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  1. My homophobic mother
  2. Straight or Gay
  3. What am I?
  4. No fashion sense at all
  5. Advice on clothes shopping?
  6. Am i androgynous?
  7. Choosing a name, some help?
  8. Misgendering
  9. What gender am I????
  10. Yeah things have been a bit confusing lately.
  11. Dysphoria talking or...?
  12. Is it okay for people to say "tranny"
  13. Let me know what you think.
  14. Birth names are like strangers to me now...
  15. Question about crossdressing
  16. I feel so fucking alone
  17. Voice Difference?
  18. Is transitioning the right step?
  19. STP/packers/ftm gear
  20. getting rid of old clothes
  21. Xmas disphoria
  22. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays
  23. Non binary and dysphoria
  24. FTM, First Haircut, Can I Have Your Opinion?
  25. I'm getting my name legally changed
  26. My moms not understanding
  27. Trans Issues
  28. How do I look androgynous?
  29. Demi Thread
  30. Questioning my Identity
  31. Anyone's dysphoria get worse after beginning their transition?
  32. Correcting friends who misgender me
  33. Updated My Information On The Left...
  34. books/resources?
  35. Finding it hard to stay stealth?
  36. Androgynous male? Does it work?
  37. What do y'all think of this??
  38. Doctors help
  39. Do people who don't pass end of transition regret transitioning?
  40. Adrogyne/Adrogynous
  41. Generalizing Hormonal Imbalances Questions
  42. Name dysphoria
  43. Being called a guy!
  44. What does it feel to be loved?
  45. Advice for someone curvy..?
  46. Yet another name post!
  47. Questioning my gender identity, in a relationship. Help!
  48. How many times...?
  49. Indirect Dysphoria?
  50. Don't know where to start
  51. Identify as gender neutral?
  52. Fluid trans-man?
  53. Internet Advice?
  54. What a day... (Warning: little long)
  55. Names?
  56. It's Been a While (Long post, but advice needed)
  57. Do you tend to get misgendered by a specific group of people only?
  58. Crippling dysphoria
  59. Suspending Judgement
  60. Preferred pronouns!
  61. Was this dysphoria?
  62. Chest Binders in Canada?
  63. Camhs and gender therapist search (in the closet as ftm)
  64. Major Confusion :(
  65. Gender expression changes depending on mood?
  66. Confused and unsure about gender
  67. Accurate methods for measuring height at home?
  68. Just got forced out of the closet...
  69. FtM Sex question
  70. Never felt so bad...
  71. Going insane?
  72. Questioning gender... Makeshift binder for large chest?
  73. endocrinologist appointment
  74. Non binary and scared of voicecrack
  75. Transphobic bullying/coming out experiences (transguys/girls)
  76. Androgynous female/male
  77. non-binary look for males?
  78. How to look attractive and adroygenous
  79. Baby Steps...
  80. Ugghhhh!
  81. My 5 yr old niece is questioning her identity
  82. What is dysphoria like to you?
  83. Help? :/
  84. Using Your New Name Before It's Legally Changed?
  85. Not Being "Male Enough"
  86. The Big Day.
  87. Some transitioning questions
  88. Transphobic mother
  89. Rant on siblings and gender expression
  90. Reaching out to Secondary School teachers? (Transguys help me)
  91. Yay!
  92. Too much to ask?
  93. Am I Transgendered or Agendered?
  94. Non-binary stories
  95. Trans sports
  96. Am I butch?
  97. I have a theory...
  98. Help!
  99. Transphobic comments
  100. How to deal with dysphoria?
  101. Finally bought some makeup!
  102. When to come out?
  103. Gender/Employment Issue
  104. Bathrooms...
  105. I am confused about who I am, Please Help!!
  106. Names!
  107. trans* dating problems?
  108. Writing an androgynous character
  109. I can never be 100% physically male
  110. How do you Survive high school being trans?
  111. Mom just told me how to dress for the Christmas gathering
  112. Androgyne vs Gender-Neutral
  113. Going to be difficult to date someone?
  114. Interested in cross-dressing.
  115. is it possible for a bigender individual be...
  116. Not Sure What to Do About an Androgynous Identity
  117. Experimenting with being transgender.
  118. Nice post op story...
  119. I said my old name :(
  120. Dysphoria
  121. Craving Validation from Cis Women
  122. Small Victories
  123. I'm confused with who I am. Help??
  124. First time ftm crossdressing (fully)
  125. So... I passed today!
  126. Would Getting Pregnant Make Me Change?
  127. confused....
  128. When my body started to develop
  129. Why can't this go away?
  130. Trans and dont know how to come out to my family
  131. I never thought I'd be here, but...
  132. How to be as sexy as Sharon Stone?
  133. How do you know if you're gender fluid as opposed to full blown trans?
  134. I'm shaking right now
  135. Pronouns, words, acronyms, etc.
  136. out kelly
  137. Confused-need help
  138. Musical hugs for all you trans folk. Keep your head up.
  139. Coming out as Genderfluid?
  140. Possible transgender issues?
  141. coming out on facebook
  142. Confused?! What am I?
  143. effects of testosterone?
  144. trans women and swimwear
  145. what do you do when...
  146. I can't keep silent anymore.
  147. Trans male?
  148. Royal children's hospitol
  149. Transitioning or sex change in dreams?
  150. "repressed extroverted" transgender
  151. Almost there...
  152. The longer you doubt/less sure of yourself, the less likely it is?
  153. Dysphoria
  154. What restroom do you use??
  155. That un controllable smile when you are called by your preferred name/pronoun
  156. Were you ever denied therapy because you are apparently "not trans?"
  157. Worried about waiting too long
  158. Overcoming Dysphoria
  159. Clothing rant. Advice appreciated.
  160. My first time out as Elissa with my sister.
  161. I've made a decision for now...
  162. So I'd like some help in understanding.
  163. Feeling really depressed again lately...
  164. Testing the waters
  165. my family think im a lesbian :/
  166. Is there a word for this?
  167. The "right way" to transition
  168. So today I tried on some clothes...
  169. What are some good questions to ask yourself when questioning?
  170. This time next year I migh be on T!
  171. Possibility of Regret Holding You Back?
  172. Really need help thinking of a guy name
  173. So i told them...
  174. Questioning your gender identity but not trans?
  175. Confused about gender?
  176. What do I do?? halp plz
  177. I want to break down and cry..(massive vent/rant)
  178. know what i hate
  179. Choosing a new name
  180. Voice woes.
  181. "Then why do you have boobs?"
  182. 'when you have babies of yourown' 'oh when youre a mum'
  183. My Yearbook
  184. In a perfect world..
  185. new make up
  186. Not eating :(
  187. Is this normal?
  188. I could use a hug...
  189. LGTB Center Appointment
  190. Feeling Jealous
  191. Disliking To Be Called Girly?
  192. Avoiding mirror's like the plague...
  193. When you come to that point in your life...
  194. Jumping in the deep end...
  195. Figure this out
  196. Bad day to be trans...
  197. What does Gender Dysphoria mean to you?
  198. Can i get an opinion? Id like to share my concerns on my gender and relate to others
  199. Trans man documentary on US Netflix
  200. Typical "how do you know" worries
  201. my new outfit
  202. Dont know but hi.
  203. I don't know WHAT I am
  204. Strapless chest binder
  205. I cried last night.
  206. Am I less feminine than I think?
  207. People don't actually believe gender identity is a social construct right?
  208. mum cleaned room(freaking out)
  209. Colour, visual tricks, and broad shoulders.
  210. I'm sorta confused... heh
  211. Shameless self-congratulation
  212. Extremely Confused
  213. Why doesn't it work anymore (to live as a girl)?
  214. Am I transgender?
  215. Losing that first Trans* spark...
  216. Watching Mulan while going through a gender identity crisis is strangely reassuring!
  217. Unsure about Gender Identity
  218. Early days, feeling confusion and denial
  219. I Think I'm Ready...
  220. CD concerns
  221. Able to accept one but not the other??
  222. Gender expression and confidence
  223. Songs with Transgender themes?
  224. Anorexia and Dysphoria
  225. Woman hips and men's pants?
  226. Trans* Support Group
  227. Who am I? Help me out
  228. Got confused...
  229. A question about my eyebrows. [Cosmetic]
  230. I don't know what to do
  231. Confused as can be
  232. A few questions.
  233. I was so obsessed with being transgender but then...
  234. Diagnosis and Flexible Labels
  235. A creeping sense of emptiness...
  236. Coming Out + Transition
  237. Doubting.
  238. I just found out what my birth name would have been...
  239. do guys date girls who look boy-ish...?
  240. He She it dude whatever
  241. Lots of questions and doubts...
  242. Help me, Please
  243. Ftm clothing - is this normal?
  244. My Mom's Opinion On Trans People
  245. How to look more feminine
  246. Don't know what to do with my life
  247. Cultures accepting of non-bianary
  248. What should I expect?
  249. Figuring out my gender identity(s)
  250. Dysphoria