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  1. I little hope for those of us who want children
  2. "Ex-Gay" or "Conversion therapy survivors
  3. A letter to my parents about starting HRT
  4. Not showing gender as a child
  5. Parents and Haircuts
  6. My name??!!
  7. Questioning My Gender...
  8. Is this Dysphoria?
  9. The awkward underwear question.
  10. The feeling of looking like a little boy
  11. My best friend who I'm out to just called me a girl after I asked him not to...
  12. Am I actually cis? Was it all just a phase?
  13. Gender Idenity not getting any easier
  14. Questions for transsexuals in Canada
  15. Wearing men's clothes with a curvy figure?
  16. I'll never be a real guy
  17. Not accepting myself
  18. Being male online for years - now questioning gender
  19. HELP PLS. I don't know my orientation.
  20. Male clothing for those with female bodies
  21. ways to be more feminine?
  22. Is it odd to do this?
  23. So I really fucked up.
  24. Help Me Choose a Guy Name?
  25. Am I genderfluid? What gender am i?
  26. Is this unusual?
  27. Nonbinary or just a crazy lesbian?
  28. Gender Non-conformity
  29. Help with Dysphoria?
  30. Just wondering
  31. Dysphoria.
  32. Would this be demigender, agender or genderfluid?
  33. Don't know what to do with myself anymore
  34. I know I'm nonbinary, I just don't know what!
  35. Gender fluidity?
  36. How do I put my feelings into spoken words?
  37. Talking to my girlfriend about binding
  38. Taking hormones in high school
  39. Choosing names
  40. What am I?
  41. Scared of Transitioning
  42. Tomboy or Genderfluid
  43. Dysphoria questions
  44. *Deep breath* I think I beginning to understand myself, but I'm terrified
  45. I shouldn't have a uterus.
  46. Accepting myself as genderfluid
  47. A world without labels...
  48. Figuring Out My Gender
  49. Dysphoria? I dunno what's going on
  50. My Doubts
  51. Am i trans or is it a phase?
  52. When you get fed up
  53. Jumping Through Hoops at School
  54. Binders?
  55. Does anyone else ever feel this way?
  56. I don't know what I am anymore
  57. Genderfluidity and school events
  58. Coming out as trans letter draft
  59. diffrence between trans girls and girly boys
  60. Trans or gender-fluid?
  61. Not feeling completely secure
  62. My job.
  63. Kinda freaking out about this..
  64. Help wanted (Any offers of help would be awesome)
  65. Came out to a friend today... and a question.
  66. Am I genderfluid, or something else?
  67. Feeling a little down...
  68. Help with disphoria
  69. dating someone who likes girls
  70. gender fluidity and living at home
  71. Wtf dad?
  72. Dealing with being who I'm not: HELP!
  73. I hate being small,
  74. Is it just me or being genderfluid/androgynous makes you less attractive
  75. Do you think the 0.2%-0.3% figure is correct?
  76. The Definitive Name Thread
  77. Chase
  78. Am I Genderfluid? Help Please.
  79. Transgender lifehacks [tips and tricks-thread]
  80. Binding Companies
  81. 25 and trans?
  82. Name problems
  83. So mentally drained
  84. Does anybody else define themselves as genderfluid?
  85. Lesbian in the wrong body
  86. Tried on some mascara.
  87. First binder came
  88. I need advice please
  89. Binders
  90. Starting hormones.
  91. In need of advice
  92. Who is your rolemodel?
  93. I feel like I've made no progress at all..
  94. Back to square one
  95. is my name genderfluid?
  96. I'm having a small problem expressing my gender
  97. Using a preferred name
  98. Scared and confused
  99. Periods suuuuuck. Especially for FTMs.
  100. i'm not very sure now...
  101. A step in the right direction
  102. I have no idea whats going on. Please help.
  103. Expressing my gender identity?
  104. Binding...
  105. Dear Transgender People...
  106. Any transgender transvestites here?
  107. How to start with expressing gender identity?
  108. When did you know?
  109. genderfluid name?
  110. slightly awkward question about transitioning
  111. Genderfluid name help
  112. I think I might be trans?
  113. Home made binder tip!
  114. "Die Cis Scum?" Wtf?
  115. Nounself???
  116. Genderfluid Dysphoria and Coming Out Anxiety
  117. Questions for transitioning and passing
  118. Confused
  119. Should I come out?
  120. Genderfluid dysphoria
  121. Coming out at School?
  122. No tears again.
  123. Is there a "3rd" gender option for legal stuff?
  124. Problems with Prom
  125. Am I really trans?
  126. Feelings uncomfortable with Gender
  127. I don't know anymore
  128. I'm new to EC, and was trying to reach out for some advice...
  129. Another sleepless night....
  130. Genderfluid dysphoria
  131. New name?
  132. What is going on?!
  133. How to start a medical transition
  134. Back to the drawing board.
  135. Name Dilemma
  136. Female - Genderfluid - or anything else? -
  137. Am I cis or trans? Please help
  138. Name Help?
  139. Maybe I'm not trans?
  140. I need help with my gender Identity.
  141. The Emma Scale! (My analogy of Gender Identity)
  142. Trans Clothing Swap
  143. Decently priced STP's?
  144. The ever common bathroom problems
  145. Pretending to be MtF/FtM
  146. am i transgender
  147. question for EC's transgender users
  148. How do I come out to my mom??
  149. Other trans friends?
  150. Hair growth products?
  151. Freaking Bathrooms
  152. Oh yeah...my toes are pink...
  153. Think i've figured it out...
  154. Confused
  155. Am I really Transgender?
  156. How to find other androgynous people?
  157. anyone else feel overwhelmed walking past crowds?
  158. That happiness when sort of seeing the real you
  159. Gaining an erection while browsing female clothes and accessories online?
  160. Names??
  161. Haircut and Passing
  162. Expressing femaleness
  163. Chest Binders?
  164. "It's just a mental thing. You're still a man."
  165. Afab/maab??
  166. What should I do?
  167. Help for Hair
  168. Embarrassed for being gay?
  169. A question about identity
  170. The holidays are killing me
  171. Met my old bio teacher on a trans BBS
  172. Too feminine-looking to pass as a guy...
  173. Trans lifeline, and a note about suicide.
  174. I'm confused.
  175. Finding clothes that fit
  176. What bathroom do you use?
  177. Do I have to change name?
  178. Gift advice!
  179. Pretty sure my gender identity is holding my dating life hostage T_T
  180. Feeling down? Try talking to someone.
  181. well I did it....
  182. Are you obligated to come out to a partner?
  183. Is transitioning medically necessary?
  184. Will I Ever Be Truly Comfortable Or Happy?
  185. Gender Stereotypes and Being Transgender
  186. Neutral vs. Agender?
  187. First a Girl, Now a Boy... Wish I Were Still a Girl?
  188. Coming out to my 8-year-old cousin?
  189. Losing Hope (rant)
  190. Being patient with people is getting really hard...
  191. Gender-fluid... but slower sort of?
  192. Feeling Great
  193. Signs of transcendence
  194. Transgender blood donation.
  195. Feeling very lost and confused
  196. Confused, help?
  197. Agender? Genderfluid? I don't even know anymore
  198. Part of me still feels female...
  199. Good Transgender News Articles
  200. Where my Drag queens and kings at?
  201. My homophobic mother
  202. Straight or Gay
  203. What am I?
  204. No fashion sense at all
  205. Advice on clothes shopping?
  206. Am i androgynous?
  207. Choosing a name, some help?
  208. Misgendering
  209. What gender am I????
  210. Yeah things have been a bit confusing lately.
  211. Dysphoria talking or...?
  212. Is it okay for people to say "tranny"
  213. Let me know what you think.
  214. Birth names are like strangers to me now...
  215. Question about crossdressing
  216. I feel so fucking alone
  217. Voice Difference?
  218. Is transitioning the right step?
  219. STP/packers/ftm gear
  220. getting rid of old clothes
  221. Xmas disphoria
  222. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays
  223. Non binary and dysphoria
  224. FTM, First Haircut, Can I Have Your Opinion?
  225. I'm getting my name legally changed
  226. My moms not understanding
  227. Trans Issues
  228. How do I look androgynous?
  229. Demi Thread
  230. Questioning my Identity
  231. Anyone's dysphoria get worse after beginning their transition?
  232. Correcting friends who misgender me
  233. Updated My Information On The Left...
  234. books/resources?
  235. Finding it hard to stay stealth?
  236. Androgynous male? Does it work?
  237. What do y'all think of this??
  238. Doctors help
  239. Do people who don't pass end of transition regret transitioning?
  240. Adrogyne/Adrogynous
  241. Generalizing Hormonal Imbalances Questions
  242. Name dysphoria
  243. Being called a guy!
  244. What does it feel to be loved?
  245. Advice for someone curvy..?
  246. Yet another name post!
  247. Questioning my gender identity, in a relationship. Help!
  248. How many times...?
  249. Indirect Dysphoria?
  250. Don't know where to start