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  1. Can AntiDepressant calm Dysphoria ?
  2. Do you think I am trans? Gender confusion
  3. MTF "feeling" like a boy?
  4. Bathroom Dilemma
  5. How to tell my parents that I truly want to be their "son"
  6. Need some courage
  7. I'm not masculine enough
  8. Surgery desires - how weird is this?
  9. Leaps and bounds...FTM
  10. Summer, Pokemon Go, and not shaving...
  11. How to calm down and accept myself
  12. help with parents
  13. I'm confused, help?
  14. Family reunion causing strife
  15. Help?
  16. Question about gender expression
  17. Boy's Clothes!?!?!? Please Help!!!!
  18. I want a male's body but I don't like male pronouns
  19. Ignore this post please x
  20. I want to come out so bad.
  21. How to confront people for disrespecting gender without hostility
  22. which bathroom to use
  23. Questioning
  24. How to look more masculine
  25. How did you find out you were gender queer or gender fluid?
  26. bio female-feels male but likes men NORMAL or WEIRD FETISH?
  27. should i do it?
  28. Almost caught cross dressing by father
  29. I wish that I could be free from how i feel.
  30. Hiding Female Cothes?
  31. Weird fantasy (trans related)
  32. I was wrong, I guess
  33. Working adult view of transitioning needed
  34. Gender dysphoria worse after coming out? Any advice?
  35. can't stop thinking about it
  36. How can I cope with being genderqueer and disapproving parents?
  37. So tired of this
  38. Help Accepting Lack Of Acceptance
  39. Tips For a feminane voice?
  40. Success day by day
  41. Experiencing Dysphoria, sorry for another post
  42. Step by step transition goals?
  43. Menswear stores
  44. always a tomboy
  45. looking more 'neutral' as curvy
  46. i can't transition or come all the way out
  47. Building your body
  48. tips for passing as male?
  49. Struggle to find my inner woman in public.
  50. So many conflicting thoughts.
  51. My Glass is Half Full
  52. How do I "ignore" gender?
  53. Help dealing with chest dysphoria??
  54. How do I tell someone I'm Trans?
  55. Can you choose your gender?
  56. Some quick questions for trans folks
  57. FtM who are singers
  58. Tired of hearing "you'll grow out of it"
  59. Am I even trans?
  60. My question
  61. Jumping back and forth
  62. Let's Talk Binders and Chest Changes
  63. I have no clue what I am.
  64. The New Therapist
  65. Trying on clothes in stores (MTF)
  66. What does this mean?
  67. Nobody To Talk To Outside My Therapist
  68. roller coasters and binding?
  69. Dressing/Clothing Advice?
  70. Am I only Trans because I'm Aspergers?
  71. Things you like about being trans*
  72. Am I kidding myself?
  73. Expression difficulties with family
  74. What am I? Please help me
  75. Couple of steps in reverse
  76. Debating over wearing a dress in public?
  77. Video game avatars
  78. Even with dressing up in secret , I still feel sad.
  79. How to Get a Binder?
  80. "compromises"? feels more like sacrifices.
  81. starting with Gender Therapist
  82. How did you figure out your gender identity?
  83. The endo and starting T
  84. Firsts and some thoughts.
  85. Update?
  86. How can I avoid misgendering people?
  87. Demigirl?
  88. Maybe I'm not trans and I've managed to convince myself otherwise
  89. What defines who I am?
  90. Can transguys like their body pre-everything?
  91. Could us someone to talk to
  92. A very gendered dream, what could this mean?
  93. The Gender Debate
  94. I Don't Even Know
  95. Anxiety about considering telling my family
  96. Can you chooses to be gender queer?
  97. What does it feel like to be transgender?
  98. Any other trans people like me?
  99. Talking to Parents about HRT
  100. I told my friend
  101. New Name Help!
  102. How does mens clothing work??
  103. Mentoring
  104. Names..??
  105. HRT Question
  106. Androgynous Fashion
  107. I Just Want To Be A Normal Guy Again
  108. Breakthrough
  109. My Younger Sibling & Gender
  110. Middle name!?
  111. Did you ever fear losing yourself?
  112. Changing names at school
  113. She Misgendered me again! .....
  114. Gender Therapist?
  115. Am I trans
  116. I want to look more feminine but my hair...
  117. Binding queries
  118. Dysphoria or Dysmorphia?
  119. I'm confused about my gender
  120. Death grip on my girly side
  121. Long-term binding
  122. The "Other" Surgery...
  123. How do I know if i'm transgender (Ftm)?
  124. Am I trans?
  125. I hate being trans
  126. Help picking a male name
  127. Binder help
  128. Why I don't think I can transition
  129. Don't relate to the gay "struggle"
  130. If it turns out i'm cis...
  131. Where to find voice lessons?
  132. How would these procedures effect hormone levels in the body?
  133. Not being able to transition for medical reasons, where now?
  134. How much would a binder help me?
  135. Next steps
  136. How to decide how to present?
  137. Some trans hippie thinking
  138. Binder question
  139. how do you feel gender?
  140. Dealing with a lot of complex feelings Take Two
  141. Bigender- Largely Connected to Sex Drive
  142. Help and Advice for someone questioning their gender
  143. Clothes?
  144. I'm just trying to figure things out
  145. Calling all UK based FTMs
  146. Post-injection soreness
  147. Questions From An FTM Needlephobe
  148. Gel HRT (MtF)
  149. What to expect when starting T in the USA?
  150. How do I go about asking my mom for a binder?
  151. Gender Questioning, Fluid? Queer? Androgynous/Androgyne?
  152. I think I might be neutrois, but I'm not sure (and binder question)
  153. I am lost, and have been so for my entire life - Please help
  154. Talking to our kids
  155. I had a trans dream?
  156. Binder help
  157. Shame.
  158. Not trans enough??
  159. Name struggles
  160. agender?
  161. attraction
  162. Papa Bear to Mama Bear
  163. Genderfluid or what?
  164. How to start looking and acting like a woman
  165. Unsupportive parents
  166. Attitude towards bottom surgery
  167. is this dysphoria?
  168. Ear piercings on a guy
  169. Difficult task of changing your gender expression
  170. Not sure what I am.
  171. confused and having doubt
  172. Disappointment, doubt, and dysphoria. (A pretty gloomy update)
  173. Could I be trans?
  174. Not fucking fair
  175. They pronouns
  176. Name issues.
  177. The International Body Exchange Service
  178. Dysphoria and T
  179. Period help
  180. Trans enough
  181. What if "they" could "fix" you?
  182. Boobs and gender identity
  183. Dating as tran
  184. Hair and gender expression?
  185. Battle of the Name
  186. Fear
  187. Are non-binary people trans?
  188. I just do not know what gender I am...
  189. Has this happened to anyone eles?
  190. More evidence
  191. Doubt after coming out?
  192. Underworks Binder (988)
  193. Name Change papers
  194. parents won't let me wear "boy's" clothes
  195. Tips for swimming?
  196. cup size
  197. I Hate These Feelings
  198. Work is killing me
  199. Pronouns
  200. Ongoing Identity issues...
  201. Buying a Binder
  202. How many names did you try before picking one?
  203. Excited about underwear
  204. Panic: I think I'm a dude
  205. Name?
  206. A crazy idea?
  207. Experimenting with being Trans later in life?
  208. I Sometimes Hate Men
  209. Voice weird dilemma.
  210. this is me
  211. Not trans but androgynous/neither?
  212. I came out to my kids tonight
  213. Hard time expressing myself...
  214. *URGENT* Swim team anxiety + coping (plus a long ramble woohoo)
  215. I think I may be trans
  216. Confusion
  217. HRT interactions with mental illness/psych meds?
  218. Great Youtube Channel
  219. Questioning my gender identity
  220. I couldn't do it.
  221. HRT Help
  222. I want to be a lesbian, but I'm male
  223. Dilemma
  224. Transitioning
  225. How to tell if you're transgender
  226. hair help
  227. Sports; is there a workaround?
  228. Late 20s and very confused
  229. Help
  230. asking barber for haircut..good idea?
  231. Dysphoria vs. Depression--which one am I feeling?
  232. How do you know when a name "clicks"?
  233. You can't do that, you're a girl!
  234. Puberty/transition differences
  235. Guess who bought her first bra?
  236. Say "trans"
  237. Help with dealing with dysphoria
  238. Name
  239. 'copying' a friend's gender
  240. Keeping original middle name?
  241. Name advice?
  242. How would you define or describe your gender?
  243. Names
  244. Trans life hotline not working for me?
  245. Dysphoria on wheels
  246. Chest workout
  247. First appointment with Gender Therapist
  248. Starting T
  249. I wanted boobs then, but now I hate them
  250. Airport Security