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  1. life, love, and HRT
  2. Genderqueer, don't want to transition
  3. Wha exactly am I anyway?
  4. Adjustment is difficult.
  5. Asking your mom to get you a binder...?
  6. Gender Convolution
  7. Sex Change
  8. is it normal?
  9. My worst nightmare - PUBLIC BATHROOMS :(
  10. Trans FtM and make up.
  11. Not sure what to call this but...
  12. Heck yeah.
  13. Butt pads?
  14. Well here we go....
  15. Bigotry & Transphobia and how they feel
  16. Tons of good news!
  17. Does the word "gender" get overused at times?
  18. Chest Binding
  19. Curious
  20. Is it weird?
  21. What Do You Define As Passing?
  22. Period of mental adjustment?
  23. No idea
  24. A few qusetions~
  25. I just don't know?
  26. About joining a trans support group
  27. What Does it Feel Like?
  28. Can I just say to our LGB friends...
  29. Cross-dressing?
  30. Being in a relationship has changed how I get off?
  31. Being a non-binary Icelandic person.
  32. Gay trying to understand transgender
  33. soo confused..
  34. Gender therapists???
  35. So something went down today...
  36. Well, this is an odd turn of events....
  37. Gender Confusion
  38. Confused, Stressed, and Anxious
  39. I am who I am~
  40. Why is the lgb and the T grouped together
  41. Voice (FtM)
  42. Has anyone ever had those feelings?
  43. Orientation help?
  44. Emotions vs. Logic
  45. Gender-Related Confusion
  46. do all transgender people have genital dysphoria?
  47. Walmart and transgender persons
  48. What he hell is happening?
  49. my first night working as a woman!
  50. Gay man trapped in a womans body?
  51. what now ?
  52. Seriously pissed off
  53. Passing vs dressing how you want
  54. Feeling a little bit confused
  55. I got my referral for hormone therapy and my gender on my drivers liscense changed!!!
  56. Having trouble dealing
  57. does binding make me gender fluid?
  58. What do i need to do?
  59. relationships with Trans
  60. Courage ^^
  61. Feel like I'm making no progress.
  62. I don't know what this is, but here it is.
  63. 'Out of the Gender Box' discussion group
  64. An update (of sorts)
  65. Gay and arts correlation?
  66. How Did You Come Out As Trans
  67. Formal Attire for the Genderfluid Woman?
  68. Testosterone injections?
  69. Feeling Frustrated & Lost (Don't Know What I Am Or How To Deal With It)
  70. Change
  71. Really Dont Like What I See...
  72. Genetic Children
  73. Tran, Advice please
  74. hormones
  75. orientation questioning
  76. Is it worth it? - FtM
  77. Another problem...
  78. Am I actually a lesbian?
  79. Transsexual advice
  80. Suggestions/advice please
  81. FTM....and a bridesmaid?
  82. makeup and more
  83. Am I gender fluid?
  84. UGhhh! what now? v.v MTF help ;;
  85. Trying to Prove that Gender is in the Brain
  86. How do you find work as a pre-hormone, pre-op transsexual?
  87. I find MY CD interest weird
  88. Really cool stuff I found
  89. Summary of my appointment with the doctor
  90. Crossdreaming
  91. Asterisk in trans(*)
  92. What Does "Going Stealth" Mean?
  93. Confused; the road to self-discovery
  94. (trans) Full-time as a woman/man
  95. Brain cure vs. Body cure?
  96. Progress! It smells beautiful :3
  97. what to do
  98. Just another confused person who needs help.
  99. So I've come to a decision!
  100. feeling more and more detached from my body!
  101. Gender fluid and confused
  102. Breaking Down Just a Bit
  103. Confused__Crossdresser__Gender help__Advice
  104. Debunking phalloplasty myths (Helpful vid for FTMs)
  105. I have a rather bad situation....
  106. Voice training?
  107. i just get sad (mtf)
  108. FtM transitioning process explained simply?
  109. Does dysphoria get worse or better as you transition?
  110. A more apt term for "straight acting" - Discreet Gay
  111. Difficulty passing
  112. It's getting harder to repress!
  113. Without ambition?
  114. shopping for clothes, unnaccepting family and looking for work
  115. Gender Therapy
  116. My whole journey
  117. The man in my head is gone
  118. MtF clothing advice
  119. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner....
  120. Who am I?
  121. Paranoia
  122. Making friends
  123. Mentally unstable/Sadistic?
  124. Fantasies and Reality.
  125. Working with children
  126. pronoun usage
  127. transitioning
  128. Hormones MtF
  129. Confused about my gender
  130. Important Decision Made
  131. Roses for him
  132. FtM middle name trouble??
  133. I Need to Dump Some Emotions
  134. Biology Vs. Personality
  135. Are Tomboyinter binders good? I ordered two
  136. I order a Tomboyinter binder, I heard there good, are they?
  137. Questioning yet again -_-*
  138. Getting my ears pierced.
  139. My grades are dropping
  140. Being asked if I'm a girl...
  141. The "Is that a man or a woman?" question
  142. Androgynous look!!!
  143. I feel guilty. (kinda ranting)
  144. Trouble Figuring Out My Gender Identity
  145. I Hath Returned (Rambling)
  146. A Straight, Non-Op, Tomboy, Trans Woman
  147. Resources for my girlfriend
  148. Coming out questions.
  149. think I've fallen out of love with my wife
  150. Gender and Oculus Rift
  151. I need the MtF transition process explained to me in a very simple way.
  152. Obsessing
  153. I don't want to be a woman anymore
  154. For my FtM brothers who don't feel "trans enough"....
  155. Should health insurance companies help pay for HRT, top, and/or bottom surgery?
  156. Sure I'm trans*, but still doubting
  157. Fitness and trying to look feminine
  158. therapy
  159. help
  160. Hey! A little help?
  161. What would you call this?
  162. stressing out about gender again :(
  163. Still not 100% sure of my identity
  164. confused
  165. i have a lot of identity related problems
  166. Genderfluid and.... Straight? Lesbian? What?
  167. Well things just got intense
  168. Coming out at my (non-college) workplace?
  169. Does this sound gender-issue specific?
  170. Best methods of testosterone delivery
  171. Experiences with androgynous looks
  172. FtM Clothing
  173. No gender identity?
  174. Feeling gross and manly!
  175. In a relationship and suddenly having gender questions.
  176. This is getting more confusing.
  177. I can't tell what my gender identity is
  178. Gender specialist
  179. The Importance of Pronouns
  180. Adjusting period?
  181. Change in clothing?
  182. How to cope with being a masculine female?
  183. Shopping~
  184. I hate these dreams [rant more than anything]
  185. Underwear
  186. Clothing suggestions?
  187. How to support a friend struggling with their gender identity?
  188. My son
  189. am I butch or am I FTM
  190. After mtf hormones and surgery can you pass as a woman?
  191. Your name
  192. Gender Confused
  193. So I am not sure that I am genderqueer ...
  194. I think I might be trans
  195. How to nicely remind someone to use the right pronouns?
  196. how do you get over hating yourself for being trans?
  197. Questions about transitioning as a genderqueer person
  198. I would like to hear your ideas
  199. The word "beautiful".
  200. Attraction and transition
  201. if doctors could do this would it end the need for hrt?
  202. Chest Dysphoria
  203. "Passing" a form of oppression?
  204. Big rant (sorry just had to get it down in writing)
  205. Only Occasional Dysphoria
  206. Why do a lot of cis folk suck at pronouns?
  207. I'm lost at how to get along comfortably like this?
  208. Go figure...
  209. Big News!
  210. Why do I feel like this?
  211. Just a random stupid thought about SRS...
  212. I Can't Take It (Knowing That I Am A Transsexual)
  213. Coming out
  214. Strange Phenomenon
  215. Done.
  216. How long did it take to get "the letter"?
  217. Is it possible to officially ftm transition without having a surgery downthere?
  218. FtM and the world
  219. Swimming
  220. pronoun challenge
  221. Explanation
  222. Could someone help me understand the difference between trans* and ideas like butch?
  223. What are some ways of feeling confident with your new gender identity?
  224. What if I'm wrong!
  225. Mood Swings...
  226. What're some responses you've gotten when you came out as trans?
  227. A girl... trapped in a girl's body??
  228. so anyone work in a factory?
  229. Hella Confused
  230. Ftm voice and passing
  231. What defines your gender identity?
  232. question about dating as a pre-everything mtf trans person
  233. Is it selfish to transition?
  234. So I have a few questions...
  235. I remember her...
  236. Anxiety (Diving in and facing the real world)
  237. Confused, questioning, and frustrated ftm?
  238. my wife is PISSED OFF!
  239. Big Gay Conference for First time
  240. Had a dream that might be true
  241. so I'm not really sure
  242. Gender Identity feelings!
  243. I Think I'm transgender, help please!
  244. What's the scariest aspect of transition?
  245. I Think I Might Explode
  246. Binder?
  247. I don't know who I am
  248. for mtf's on hrt ...
  249. Young And Confused Transgender
  250. I'm confused about my gender identity