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  1. Do I have to hate my genitals to be trans?
  2. thinking im genderfluid but very confused
  3. Would my mental health affect my access to HRT?
  4. Going through a really difficult time - Confused!
  5. So lost about my gender
  6. I don't really like my voice.
  7. How do you manage on dealing with the dysphoria caused by body?
  8. Theater!
  9. I'm 16. want to transition next year. To scared to come out to family??
  10. Am i even trans??
  11. Binding alternatives?
  12. Should I cut my hair?
  13. Feeling scared and wrong
  14. I Wish I Can Talk To Gender Fluid People (IRL?)
  15. Half in, half out
  16. Transgender or just jealous of males?
  17. Do you think I'll look pretty as a girl?
  18. I can't say ''I'm a boy.''
  19. What does dysphoria mean to you?
  20. What does this mean?
  21. Opting out of legal changes...
  22. How does being male/female feel like?
  23. How does it feel to be non-binary?
  24. Changing name in school?
  25. So, what am I?
  26. First binder!!!
  27. A theory on why trans folks are hotter (take it with a smile)
  28. Is it real?
  29. Someone help me identify this!!!
  30. Genderfluid or Trans-Woman in denial?
  31. Confused/Doubting Myself
  32. Bigender/androgyne - how do you express it?
  33. Does anyone else find this strange?
  34. Began to think I am trans
  35. No clue how to proceed
  36. Celeberities you wish you look like.
  37. Read this
  38. So my mother knows...
  39. "Lauren Southern Becomes a Man" video
  40. Internalised Transphobia?
  41. Telling my wife, need advice
  42. Saying I'm a girl
  43. Need help with priorities
  44. Testosterone Patches/Gels
  45. My life right now.
  46. Is getting a male organ a myth for FTM's?
  47. Did I screw it up?
  48. Gender fluidity and androgyny
  49. He/Him or She/Her?
  50. Disappointment
  51. Looking back is so tellling....
  52. You look like a girl?
  53. Has any one else heard of this?
  54. Gender dysphoria (?) / Agender?
  55. Why why why why why why
  56. Others 'sensing' your gender?
  57. Dating
  58. Jaclyn Glen, video on gender...
  59. I never was a good writer. (explicit)
  60. Would you still feel dysphoria if...
  61. Names....(again)
  63. Telling Friends I've Felt 'GenderFluid'
  64. To shy to correct them...
  65. I think I was wrong
  66. Fantasy life.
  67. Name game.
  68. Did my mom find out I'm non-binary/Agender?
  69. ftm binding - pain and breathlessness
  70. Too feminine
  71. somethings coming over me
  72. Gender Fluid Feelings, I Hate My Brain Sometimes.
  73. My weekend.
  74. Do I have a mental illness?
  75. True Tea
  76. How to tell work/college I'm trans
  77. Going on ****** (as a trans person...)
  78. Masculine/ftm makeup help?
  79. T Questions....
  80. First Time Binder Owner...?
  81. Gender fluid or just a phase?
  82. Very likely to be trans, but figuring out things after that
  83. You know you're trans when...
  84. Am I transgender?
  85. Is it okay to be non-binary AND male??
  86. I have always thought I was a gay guy... Help? Advice?
  87. Name Dysphoria / Bigender / Having multiple names?
  88. Showing the 'Signs' of being Trans
  89. It's my birthday today...
  90. An interesting idea.
  91. Another Dating Question
  92. Lesbian, Transguy, or Both?
  93. Help Expressing My Genders
  94. Transness linked to digit ratio
  95. What happened here?
  96. Hormones and Gender Identity
  97. Wondering...
  98. Small steps towards being me :)
  99. Attending Funerals or Reunions post-coming out
  100. Came out to mom last night
  101. Gender feels elusive
  102. I feel like a girl
  103. Bathroom talk
  104. Feeling unusually happy.
  105. Intersex
  106. Doubt caused by fear
  107. How did you find out?
  108. low dysphoria/discomfort - is there anyone that feels the same?
  109. Non Binary Transition
  110. Any input?
  111. Help for Genderfluid me
  112. A video about LGBT vs LGQT, and "mostly straight"
  113. I need hugs
  114. Shopping for Shoes(MtF)
  115. Most Important Things To Pass As A Teen MTF
  116. FTM sex
  117. Neurodivergence and Gender Identity
  118. Follow up.
  119. Hi/Help please
  120. What's your definition of Non Binary?
  121. Pronouns??
  122. Female clothing for MTF
  123. Am I technically straight??
  124. That was a sign! Or was it?
  125. It got better
  126. Feel like I dont fit in anywhere right now...
  127. Transition Expectation Vs. Reality?
  128. Do you ever get over dysphoria?
  129. Please Help Me
  130. Questioning
  131. Am I not trying hard enough and what can I do?
  132. Discussion: Pressure on MtF people?
  133. Forever closeted 💔
  134. Tired of the "Christian" outlook on trans individuals.[Rant]
  135. Choosing new name? Please help! (Genderfluid)
  136. Confused High School Kid
  137. GSA Question(s)
  138. How do I figure out if I'm trans or "just" qenderqueer?
  139. Compression shirt vs binder
  140. help
  141. Scared about transitioning and now doubting my gender
  142. How to go about transitioning?
  143. Depression, loneliness, everything
  144. I don't know.
  145. Do we use the word dysphoria too much?
  146. What should I do?
  147. I highly recommend these two youtubers
  148. How Can One Feel Like Both A Boy And A Girl? How Can I Get A Non Binary Body?
  149. Questioning gender... (FtM?)
  150. I got referred by my GP today
  151. Questions about dysphoria?
  152. Doubts about female masculinity
  153. How to question your gender identity?
  154. HRT transiton to non binary male without telling family?
  155. Can I get this name in America?
  156. How to tell if your binding to tightly?
  157. I Don't Want A Penis Nor A Vagina
  158. Confused!! Think I might be trans
  159. Telling my mother
  160. Trans but also gay?
  161. Selfie girl
  162. I'm going to be in a play
  163. Who will love me?
  164. Getting Over Misanthropy?
  165. Questioning Gender (Nonbinary?) + Questions About Dysphoria
  166. Asking my father about transitioning?
  167. I don't think I could be a girl.
  168. UK - Heavily considering going private
  169. Picking a new name. Which sounds better?
  170. Is this a type of dysphoria?
  171. Is this a type of dysphoria?
  172. shark week and people who don't know im trans
  173. Questioning my sexual orientation as a guy
  174. Gender Therapy?
  175. Just had my first T shot!
  176. So confused :s :s :s :s :s
  177. Is it normal to hate wearing pants?
  178. I don't know who I am.
  179. It's upsetting to me to be turned on by my gender issues.
  180. Obsessing over facial hair again...
  181. Please help me find myself, battle between brain and heart soul
  182. Anxiety over setting up first therapist visit
  183. fun idea?
  184. Gender Roles Frustration
  185. How much of being trans is related to other people you identify with?
  186. Identity?? :(
  187. Dating a trans person
  188. Non-binary lesbian seeing trans guy
  189. LGBT Club and being Trans (update)
  190. Are chest binders really expensive?
  191. Beginning to feel like I can never be me
  192. Dating as a closeted trans girl
  193. Parents want me to cut my hair...
  194. Think Sokka from avatar
  195. Packing?
  196. Ben's first binder...help me choose
  197. Can This Type of Sleeping With a Binder Hurt You?
  198. How to pass Pre-T
  199. Saying that Gender and Sex are separate....
  200. Saying that Gender and Sex are separate....
  201. I'm confused and embarrassed.
  202. Why Can't I accept myself :(
  203. Am I agender or genderfluid??😖
  204. Stuck with gender
  205. Top surgery help
  206. HELP with name
  207. Binders
  208. Tracking changes on T?
  209. Talking to my mom. Not going well...
  210. Anyone have a gc2b full length binder?
  211. I want to get a chest binder but I'm not sure how to tell my parents?
  212. Gender Expression
  213. The worries of being trans at a LGBT club meeting
  214. Gender therapy and what to expect
  215. I want a back tattoo but I don't want to take my shirt off
  216. In so much pain right now
  217. Gender Expression-Prom
  218. People keep misgendering me - help
  219. Why Does No One Believe in Genderfluidity?
  220. Doubts
  221. Help with a doctor?
  222. (This is just a long post where I ramble about my school year so far and other stuff)
  223. Is "gender neutral" terminology offensive to transwomen?
  224. Acceptance but forever to wait.
  225. Why do some people identify as trans?
  226. Just dumpin' my thoughts and runnin'
  227. The endless cycle
  228. Trying to understand who I am
  229. 'Side effects'/emotional manisfestations of gender dysphoria
  230. Why are pronouns so difficult?
  231. I don't know how to let go
  232. FTMs and Homosexuality
  233. *Sigh* The Hardest Question...Ever.
  234. Men's dress shirts for small DFAB individual
  235. Binder and back pain.
  236. What type of binder to choose?
  237. Changing names
  238. Thoughts on questioning your identity: there are two types of doubts
  239. What can I classify as?
  240. Am I Trans???
  241. Local trans support centre and doubts
  242. I love it when I'm told I'm being a girl
  243. I prefer playing as female characters in video games.
  244. Can someone help?
  245. Bathroom Help
  246. Does a trans guy who's pre-everything have a chance with a straight girl?
  247. One doesn't exclude the other
  248. Getting a Binder
  249. Starting the gym and im terrified.
  250. Wanting to come out