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  1. Having doubts about being trans* after almost a year..
  2. how to cross-dress in a masculine way?
  3. I think I might be transgendered but not sure...
  4. voice help???
  5. How To Handle Being A Transsexual!
  6. Clothing choices
  7. How to Explain my Gender Identity to Young Children?
  8. My genderqueer friend "cis-shames" me
  9. Do you think FtM surgery will improve
  10. masculine yet femme
  11. Gender expression in university
  12. MTF How To Approach "Public" Work
  13. First Cross-dressing experience.
  14. I want to act less gay.
  15. Help! - I have no idea whether I'm Transgender!
  16. Any non-op transsexuals?
  17. Feeling a sense of inauthenticity
  18. STILL can't accept my transexualism
  19. ADULT-Onset Transsexulism!
  20. Different gender within head?
  21. Is this internalised transphobia?
  22. wearing women's clothes in public
  23. I Think I Might Be Genderqueer?
  24. Emergency!! Help!!!
  25. Getting increasingly angry and people start to notice
  26. Not quite into binding, but seeking alternatives
  27. I Hate Where I Live
  28. What or Who am I?
  29. Closet door seems locked
  30. I hate the UK so **** much :(
  31. Informed Consent Clinics and Minors
  32. Body hair
  33. Dealing With Internalised Transphobia
  34. Binding? With Bandages?
  35. Sudden Gender Identity Crisis
  36. Point-of-view, and the consequences
  37. My appointment tomorrow
  38. I'm questioning who I am!
  39. Dress Shirt Tips for Short, Skinny and Small Men
  40. Living In The Closet
  41. Came out to my aunt...anxiety is high.. What do I do?
  42. Transgender and sexuality
  43. Am I genderfluid?
  44. Any "later in life" transgender discoveries?
  45. My Niece's Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge
  46. Getting rid of "sex"
  47. Confused about my Gender Identity
  48. Questions About Puberty Blockers
  49. How To Improve My Voice
  50. Being worried?
  51. Something I saw on tv
  52. wearing women's clothes - advice
  53. How to start dressing
  54. People bashing on bottom surgery...
  55. Long term closet in a closed minded society
  56. Worried about future and family pictures
  57. 2 Years
  58. this seems the right place to ask
  59. I'm having a hard time handling being a transsexual
  60. First panic after coming out. feeling like a joke
  61. thinking about transitioning...
  62. Bottom Dysphoria.. FTM
  63. Weight :(
  64. Desire to Self Med
  65. Gender ambiguity
  66. Feeling like a fake
  67. Is This Normal?
  68. Tattoo
  69. Thanksgiving Photos
  70. HELP! I had my first genitsl dysphoria!
  71. First time outórocked the androgynous look
  72. Ftm but don't want to be trans at all!.
  73. Gender crisis! Please help :-(
  74. How do I talk to my mom.
  75. Sometimes I just don't know?
  76. Guilt
  77. Hyperanxious about gender identity
  78. To Young To Be Trans?
  79. Gender therapist?
  80. I Am Having Troubles Accepting Myself As A Woman
  81. Is electrolysis enough?
  82. Tips on how to Pass, FtM?
  83. transgender female (me) trying out for a modeling gig
  84. I lashed out at someone...
  85. One Good Moment
  86. Happy Beyond Words!!!!! :3
  87. Coming out??
  88. Help!!! I can't handle my trans truth!!
  89. FTM in weight training
  90. Weirdo
  91. Do you ever correct people?
  92. Change Yourself
  93. where are all the ftms? im looking for support
  94. Apathy
  95. Another thought on 'born this way'
  96. Friend said its not hard being transgender????
  97. I hate being transgender :(
  98. Coming Out Transgender..Selfish?
  99. Diagnose Me. Please.
  100. Just feeling invalid
  101. Am I a Transexual? I need Orientation please
  102. Will I ever stop being confused?
  103. My attraction towards femininity seems to collide with my desire to be feminine.
  104. regarding transexuals, some questions
  105. AM I reading to much into this...
  106. Little rant-
  107. I know I'm transgender. Now comes the hard part.
  108. Am I bigender?
  109. How do i find put who i am?
  110. Winter Clothes
  111. Am I mentally weak?
  112. Are Genderqueers under the Trans* Umbrella?
  113. On hipsters who identify as queer when they're not
  114. Skinny jeans and passing FtM
  115. My Hidden Secret
  116. What to do? What am I?
  117. Hypothetical question
  118. The blanc page I'm working with.
  119. I'm really doubting myself
  120. How many people identify as gender fluid?
  121. How to make my parents understand how much I want to transition?
  122. What do you usally do during intercourse
  123. Is it normal that I love being mistaken for a boy?
  124. Not sure what I am
  125. Sick of gender stereotypes.
  126. Trans doubts - again! opinions please
  127. Has anyone basically call you not trans enough
  128. Gender is confusing me and it's giving me a headache...
  129. Is this a sign? ^o^
  130. I Give Up
  131. Am I Really a (Trans) Woman?
  132. Dysphoria, I'm guessing?
  133. Omnigenders have MPD?
  134. Feeling down about my genders :(
  135. Airport security and gender...
  136. Advice on being transgender as a minor and in a residential dorm setting.
  137. So it turns out I am Genderqueer
  138. sexual orientation?
  139. Am i a Transgender Female?
  140. HELP!!! Does this make me a transsexual???
  141. I want to rip my skin off!
  142. FtM and bathrooms
  143. What is the name for this?
  144. Dad sure knows how to mess my mood up
  145. Femboys
  146. Feeling Lost
  147. Brainwashed into Trans?
  148. Bigender/Genderfluid, does this make sense/anyone else like this?
  149. Kind of a mess
  150. Giving up hope :-(
  151. I don't know how much longer I can do this...
  152. What can I do to help my friend understand me being trans
  153. Transsexual?
  154. Can you control trans thoughts?
  155. Help, my life is falling apart!
  156. How would I know I'm ready?
  157. TransGender
  158. Surgery and Size does matter to most women
  159. Tesosterone Blockers?
  160. VERY nervous!!!! (and super scared)
  161. Parental Units, P.U.
  162. Dysphoria and Marriage
  163. Bothered by certain pronouns
  164. No idea what i am anymore, please help
  165. Questions.
  166. I just really need some kind words. I hate myself.
  167. Delayed or non-existent Puberty?
  168. Any Advice?
  169. Preferred pronouns
  170. Is it true?
  171. Attractive body?
  172. I'm kind of upset that there is minimal trans representation in the media
  173. No hope, Unhappy
  174. Growing impatience and my name
  175. straight, gay, trans?
  176. Genderfluid but Confused?
  177. Envy (kind of a rant)
  178. MTF Trans?
  179. hm... could i be agender?
  180. Is this even a thing?
  181. How to get over it? *TW*
  182. Surgery
  183. This could be a big step...
  184. Nonbinary identities
  185. My empty closet
  186. dysphoria, trans doubts getting worse - please help
  187. 19 months New Pics
  188. FTMs (or MTFs really): What were some clues that you were different from a young age?
  189. just when I thought I was making progress...
  190. Stuck in the closet
  191. Femininity making me worry (FtM)
  192. what's the point in living
  193. intersex changing official gender from m to f in uk advice
  194. Two-Spirit
  195. Neutralisation?
  196. I think it's getting worse...
  197. Is their any 100% heterosexual cis women who date trans men who could help me out
  198. Identity and my family
  199. Ladies, I'm not really all that educated on this.
  200. Trouble Fitting In
  201. BDD and trans
  202. Achieving an androgynous look for MAAB
  203. Please help & advise
  204. My true gender identiy: Niklaus Fluetsch
  205. trans doubts?
  206. how do I look?
  207. If a dick doesn't make a man a man then what does
  208. shopping tips
  209. FtM adivise
  210. Gender Wishes
  211. The difference between sex and gender?
  212. need some advice
  213. Confused
  214. Gender dysphoria and self-harm/suicide?
  215. Crossdressing (sorry to steal the name :P )
  216. I don't know how to do this
  217. First time going out as a cross dresser
  218. Looking for a Little Advice
  219. Beyond Confused
  220. Help me please, I'm confused
  221. Still pretty confused...
  222. Looking for biner reccomendations/opinion on current binder
  223. Confused
  224. Cis guys who won't go shirtless
  225. Why did another transgender from susans place tell me I'm still female and homosexual
  226. job ideas during transition?
  227. 'How Trans' Am I?
  228. Help me settle this
  229. Transgenders
  230. Advice Needed!!
  231. Internalized transphobia...
  232. Is there something wrong with me?
  233. help !
  234. Warming up to being queer...but am I Trans as well?
  235. What am I? or Whats going on in my head? or just General guidance.
  236. Gender Dysphoria
  237. How has your life improved through transition?
  238. Confused on what to do
  239. Do they say that just because it's more interesting?
  240. The Beach
  241. Hair my mother will kill me over
  242. Tortured by trans uncertainty and temptation to detransition
  243. Internal Strangeties
  244. crossdressing
  245. Thoughts of being a woman
  246. Don't know what I am.
  247. I am absolutely terrified of transition. I am in desperate need of help.
  248. So confused
  249. Therapists and Endocrinologists
  250. Wondering about your opinion on feeling included in the lgbt community