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  1. Very confused and slightly angry
  2. This gender thing is confusing
  3. Another "Help Me!" Thread
  4. College Dormitories
  5. Can't say girlfriend anymore, alternatives?
  6. Not just a Tomboy?
  7. Being genderfluid - your story: did you experience dysphoria?
  8. Advice on choosing names
  9. Thoughts on my coming out letter?
  10. Rethinking Normal
  11. Not sure where to start...
  12. Am I genderfluid??
  13. Coming out to family and at work
  14. Are there any gender legal issues in regards to getting a name change?
  15. Problems with getting a feminine voice
  16. Coming Out as Bigender
  17. Where I am at
  18. Dysphoria and skipping PE lessons- i want to die
  19. school support for gender
  20. How do I know if I'm non-binary?
  21. what's my gender?
  22. Androgyne?
  23. Fed up with it
  24. Tired of doubts
  25. i get nervous when presenting with feminine characteristics
  26. Biology
  27. Gay, and married to a woman
  28. gender fluid
  29. Changing name in the UK
  30. sports
  31. Trans and planning to hide it from parents
  32. Trans* friend and pronoun confusion
  33. School Councilor?
  34. How I got on T
  35. Trans with a maybe trans kid?
  36. Exploring gender in an unfriendly environment
  37. I think I'm genderfluid?
  38. How is gender a social construction?
  39. Names
  40. What should I do?
  41. Felt suicidal today
  42. Ftm name help!!!!
  43. Influence of your parents on your gender identity
  44. Trying to Figure Things Out
  45. Dating: When should you tell them?
  46. anyone know anything about nhs transition and mental health
  47. Passing on Period
  48. Discovering gender identity through meditation??
  49. Agender Surgery?
  50. the term trans
  51. Trans/Genderqueer/Nonconforming in the media
  52. Bathrooms and not passing
  53. Really confused about my gender
  54. Expressing myself?
  55. Would Getting Pregnant Be a Bad Idea?
  56. How Can I Embrace My Male Side?
  57. I'm so confused..
  58. Completely Useless Rant
  59. A rant, and "hello, I am new here."
  60. What Should I Do?
  61. Awesome Bible Study
  62. Not real
  63. Do you think I made the right choice here?
  64. I Think I'm Genderfluid?
  65. Am I Genderfluid?
  66. Questioning (Might be agender)
  67. Surgeons pull off world's first penis transplant.
  68. a little confused about gender identity...
  69. Sudden feelings WHAT is wrong with me!!
  70. Wanting to be more open about genderfluidity but scared of reactions to it
  71. Navigating bathrooms as an androgynous, but cis person
  72. Shopping in the men's department is hard
  73. Straight men wanting to grope me
  74. Medical transitioning and parental concent
  75. Binding pain
  76. Need a friend to talk to!
  77. Gender spectrum question
  78. Can non-trans folk get reassignment surgery?
  79. Why me?!
  80. Coming Out to my Aunt
  81. Help
  82. Transgender help
  83. Srs
  84. Binders that you can excercise in?
  85. Shopping for clothes
  86. Redefining my identity
  87. I care too much
  88. ??? confused ???
  89. non binary thread
  90. I don't know my gender... Please help.
  91. Half or Tank Binder?
  92. Thoughts on my situation
  93. What is "genderqueer"?
  94. When did you realise you were trans*?
  95. I was outted to a person I don't know.
  96. Great name, but I don't know what to use it for.
  97. Trouble figuring out my gender identity - advice?
  98. Would getting breast implants help get rid of the masculine side of me?
  99. Would Getting Breast Implants Make Me Feel more Female?
  100. Really bad urge to cut my hair short- Help!
  101. I CAN'T pass
  102. What is dysphoria to you?
  103. I need advice
  104. Help I lost and need help
  105. Question for Non-binaries?
  106. Crossdressing advice
  107. Just me complaining about dysphoria.....feel free to ignore
  108. Balancing religion and being transgender. How?
  109. Never Thought I'd Find Myself Over Here
  110. Second opinion?
  111. The name thread!
  112. Hey guys and gals...where can I find a trans.* booklet for transphobes?
  113. How Do You Feel Gender Dysphoria?
  114. There's still one thing though:
  115. What Gender?
  116. Man! I feel like a...um...
  117. Stuck in the Middle- Trans* Man
  118. So much pain...
  119. Hmmm
  120. BuzzFeed Gender Quiz(trust me it's good)
  121. Not 100% male.
  122. I Feel Like I'm Pretending
  123. a question to agender/neutrois/etc.
  124. Unsafe?
  125. Invalidated at group
  126. Validity
  127. Genderfluid? What am I?
  128. Maybe a trans boy.
  129. I can't figure it out
  130. Well, I did the COGIATI test.
  131. I feel like I chose this for myself...
  132. totaly shocked
  133. How is gender identity formed
  134. What am I?
  135. I think I might be a transgender.
  136. Just Venting
  137. Finally! Laser appointment for the pubic area!
  138. I don't know what I am anymore
  139. your thoughts on gender spectrum
  140. to help stay a little more light hearted
  141. I think I'm transgender
  142. Wanting people to respect my name change...
  143. Altering my wardrobe
  144. How to convince my parents to let me go femme?
  145. Another question: Why am I so manly so often?
  146. First time in girl mode .. went .. not so well.
  147. Trans*guy or cross dresser?
  148. New and Confused
  149. Gender Identity and Feminism
  150. What am I?? What's wrong with me?
  151. Managing Dysphoria
  152. Endocrinologist
  153. I don't even know... :(
  154. Hair Troubles! (FTM)
  155. I've been forcibly outed
  156. Transguy Voices
  157. Effeminacy
  158. How many sports bras?
  159. Lost and confused...
  160. Stress rant!
  161. Is this just a phase or something more??
  162. Is it normal to deliberately modulate your voice to make it sound more feminine?
  163. Am I gay or trans straight
  164. Self-expression
  165. Unable to deal with birth name?
  166. Am I bi?
  167. Coming out trans - should it be a choice?
  168. Lost.
  169. Pride Stride double-check
  170. Starting to come to terms with myself
  171. Androgynous
  172. Important FtM Resource: Affordable! (A bit NSFW- Beware please! c: )
  173. Hakuna Matata
  174. In need of some advice
  175. FTMs: How did you transition from bras to binders?
  176. Some Trans issues
  177. How do YOU deal with dysphoria?
  178. FtMs, do you miss a brother? MtFs, do you miss a sister?
  179. Relationship Help, Not Sure How To Proceed
  180. that "its only a phase" thing
  181. Is my Life in Danger?
  182. Being myself?
  183. What is 'ordinary curiosity'?
  184. Am I a butch lesbian or a transguy?
  185. What the ffff... Food.
  186. Another Binder Post
  187. Got my 'guy' haircut
  188. Step one
  189. Gender Identity and shorts?
  190. How to make Women's Clothes More Masculine? + Appearance Tips :-)
  191. What term is this?
  192. help I have been questioning my gender
  193. Am I bigender?
  194. Gay because we are more girl than guy?
  195. A Few Questions (MtF)
  196. I am terrified of my future (ftm)
  197. Update: My hair is cut...
  198. Gender Identity and Age
  199. I don't know what Gender I am.
  200. How to appear more masculine?
  201. Could I Be Genderfluid...?
  202. Getting ready to "transform" into girl mode. Need advice!
  203. trip to Hooters
  204. sexual abuse caused me to be gender fluid?
  205. A Little Bit of Understanding
  206. Transgender Boarding Schools?
  207. I feel stupid about getting upset
  208. Am I Genderfluid?
  209. changing your name?
  210. Everything Is Starting to Crumble
  211. Okay, I'd like some help
  212. Name Guilt
  213. Expressing my fem
  214. Personal Gender = Sexual Turn-On?
  215. What if I can't go on T?
  216. Is it possible to ignore this?
  217. Face crisis!
  218. Don't know who I really am
  219. Non-binary, gender fluid, genderqueer, or just a tomboy??
  220. Coming out to my best friend. I'm really anxious. Any advice?
  221. Naming Your Kids Ambiguously
  222. Making Some Progress
  223. Sudden Envy
  224. Conflicted feelings
  225. Super confused about my gender identity.... please help?!
  226. Wearing womens underwear
  227. How to fake a prominent breast... while being NAKED?
  228. Don't know what i am
  229. packing in skinny jeans
  230. first therapy appointment tomorrow?
  231. these awkward moments.....
  232. Wearing A Bra Without Breasts?
  233. Glasses
  234. non binary\genderqueer
  235. Androgyne
  236. Guilt
  237. Is it possible for males to be gender fluid?
  238. Any straight female crossdresser?
  239. Breaking the ice with my doctor
  240. questions about ftm crossdressing
  241. Cheap packers that can reliably ship to Canada?
  242. How did you choose your name and pronouns?
  243. I often wish i was a girl
  244. Fluid or Trans?
  245. Primary Care Doctor: Should I Tell Them?
  246. Talking About Hormones to Parents
  247. Testosterone
  248. Maybe starting to figure things out...
  249. Scared To Come Out In My Location
  250. How did you deal with naysayers when you were closeted?