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  1. Does a trans guy who's pre-everything have a chance with a straight girl?
  2. One doesn't exclude the other
  3. Getting a Binder
  4. Starting the gym and im terrified.
  5. Wanting to come out
  6. I Don't Like Being a Man (abuse tw)
  7. Changing name on Windows 10 login screen?
  8. Help! Confused about gender
  9. Neurobiology and the Social Construction of Gender
  10. What am I?
  11. Lesbians, could you love a trans guy who isn't transitioning?
  12. Very confused about my gender
  13. Phases of denial
  14. I don't want to live as guy anymore.
  15. Avoiding female hormone meds without coming out
  16. Transitioning in a foreign country
  17. Asking for a homecoming dress... HELP!?
  18. work uniform - PLEASE HELP :/
  19. How do you find love when you are trans?
  20. Mother found boxers
  21. Significant other's facebook still says interested in women only
  22. Is Transitioning Worth It?
  23. Being trans without body disphoria?
  24. Is it normal to WANT to be a girl?
  25. Masculine haircut help
  26. There is gaydar but is there transdar?
  27. Genderfluidity rant
  28. Navigating Society as my Biological Sex When Non Binary Trans
  29. About the voice
  30. Starting T (maybe) Wednesday
  31. Hesitant about spending on clothes, wig(s), etc + More Stuff
  32. Well here it goes...
  33. Answering the "why me?" question
  34. I can't think of a thread title.
  35. Suppressed and Unimpressed
  36. Does all trans guys do packing?
  37. Gender issues
  38. Testosterone Questions
  39. Not sure what to do about this
  40. GC2B Binder Sizing?
  41. Gender in the heart
  42. Am I ready for gender therapy/T?
  43. I told my parents about changing names...
  44. confused about my gender
  45. Can having a gender indentity crisis cause sexuality indentity confusion?
  46. Do I count as a demi-girl?
  47. I made a really dumb mistake (ftm)
  48. Bad Binding Habits/More Dysphoria...
  49. Voice dysphoria
  50. Trans* Confessions?
  51. Informed consent
  52. Dysphoria and Spoon Theory
  53. Your Experiences on Testosterone
  54. Gender queer -- what does it mean?
  55. How long have I actually been questioning?
  56. Being Trans, Dysphoric, and Alone (FtM)
  57. does femininity or masculinity have anything to do with gender???
  58. Gender Identity: My Situation
  59. Finding myself without a map
  60. Confused about gender (ftm??? Maybe??)
  61. I'm not sure who I am anymore
  62. Any Way To Stop Being So Affected By Genderfluidity?
  63. Any ideas?
  64. Binder stores.
  65. Hairstyles that can be masculine AND feminine?
  66. Names?
  67. Help me figure out my demi-gender?
  68. Help me figure out my demi-gender?
  69. Really having a hard time figuring this out
  70. Thoughts
  71. ftm and being slightly feminine??
  72. I think I'm genderfluid
  73. I Don't Know What The Hell Is Wrong With Me
  74. dysphoria and tiredness?
  75. "You're too young to know"
  76. confused gender expression for cis not straight woman
  77. Makeup Giveaways for Trans-Feminine Youth!
  78. transguy or nb?
  79. Realizing I'm Trans
  80. On Gender Fluidity
  81. Can We Do A Little Testosterone Q And A?
  82. Arithmogendereds? Getting a Hold of my Genders
  83. I'm bigender...
  84. Anxiety
  85. Are there any trans/lgbt friendly jobs....?
  86. Feeling really good lately ^^
  87. Does this mean anything?
  88. Anybody else feel stuck in a rut?
  89. Nonbinary or just tomboyish?
  90. Transgender or Gender Fluid?
  91. Name opinions?
  92. wanting some of the changes T brings but not all
  93. Masculinity/Femininity
  94. Am I trans?
  95. Does she already know?
  96. How important are gender roles for you?
  97. Confused :c
  98. another name help thread
  99. Gender Help, Sexuality, and Bathroom Questions (Long)
  100. My Cycle and My Identity
  101. My mom is amazing
  102. New Name and Pronoun Change [Online]? (Warning: Kinda long)
  103. What name would suit me?
  104. Gender and Mood
  105. Considering telling the rest of my family...
  106. Looking more natural and energetic in preferred clothes?
  107. Bought my first female clothing
  108. Packing/Packing underwear help (live in Aus)
  109. Dear Beautiful LGBT People
  110. Am I trans? Where on the gender spectrum?
  111. I'm most likely genderfluid. Any advice?
  112. On gender therapists
  113. I feel so lost
  114. What in the flipper flop can I be?
  115. Questioning my gender identity
  116. Gender dysphoria and binding.
  117. Gym class tips??
  118. Jeans shopping? (Slightly dumb question alert)
  119. I feel like a girl
  120. Binding?!??!
  121. I think I want to be a girl.
  122. I hate all my clothes
  123. Coming out on facebook
  124. Social pressure.
  125. What's a cute haircut?
  126. So, Male Bathrooms...
  127. Right I'm off on a trip
  128. Growing out Hair: fixing the ugly stage
  129. What am I?
  130. Freaking out (going off the pill?)
  131. Would appreciate
  132. Approaching Parents
  133. Need to ask...
  134. Back to this forum after confusing period
  135. Help, some support?
  136. ....Am I trans?
  137. TOCD or denial?? Help!
  138. unapproving parents and expressing gender?
  139. Gc2b binders: exchanging and sizing questions
  140. Anyone have a black binder?
  141. Testosterone and Pregnancy
  142. What is the gender of the thinking 'voice' in your head?
  143. Why am I scared?
  144. Need advice...
  145. Why Me?
  146. Ftm help?
  147. How do I bring this up?
  148. Very confused about gender, only based on sex?
  149. Transbros and sisters: How do you feel about that?
  150. A word to my trans* brothers.
  151. Clothes!!!!
  152. Pick a name, any name!
  153. dysphoria aides (ftm)
  154. Binder Suggestions
  155. Help understanding gender fluidity
  156. Tomboys And Trans Boys?
  157. Gender Identity Questions (Personal and General)
  158. Do transmen have the same confusion of fetishism that transwomen do?
  159. Please help
  160. Bragging related to dysphoria?
  161. Tttttttt!!!!!!!!!
  162. Understanding my crossdressing
  163. Names
  164. Feeling like a girl
  165. How do I convince my parents to let me cut my hair?
  166. How Can I Be Sure That I Don't Want To Become a Woman?
  167. Genderfluid (afab) - Tips? Presenting as male? Relationships?
  168. MTF, effects/side effects of HRT
  169. confused about my gender
  170. Why is being trans always so confusing?
  171. New Hairdo!!!
  172. I'm not sure what to do?
  173. Came out to school staff... Now they want me to start hormones?!
  174. How to fight with hormone fats?
  175. Concerned about no one wanting me when I transition...
  176. Guilt over not being feminine
  177. I do not understand myself... (Warning: Long and quite possibly a waste of time)
  178. First Binder Advice And Stories?
  179. Mtf and weight lifting?
  180. Very confused
  181. FtM Names...
  182. genderflux, genderfluid or just agender?
  183. Has anyone had a FtM top surgery?
  184. Frankenfurter costume for trans friend?
  185. My brain is odd
  186. Why is it more acceptable to be gay than to be trans?
  187. So confused and frustrated
  188. Am I trans? How can i be sure ?
  189. Confused and Frustrated
  190. Help me find the right picture so I pass online
  191. My Mom Wants Me To See A Therapist And I'm Freaking Out
  192. What Do I Say At Classes...?
  193. What Do I Say At Classes...?
  194. Tips for gaining muscle mass without T?
  195. De-transitioning??
  196. Period Underwear (for Men)
  197. Coming out soon...
  198. MtF's how do you feel about going out in public?
  199. Confused lesbian
  200. I'm freaking out
  201. Ways to be More Feminine?
  202. Hair seems so important...
  203. 10 years down the road
  204. Really unsure about myself
  205. Anxious And I Need To Vent
  206. Bodybuilding Q&A for FTMs!
  207. Feeling a little unsafe (external forces)
  208. Any fellow bodybuilders out there? FTM
  209. Preventing Razor Bumps on Legs???
  210. Fear of transitioning
  211. Songs giving me feelings
  212. My name (FTM)
  213. FTM fitness advice?
  214. Social Transitoning
  215. Am I a non-practical person?
  216. ftm confusion and doubt (pls help!)
  217. Doubting my gender
  218. New Story Time in Blog
  219. Transman and Berlin
  220. Questioning gender based on sex
  221. Stuck between two worlds
  222. School Counsellor?
  223. I feel like I should go back into the closet - FTM
  224. Bigender, trans, demiboy?
  225. Questions About Being Gender Fluid Men.
  226. Advice on voice?
  227. Bras?
  228. Transitioning "ftm" unsure
  229. Gender stuff (just looking for a little support)
  230. Gender help
  231. I'm a guy... but unfortunately I was born a girl.
  232. being called daughter/son or sister/brother
  233. What Do I Do In This Situation...?
  234. Any article on agenders?
  235. Am I trans?
  236. Think I'm gay, but could I be trans?
  237. Gender clinic UK
  238. NB coming out?
  239. Unsure about my gender
  240. Changing Pronouns + Repercussions
  241. Not trans but likes to bind?
  242. Can you bind with a small chest?
  243. Periods... (Ftm/transmasculine, etc.)
  244. Bathing Suits...
  245. dysphoria suddenly worse - vent
  246. Am I trans?
  247. Theory about friendlessness
  248. Story Time: Renewed my license today
  249. Body rivalry with cis men
  250. I am so confused and need help