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  1. Do any other genderqueer people wish they where the opposite sex biologically?
  2. Male underwear
  3. Agendered.... need advice on boobs?
  4. Answers to transphobic/invasive questions
  5. Constant Misgendering by my friends
  6. Neutral Gender Expression?
  7. How does everyone remove their hair?
  8. dysphoria only in public?
  9. FtM Question regarding shorts
  10. How to find self acceptance? FTM
  11. A hopeless dream
  12. Do you feel romantically frustrated/unsatisfied as a gender-queer/fluid?
  13. So much pain
  14. labels?
  15. Has mum finally clicked?
  16. Emotions... They're killing me
  17. Online Gender-role 'test'
  18. Do I like to cross-dress or am I genderqueer?
  19. Miiight not be as cisgendered as I thought...
  20. free therapy?
  21. Discreet package pickup?
  22. Money
  23. Buying clothes online
  24. Biologically Female but See Myself As Male - Questions
  25. How to start expressing my sexual identity more?
  26. Name change and coming out
  27. Courage
  28. I sometimes go into panic mode.
  29. is it a phase?
  30. Excitement
  31. On first glance...
  32. Gender confusion
  33. don't know what to do with my breasts
  34. Questioning my sexuality
  35. My real name and college
  36. Mood Swings?
  37. So confused and undecided?
  38. My current life...
  39. Uhm boobs?!
  40. share your "lighten-up-music"!
  41. I put my true gender on my Facebook....
  42. Parenting as a Trans Person
  43. Is this dysphoria?
  44. How to reach self acceptance?
  45. just me?
  46. Do You Have Bottom Dysphoria?
  47. Dysphoria or longing?
  48. Gender Fluid? (Please please help me)
  49. I think i figured it out!!!
  50. how do you feel like a gender?????????????????
  51. What to do about my binder issues
  52. Female underwear advice!
  53. How to handle being genderfluid in your daily life?
  54. Does this count as gender fluid?
  55. Help with looking feminine
  56. My mom kinda caught me
  57. Short hair styles MTF?
  58. How can I appear more masculine?
  59. uhhh..... do i pass as male?
  60. Top surgery without referral.
  61. Androgyny and eating disorders
  62. Just a Dress
  63. Selfie/vanity thread!
  64. Do you like dressing in the formal clothes of your gender?
  65. How long should you give parents until they start acknowleding gender identity
  66. Femininity.
  67. testosterone
  68. I'm going to the beach
  69. Acting the part
  70. Struggling to be Androgynous?
  71. Really Confused
  72. My gender identity is making me feel bad about myself
  73. Voice deepening (FtM)
  74. Please help!
  75. Passing tips (FtM)
  76. My first gaff!
  77. How to not look 12
  78. Female...mistaken for a male
  79. Boxers and Basketball Shorts
  80. genderbending
  81. MtF
  82. can someone plz tell me is this dysphoria?
  83. Gender-Neutral Partner pronoun
  84. Anyone else tuck?
  85. Femme girls - do you ever feel like you need 2 butch it up?
  86. Support groups
  87. Nonbinary Haircuts?
  88. If wishes were real...
  89. Genderfluid or Transgender?
  90. Coming out... but married, with kids...
  91. Not sure where I fit inů..need advise
  92. lost...
  93. Cross dressing help?!
  94. Clothing nightmare. No, seriously..
  95. MtF (Straight or Lesbian?)
  96. Tomboy
  97. I think I've decided who I am.
  98. Closet crossdressing help
  99. Too concerned with everyone else
  100. sort of girl sort of boy?
  101. Attempted to come out to my mom... Sort of
  102. The Bathroom
  103. Coming out at camp
  104. Avoiding People
  105. Name problem!!
  106. Breast Reduction or "Top Surgery"?
  107. So I May Honestly Be a Trans- What Do I Do From Here?
  108. im an ftm but I keep dreaming I am a teen mom?
  109. A guy in a female body :)
  110. Which Gender Would You Check?
  111. Is this bathroom protocol okay?
  112. No Clear Sense of Self- And Often Sad
  113. sparkly transguy needs help
  114. My mom tried to out me
  115. In need of support/ adviceTrying to come to terms with being genderqueer.
  116. I'm not sure If i'm Genderfluid, Trans or Cis
  117. Finally getting my binder!
  118. i told my cat my new name!
  119. Questions for Trans
  120. Flip-flopping between transition decision
  121. Dysphoria and You, aka why my friends call me Mycroft
  122. please help
  123. FTM top surgery
  124. Who am I?
  125. I had a strange little moment.
  126. make-shift binding?
  127. My Dear Friend...
  128. Extreme Dysphoria
  129. *TW* Worst Thing about being transgendered (maybe triggering)
  130. How to explain that I'm still ME?
  131. The Binder Masterpost
  132. Really Starting to Hate My Body :/
  133. feeling like a women/man
  134. Genderqueer, FtM, or Something In-Between?
  135. Feeling Comfort During Transition
  136. Buying Male Underwear for the First Time
  137. Finally settled on my middle name. what do you think?
  138. How can I help my parents understand?
  139. Feeling like I am selfish for wanting to transition
  140. I just came out to my dad
  141. Genderqueer or FTM?
  142. I'm bigendered
  143. Self-Acceptance
  144. coping with people when you're not out yet
  145. Trans* man questions?
  146. genderfluid?
  147. I dont know if im trans or just super gay..
  148. Genderqueer anyone?
  149. What should I do?
  150. 10 year olds that know their shit!
  151. Should i do my eyebrows?
  152. Can there be other reasons for feeling like the opposite gender?
  153. Writer looking to better understand FTM
  154. Am I really trans?
  155. I'm So Done
  156. FtM sex dilemma
  157. Not good with Labels..
  158. Transitioning.
  159. LGB Trans people?
  160. dealing with dysphoria
  161. Is this gender dysphoria?
  162. doubts
  163. Bad butterflies
  164. Selfish
  165. A few questions about trans folk...
  166. Don't look down
  167. Clash of the pronouns
  168. My gender
  169. coping in school HELL
  170. Happy Without Transitioning?
  171. I pissed in the mens bathroom!
  172. Problems with attraction
  173. What does that mean?
  174. getting used to prefered name and pronouns
  175. Height
  176. Does your gender dysphoria ever make you cry?
  177. Binder reviews?
  178. Constant Death Wish
  179. Underworks Binders?
  180. Binder review: Underworks Magicotton, for someone with DD's
  181. Why the "T" in LGBT
  182. "straight" girl in love with her lesbian friend?
  183. How do you experience dysphoria?
  184. Binder finally!
  185. Anything I Need To Know?
  186. Identity Crisis...
  187. Transformation from Male to Female- How did it go for you?
  188. What's the difference between a packer, a STP and a dildo?
  189. Do you ever think it would be fake?
  190. Binding and nipple ring
  191. Anticipation
  192. Terrified of coming out
  193. Gender expression and non accepting mother
  194. Stuck in gender
  195. i hate haircuts
  196. How do you deal with depression?
  197. Body issues
  198. Job Hunting and Transition
  199. transitioning while still living with unsupportive parents
  200. Passing: Sex reconsidered after first impression?
  201. Do I not have dysphoria any more?
  202. The trans narrative- or- feeling so old.
  203. Ftm within alternative subcultures?
  204. Questioning gender and possible dysphoria(?)
  205. Names and Gender Fluidity
  206. Are there really so many gender identities?
  207. Was hoping my friends would be more supportive
  208. Men's Bathroom
  209. Problems with my gender expression(again)
  210. info on dysphoria????
  211. Is there any possibility at all that I'm cis?
  212. Buying Clothes as a Young Transgender Male
  213. coming out in college cancelled
  214. Getting a binder(?)
  215. Im no longer thegirlyoubroke!
  216. Swimming in a Binder?
  217. I almost came out... Panicked
  218. Really trans
  219. confused and alone//please help
  220. Trapped
  221. Enjoying my new life
  222. I'm so excited!!!
  223. Choosing names that are too masculine or too feminine.
  224. childhood dysphoria?
  225. Haircuts
  226. So, I'm pretty sure I'm trans. Now what?
  227. I hope to be presenting Male for college in September
  228. Gender fluid appearance help please
  229. Male bodied in my dreams?
  230. The Difference Between...
  231. Has anyone else noticed this?
  232. Being forced to shave
  233. My situation
  234. i just ordered a binder!
  235. Opinions on my chosen name?
  236. Laser hair removal question
  237. Anybody else bothered by "heterosexual" and "homosexual"?
  238. FTM... How to lessen secondary s3x characteristics
  239. The Move
  240. How often do you think about your gender?
  241. Don't want to be offensive..
  242. FtM?
  243. Transkid. mother seeks help.
  244. Help
  245. It's like my dysphoria is gone
  246. Being FORCED to get a haircut!
  247. Just got my first boxer-briefs!
  248. Coming out to my daughter
  249. Not feeling the world this morning...
  250. My mum used one of the most stereotypical lines and I want to cry