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  1. I will never get a girl
  2. female/male brains?
  3. Too much anxiety
  4. Trans* Visibility thread - Transparent, Laverne Cox, South Park, The Cissy, etc.
  5. Androgynous vs Curvy
  6. If your a trans male can you still be attracted to men?
  7. Do I pass?
  8. Little cousins asked if I was a boy
  9. To Those Who Experience Dsphoria...
  10. First shopping experience for clothes I like
  11. What am I?
  12. Trans women, I need your expert advice!
  13. My first experience with Dysphoria
  14. Ashamed of being trans
  15. STP Recommendations
  16. GenderQueer, agender or just over-reacting.
  17. Can the way I feel change?
  18. Just a quick question...
  19. Are gender identity and gender expression the same thing?
  20. How is gender dysphoria different from, say anorexia?
  21. Quick personal update
  22. Risks of hormones?
  23. Is this dysphoria or something else?
  24. Being certain?
  25. Do you relate better to guys or girls?
  26. what the hell's happening to me?
  27. How can I be more feminine?
  28. Am I actually?
  29. Binding For Long Periods of Time
  30. Just need to rant about dysphoria
  31. came out to father last night and...
  32. Anger
  33. Does any other genderfluid person....
  34. Gender Neutral Names
  35. Can't sleep every night :(
  36. Genderfluid people: How often does you gender switch/shift into something distinct?
  37. Help! Recently accepted being a Transguy
  38. Bras for MTF starting out
  39. Phone calls
  40. School and gender stuff
  41. Musings on trans men
  42. I'm not sure where I fit in?
  43. Coming out this weekend?
  44. Non-binary drag?
  45. Some nsfw questions for post-op girls.
  46. I just... I'm kind of scared.
  47. Coming out on Facebook
  48. Does top surgery hurt?
  49. I don't get transphobia
  50. Hysterectomy questions
  51. I think I might be genderfluid or bigender
  52. Gender-gloom (long...sorry!)
  53. Confused
  54. Confidence, coming out, and being worn out
  55. Not really questioning, but... wondering?
  56. What's in a name?
  57. What does dysphoria feel like for you?
  58. each day pass by = more depression..
  59. I wish I could feel 'ready'
  60. difficulties after coming out to parents
  61. High testosterone and forcing estrogen on FTMs
  62. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to wear armor....
  63. Going back in the closet and informing people
  64. ~Severe~ Gender Confusion
  65. help with pronouns
  66. Who the hell am I?
  67. My Final Middle Name Decision. Opinions?
  68. Do you have to get doctor's approval for any type of gender related surgery?
  69. A little help for a big problem...?
  70. FtM and shopping
  71. Am I alone in feeling this way?
  72. Past Dysphoria and Anxiety
  73. androgynous presentation, how do you do it.
  74. Finally Out To Myself
  75. Hello again :)
  76. Out to a friend
  77. Trans or fem guy
  78. how to get used to a new name
  79. positive Things about being trans?
  80. Not female, not male, but...
  81. Cost of T?
  82. How to cope?
  83. Irritable/Grumpy when I forget to take my pills.
  84. Questioning my feelings about my identity
  85. I don't recognize my old name anymore...
  86. How do you cope with 'social dysphoria'
  87. Gross Images In My Head
  88. Just a personal update
  89. stuck somewhere i dont belong in a body i need to change
  90. I don't know...
  91. Female or Male not sure of Identy
  92. Not Sure How To Identify
  93. Genderfluid vs. Agender... thoughts?
  94. Consular tomorrow
  95. Feeling like two different people
  96. Passing (a rant)
  97. transitioning as non-binary
  98. Confused.... Help
  99. Nervous of going out
  100. Thoughts on LGBTQ grouping and Pride?
  101. Every little thing!
  102. How to determine if I'm trans or genderqueer?
  103. A little help for my sisters!
  104. Have you ever...?
  105. Any other non-binary people have this?
  106. Is it wrong?
  107. Trans guys and shoes
  108. sexuality identity?
  109. should I tell her?
  110. Questions and whatnot
  111. wearing women's clothes
  112. What kind of girls clothes are androgynous/unisex?
  113. Not attracted to anyone unless I've met them...
  114. How did you choose a new name?
  115. Trying to sort out my head
  116. Self Acceptance
  117. Competing Desires (Am I trans or not?)
  118. movies that inspired you to be who you are today
  119. Questioning Gender Identity
  120. So I'm a transwoman ...?
  121. The stress is eating me alive
  122. Chest binding FAIL :(
  123. Finding a binder
  124. I am confused. Help?
  125. Some good news!
  126. woohoo
  127. Help with crossdressing
  128. Shift in dysphoria
  129. Why you didn't think you were trans at first
  130. Just came out trans
  131. Finding a Gender Therapist
  132. Shopping help: FTM
  133. Christianity and Transgender
  134. Opinions on name choice
  135. Hair ideas mtf
  136. Binders???
  137. Makeshift Packer/Binder
  138. Mom is unsupportive
  139. Foods to stay away from?
  140. came out to mom. she doesnt believe me
  141. Anxiety Over My Fluidity
  142. Gift,Curse, or Just WTF
  143. Engaged in war against myself.
  144. Stealthy binding with a swimsuit
  145. Therapist Advice?
  146. Clothes Question
  147. I really don't know which title i should put..
  148. She thought it was a joke...
  149. Wearing Skirts at School
  150. Wishing to have been born a girl vs. wishing to be a girl.
  151. Gender-Curious
  152. Friend being transphobic
  153. Transgurl with daily pensive guilt or worry.
  154. Called Gender Center today!
  155. Natural Testosterone Diet effects?
  156. I told her.....
  157. The feelings of guilt when thinking of coming out...
  158. Who am I?
  159. Chest Dysphoria
  160. I feel like my safe place is gone
  161. possible transguy with self doubt and needs help
  162. Being trans and being you (Sorry, massive post)
  163. Starting Testosterone?
  164. Being trans at uni
  165. Trans or in my head? How do you know?
  166. okay so i came out to my mom
  167. Came out to friends and family hard to find a good romantic reletionship
  168. I'm just confused
  169. Transexual guys and gay guys, come here?
  170. pissed off
  171. I feel like a hypocrite
  172. Exercises after binding?
  173. Cheering Up About Being A Boy
  174. going crazy
  175. Period of Confusion
  176. Gay guys who use the pronoun "she" ... for other gay guys
  177. SUCCESSFULLY came out to my mom.
  178. Name Question
  179. Need some helpful Advice
  180. Unsure if I'm transsexual or not. (FTM)
  181. feeling overwhelmed and dysphoric
  182. soo... about srs... hmmm
  183. the first baby step
  184. I noticed something that's really confusing to me...
  185. A little rant & a little happy
  186. Help please? I need honest opinions.
  187. Male vs Transmale?
  188. I'm so Confused right now
  189. Frustrated!
  190. help me out here
  191. Who I Really Am. xD
  192. DIY Binder for an E-Cup
  193. trans advantage?
  194. How to look more androgynous?
  195. Underwear
  196. Dysphoria Worsened After Coming Out?
  197. Feeling a bit lost
  198. What to do with my body :/
  199. Does anyone else feel like it's a good thing?
  200. positive reactions
  201. What heck is going on with my gender?! (What am I?!)
  202. Colorful and patterned men's shirts?
  203. Awkward situation with my family at dinner, not sure what to think
  204. Pronoun Problems...
  205. I Think I May be Trans
  206. Testosterone question
  207. FTMs who are into men
  208. Where to Begin?
  209. What Things Do/Did You Do To Feel More "Aligned"
  210. Formal wear- urgent
  211. Androgynous or something else ?
  212. swimming?
  213. body art
  214. Pronouns Issue
  215. gah
  216. So confussed
  217. Any advice ?
  218. hello i might need help
  219. Personal Update!
  220. Trigger warning: Transphobia.
  221. hip and butt pads
  222. Why Do I Feel So Uncreative Lately? (Art Standpoint, Trans Argument)
  223. Going through phases.
  224. Transsexual FTM?
  225. I just want to pass, that's it
  226. Feel like a woman
  227. Am I Trans? And how to pass?
  228. Is there a name for this?
  229. Straight acting? Or nah...
  230. boobs and cleavage
  231. I don't know where to put this, but it may belong here
  232. I'm so annoyed
  233. Random useless rant
  234. Feminine face and growing breasts
  235. what are the effects of testosterone treatment?
  236. Need Help ASAP If possible
  237. Transphobia or Hate Speech? Is he insane?
  238. It feels like I imagined it all
  239. I Honestly Don't Know What To Do
  240. Genderless and Unisex stores?
  241. Not sure what I am... transgender, genderqueer, 'just me' or what...???
  242. Confused..Am i genderfluid?
  243. Off again on again dysphoria?
  244. Dysphoria Hitting Fast and Hard
  245. Being transgendered, "just a confusion?"
  246. I feel like I'm losing control and I don't know what to do...
  247. genderqueer terminology as limiting
  248. How would you define dysphoria
  249. Sudden gender confusion: Please help!
  250. Wearing guys clothes?