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  1. Does this bother anyone else?
  2. Fantasy Of Painting Nails
  3. Being Transgender and Sibling Influences?
  4. Changing my voice
  5. My open weekend vacation
  6. Is it possible I'm trans? suicial thoughts
  7. Being gay and asexual
  8. Other gender identity or just a phase?
  9. Dysphoria during "That time of the month"
  10. A problem.
  11. Gender identity does not exist, because cisgender people don't experience it
  12. Ok. Now I'm confused.
  13. Was this stupid?
  14. A Starting Point
  15. Annoying girl in my head? please help
  16. I told my dad I'm trans, and it didn't go well.
  17. Overstepping boundaries with names?
  18. Not sure what my gender is anymore
  19. Help
  20. Help questions!!
  21. Every-Phobic Parents
  22. If you could.
  23. Is this dysphoria?!?!?
  24. Too much pressure!
  25. help....
  26. I have a boy part
  27. Name Questions!
  28. Is there even a name for this?
  29. Extreme Bottom Dysphoria
  30. Why did you pick your name?
  31. This was so cool ^^
  32. I told my general practitioner
  33. Sexual Arousal and Testosterone
  34. I'm Gender Fluid and I have three different personalities.
  35. Middle Names
  36. Transition and sexuality
  37. Saw my counselor...
  38. Do you think I will ever be passable?
  39. Arm hair...
  40. Was it a phase to you?
  41. Gender leading to confused sexuality
  42. When Do You Wish to Meet Your Transition Goals?
  43. Losing my nerve....
  44. Is it possible to not have dysphoria until you start questioning your gender?
  45. Still lost, would appreciate some support from you
  46. how to fit mens clothes on a womans body
  47. Name/Gender Change?
  48. Financing Sex Reassignment Surgery
  49. Favorite outfits. :)
  50. Name... Help?
  51. It hurts
  52. How did you discover your gender?
  53. Why is my mom so butt-hurt?
  54. Should I do it?
  55. Help with gender identity?
  56. Tips for Dealing with Gender Dysphoria
  57. Am I Genderfluid? I Have No Idea What I am?
  58. Story of my gender dysphoria
  59. Temporary Pronoun Solution
  60. Fear of prejudice
  61. Does it really get better?
  62. What would you call this?
  63. Cheesy Advice
  64. Is this kind of dysphoria odd?
  65. How to Handle Unsupportive Parents
  66. The first time you went to a different restroom
  67. so many things make sense!
  68. Envy girls?!? HEL
  69. Transguy, agender, or genderfluid?
  70. Finding a therapist
  71. Agender?
  72. Stifled expression
  73. The thought, "Why would anyone ever want to be ______"
  74. Cross-dressing, or weight loss first?
  75. Figuring Out My Gender Identity?? Please help
  76. I'm Coming Out as FtM to my Mom
  77. How to deal with worsening dysphoria?
  78. I Have a Plan... I Think
  79. What is cisgender?
  80. Questions.
  81. Indifferent about gender
  82. So, I came out as FtM
  83. Where do I find?
  84. Family's comments about trans* making me extremely terrified to come out...
  85. How to STP (stand to pee) for transguys?
  86. Mildly confused.
  87. How to ask parents for makeup
  88. What does this mean?
  89. I don't know what I am and that's really bothering me...
  90. How am I passing?
  91. What do you think of (gay women) wearing push up-bras?
  92. i want to be a girl
  93. Demigender?
  94. Realized I'm not crazy
  95. Coming Out at School
  96. Finally Accepting Myself? FtM?
  97. It's happening.
  98. What should I do first?
  99. Questioning Gender Identity: Confused and nervous
  100. Fear of self-injection? (Unable to do my T shots)
  101. Post operation
  102. My Review of the Peecock Generation 3s
  103. My coming out letter.
  104. Agenders/Demigirls/Tomboys, a Little Help Over Here Please...
  105. It's decided.
  106. Non-Binary Problems
  107. School issue...what to do?
  108. When I come out
  109. Just call me Alex
  110. Demigirl/boy?
  111. Names?
  112. I'm struggling to cope with the disconnect (TW)
  113. A question to other 'tomboys' in re. to dysphoria-like feelings
  114. A lesbian dating a trans man?
  115. I talked to my sister....
  116. Poems to heal the pain
  117. Chest/ Breast Dysphoria on a Cis Girl?
  118. genderfluid or transgender?
  119. My own prison
  120. The difference between being Agender and feeling disconnected
  121. "Mom says you want to be a boy."
  122. I am so confused
  123. Cis people acting in trans roles
  124. sooo frustrating.
  125. Increasing dysphoria and thoughts of suicide.
  126. Relationships and Friendships
  127. Battling Gender Dysphoria
  128. Dreaming of Acceptance
  129. I don't know what I am, do you have any idea?
  130. Having a concept of gender identity at an early age
  131. Feminine Vs Masculine with Gay Men
  132. An epiphany for dysphoria
  133. Helping a Minor
  134. Yes, I wear dresses.
  135. Balancing gender as non-binary
  136. Changed my name!
  137. Working out With a Binder
  138. De-transitioning?
  139. Another unhelpful move by my friend
  140. Unsure - genderfluid or...?
  141. I Am Genderfluid
  142. HAIRCUT! What'dya think?
  143. HRT Voice Changes: FtM vs MtF
  144. I love looking like a man, but I don't identify as one?
  145. Question for those who are in transition
  146. I hate being a cis-gendered, straight, white, female.
  147. Trans, or Demi?
  148. More trans by the day
  149. Neutral Genders?
  150. Transgender and Boy Scouts?
  151. If i talk less will my voice break slower
  152. I don't care about being misgendered?
  153. Gender... gay... both?!
  154. I don't really know what i am
  155. I'm a Cis Girl, But I Feel Emasculated?
  156. Other nb folk: Does anyone get your identity if you hint or straight up tell them?
  157. Labels
  158. To much apologetic
  159. What should I have done?
  160. Feeling like an impostor when I talk about my gender?
  161. Question about Dysphoria
  162. Weird behavior in my environment.
  163. Should I change my name?
  164. Struggling with being trans
  165. Femininity
  166. Hair dysphoria
  167. Is this trans or not?
  168. Question for genderfluid people
  169. I am really anxious now...
  170. Genderqueer - Crossdresser/Transsexual/Transgender
  171. Requirements to be trans
  172. Gender imbalance in support groups
  173. Where should I get this from?
  174. Really questioning gender identity now...
  175. I don't know what I am anymore..
  176. i think im both a boy and a girl
  177. So i went to a clothes swap today and it was amazing
  178. Is it possible to want to be the opposite gender after adolescence?
  179. I don't FEEL like a girl
  180. Another name thread ^.^
  181. Afraid of being a girl
  182. The beauty of feeling like yourself
  183. Trying not to kill myself
  184. Male and female sides don't seem to be compatible
  185. Thoughts on being transgender...
  186. Do I really need to come out? (Genderfluid help)
  187. I would make such an ugly woman
  188. Feelin' hopeless on transitioning.
  189. I've been so many things...
  190. Experiences with different brands of binders?
  191. Can you be Gender Fluid, but also Straight?
  192. Name disapointments
  193. Feeling really alone
  194. Passing Tips?
  195. Is it all worth it?
  196. Hurtful comments are killing me.
  197. Body Image: gender related or not?
  198. Is this name weird?
  199. What's transition like?
  200. Should I tell my parents?
  201. Gender identity confusion
  202. Something that I need to say
  203. Treading water in Australia
  204. I'm Thinking About Getting a Peecock
  205. questioning... :/
  206. Another "What do you think of this name" thread :)
  207. so am i identifying right?
  208. ???What would you call me???
  209. So confused rn...
  210. confused about my gender
  211. Just some tomboy fashion advice needed
  212. Do I Pass as Male?
  213. Not physically transitioning does not make me less of a man
  214. Does this make me not trans?
  215. I hate my name...
  216. Maybe I was a little too transgendery today
  217. Whats the most common gender types here
  218. Is this an accurate representation of Agendered people?
  219. Not out but accepting of yourself
  220. Advice? I don't know what to do...
  221. Gender confusion
  222. help please, im scared and confused
  223. Is there a word for what I'm feeling?
  224. Oh crap..
  225. What are you the most (and least) dysphoric about?
  226. What's it like to be transgendered?
  227. Finally sure
  228. Swim binders
  229. Please Help
  230. Internalized phobia
  231. First day back, First thread
  232. MTF binders?
  233. Men's Wear exploration
  234. Tips for passing?
  235. Advice choosing a name?
  236. Advice choosing a name?
  237. A few pretty important questions
  238. More then confused and still understanding nothing...
  239. Question for folks who grew up using the Men's Restroom
  240. Can you find out how trans-friendly your doctor is?
  241. Tips for teens if you can't currently transition
  242. Not Sure if I'm FtM or Not... Please Help!
  243. Going to a gender therapist?
  244. Confused About My Identity
  245. Confused
  246. So my mom did this
  247. What is it like to be bigender or agender?
  248. how do i express myself in school?
  249. Name Change: Between a rock and a hard place
  250. Gender-neutral names?