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  1. A story I'm working on
  2. Talking with a therapist
  3. Weird Feelings
  4. Tdov
  5. I got a crush for a girl
  6. Hormones/gender presentation and animals
  7. Middle name opinions?
  8. Not crossdressing? More like gender conforming?
  9. When Should I see a Psychiatrist?
  10. packer/packing help ?
  11. Looks like my transition will be delayed, again.
  12. Alienation
  13. Autism and Gender
  14. Autism and Gender
  15. Needing advice on being inbetween
  16. Need Opinions ASAP
  17. Debating what I want to do with my life.
  18. Debating what I want to do with my life.
  19. More worried about transition appearance than pre-transition?
  20. Top Surgery Timeline
  21. I am Happy
  22. Super happy with the results!!!
  23. Is there a photo section? Looking for transition pics.
  24. Being Trans and Schizophrenic
  25. Fragility of Masculinity
  26. Feeling Agender
  27. Question about binders
  28. How would I know?
  29. Stupid question about binders
  30. Coming to a Gender Fluid conclusion?
  31. Parents can't handle me painting nails
  32. Most likely going to Boston (but there's still some obstacles)
  33. Denial
  34. Can you have gender dysphoria if you're cis?
  35. Genderfluid Surgery
  36. Am I demi boy?
  37. My Partner is MTF?
  38. How to deal with waiting
  39. My mom won't accept me and I can't deal with school
  40. Considering pumping/packer shopping (nsfw)
  41. Gender neutral haircut fail
  42. feeling alienated from female friends
  43. FTM & feeling like no one will ever love me or find me desirable
  44. Testosterone & not wanting to be really masculine
  45. Therapy Online?
  46. Opinions on being stealth
  47. Dressing as a girl/First experience/Tentative
  48. How to ask for a binder?
  49. Iranian and confused!
  50. Slipped through the cracks.
  51. FtM Voice Change
  52. My weekend is ruined?
  53. My relationship with my AGAB
  54. Non-binary or gender non-conforming?
  55. I'm officially Patrick (name change)
  56. my coming out letter to my parents.
  57. How to approach my gender dysphoria?
  58. This is awkward...Sexual fantasies.
  59. Getting Top Surgery Too Easily?
  60. ftm haircut advice
  61. Questioning Gender Identity
  62. Bigender, metoidioplasty and WPATH requirements
  63. A question for the other trans (HRT)
  64. FTM Transitioning doubts
  65. Update from last night.
  66. Bigender vs Genderfluid
  67. is it huberous for me....
  68. Binder sizes
  69. Genderfluidity life stories
  70. Chest binding?
  71. The Utimate Guilt Trip.
  72. Is "Are you a boy or a girl?" really about genitals?
  73. Long Hair FTM Help?
  74. My feelings
  75. How to tell parents that i'd like to be trans?
  76. A different view of myself
  77. Is going to a gender therapist worth it?
  78. One question
  79. Dealing with the future while trying to survive for now
  80. why is it ok for men to go topless???
  81. Do Gender Fluid/Bigender AMAB Ever Change?
  82. Coming out as ftm
  83. FTM Haircut
  84. Is it REALLY ok to not know?
  85. i suck at titles: transgender FTM?
  86. This post will be a mess...
  87. Packer shopping (NSFW)
  88. Transgender Women: Where are you?
  89. Update: The red demon is deciding to leave
  90. Non-binary and changing name
  91. Back because of a realization
  92. How do I lower my voice pitch without it sounding forced?
  93. I need help finding a chest binder
  94. I need help finding a chest binder
  95. more prominent gender euphoria than dysphoria
  96. Not sure if I'm trans, or a tomboy.
  97. Some accomplishments, working on it
  98. Question for Other FtM's
  99. Alex Bertie
  100. update to my supports at work thread
  101. Trans man sex problems
  102. I think I might be bigender
  103. Dissociation as a form of gender dysphoria?
  104. Ideas for a middle name
  105. Compression Tank
  106. Man I dont even know where to start deconstructing this mess of feelings
  107. The red demon has arrived, my fellow trans boiz
  108. Experiences with Gender Therapy?
  109. safe binding at work ?
  110. Binding at Prom?
  111. Is it still dysphoria if there's no focus?
  112. A puberty question for ftms
  113. Uncertainty coming back
  114. Finding my identity, with support from wife
  115. Military as masculine rite of passage?
  116. I just need someone to know.
  117. Where can I find SAFE binders?
  118. Does it really get better in college?
  119. supports at work for transition?
  120. Trans Prom Concerns
  121. Changing your name
  122. My Gender is Evolving
  123. Questions for trans people living in UK. NHS/name change etc
  124. How do I bring up the possibility of me being transgender?
  125. Identifying As Genderfluid and Doubts
  126. Is it gender dysphoria or just anxiety over body image?
  127. What should I look to do first when I'm settled in college?
  128. Trans in the military?
  129. Dating/Attracted to Trans Individuals?
  130. Am I Trans pt 2?
  131. Terrified of being me
  132. Parents.
  133. Gender fluid shift one way with age?
  134. I Think Im Transgender
  135. 8th March
  136. Facial hair.
  137. Hoping to find a good Ftm packer (+18)
  138. When did you come out?
  139. Maybe I'm Demifluid
  140. Am I Trans
  141. Crossdresser or Gender Issues? Fetish or Identity?
  142. Agender vs Androgyne
  143. I'm so confused, please help
  144. Genderqueer ppl, what does genderqueer mean to you?
  145. estradol patch coming off
  146. Bi-gender vs gender fluid - disagreement in definitions
  147. Coming out
  148. Testosterone
  149. Grender and orientation
  150. Fear of transition?
  151. Name change?
  152. Kind of unsure. Bi? Trans? Both?
  153. Eating Disorders and Gender Dysphoria
  154. Amazing day!!!
  155. Still Just Unsure
  156. I think I might be genderfluid, but I'm not sure.
  157. I don't know
  158. Voice Deepening Techniques for guys not yet on T?
  159. Am I contributing to stereotypes?
  160. Am I gay, bi, trans? HELP!
  161. Being Trans and Desi
  162. Transition
  163. Back to being a man :/
  164. How good is Boston/Cambridge for LGBT?
  165. What age did you accept your gender identity?
  166. Tomboy X
  167. Send me some articles.
  168. Things I think about.
  169. Confused
  170. I think i'm a nonbinary trapped in a FTM body.
  171. Question regarding my gender identity
  172. Binder tips?
  173. Is it normal to question yourself?
  174. Just what is going on?
  175. Creative Project: What goes into picking a name?
  176. Dysphoria trying to overwrite orientation
  177. Possibly Genderfluid?
  178. What the heck am I?
  179. Labels
  180. Help with Doubt?
  181. What Can I Do?
  182. School trip- What do I do?
  183. Reverting back to the closet
  184. I know i just posted earlier
  185. I am just so confused
  186. I need some help
  187. Is there any way to be certain you're transgender?
  188. How to Prom when you're genderfluid??
  189. A rant about german LGBT
  190. Saying She's Turning Gay?
  191. OUCH body image
  192. how to wear a strapless dress
  193. Questions...
  194. HELP!! Biologically female, genderfluid, and VERY curvy.
  195. My chest is making me go insane :)
  196. Strange feelings, may possibly be Trans
  197. What do you do when you feel sad about your body?
  198. So close . . .
  199. What is it like to wear earrings? (personal expression)
  200. Going home, dysphoria, need re-assurance
  201. What does trans mean to you?
  202. Gender dysphoria causing other issues?
  203. "Chromosome dysphoria"
  204. Chest binding rules
  205. Ftm/genderqueer questions
  206. Lost Childhood/Adolecence?
  207. What does it mean to be "male" or "female?"
  208. Binding While Sleeping???
  209. How can I project myself as more feminine, but subtly? (Non-trans)
  210. Should Children be Allowed to Transition?
  211. I don't know where else to find help on this
  212. Did anyone not believe you were gay cuz you didn't look gay?
  213. hugging the gender lines
  214. How long did it take you to figure out you were transgender?
  215. Stuff.
  216. I don't understand
  217. Help please!?
  218. I need help!
  219. I dont like my breasts...
  220. friendship dysphoria??????????
  221. Feeling Uncomfortable
  222. "Just get over yourself"
  223. I'm so confused about my gender?
  224. Do transgenders have to be stereotypically what they identify with?
  225. trying to figure out if there is a gender term that fits me...
  226. Spinning in Circles
  227. On doubts and vulnerability
  228. Part-time Woman? (Non-Trans)
  229. help me pick a new name!
  230. my pool experience last year
  231. Where to begin?
  232. Thoughts about Tumblr?
  233. Testosterone
  234. i don't know who i am
  235. Trans guys and presenting feminine
  236. Binding Questions
  237. I have no idea what my gender is
  238. Social abuse because of gender expression
  239. Transgender or just masculine?
  240. Worried about endoscopy.
  241. Bi-gender and Sexuality of your gender fluctuations
  242. testosterone
  243. Validity of Questioning
  244. Trans or nah?!
  245. Athletic compression shirt for binding
  246. I just sorta want to be a guy in some weird way huh
  247. Lost on the road
  248. Gender-curious
  249. Searching for answers about my gender identity
  250. How to survive this?