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  1. I just don't know
  2. How do u feel when ppl dont see the real u but what ur born with and decide ur a b/ g
  3. I don't know who I am, help
  4. GAH!!! So confusing
  5. Am I a girl? A boy? Or Both?
  6. The "queer apologetic"
  7. Extremely confused.
  8. lost in the sea of labels
  9. What's the difference...
  10. Crazy Story
  11. Lost and confused
  12. Like Aspects of being a girl, but...
  13. The Dilemna
  14. Is it ever too late to transition?Girl to FTM
  15. completely lost...?
  16. Normal reaction? (Lesbians/ bisexual women, I'd like your opinions!)
  17. Where does straight end and homophobic begin?
  18. What do you think I am?
  19. Am I lesbian and in denial? Straight and confused? Or FTM and just don't realize it?
  20. in need of some advice-lesbian?
  21. Very Lost...
  22. I keep having sexual dreams about guys
  23. Thoughts?
  24. Binding Help
  25. I'm confused. Please help?
  26. Transgender or Genderqueer?
  27. Just want to be happy
  28. Problem with gender-identity
  29. Well...
  30. The STARING when out with family/friends...
  31. I need advice and opinions on my situation (read more)
  32. I'm so lost, What's the worst that can possibly happen?
  33. Helping My 2 Best Friends
  34. Soo scared... Need help plz possibly trans or bi-gendered
  35. bi-gendered?
  36. Any Advice?
  37. Help me understand what bi, trans etc people feel
  38. so...is there any way to basically bind my butt? lol
  39. Let's talk about names...
  40. Yeesh. Help.
  41. How can u show my best friend he's not a freak ?
  42. Can't seem to make a decision.
  43. can someone explain what a soft butch is?
  44. Srs, grs
  45. I'M SO SCARED!!! Also, I want to be a woman! who agrees?
  46. The lack of support and other crap
  47. I Need Help Accepting Myself
  48. I'm not sure who I am or how to accept myself
  49. why do people worry so much about labels?
  50. I keep testing myself help
  51. I'm Back! Back Again!
  52. Hating Myself....
  53. Guilt??
  54. I kissed a boy and I hated it
  55. Might as well speak my mind...
  56. Which label applies best to this convoluted situation?
  57. Teenage gender confusion
  58. more questions about my identity
  59. I still question my sexuality from time to time still.
  60. My mum has figured it out help
  61. new ftm needing adivce on several matters
  62. Just need to vent
  63. Exploratory Vacation in Seattle--Nervous
  64. Any idea what this gender identity is please?
  65. What's my title? Where's my box? I want one!
  66. Feeling confused about my sexuality after realizing that I'm trans
  67. My person thinks he's a boy
  68. Coming to terms
  69. Tired of trying
  70. I'm just so confused...
  71. I wish I never questioned.
  72. Considering giving up on transition
  73. Gender Neutral?
  74. question for all bisexuals
  75. Therapy tomorrow
  76. Non Gender?
  77. Bisexual Male Wanting to become a woman.
  78. Confusion that I want gone!
  79. Am I Right?
  80. Pretty confused about it all (quite long).
  81. bi? but I really don't like hetero relationships!
  82. Is there a name for it?
  83. Growing Sense of Dysphoria?
  84. Can someone explain the subject please
  85. I want to be trans?
  86. would like advice as I don't know what to do
  87. Not sure?
  88. Third gender
  89. In terms of questioning...
  90. Summertime. What now?
  91. did
  92. I don't even know who I am anymore
  93. Transition or suicide?
  94. unsure about my identity
  95. Confused about pretty much everything.
  96. My English Teacher Would like me to talk about Sex vs Gender
  97. I'm so confused right now
  98. Lots on my plate
  99. Came out at work!
  100. Fantasy Confusion
  101. Voice Training?
  102. Am I a boi?
  103. Gender fluid? Or just more masculine than feminine?
  104. Dysphoria - will I be single forever? Gay ftm
  105. Resources for People Questioning in Their Twenties?
  106. "But you ARE a girl"
  107. dysphoria question?
  108. Lost and need help finding out about myself
  109. Weird Sex Dreams Making Me Question My Gender Identity...
  110. What to do....
  111. I'm drowning.
  112. A dream
  113. Anyone else out there androgynous?
  114. Am I Transgender?
  115. I want to be a guy.
  116. Can't tell?
  117. I Think I'm Transgender ?
  118. What am i?
  119. Rant On Discrimination
  120. Gay for ten years...maybe?
  121. How do I clothes...
  122. Advice and input would really be helpful right now...
  123. Don't meet the usual criteria, but...
  124. Coming to terms with myself?
  125. Why and how did you become gay?
  126. Null HypotheCis?
  127. I'm trans?!
  128. I think
  129. I seriously need help figuring this out
  130. Waiting to transition
  131. Am I transgender or gender queer?
  132. Transman: how to fit in with the lads?
  133. Conflicting thoughts...
  134. Trans as a phase, cop out, or low self-esteem
  135. How do I accept that I'll never know who I am
  136. I am cis-male, but gender seems pretty... irrelevant. At least to me.
  137. Mixed Signals
  138. Keep second guessing myself?
  139. Trans thoughts?
  140. Can coming out as gay/lesbian lead to realisation of being transgender??
  141. MtF - Were you ever a girl in your dreams?
  142. sex as a man...?
  143. The hardest time of my life has just begun.. Advice?
  144. I've never done this before, but please help...
  145. help
  146. I Can't Go On Like This
  147. I hate bisexuality
  148. Bi or gay? god damn this is confusing
  149. Is this typical of how lesbians feel?
  150. Hello :3
  151. Androgynous? FTM?
  152. still learning about myself
  153. two types of cisgender?
  154. Working stuff out
  155. I need some advice here.
  156. Confused again
  157. Very confused about my gender?
  158. Need some advice or help..
  159. Looking for help in identifying myself // Gender/Sexual
  160. Transitioning and discrimintation
  161. What the hell am I?
  162. whats wrong with me
  163. Help!
  164. Looking for help in identifying myself // Gender/Sexual
  165. I'm Really Confused could someone help?
  166. Progressing beyond talk therapy
  167. All my attractions feel like fetishes Help?
  168. two-spirit or bigendered or w/e you call it
  169. Agender
  170. Identity, Identity, why so confusing...
  171. Is this a disease? (big post xD)
  172. I'm confused
  173. im not sure what im ment to do
  174. Shaving and name
  175. my long story i guess...i also need advice
  176. I don't care too much, but..
  177. transition advice
  178. I want to be a boy's girlfriend?
  179. any Trigender folks here?
  180. my story
  181. I'm feeling like I may be transgender...
  182. Gendered Housing
  183. I think I am transgender
  184. What counts as dysphoria?
  185. So confused, need advice!
  186. FtM Hairstyles??
  187. Packing
  188. Help me figure myself out, please!
  189. Help me figure myself out please!
  190. Does Anyone Else Have This?
  191. confused
  192. Queer
  193. transcenter
  194. Freedom is scary
  195. Am I a lesbian? Or at least bi?
  196. scared to come out, the house
  197. Confusion is overwhelming
  198. Id appreciate some insight
  199. What am i?!
  200. I'm back
  201. It was a joke to them, not so much for me
  202. Need help and advice on finally telling my mom
  203. How do I know if im gay or transexual.
  204. Being misgendered in public...
  205. comfortably numb
  206. Going to the doc...
  207. Is it possible I could be a bisexual transgender instead?
  208. Sadness abounds
  209. This whole gender thing is tough...
  210. work and transgender
  211. Curse This Mounting Dysphoria
  212. Anybody wanna help me make 100% sure?
  213. Genderqueer?
  214. How do I know if I'm Trans?
  215. Confused...
  216. Possibly Trans and Failing?
  217. 'Queer'
  218. Thoughts on being transgendered and applying for your first job?
  219. such a bad night
  220. Am I really asexual?
  221. How to pass as a guy without testosterone?
  222. Can't Shake This Awful Feeling...
  223. Struggling with calling myself genderqueer
  224. gender therapy: what to expect
  225. Trying Manhood On for Size
  226. transgender?
  227. I'm a Mom seeking help, support, and resources for my child
  228. Cyclical Dysphoria
  229. Dysphoria is killing me
  230. Can't Stand This Dysphoria Anymore
  231. Dysphoria Progression
  232. Fluid sexuality?
  233. How can I know whether I'm transgender?
  234. Confused
  235. Asexuality But Preferenced
  236. Fear.
  237. Sudden gender confusion
  238. Need advice!!
  239. So confused
  240. Shocking
  241. Dealing with Dysphoria!
  242. Is there a "right" way to be trans*?
  243. Some Gender Identity Stuff too, It's Confusing XD
  244. Labels?
  245. Confusion in the key of Bad Apple
  246. Hey look, another "tomboy or trans?" post
  247. Can't work out if I'm bi or straight
  248. Transitioning effecting sexuality?
  249. That tricky bathroom scenario... (trans*)
  250. Get ready for a huge wall of text.