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  1. Weird behavior in my environment.
  2. Should I change my name?
  3. Struggling with being trans
  4. Femininity
  5. Hair dysphoria
  6. Is this trans or not?
  7. Question for genderfluid people
  8. I am really anxious now...
  9. Genderqueer - Crossdresser/Transsexual/Transgender
  10. Requirements to be trans
  11. Gender imbalance in support groups
  12. Where should I get this from?
  13. Really questioning gender identity now...
  14. I don't know what I am anymore..
  15. i think im both a boy and a girl
  16. So i went to a clothes swap today and it was amazing
  17. Is it possible to want to be the opposite gender after adolescence?
  18. I don't FEEL like a girl
  19. Another name thread ^.^
  20. Afraid of being a girl
  21. The beauty of feeling like yourself
  22. Trying not to kill myself
  23. Male and female sides don't seem to be compatible
  24. Thoughts on being transgender...
  25. Do I really need to come out? (Genderfluid help)
  26. I would make such an ugly woman
  27. Feelin' hopeless on transitioning.
  28. I've been so many things...
  29. Experiences with different brands of binders?
  30. Can you be Gender Fluid, but also Straight?
  31. Name disapointments
  32. Feeling really alone
  33. Passing Tips?
  34. Is it all worth it?
  35. Hurtful comments are killing me.
  36. Body Image: gender related or not?
  37. Is this name weird?
  38. What's transition like?
  39. Should I tell my parents?
  40. Gender identity confusion
  41. Something that I need to say
  42. Treading water in Australia
  43. I'm Thinking About Getting a Peecock
  44. questioning... :/
  45. Another "What do you think of this name" thread :)
  46. so am i identifying right?
  47. ???What would you call me???
  48. So confused rn...
  49. confused about my gender
  50. Just some tomboy fashion advice needed
  51. Do I Pass as Male?
  52. Not physically transitioning does not make me less of a man
  53. Does this make me not trans?
  54. I hate my name...
  55. Maybe I was a little too transgendery today
  56. Whats the most common gender types here
  57. Is this an accurate representation of Agendered people?
  58. Not out but accepting of yourself
  59. Advice? I don't know what to do...
  60. Gender confusion
  61. help please, im scared and confused
  62. Is there a word for what I'm feeling?
  63. Oh crap..
  64. What are you the most (and least) dysphoric about?
  65. What's it like to be transgendered?
  66. Finally sure
  67. Swim binders
  68. Please Help
  69. Internalized phobia
  70. First day back, First thread
  71. MTF binders?
  72. Men's Wear exploration
  73. Tips for passing?
  74. Advice choosing a name?
  75. Advice choosing a name?
  76. A few pretty important questions
  77. More then confused and still understanding nothing...
  78. Question for folks who grew up using the Men's Restroom
  79. Can you find out how trans-friendly your doctor is?
  80. Tips for teens if you can't currently transition
  81. Not Sure if I'm FtM or Not... Please Help!
  82. Going to a gender therapist?
  83. Confused About My Identity
  84. Confused
  85. So my mom did this
  86. What is it like to be bigender or agender?
  87. how do i express myself in school?
  88. Name Change: Between a rock and a hard place
  89. Gender-neutral names?
  90. Looking for a Middle Name... Ideas?
  91. Choosing gender identity
  92. Finally Changed FB Name!
  93. What ways are there of expressing my gender under these conditions?
  94. Am I androgynous or agender or what?
  95. I don't know
  96. Swimming Binders
  97. How do YOU define gender?
  98. Unisex Names
  99. Nonbinary/Questioning vs Kids
  100. Gender and Sexuality?
  101. Where do i go from here
  102. If i go on puberty blockers when do I have to come off them
  103. Am I trans or what?
  104. Different goals and feeling more independent?
  105. anyone able to offer me some insight??
  106. I need courage because anxiety's a b*tch
  107. That was dysphoria?
  108. Am I agender or something else?
  109. Transition??
  110. How did you know you were truly trans?
  111. Idk...
  112. Dysphoric About Erections?
  113. Gender Expression & Attraction: Masc & Fem
  114. What is this?
  115. Question to people whose pronouns are they/them/their
  116. Is it okay to still call myself female?
  117. Not sure about myself?
  118. I'm falling.
  119. The difference between male and female
  120. Binder/Testosterone Question
  121. Pronouns and my fears
  122. Soooo confused
  123. Finally got my **** figured out :D
  124. University Flat Mates
  125. Starting Hormones Tuesday !!!???
  126. Lipstick? Sort of?
  127. Constant misgendering (just venting)
  128. Binding
  129. Can I get some confirmation?
  130. How did you choose your name?
  131. Genderfluid dysphoria
  132. Am I genderfluid?
  133. Gender fluid advice.
  134. hair probs
  135. Could this all just be a phase
  136. Sports bras and binding
  137. Genderqueer Trouble :(
  138. Can I Male Pronouns if I'm Female?
  139. Enjoying Life As a Gender Fluid Male?
  140. How to find a gender therapist when agender/nonbinary
  141. Looking For Other People's Experiences
  142. Should I Come Out to my Parents?
  143. How to help dysphoria during my period?
  144. Gender on official paperwork?
  145. Advice on gender fluidity
  146. Confused and Androgynous
  147. I really want to...
  148. Pronouns
  149. Am I actually a boy? I still feel ashamed and doubtful sometimes
  150. I feel kinda brainwashed? does anyone get this feeling or is it just me?
  151. What actually am I? Oh wow.
  152. Uncertain of what to consider myself as.
  153. confused about my gender
  154. Seems like a never ending uphill fight
  155. Is this 'normal'?
  156. My fears on gender? :(
  157. Always finding ways to doubt.
  158. Just getting this off my chest
  159. Correcting/Telling People
  160. Does anyone else feel like this?
  161. So much thought in so little time
  162. So much change in so little time
  163. Dormitory Showers
  164. So, here's what I've found out.
  165. Parents are sad; feeling guilty
  166. How does an informed consent clinic work for HRT?
  167. I don't know how much more time I can stand it
  168. How to pick a permanent name?
  169. Transmasculine Agender?
  170. Binder help
  171. I'm so confused!
  172. Genderqueer, Genderfluid, idk.
  173. Transitioning without surgery or hormones?
  174. Name change question
  175. As A Gender Fluid Guy...Should I Transition?
  176. make up for dummies?
  177. Help Please Needed ASAP Regarding Name Change
  178. I may be transgender but im not sure
  179. Trans Pride Bracelet
  180. AFAB TransGirl?
  181. Genderfluid, two names?
  182. Picture Day Tomorrow
  183. Happier doing things after accepting I'm a trans boy?
  184. The paradox of "Just be you."
  185. Worried about what makes someone female and how people will see me when I transition.
  186. What's the difference between knowing and being sure?
  187. Where Can I Save My Crossdressing Photos?
  188. MtF Facial hair
  189. How to signify which gender I am to friends?
  190. Trans media, like videos etc.
  191. Transitioning in a conservative workplace
  192. gender dysphoria
  193. College
  194. Gender Dysphoria or Obessive thinking
  195. I just wanna break gender roles
  196. Finally, some good news
  197. Hrt?
  198. Long and confusing story...
  199. Crossdressing tips
  200. Explaining to people
  201. Anyone had similar feelings?
  202. so confused
  203. I need help...
  204. Angry at friends because of their parents.
  205. Chaning gender marker on Certificat of Citizen born Abroad
  206. Genderfluid Help?
  207. Don't like when people call me a "girl"?
  208. No idea how figure this out.
  209. A question
  210. Am I a confused girl or effeminate Man
  211. Gender fluid?
  212. Connecting the dots
  213. I'm broke and need a binder, how do I get one?
  214. Binding for a small chest
  215. Promising Conversation
  216. I just want it not to be weird.
  217. Will I be dysphoric forever?
  218. Why now? Is this even real?
  219. GenderFluid FAAB looking for male passing advice
  220. Confused again
  221. Gender Struggle Increased :/
  222. Feeling more authentic
  223. frustrated
  224. Happy Post!
  225. Names!?!?
  226. Buying binders and packing w/o parents finding out
  227. LGBT Association Giving Me Bad Vibes
  228. I dont know what I am
  229. Coming out to teacher
  230. Interesting read.
  231. How long did it take for you to get used to new name and/or pronouns?
  232. ftm friend says you can't be genderless
  233. Why do people hate trans men/women?
  234. Dysphoria?
  235. Explaining to a Future Roommate
  236. Back To School?
  237. Where do i go from here? (Tranistion..?)
  238. Correcting People... I hate the awkward
  239. Trans TV Programs
  240. Pissed off, need advice or to punch something.
  241. Bulking up to look more like a guy but I feel like I got hit by a truck
  242. Genderfluid or Transexual?
  243. Your Thoughts: Pronouns and More
  244. I need help to get courage to ask my parents to buy me makeup and stuff like that
  245. Is this offensive?
  246. Question for anyone trans
  247. I can't tuck no matter how hard i try
  248. Pushed to the back
  249. How do I make myself feel better while lacking options to express myself?
  250. Any help on how to ease my MtF dysphoria