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  1. Sleeping with Silicone breast forms?
  2. Thank You For Your Help
  3. parents are supportive, but...
  4. i have no idea what i am right now
  5. Confused
  6. Therapist said I need to live as a man??
  7. How did *you* get a binder?
  8. How much should I tell my siblings?
  9. Facial hair advice for a cisgender?
  10. Being hired as "female", feels like I'm lying. Is this dysphoria?
  11. Strides and Setbacks
  12. Being transgender/gender nonconforming is congenital
  13. What to say to my lovely mum? What am I?
  14. It was only a matter of time, and now coming out will just be harder.
  15. Can you please Help?
  16. This Is Kind Of Dumb...
  17. To cut or not to cut! That is the question...
  18. What gender am I?
  19. Overwhelmed
  20. Feeling Gay, but not really Gay....
  21. First time binding?
  22. Sometimes I have trouble understanding gender...
  23. Finally at peace with myself
  24. Therapy and Coming Out
  25. my gender is not pink or blue
  26. Terror and Transition
  27. Open Arms Agenda
  28. What does dysphoria feel like to you?
  29. Changing the world - what's your purpose?
  30. Am I transgender?
  31. How to be more butch?
  32. To bind or not?
  33. Really Confused
  34. HRT confusion
  35. "Non-fiction-fiction" literature posting? Question...
  36. General tips for MTF transition
  37. things don't seem right with my therapist.
  38. Period before self hate gender dysphoria
  39. androgyne question
  40. Trans* FtM Clothing
  41. Pretty Sure About My Gender Now, I Think.
  42. Trans, over-thinking it, or stereotyping myself???
  43. I really need help
  44. Being The Ultimate Boy (Passing Tips Please??)
  45. Transition tips? (Mostly)FtM Questions/Trans* Advice
  46. Transgender AND Agender (Coming out post/letter)
  47. I came out by text to my grandparents... NEED HELP
  48. Hi I'm new and could use some advice or something
  49. Am I transgender or..?
  50. Boy-ish Names?
  51. Telling people about my questioning
  52. Afraid, Again.
  53. How do I proceed with how feel?
  54. hey I'm new and could use some advice
  55. How do you know if you're dysphoric?
  56. Coming out rant (longish)
  57. Someone please help me
  58. Not Really Transistioning Advice
  59. How to ask parents to bind?
  60. Feeling alone
  61. Pronoun Experiementation
  62. What do you think of my chosen name?
  63. Afraid I'm going down the wrong path
  64. Dysphoria
  65. Cisnormativity
  66. Am I really genderqueer? :(
  67. Another gender identity question - Bigender or something else..?
  68. What to do now?
  69. So. Gonna come out in a new community. Now what?
  70. Does this make me gender questioning?
  71. Confused and Depressed
  72. Gender-neutral names?
  73. Coming out as FtM?
  74. Genderfluid or FTM?
  75. My Binder Photos!!!
  76. Changing my name... again.
  77. Dysphoria?
  78. Should I Be Scared?
  79. Stressed and confused
  80. Am I gender-fluid or something else?
  81. "You don't really "act" gay.."
  82. Why am I emotionally attracted to other transgender people?
  83. AFAB non-binary with questions
  84. Choosing A Name
  85. Is this a phase or do I really feel like this is right?
  86. Need help
  87. Taking pictures
  88. What if this is a phase
  89. Maybe Trans
  90. Discovering your gender is tough and I need help doing it
  91. Some questions about gender
  92. Afraid to Transistion
  93. I just wish I could make sense of everything.
  94. Starting counseling?
  95. Well here I am...(ftm probably? ramblings)
  96. Confused is an Understatement..
  97. Bathroom troubles at a mattress store
  98. trying to start my journey
  99. Ugh... Bathrooms
  100. Business induced disconnect and dysphoria
  101. How Do I convince my mum to let me cut my hair short?
  102. Shopping at Clothes Departments
  103. OK so I suddenly decided I want a middle name
  104. I might be trans
  105. Questioning my gender
  106. Want the battle to cease
  107. Am I trans?
  108. Talking about new names with my mum?
  109. Dysphoria that comes and goes
  110. Questioning my gender
  111. How can I get a higher voice?
  112. Heeelp!
  113. Titles and Understanding
  114. Questioning..
  115. anxiety through questioning process.
  116. Very VERY bad disphoria
  117. Middle name
  118. Am I genderfluid?
  119. Am I Trans or just a weirdo
  120. women's under wear
  121. I have to come out but don't have the courage
  122. Trans feelings are coming back..am I boy or non-binary?
  123. confused
  124. How much does HRT actually cost?
  125. I'm confused
  126. Am I trans for the wrong reason?
  127. I just don't know anymore
  128. Bigender?
  129. having a few doubts
  130. Androgyny and transsexualism
  131. Video Resources about Transgender Issues (FtM) - Please Contribute
  132. What Am I
  133. Anxiety and Dysphoria
  134. binders and breathing
  135. Is my unusual childhood making me GQ?
  136. I really need to talk to someone... I'm question my sexual orientation a lot.
  137. This is getting harder and harder
  138. How do I figure out who I am?I'm scared
  139. Blarghhh Dysphoria and Stuff
  140. Don't know what to think
  141. Am I transgender? mtf
  142. Here I go again
  143. Is this a gender thing or sexuality?
  144. i dont get why i dont pass
  145. What the hell just happened ?..
  146. Dysphoria Tips
  147. Name Changes for Genderqueer people?
  148. Driving myself crazy!
  149. So... I'm Struggling.
  150. Confused and idk if its normal
  151. Is it normal for dysphoria to grow?
  152. Tips On Making Shoulder Length Hair Look Masculine?
  153. Dont know if im trans or not
  154. Will someone talk about being Bigender?
  155. Right gender - wrong genitals?
  156. Orientation Help!
  157. Which name suits me best?
  158. Trans but more comfortabel amongst women
  159. I sometimes pretend to be female online :s
  160. Calling All Agender Babes! (I have gender questions)
  161. Sincere questions concerning myself
  162. I'm so frustrated with myself
  163. Korra and Gender Identity
  164. Names?
  165. feeling kinda frustrated
  166. This cool ad just aired on the ESPY awards
  167. Its getting hard
  168. Struggling hard with dysphoria and depression
  169. Should trans parents tell their children?
  170. How my voice sounds in my head
  171. Multiple Approaches to Coming Out as Trans
  172. What will my father think?!
  173. I like looking feminine, but not being seen as feminine
  174. What do pronouns mean to you?
  175. No idea what to think...
  176. Confused male
  177. Who is your role model?
  178. Binding with bigger breasts
  179. cant cope with feeling so bad
  180. Peter or Petre? Spelling variant question.
  181. Confused and Alone
  182. Confused and Depressed
  183. Dysmorphia vs dysphoria
  184. Female or Genderfluid? Help?
  185. Confused
  186. Understanding femininity and masculinity
  187. Pack play pleasure and peeing
  188. Gender Issues?
  189. Just looking for some insight.
  190. Masculine haircut
  191. so confused!
  192. Sports bras as inconspicuous binders??
  193. Super mega sex change machine.
  194. I would love to have a man's body, but I don't actually *want* to be a guy.
  195. im gender fluid (i think)
  196. Chronic illnesses and hrt/top surgery? People with medical experience appreciated.
  197. Non-dating LGBTQ sites for making FRIENDS
  198. Appearance and Gender Expression
  199. Maybe I'm just easily offended...
  200. Terrified of meeting with psychologist tomorrow
  201. I do not feel well today at all.
  202. Seasonal Dysphoria?
  203. Internalized transphobia or valid/stupid concerns
  204. Should I...
  205. Weird feelings
  206. HRT, fat distribution and diet..?
  207. Questioning and need advice I.
  208. I'm not handling the wait very well.
  209. Ugh feel like I am going crazy
  210. Oh My God!
  211. (Weird) dreams?
  212. Bisexual but don't want to be
  213. I think I'm genderfluid, but I'm a bit confused.
  214. I dont know what to do!
  215. I have an appointment at the hospital soon!! :D
  216. This one thing I can't get out my head
  217. Thinking too much about being trans/genderfluid
  218. Questioning My Gender - Genderfluid?
  219. To focused on being trans.
  220. My (Revised) Coming Out Letter
  221. A Question; Gender Fluidity
  222. Am I genderfluid?
  223. Genderqueer. How to express my male self.
  224. Cis girl in some crisis(I spent two hours to just write this, f*ck)
  225. Is there a HRT minimum age?
  226. How To Explain Transgenderism To Children?
  227. HRT and weed?
  228. Does Hanes make female underwear?
  229. My Life Improved Drastically (Mostly)
  230. Another rant about my gender confusion. (LONG)
  231. Going out.
  232. Just needed to let this out
  233. Two first names?
  234. How does it feel like to be in a relationship when you are trans?
  235. Whyyyyyy?!
  236. Agender/Genderfluid help?
  237. New Names?
  238. I guess this goes here...
  239. Sudden Doubts
  240. Surgery questions?
  241. Dysphoria for the first time as an adult?
  242. Hate how I look, in recovery, feeling depressed
  243. Titles???
  244. Pronouns- what's the deal?
  245. Genderqueer, agender or androgyne? What am I?
  246. Guess I post this here
  247. I'm so envious right now!
  248. Gendered Titles(?)
  249. What your favorite clothing?
  250. Feeling Bad