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  1. Taking pictures
  2. What if this is a phase
  3. Maybe Trans
  4. Discovering your gender is tough and I need help doing it
  5. Some questions about gender
  6. Afraid to Transistion
  7. I just wish I could make sense of everything.
  8. Starting counseling?
  9. Well here I am...(ftm probably? ramblings)
  10. Confused is an Understatement..
  11. Bathroom troubles at a mattress store
  12. trying to start my journey
  13. Ugh... Bathrooms
  14. Business induced disconnect and dysphoria
  15. How Do I convince my mum to let me cut my hair short?
  16. Shopping at Clothes Departments
  17. OK so I suddenly decided I want a middle name
  18. I might be trans
  19. Questioning my gender
  20. Want the battle to cease
  21. Am I trans?
  22. Talking about new names with my mum?
  23. Dysphoria that comes and goes
  24. Questioning my gender
  25. How can I get a higher voice?
  26. Heeelp!
  27. Titles and Understanding
  28. Questioning..
  29. anxiety through questioning process.
  30. Very VERY bad disphoria
  31. Middle name
  32. Am I genderfluid?
  33. Am I Trans or just a weirdo
  34. women's under wear
  35. I have to come out but don't have the courage
  36. Trans feelings are coming back..am I boy or non-binary?
  37. confused
  38. How much does HRT actually cost?
  39. I'm confused
  40. Am I trans for the wrong reason?
  41. I just don't know anymore
  42. Bigender?
  43. having a few doubts
  44. Androgyny and transsexualism
  45. Video Resources about Transgender Issues (FtM) - Please Contribute
  46. What Am I
  47. Anxiety and Dysphoria
  48. binders and breathing
  49. Is my unusual childhood making me GQ?
  50. I really need to talk to someone... I'm question my sexual orientation a lot.
  51. This is getting harder and harder
  52. How do I figure out who I am?I'm scared
  53. Blarghhh Dysphoria and Stuff
  54. Don't know what to think
  55. Am I transgender? mtf
  56. Here I go again
  57. Is this a gender thing or sexuality?
  58. i dont get why i dont pass
  59. What the hell just happened ?..
  60. Dysphoria Tips
  61. Name Changes for Genderqueer people?
  62. Driving myself crazy!
  63. So... I'm Struggling.
  64. Confused and idk if its normal
  65. Is it normal for dysphoria to grow?
  66. Tips On Making Shoulder Length Hair Look Masculine?
  67. Dont know if im trans or not
  68. Will someone talk about being Bigender?
  69. Right gender - wrong genitals?
  70. Orientation Help!
  71. Which name suits me best?
  72. Trans but more comfortabel amongst women
  73. I sometimes pretend to be female online :s
  74. Calling All Agender Babes! (I have gender questions)
  75. Sincere questions concerning myself
  76. I'm so frustrated with myself
  77. Korra and Gender Identity
  78. Names?
  79. feeling kinda frustrated
  80. This cool ad just aired on the ESPY awards
  81. Its getting hard
  82. Struggling hard with dysphoria and depression
  83. Should trans parents tell their children?
  84. How my voice sounds in my head
  85. Multiple Approaches to Coming Out as Trans
  86. What will my father think?!
  87. I like looking feminine, but not being seen as feminine
  88. What do pronouns mean to you?
  89. No idea what to think...
  90. Confused male
  91. Who is your role model?
  92. Binding with bigger breasts
  93. cant cope with feeling so bad
  94. Peter or Petre? Spelling variant question.
  95. Confused and Alone
  96. Confused and Depressed
  97. Dysmorphia vs dysphoria
  98. Female or Genderfluid? Help?
  99. Confused
  100. Understanding femininity and masculinity
  101. Pack play pleasure and peeing
  102. Gender Issues?
  103. Just looking for some insight.
  104. Masculine haircut
  105. so confused!
  106. Sports bras as inconspicuous binders??
  107. Super mega sex change machine.
  108. I would love to have a man's body, but I don't actually *want* to be a guy.
  109. im gender fluid (i think)
  110. Chronic illnesses and hrt/top surgery? People with medical experience appreciated.
  111. Non-dating LGBTQ sites for making FRIENDS
  112. Appearance and Gender Expression
  113. Maybe I'm just easily offended...
  114. Terrified of meeting with psychologist tomorrow
  115. I do not feel well today at all.
  116. Seasonal Dysphoria?
  117. Internalized transphobia or valid/stupid concerns
  118. Should I...
  119. Weird feelings
  120. HRT, fat distribution and diet..?
  121. Questioning and need advice I.
  122. I'm not handling the wait very well.
  123. Ugh feel like I am going crazy
  124. Oh My God!
  125. (Weird) dreams?
  126. Bisexual but don't want to be
  127. I think I'm genderfluid, but I'm a bit confused.
  128. I dont know what to do!
  129. I have an appointment at the hospital soon!! :D
  130. This one thing I can't get out my head
  131. Thinking too much about being trans/genderfluid
  132. Questioning My Gender - Genderfluid?
  133. To focused on being trans.
  134. My (Revised) Coming Out Letter
  135. A Question; Gender Fluidity
  136. Am I genderfluid?
  137. Genderqueer. How to express my male self.
  138. Cis girl in some crisis(I spent two hours to just write this, f*ck)
  139. Is there a HRT minimum age?
  140. How To Explain Transgenderism To Children?
  141. HRT and weed?
  142. Does Hanes make female underwear?
  143. My Life Improved Drastically (Mostly)
  144. Another rant about my gender confusion. (LONG)
  145. Going out.
  146. Just needed to let this out
  147. Two first names?
  148. How does it feel like to be in a relationship when you are trans?
  149. Whyyyyyy?!
  150. Agender/Genderfluid help?
  151. New Names?
  152. I guess this goes here...
  153. Sudden Doubts
  154. Surgery questions?
  155. Dysphoria for the first time as an adult?
  156. Hate how I look, in recovery, feeling depressed
  157. Titles???
  158. Pronouns- what's the deal?
  159. Genderqueer, agender or androgyne? What am I?
  160. Guess I post this here
  161. I'm so envious right now!
  162. Gendered Titles(?)
  163. What your favorite clothing?
  164. Feeling Bad
  165. Names?
  166. I think I might be genderfluid?
  167. am i transgender
  168. Sad confused angry hopeless babbling
  169. Agender or genderfluid or transgender?
  170. I don't know my gender and it's annoying.
  171. Is there a way to experiment with gender fluidity?
  172. i coulda been one of the normal one's
  173. Am I really ftm? Or just creating problems for myself
  174. Endro and HRT question
  175. Name advice and help
  176. Ahhhh Names
  177. When is too soon?
  178. Binding tips/binders
  179. Concentrating when dealing with dysphoria
  180. Is this agender?
  181. Why is the prospect of coming out to family so daunting?
  182. Androgyny and stuff
  183. What would I be considered?
  184. Choosing a new name
  185. Friend messed with my head
  186. Question for MtF's and cis girls
  187. How the hell do i do this??
  188. I'm very confused...
  189. Less sure about my transgender identity
  190. I have doubts on the days I feel gender-neutral
  191. Dealing with unexpected responses?
  192. DIY Binder Help
  193. When to start...
  194. Freaking Out
  195. How to cope as Genderfluid?
  196. Stopped being transgender ( but indefinitely. ) I'm a mess.
  197. can any one point me to the thread for binder's
  198. Dysphoria, how to deal with it?
  199. I'm being ignored when it comes to what i perfer with gender, help?
  200. Got my dress today!!!!
  201. Is this a safe way to bind?
  202. More Dreams.
  203. T and Thyroid
  204. How to Look More Feminine Before HRT
  205. How do you deal?
  206. Binders & Things
  207. Endocrinologist?
  208. Please help
  209. Questioning
  210. Trans male and dating???
  211. Need some help understanding some things
  212. how to get guy clothes?
  213. Where to start?
  214. Might of done something stupid
  215. Spoke with my gf today.
  216. Why Am I Doubting Myself?
  217. Breaking down
  218. Stop being transgender? BUT HOW?!?
  219. Is anyone else angry?
  220. Social transitioning and ftm questions
  221. What does dysphoria feel like?
  222. I'm confused??
  223. don't know what to define myself as
  224. How to look androgynous with really feminine features?
  225. FtM Poem... "Maiden Prince"
  226. So tired. Of lots of things.
  227. PFLAG question?
  228. Coping with dysphoria
  229. So i just got some amazing news!!!
  230. omg best reaction ever!!!!!!
  231. Can I just be a human without being a freak?
  232. Non-Binary Trans Girl
  233. Dysphoria - How to Deal with Urges?
  234. Binding and sports
  235. thoughts on my gender
  236. I'm questioning my gender...
  237. dominant or submissive??
  238. Have you been mistaken as transgender before?
  239. How do i explain my gender?
  240. what makes someone transgender?
  241. the makeup thread
  242. Last Week Tonight--John Oliver on transgender issues
  243. A possible FtM
  244. Sexuality issues from the Trans perspective?
  245. Please help I'm very confused :l
  246. Revaluating Gender Because Of Friend
  247. Super confused about sexuality..need advice
  248. is a ftm allowed to celebrate father's day?
  249. Am I crazy?
  250. Gender Confusion