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  1. Sure I'm trans*, but still doubting
  2. Fitness and trying to look feminine
  3. therapy
  4. help
  5. Hey! A little help?
  6. What would you call this?
  7. stressing out about gender again :(
  8. Still not 100% sure of my identity
  9. confused
  10. i have a lot of identity related problems
  11. Genderfluid and.... Straight? Lesbian? What?
  12. Well things just got intense
  13. Coming out at my (non-college) workplace?
  14. Does this sound gender-issue specific?
  15. Best methods of testosterone delivery
  16. Experiences with androgynous looks
  17. FtM Clothing
  18. No gender identity?
  19. Feeling gross and manly!
  20. In a relationship and suddenly having gender questions.
  21. This is getting more confusing.
  22. I can't tell what my gender identity is
  23. Gender specialist
  24. The Importance of Pronouns
  25. Adjusting period?
  26. Change in clothing?
  27. How to cope with being a masculine female?
  28. Shopping~
  29. I hate these dreams [rant more than anything]
  30. Underwear
  31. Clothing suggestions?
  32. How to support a friend struggling with their gender identity?
  33. My son
  34. am I butch or am I FTM
  35. After mtf hormones and surgery can you pass as a woman?
  36. Your name
  37. Gender Confused
  38. So I am not sure that I am genderqueer ...
  39. I think I might be trans
  40. How to nicely remind someone to use the right pronouns?
  41. how do you get over hating yourself for being trans?
  42. Questions about transitioning as a genderqueer person
  43. I would like to hear your ideas
  44. The word "beautiful".
  45. Attraction and transition
  46. if doctors could do this would it end the need for hrt?
  47. Chest Dysphoria
  48. "Passing" a form of oppression?
  49. Big rant (sorry just had to get it down in writing)
  50. Only Occasional Dysphoria
  51. Why do a lot of cis folk suck at pronouns?
  52. I'm lost at how to get along comfortably like this?
  53. Go figure...
  54. Big News!
  55. Why do I feel like this?
  56. Just a random stupid thought about SRS...
  57. I Can't Take It (Knowing That I Am A Transsexual)
  58. Coming out
  59. Strange Phenomenon
  60. Done.
  61. How long did it take to get "the letter"?
  62. Is it possible to officially ftm transition without having a surgery downthere?
  63. FtM and the world
  64. Swimming
  65. pronoun challenge
  66. Explanation
  67. Could someone help me understand the difference between trans* and ideas like butch?
  68. What are some ways of feeling confident with your new gender identity?
  69. What if I'm wrong!
  70. Mood Swings...
  71. What're some responses you've gotten when you came out as trans?
  72. A girl... trapped in a girl's body??
  73. so anyone work in a factory?
  74. Hella Confused
  75. Ftm voice and passing
  76. What defines your gender identity?
  77. question about dating as a pre-everything mtf trans person
  78. Is it selfish to transition?
  79. So I have a few questions...
  80. I remember her...
  81. Anxiety (Diving in and facing the real world)
  82. Confused, questioning, and frustrated ftm?
  83. my wife is PISSED OFF!
  84. Big Gay Conference for First time
  85. Had a dream that might be true
  86. so I'm not really sure
  87. Gender Identity feelings!
  88. I Think I'm transgender, help please!
  89. What's the scariest aspect of transition?
  90. I Think I Might Explode
  91. Binder?
  92. I don't know who I am
  93. for mtf's on hrt ...
  94. Young And Confused Transgender
  95. I'm confused about my gender identity
  96. Difference between transgender and transsexual?
  97. Cold Feet
  98. seriously depressed :'-( please help
  99. Gender Therapist~
  100. Help...
  101. not yet on hrt. how do i proceed?
  102. Educating and dealing with Homophobic Parents
  103. The ball is roooooolling!
  104. Am I Gender Fluid? Any advice?
  105. Do most trans-people care about pronouns
  106. I'm a bloody mess...
  107. Going Crazy Over Gender
  108. Transitioning to a female body without hormones?
  109. Shameless sympathy post! (Sorry)
  110. How do I deal with my gender and passing?
  111. to boob or not to boob
  112. For trans* people...
  113. Double identity through transition. Will it disappear?
  114. Pronoun issues
  115. Am I genderfluid?
  116. Any girls into male crossdresser?
  117. Issues with parents
  118. A bit of a setback.
  119. A part of me wants me dead
  120. Always wondered about my gender...
  121. Am I just a femme gay guy, or something more?
  122. No resolution... very confused
  123. Stressed about gender and sexual orientation combination
  124. trans then suddenly not?
  125. Androgyne?
  126. Why?
  127. A poem about my gender by a recently discovered closeted gender queer
  128. I Accpet I'm Bi, but Hate it?
  129. battle between mind and body
  130. need to come out to wife ... again!!
  131. I had a thought.
  132. I really just want to die.....
  133. Can only see myself with a guy, as a guy
  134. FAAB genderqueer person and dating a cis lesbian - Advice?
  135. Regarding androgyny
  136. Detransitioning?
  137. Seperate Orientations
  138. An everlasting struggle
  139. Male and female in the same time?
  140. How to cope with beginnings of ftm transition
  141. This gonna be kind of long -.-'
  142. I did it!
  143. Questioning my gender.
  144. Feeling a little weird about my gender...
  145. Cross dress
  146. Gender or Sexuality?
  147. My voice
  148. About my dysphoric feelings....
  149. How does it feel like to be a cis female?
  150. I don't know
  151. On Dysphoria:
  152. Came out to my Readers, Feeling at a Great Start
  153. Bi expression
  154. Sitting Better
  155. Does this mean I'm not actually Trans?
  156. Questioning my gender.
  157. Gender identity and anxiety
  158. This is where it begins!
  159. Trans? or daddy issues?
  160. Envious of other guys transition
  161. Switching Bodies
  162. Having male friends
  163. Feminine/masculine... embracing our Queer
  164. I feel like I'm lying to myself at times
  165. Oh what to do, what to do...
  166. Now it all fits
  167. Gender Confusion
  168. Happy families!
  169. Frustration
  170. Gender Questioning
  171. Opposite of Androgyny
  172. to androgynous and genderqueer
  173. 5 years comparison
  174. transmen and bottom surgery shamming
  175. Epilators and other androgynous stuff.
  176. I just don't have a clue.
  177. When people claim to be supportive
  178. I feel like a joke.
  179. Questioning gender.
  180. I dunno...just gender stuff
  181. Is anyone familiar with the C.O.G.I.A.T.I. (transgender) Test?
  182. My story... Don't know what I am.
  183. Those awesome moments that also hurt like hell...
  184. Please, help me find out who i am.
  185. Enduring hate (ftm)
  186. Dating a Genderqueer Partner, Seeking Advice
  187. Dream about coming out
  188. I just don't know...
  189. How to get rid of gender phobia?
  190. Dysphoria and Grades?
  191. Merry Christmas
  192. What Does It Mean To Be A Man?
  193. Gender Identity
  194. Body shape issues
  195. maybe I made a mistake maybe I didn't?
  196. 50 bigender? and mixed up.
  197. With this effect prescribing hormones
  198. ...Shit.
  199. Bottom Surgery Before or Concurrent with Hormones--Is this a thing
  200. Gender Identity Crisis--Help!
  201. Breaking the "straight guy voice" habit
  202. How to even begin?
  203. Brother Drama
  204. I'm confused..
  205. Can you get gender therapy/reassignment if non binary
  206. Being transgendered and my future?
  207. I am starting to question my Gender Identity
  208. Another Magical Journey Through the Mind of FKM.
  209. Internalized Transphobia
  210. Found out.
  211. Referral
  212. Please help me!
  213. How did you become you?
  214. Does anyone experience doubts about being trans*?
  215. Beginner genderfluid
  216. Year Book Dilemma
  217. Gender issue?
  218. I'm a Chick ... Mostly (?)
  219. Anyone changed their name legally(UK)?
  220. Facial Feminization Surgeon Recommendations?
  221. Acting "gayer"
  222. What am I? Very complicated gender/sexuality problems ~
  223. Questions for gender fluid, third gender, and genderqueer people
  224. Clothing Problem
  225. tights, stockings, leggings and pantyhose question
  226. Having doubts about being trans* after almost a year..
  227. how to cross-dress in a masculine way?
  228. I think I might be transgendered but not sure...
  229. voice help???
  230. How To Handle Being A Transsexual!
  231. Clothing choices
  232. How to Explain my Gender Identity to Young Children?
  233. My genderqueer friend "cis-shames" me
  234. Do you think FtM surgery will improve
  235. masculine yet femme
  236. Gender expression in university
  237. MTF How To Approach "Public" Work
  238. First Cross-dressing experience.
  239. I want to act less gay.
  240. Help! - I have no idea whether I'm Transgender!
  241. Any non-op transsexuals?
  242. Feeling a sense of inauthenticity
  243. STILL can't accept my transexualism
  244. ADULT-Onset Transsexulism!
  245. Different gender within head?
  246. Is this internalised transphobia?
  247. wearing women's clothes in public
  248. I Think I Might Be Genderqueer?
  249. Emergency!! Help!!!
  250. Getting increasingly angry and people start to notice