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  1. Growing impatience and my name
  2. straight, gay, trans?
  3. Genderfluid but Confused?
  4. Envy (kind of a rant)
  5. MTF Trans?
  6. hm... could i be agender?
  7. Is this even a thing?
  8. How to get over it? *TW*
  9. Surgery
  10. This could be a big step...
  11. Nonbinary identities
  12. My empty closet
  13. dysphoria, trans doubts getting worse - please help
  14. 19 months New Pics
  15. FTMs (or MTFs really): What were some clues that you were different from a young age?
  16. just when I thought I was making progress...
  17. Stuck in the closet
  18. Femininity making me worry (FtM)
  19. what's the point in living
  20. intersex changing official gender from m to f in uk advice
  21. Two-Spirit
  22. Neutralisation?
  23. I think it's getting worse...
  24. Is their any 100% heterosexual cis women who date trans men who could help me out
  25. Identity and my family
  26. Ladies, I'm not really all that educated on this.
  27. Trouble Fitting In
  28. BDD and trans
  29. Achieving an androgynous look for MAAB
  30. Please help & advise
  31. My true gender identiy: Niklaus Fluetsch
  32. trans doubts?
  33. how do I look?
  34. If a dick doesn't make a man a man then what does
  35. shopping tips
  36. FtM adivise
  37. Gender Wishes
  38. The difference between sex and gender?
  39. need some advice
  40. Confused
  41. Gender dysphoria and self-harm/suicide?
  42. Crossdressing (sorry to steal the name :P )
  43. I don't know how to do this
  44. First time going out as a cross dresser
  45. Looking for a Little Advice
  46. Beyond Confused
  47. Help me please, I'm confused
  48. Still pretty confused...
  49. Looking for biner reccomendations/opinion on current binder
  50. Confused
  51. Cis guys who won't go shirtless
  52. Why did another transgender from susans place tell me I'm still female and homosexual
  53. job ideas during transition?
  54. 'How Trans' Am I?
  55. Help me settle this
  56. Transgenders
  57. Advice Needed!!
  58. Internalized transphobia...
  59. Is there something wrong with me?
  60. help !
  61. Warming up to being queer...but am I Trans as well?
  62. What am I? or Whats going on in my head? or just General guidance.
  63. Gender Dysphoria
  64. How has your life improved through transition?
  65. Confused on what to do
  66. Do they say that just because it's more interesting?
  67. The Beach
  68. Hair my mother will kill me over
  69. Tortured by trans uncertainty and temptation to detransition
  70. Internal Strangeties
  71. crossdressing
  72. Thoughts of being a woman
  73. Don't know what I am.
  74. I am absolutely terrified of transition. I am in desperate need of help.
  75. So confused
  76. Therapists and Endocrinologists
  77. Wondering about your opinion on feeling included in the lgbt community
  78. Transition Hesitation
  79. Hair?
  80. What do I wear formally? (ftm)
  81. feeling gross and dysphoric (rant-ish?)
  82. Hi, I'm a boy and a girl.
  83. Came out to two friends as trans & pan and it went great!
  84. Why can't I just be a guy already?
  85. Feeling so dysphoric
  86. I think I'm trans*.
  87. Genderqueer? Genderfluid? Or just... crazy :-P
  88. My First Expression of Gender Identity
  89. How did you discover your gender identity?
  90. How to explain it to children
  91. Unsure about changing
  92. So unsure :(
  93. only recently came out...now changing physical appearance?
  94. Names
  95. My Life is Horrible...
  96. My Dad
  97. Am I genderqueer/genderfluid?
  98. Can I use my name as my preferred pronouns?
  99. My chest and those damned low cut tops!
  100. Passing help for FTM?
  101. Talking to doctors
  102. Binders!!!
  103. Feeling guilty about identity
  104. Being a very girly girl...whose into very girly girls
  105. Can I not have a gender?
  106. FtM Crossdressing: How do you do it?
  107. Father vs. Mother?
  108. Coming out letter.
  109. help witg hair
  110. Not exactly sure who I am.
  111. Specific products to cover beard shadow
  112. I think I may be genderfluid
  113. Proper suit wearing for a female.
  114. Gender-fluid Hairstyles
  115. Crossdressing
  116. Slowly moving backward into the closet......help?
  117. So, I'm still shy about showing off my crossdressing, but here are some pics of me...
  118. Makeup
  119. My mom keeps going back and forth... Anyone else have this problem?
  120. Advice re: MTF and Shaving/Laser Hair Removal?
  121. Happy Shout Out: Father with genderqueer son
  122. Progress :)
  123. Wanting to push gender-boundries more
  124. gay and transexual!
  125. I'm not sure how I should do it :I
  126. More-or-less indifferent towards pronouns
  127. Started going to group therapy for gender issues...
  128. How to ask a girl to homecoming
  129. Transoptimist
  130. Am I being a hypochondriac? What do you think?
  131. Scared :(
  132. I just don't know...
  133. Passing like a boss!
  134. Hormone question
  135. Is there a point when Trans folk don't have to use hormones?
  136. How does an agender get by in the real world...
  137. Acceptance
  138. My boyfriend is bigender
  139. FTM period at school
  140. Figuring out my gender is confusing.
  141. Thinking about gender
  142. Help getting female clothes
  143. Came Out To My Wife As Transgender
  144. Talking to my mom?
  145. kinda want to be a guy at school tomorrow
  146. I had my first gender therapy session today!
  147. I Have Come to Terms with Myself
  148. Girl?
  149. Binders
  150. It's like I just can't take being a normal guy.
  151. Genderqueer?
  152. Roller-Coaster
  153. Non-Binary Pronouns
  154. Bigender or Genderfluid?
  155. butch lesbian or trans-guy?
  156. My Vent.
  157. Progress In Private In Person
  158. MtF Breast and Waist/Rear Padding?
  159. Genderfluid...?
  160. Thoughts??
  161. Risky situation
  162. MtF in need. Can anyone help?
  163. It's Like I'm Already Full Of Estrogen
  164. Advice on clothing? (Bigender)
  165. I have finally come out to myself that I'm transgender mtf
  166. How does one make their hair loook feminine?
  167. Transitioning for adoscelents?
  168. I hate the way I look
  169. Telling my Social Worker
  170. Homecoming and dancing/Ftm
  171. My First Official "Coming Out Talk"
  172. How do you know?...
  173. need help and advice
  174. New Pride Idea--Please read and comment!!
  175. Am I Genderqueer if I don't care about gender?
  176. The last month.
  177. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  178. Can one be trans* without experiencing much dysphoria?
  179. More Progress In Private
  180. Am I the only transguy who feels this way?
  181. Presenting as true gender- anxiety gone?
  182. I just want to feel right
  183. Dear trans* people further along than I am,
  184. My transgenderism
  185. I am so confused
  186. Pronouns
  187. This is strange
  188. Progress in Private
  189. FTM? Or just a fetish for being male?
  190. Am I transgender
  191. Advice?
  192. CAMH: Is it really a horror story?
  193. Men's clothes
  194. Not being able to father a child
  195. I'm changing
  196. The need for justification to be who you are?
  197. I hate my body
  198. For all of those transgendered out there!!!
  199. Tomorrow, I am scheduling my first appoitment with a gender therapist.
  200. Questioning - FTM, What do you think...
  201. Could Gender Dysphoria Correct Itself?
  202. Am I FTM?
  203. Out of curiosity (about agender identity)
  204. Does anyone ever feel like this?
  205. Nature and nurture and why itís a stupid debate
  206. I've no idea what kind of clothes I'd feel comfortable wearing
  207. Going to my parent's tomollow.
  208. Wardrobe Malfunction
  209. therapy
  210. FTM and Sports
  211. I'm not passing :(
  212. I went to the gender identity therapist
  213. Transgender/Genderqueer Teens
  214. HRT or no HRT...that is the question
  215. Bit of a ramble
  216. How can I help my questioning friend?
  217. Straight... ish?
  218. Therapy?
  219. Reasons for Transition Regret?
  220. First trans* support group
  221. Genderqueer and Alternate Masculine/Feminine Names
  222. *PANIC*I start college tomorrow! Advice?
  223. Not entirely sure
  224. Dream Concern
  225. Asking for a friend
  226. Well I'm definitely out to mum now...
  227. Just rambling..
  228. Gender neutralisation surgery...
  229. It's about time I post this...
  230. Developing Psychology
  231. I'm gonna claw my face off and eat it.
  232. No gender
  233. Binding in hot weather?
  234. I hate this (text wall and 4 am angry rambling)
  235. Friends?
  236. I don't even care anymore.
  237. Signs of being genderqueer
  238. FTM Pads/Period
  239. Gender Identity Forum - Policy on Medication Dosages etc
  240. Transvestite in Anxiety
  241. The girl in my head
  242. Acceptance from parents/family
  243. "FTM's Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking like a Hot Dude"
  244. I need help?
  245. Sudden awareness
  246. I'm confused. ALOT
  247. Dreamed that I was a girl, or at least looked like one
  248. What If?
  249. I came out to my BFF as genderqueer...
  250. Genderfluid?