. Question regarding transsexuals
  34. Masculine makeup for a baby face?
  35. Questions about gender identity and gender expression
  36. Help am i a girl or am i nb
  37. Transguy rant: too dysphoric to masturbate, dealing with frustration
  38. What are some strategies you have for regaining confidence
  39. Confusion, dysphoria, or fluidity?
  40. Looking towards the future, and being able to help myself.
  41. Freaking Outtttt
  42. Not sure
  43. Is it worth it?
  44. Am I a Guy?
  45. Help for putting on a binder?
  46. Question for people who are gender fluid.
  47. I'm considering changing my name again
  48. I'm Scared...
  49. New glasses!!! ^♡^
  50. Fluidity of roles
  51. Stuck in the middle?
  52. Help me with names??
  53. getting mom to use name/pronouns?
  54. How to deal with cards?
  55. Idea: Makeup giveaways for trans feminine youth!
  56. Figuring out my gender
  57. Can straight trans people go through the gay dilemma?
  58. Gender identity and the concept of "getting old."
  59. My minds racing
  60. Just wanna vent
  61. MTF and Street Harassment
  62. Living with unsupportive family
  63. Non-religious parents.
  64. Part agender?
  65. Haircut Anxiety (Or Is it Just Me?)
  66. Heterosexual butch?
  67. Will I ever pass?
  68. I found something that might be useful for people who are new to makeup
  69. Cis authors writing trans stories
  70. Do you think I pass?
  71. Gender Options in websites
  72. Do I have to come out?
  73. Figuring it out... Trans or Crossdresser? DNA or Emotional?
  74. should I just zip it till after Christmas?
  75. Is Dysphoria Permenent?
  76. Binder?
  77. A few questions to non-binary people who are on HRT
  78. Fairly Confused
  79. confused
  80. gender fluid, or non binary..or just over thinking it? :(
  81. Packers for broke people.
  82. Fading dysphoria?
  83. Made my decision and now this ???
  84. Body and facial hair
  85. Dysphoria?
  86. Does anyone else do this?
  87. What is gender identity?
  88. Sex vs Gender
  89. Have I got them all? [includes sexuality]
  90. Not sure of who I really am
  91. Washing clothing.
  92. Non binary what?
  93. This'll be fun...
  94. LGBT community
  95. Shopping for girls clothing! IDK what to do...
  96. I am happy but sometimes think it is wrong.
  97. Any FTM parent/wanna have kids?
  98. Am I gender fluid?
  99. How to talk to a Trans Woman
  100. I finally grew!
  101. I can't believe it - a website for FTM Aspies
  102. asking people to use a new name?
  103. dysphoria question
  104. Being non-binary around SO's family for the hoilday
  105. Coming Out to my Mum?
  106. Neutral pronouns?
  107. I'm confused
  108. About binding
  109. Themself or Themselves?
  110. Finding out what feels comfortable
  111. My boyfriend is transgender. I need some advice.
  112. binders and amusement parks
  113. Doubts rant
  114. Testosterone Question
  115. Coming out as agender today
  116. does anyone identify as an afab transwoman?
  117. Gender Neutral Pronouns?
  118. labels...
  119. Am I A Girl Or A Boy?
  120. Binders and swimming
  121. Some help being feminine
  122. Help - sudden random gender confusion
  123. Gender Roles
  124. Binding?
  125. Gender-neutral name
  126. Giving hints to my family
  127. I feel so stuck. How do I move past these doubts?
  128. TiRed ANd Sad?
  129. Being trans in the Military (Canadian)
  130. Binders
  131. Why can't I move on?
  132. Binding without a binder?
  133. I don't really identify as female or male - I'm just me.
  134. Agender, Gender and gender dysphoria (also binders)
  135. I dream a lot of being a woman
  136. Trans feelings fading?
  137. Starting Progesterone
  138. Am I non-binary?
  139. Okay. Am I trans or not?
  140. How to look more androgynous?
  141. What does it mean to be a man or a woman?
  142. Anxiety won't leave me alone! :(
  143. Scared about gender identity therapy
  144. Cis female, questioning my gender and it's killing me.
  145. Don't mind terms from assigned gender
  146. Genderqueer... Or not??
  147. Time To Fight For Trans Rights
  148. I don't know what I am.
  149. Panicking About Coming Out
  150. Experimenting with Femininity
  151. Cut my hair! O.O
  152. So yeah, my mind's doing a thing...
  153. Finding a good doctor
  154. Scared to tell my grandma that I want top surgery
  155. Non binary folks, how did you know?
  156. Am I too girly?
  157. So confused that it is frustrating
  158. New name, binding, and masculine hairstyles
  159. New name?
  160. Scared, confused, need advice.
  161. Am I cheating?
  162. Dysphoria Problems
  163. Really confused, please help.
  164. How to cope better with dysphoria?
  165. Do you have a religion?
  166. Should I get a binder?
  167. Looking for a gender therapist...
  168. Help Me Find My Identity?
  169. HRT for Genderqueers
  170. Gender dysphoria while fantasizing?
  171. tips on getting a binder without parents finding out?
  172. I've never told this before...
  173. Doubts about gender and orientation
  174. When friends use the right pronouns
  175. WTF is my gender?!?!???
  176. Homemade Binder Tips?
  177. Is what I did wrong?
  178. Passing for Male...successfully?
  179. Genderqueer Hairstyles
  180. unwilling to accept myself
  181. Respecting pronouns/name
  182. Confused.....
  183. What Is This?
  184. Went to my high-school reunion
  185. Help with writing Dysphoria on Essay
  186. Just sad I guess...
  187. Does anyone here have a New York Toy Collective packer? Opinions needed!
  188. Am I just androgynous or should I be questioning?
  189. Explaining my gender
  190. Tips on embracing femininity?
  191. Parents won't allow me to experiment with my gender.
  192. being misgendered and lacking friends
  193. A new name
  194. Agender...?
  195. So pronouns...
  196. I hope I survive thanksgiving
  197. I can't figure out my gender
  198. Not sure about my identity.
  199. Having doubts...
  200. Stuck In A Rut...
  201. Getting There!
  202. I figured it out!!
  203. Deciding on a name
  204. i'm so confused! Can anyone relate?
  205. Transitioning Questions
  206. Going home for thanksgiving
  207. trands support meeting.
  208. How do I make "dressing up" not a sexual thing?
  209. Mixing up my gender with my sexuality
  210. Finding Sizes
  211. Transgender and Genderfluid
  212. Nervous about high school reunion
  213. Most likely genderfluid~
  214. Most likely genderfluid~
  215. Is it possible?
  216. Picking names!
  217. Packing
  218. Wearing what you want.
  219. Do you have to experience a lot dysphoria?
  220. Beginning to question gender identity
  221. I thought I was trans... not so sure now. Is it because I haven't accepted it yet?
  222. What Does Dysphoria Feel Like?
  223. Gays that Hate Transgenders
  224. Frustrated, need help dealing with dysphoria and age
  225. most of the time dysphoria's not triggered by my own body...
  226. Questioning my gender identity
  227. would you call this gender fluid, i have no idea what i am :(
  228. My name is Colin :)
  229. Agender or just a phase?
  230. I'm not sure of my gender identity
  231. Is This Normal?
  232. Voice
  233. Is it normal to feel like this???
  234. School camp...
  235. Coping with everything
  236. Gender Neutral Pronouns in Spanish?
  237. Adult perspective answers needed
  238. Not sure where to put this...
  239. Does anyobody else feels lke this?
  240. Mad Men
  241. Transphobia and my take
  242. How does someone experiment with their gender identity?
  243. Taking the next steps!!
  244. Homoflexible?
  245. Bigender?
  246. Feeling so lost and confused. Please Help!
  247. Hello
  248. Do I Pass? 2.0
  249. Questions on butch identity?
  250. Questions on butch identity?