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  1. How do I clothes...
  2. Advice and input would really be helpful right now...
  3. Don't meet the usual criteria, but...
  4. Coming to terms with myself?
  5. Why and how did you become gay?
  6. Null HypotheCis?
  7. I'm trans?!
  8. I think
  9. I seriously need help figuring this out
  10. Waiting to transition
  11. Am I transgender or gender queer?
  12. Transman: how to fit in with the lads?
  13. Conflicting thoughts...
  14. Trans as a phase, cop out, or low self-esteem
  15. How do I accept that I'll never know who I am
  16. I am cis-male, but gender seems pretty... irrelevant. At least to me.
  17. Mixed Signals
  18. Keep second guessing myself?
  19. Trans thoughts?
  20. Can coming out as gay/lesbian lead to realisation of being transgender??
  21. MtF - Were you ever a girl in your dreams?
  22. sex as a man...?
  23. The hardest time of my life has just begun.. Advice?
  24. I've never done this before, but please help...
  25. help
  26. I Can't Go On Like This
  27. I hate bisexuality
  28. Bi or gay? god damn this is confusing
  29. Is this typical of how lesbians feel?
  30. Hello :3
  31. Androgynous? FTM?
  32. still learning about myself
  33. two types of cisgender?
  34. Working stuff out
  35. I need some advice here.
  36. Confused again
  37. Very confused about my gender?
  38. Need some advice or help..
  39. Looking for help in identifying myself // Gender/Sexual
  40. Transitioning and discrimintation
  41. What the hell am I?
  42. whats wrong with me
  43. Help!
  44. Looking for help in identifying myself // Gender/Sexual
  45. I'm Really Confused could someone help?
  46. Progressing beyond talk therapy
  47. All my attractions feel like fetishes Help?
  48. two-spirit or bigendered or w/e you call it
  49. Agender
  50. Identity, Identity, why so confusing...
  51. Is this a disease? (big post xD)
  52. I'm confused
  53. im not sure what im ment to do
  54. Shaving and name
  55. my long story i guess...i also need advice
  56. I don't care too much, but..
  57. transition advice
  58. I want to be a boy's girlfriend?
  59. any Trigender folks here?
  60. my story
  61. I'm feeling like I may be transgender...
  62. Gendered Housing
  63. I think I am transgender
  64. What counts as dysphoria?
  65. So confused, need advice!
  66. FtM Hairstyles??
  67. Packing
  68. Help me figure myself out, please!
  69. Help me figure myself out please!
  70. Does Anyone Else Have This?
  71. confused
  72. Queer
  73. transcenter
  74. Freedom is scary
  75. Am I a lesbian? Or at least bi?
  76. scared to come out, the house
  77. Confusion is overwhelming
  78. Id appreciate some insight
  79. What am i?!
  80. I'm back
  81. It was a joke to them, not so much for me
  82. Need help and advice on finally telling my mom
  83. How do I know if im gay or transexual.
  84. Being misgendered in public...
  85. comfortably numb
  86. Going to the doc...
  87. Is it possible I could be a bisexual transgender instead?
  88. Sadness abounds
  89. This whole gender thing is tough...
  90. work and transgender
  91. Curse This Mounting Dysphoria
  92. Anybody wanna help me make 100% sure?
  93. Genderqueer?
  94. How do I know if I'm Trans?
  95. Confused...
  96. Possibly Trans and Failing?
  97. 'Queer'
  98. Thoughts on being transgendered and applying for your first job?
  99. such a bad night
  100. Am I really asexual?
  101. How to pass as a guy without testosterone?
  102. Can't Shake This Awful Feeling...
  103. Struggling with calling myself genderqueer
  104. gender therapy: what to expect
  105. Trying Manhood On for Size
  106. transgender?
  107. I'm a Mom seeking help, support, and resources for my child
  108. Cyclical Dysphoria
  109. Dysphoria is killing me
  110. Can't Stand This Dysphoria Anymore
  111. Dysphoria Progression
  112. Fluid sexuality?
  113. How can I know whether I'm transgender?
  114. Confused
  115. Asexuality But Preferenced
  116. Fear.
  117. Sudden gender confusion
  118. Need advice!!
  119. So confused
  120. Shocking
  121. Dealing with Dysphoria!
  122. Is there a "right" way to be trans*?
  123. Some Gender Identity Stuff too, It's Confusing XD
  124. Labels?
  125. Confusion in the key of Bad Apple
  126. Hey look, another "tomboy or trans?" post
  127. Can't work out if I'm bi or straight
  128. Transitioning effecting sexuality?
  129. That tricky bathroom scenario... (trans*)
  130. Get ready for a huge wall of text.
  131. What is the difference between bisexual and pansexual?
  132. "You're not really trans*"
  133. Problems Accepting Myself..
  134. (FTM) Can you explain what it feels like to "FEEL LIKE A MAN"?
  135. I'm sorry
  136. Subtly Coming Out
  137. Transgender and the reasons you KNOW you are :)
  138. Finally starting to be seen as me!!!
  139. Vent in 3, 2, 1
  140. Bisexual As A Path To Gay
  141. I don't know my own gender identity.
  142. Scared
  143. Useful/Helpful/Informative Threads and Links on Gender Identity
  144. I'm A Bit Curious About My Fluidity...
  145. Sharing my orientation story. I need some advice too.
  146. FTM? Tomboy? Butch? Lost.
  147. Trans* support meeting extra depressing!
  148. Feminism and trans men
  149. Where do I go from here?
  150. Back and forth?
  151. What's the next step
  152. Do you think I'm transgendered
  153. No one listens
  154. Freakin Dysphoria
  155. Taking baby steps. That's all I need right now.
  156. Genderqueer or just boyish?
  157. Is this dysphoria?
  158. Questions About Testosterone
  159. I Think I'm Transgender...
  160. FTM - Going Full Time...?
  161. Awkwardness?
  162. I'm really confused
  163. It's driving me nuts
  164. Questioning
  165. Looking Back...
  166. Very Confused
  167. Are most gays open minded?
  168. Anonymous Posting
  169. I am so done with gender
  170. Being Gay is Awful
  171. Confused and needing help (TG)!
  172. Rant
  173. Where can I....
  174. transgendered, gay, both?
  175. Gender dysphoria and councelling.
  176. High School and Trans :p
  177. They can't forget I'm a man
  178. I hate myself, or at least what I think I am as of now.
  179. Gender issue.
  180. Isolated and Trans
  181. 16 and hopelessly confused, trans or lesbian?
  182. Question about Gender Identity
  183. Gender Identity help
  184. I wish I could just quit gender
  185. Question for trans folk
  186. Being trans, moving out and employmenty stuff.
  187. So sure I was trans... now I think I'm genderfluid?
  188. No idea what my gender is...
  189. Are there gay men who date trans?
  190. Gender queer or... Not?
  191. Easy-to-Understand Trans Info for Friends
  192. Gender Issues
  193. I got pushed back into the closet... (gender issues)
  194. Struggling with my gender identity
  195. Is there REALLY such thing as gender?
  196. Aspirations & Dreams but Sexuality Questioned?
  197. Trans binding.
  198. Do I have gender dysphoria?
  199. How do I come out as trans to everyone?
  200. How to accept my gender
  201. What happens when you start transition? (FtM)
  202. I'm completely out as trans!
  203. Need help from all post transition trans people
  204. Trans Toilets
  205. Trans: Relationship Advice?
  206. Trans help?
  207. Workout Routines for FTM Trans People?
  208. Trans dating site BS
  209. Trans, gay, relationship, HELP!!!
  210. Gender Identity Crisis
  211. Issues with acceptance (trans)
  212. Possible Gender Confusion, or Common Experience?
  213. how to tell my girlfriend im transgender and want to transition
  214. trans and family issues
  215. Gender Dysphoria and family issues.
  216. Gender fluid monthly cycle?
  217. Scared about referral to gender psychiatrist
  218. Starting the transition!
  219. Need advice- confused about my gender
  220. Conflicting Views and Confusion about Sexuality
  221. I'm confused about my gender. Advice?
  222. Gender Fluid and Crushing
  223. Help please? (Trans, orientation and religion)
  224. quick question about gender
  225. Information For and About Transgender Individuals
  226. Changed my gender on Facebook.
  227. Cross dress
  228. My mom seems to be getting worse in her denial, not better. (Trans)
  229. See I've got this thing about my hair-links to gender issues
  230. Big step towards being openly Trans. Suggestions welcome.
  231. Depression and Gender Identity
  232. Gender confused
  233. the 2 faces of my sexuality...
  234. Letter to professsor (gender)
  235. To the Trans members on the site
  236. Gender fluidity
  237. Where would I be classified as far as gender goes?
  238. Worried about talking to my family about my gender...
  239. i really need a binder FTM trans
  240. i feel worse after coming out...trans problems
  241. how do i come out to my friends that dont know im trans
  242. Coming out as trans in college?
  243. transition and passing
  244. I Can't Transition
  245. Ftm trans at Christian college
  246. My gender identity?
  247. Trans questions
  248. Getting in touch with the trans community
  249. For butch women and trans men
  250. Confused about gender..