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  1. So, I'm pretty sure I'm trans. Now what?
  2. I hope to be presenting Male for college in September
  3. Gender fluid appearance help please
  4. Male bodied in my dreams?
  5. The Difference Between...
  6. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. Being forced to shave
  8. My situation
  9. i just ordered a binder!
  10. Opinions on my chosen name?
  11. Laser hair removal question
  12. Anybody else bothered by "heterosexual" and "homosexual"?
  13. FTM... How to lessen secondary s3x characteristics
  14. The Move
  15. How often do you think about your gender?
  16. Don't want to be offensive..
  17. FtM?
  18. Transkid. mother seeks help.
  19. Help
  20. It's like my dysphoria is gone
  21. Being FORCED to get a haircut!
  22. Just got my first boxer-briefs!
  23. Coming out to my daughter
  24. Not feeling the world this morning...
  25. My mum used one of the most stereotypical lines and I want to cry
  26. Don't want to embrace being male, don't feel not-cis
  27. Where do I go next?
  28. Gender Identity/Expression
  29. What is gender? What does it mean to have one?
  30. Just flirting with possibilities
  31. Following on
  32. Confused
  33. Thoughts?
  34. Maybe its not trans*?
  35. Solution? I think so.
  36. Problems with my gender expression
  37. I need my hair cut
  38. Non-binary people in gendered spaces
  39. Name thread!
  40. can't decide on a name? unisex names that start with "d"
  41. Depression
  42. I Don't Know What To Do
  43. first male pants advice
  44. What to do?
  45. What do these terms mean?
  46. Gender Identity - Trans or not
  47. Feeling like I can't attract anyone because of gender identity
  48. can we talk about being genderfluid?
  49. unisex names that start with K?
  50. Choosing a name
  51. Steps to becoming a woman
  52. Forever Young: Not a Good Thing
  53. I'm having trouble figuring stuff out
  54. Sitting in a stupor
  55. Trans or not?
  56. Keep questioning myself.
  57. Sometimes I want to be a girl, but sometimes I think otherwise
  58. What is my with my gender identity issue?? I don't get it!!
  59. I feel like I should have been born as a female
  60. Feeling like a male
  61. Is This Denial?
  62. Want to come out but confused
  63. How do you see yourself in dreams?
  64. dysphoria and other stuff help
  65. how to subtly bring up gender in conversation.
  66. Thinking about Self-image
  67. What's this supposed to mean?(help!!)
  68. confused
  69. Changing names
  70. Dont want mom at top surgery
  71. Im comming out.
  72. Im comming out.
  73. How often do you think about your gender?
  74. Doing Drag as NB?
  75. When you know that you'll never ever pass...
  76. relationship trouble
  77. slowly becomingmore fem
  78. Is apathy a gender?
  79. What type of genderqueer am I?
  80. Binders??
  81. Non binary people, how do you express your gender?
  82. little help peoples!
  83. emotionless shit
  84. The need to "validify" transness
  85. Binding
  86. Past Reminder?
  87. I don't "fit" anywhere
  88. Good news, everyone!
  89. Can't imagine myself as a cis-girl (mostly a "fml -thread")
  90. forgetting about having certain body parts.
  91. Being a Tomboy/ is it possible this is a phase
  92. But like, am I really trans?
  93. Unsure and confused... Need some guidance..?
  94. Sometimes I feel cis, sometimes I don't?
  95. Starting Acquainting Myself With Femme? Suggestions?
  96. The feeling of being a woman in my mind
  97. [rant] My mom wants me to get a "real" girl.
  98. Masturbation and Dysphoria?
  99. Dysphoria getting worse when 'accepted'
  100. Fitness for the Genderqueer Transwoman: Conflicts
  101. Ready to Leave it Behind
  102. Gender Identity vs. Gender Expression
  103. I dont know
  104. hormone blockers
  105. being less frumpy?
  106. Thoughts on surgery and testosterone
  107. How long does hair take to grow?
  108. Being trans without dysphoria?
  109. What does "femme" mean when applied to a guy?
  110. Genderqueer? Non-binary?? Maybe?
  111. Not quite sure about it, maybe Gender dysphoria?
  112. Am I trans?
  113. jealousy................
  114. Trans Men on "T"
  115. What the hell am I? A boy, a girl, or what?
  116. Agender/non binary, supportive friends
  117. Would you chose to be born as the opposite sex?
  118. Tips for deepening my voice?
  119. Transgender/sex advice?
  120. Finding my way
  121. have I convinced myself I'm trans?
  122. am I a boy?
  123. Demigender?
  124. Anxiety and presentation
  125. Evaluating Myself... Help?
  126. How do sizes correspond?
  127. How do I get a feminine voice?
  128. Frustrated and Hopeless
  129. Why can't this be easy... I'm on the wrong end
  130. Losing myself...
  131. Dressing butch v. Cross-dressing: What's the difference?
  132. Had speech therapy today!
  133. new clothes
  134. Thoughts I Suppose
  135. Having doubts again. Please help.
  136. Pretty much stealth, now extremely ashamed of being trans?
  137. Not entirely sure if my partner knows I'm trans? What do I do...
  138. So I don't think im trans
  139. Male clothing thread
  140. Fetish or Gender Identity?
  141. Before & After/Current
  142. Gender fluid: need help with what to do!
  143. Passing as a dude with large cleavage...any advice?
  144. What was puberty like?
  145. I'm not sure where i fall in all of this:/ I'm confused
  146. Confused me :0
  147. Not understanding gender is holding me back
  148. Feminine Men's Clothing--FTM
  149. Getting a binder?
  150. masculine haircuts
  151. apartment hunting as ftm
  152. thougths about physically transitioning
  153. Tips for passing
  154. Feeling less and less dysphoria
  155. Transitioning in college and other options
  156. Finding Your Name
  157. A positive thread
  158. I don't like my breast
  159. Confused about gender, sex and transition (general topic)
  160. A question for asexual people
  161. Haircut?
  162. Name Poll
  163. Butch as Gender Identity?
  164. Response to questions about gender???
  165. Applications and Documentation
  166. Unsure whenever trans or just a fetish
  167. Dysphoria from not beeing male(or female) enough?! (is it dysphoria?)
  168. "Dazed" and confused: transitioning at 30 yrs old?
  169. Dreams?
  170. I feel like I'm being restrained from being myself
  171. Discrimination at work
  172. How did you find out your gender identity?
  173. Born in the wrong body and not sure what my "true" gender is.
  174. What I like to call the "Clothing Meltdown Tornado"...
  175. Is it possible...
  176. Update on my life : )
  177. Fun Being a Female
  178. question for trans women who are attracted to other females
  179. How did you know you wanted to be a boy
  180. Did you daydream?
  181. Gender identity?
  182. mtf hair loss
  183. Whats my size - Crossdressing
  184. Genderless~
  185. Gender problems?
  186. My family is great!
  187. Is dysphoria supposed to be intermittent?
  188. What made you happy today?
  189. Packing
  190. Hey, anyone on hrt but still has doubts?
  191. I'm really confused and I need advices badly.
  192. New School Year
  193. What is wrong with me
  194. Hey :)
  195. How Do Trans People Do It?
  196. FtM transgender, but always wanted to be a girl?!
  197. I used to be so sure, now I'm not
  198. Pronouns or Presentation?
  199. Is there anyone out there... (echo echo echo)
  200. Cisgender woman?
  201. My friends don't see me the way I see myself
  202. Extremely oppressive environment, no real life support. Also this is my Story
  203. gender-fluid:\
  204. Graduation and dysphoria
  205. ftm binding help asap and also other stuff
  206. help asap
  207. Hosiery Brands
  208. Trans* Misogyny
  209. Ok... REALLY messed up identity :(
  210. Autism and Gender dysphoria all tangled up
  211. general thought/mirror of real life
  212. Dysphoria getting in the way ...
  213. packing and binding
  214. Family / Transitioning / coming out
  215. Haircuts
  216. Forum drama
  217. Mom has it all wrong
  218. voice change
  219. What should I look for that might point to a desire to transition?
  220. help!! messed up situation
  221. A hair question :P
  222. breast forms
  223. The bathroom issue
  224. FtM wondering what to do
  225. Interesting Article for Trans Women
  226. Celebrity "wannabes"
  227. Body image and toning
  228. So today, I feel like a man...
  229. Shoe sizes
  230. Doubts about gender
  231. I'm Hurting
  232. Broaching the Trans* topic with friends...
  233. Struggling With Women as a Girly Guy
  234. Identity Awareness and Confusion.
  235. Regarding the "Gender Bulletin" thread
  236. My friend photoshopped me as a women XD
  237. Choosing a Gender Therapist
  238. Do cis people ever think they're trans?
  239. Best thing about being Transgender?
  240. Considering sex change?
  241. Confused (Rant)
  242. How do you manage to maintain living as prefered gender nowadays?
  243. Anyone ever get fed up with others' opinions?
  244. Feeling like I want to run away. help please
  245. I felt like sharing this.
  246. FtM
  247. Questions on Transitioning
  248. Is this a gender thing or...?
  249. Feeling...sexual
  250. how many of you go out?