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  1. Chest workout
  2. First appointment with Gender Therapist
  3. Starting T
  4. I wanted boobs then, but now I hate them
  5. Airport Security
  6. Which name spelling do you like best?
  7. Cosplay to play with gender!
  8. How to respond to being correctly "misgendered"
  9. Pressure
  10. Off my chest; still a mess(Long, lifestory-ish)
  11. I don't know what's happening to me
  12. Which box to tick on forms? (non-binary issues)
  13. I feel like I'm being pulled from a dream...
  14. Binding shoulder stretches?
  15. Help pinpointing my gender identity
  16. feeling conflicted
  17. Senior Photos
  18. Personality changes on HRT?
  19. Internalised homophobia
  20. gender vs stereotypes? agender?
  21. New friends!:)
  22. Doubts about identity
  23. Can society make you "straight"?
  24. Will my "lesbian" S/O think it is weird that I'm packing?
  25. Gender sliding and comfort
  26. I have no friends who knows my secret
  27. Legal name change
  28. Attempting to figure out my identity...
  29. Does anyone else....
  30. Dysphoria? Or something else?
  31. I don't know my gender
  32. Girl and confused
  33. I feel like I'm not "trans enough"
  34. Do You Ever Feel...
  35. Questions from an confused mother. [LONG POST]
  36. Referrals for surgery
  37. Understanding who I am
  38. Am I even trans?
  39. Alt options to a binder?
  40. Bigender or Agender
  41. I am confused about my gender identity.
  42. binders: safe for teens?
  43. I go to an All-Girls school
  44. Gender identity vs biological sex
  45. I'm in hiding, and proud of everyone who isn't
  46. Expressing myself with music?
  47. "Regular" guys - how do we identify ourselves?
  48. Hiding a binder?
  49. Gender expression
  50. No One Cares
  51. I hate this, but I'm still confused
  52. Don't know my gender!!
  53. I can't handle running this trans support group
  54. Afraid to ask my parents for a haircut
  55. Should I cut my hair if my mom says he but dad says no?
  56. I dislike looking like a guy.
  57. *DRIP* (alternately,"Why I'm So Crabby")
  58. Appropriate to come out via text?
  59. Need Help Getting Over Fear of Transitioning
  60. Where to begin..?
  61. Help with GC2B Binder?
  62. Feeling fake when coming out and other things
  63. I want to transition.
  64. Genderfluid? genderqueer?
  65. Hello again....
  66. Questioning Gender
  67. Is this normal?
  68. Unsure
  69. might be coming out soon
  70. Summer and swimming
  71. Am I Wearing My Binder Correctly?
  72. Binary Trans People Understanding Non Binary
  73. AFAB people and their chests
  74. Need a Swim Binder?
  75. I don't know if I'm trans or not
  76. New school and gender
  77. Terrified of not receiving treatment...
  78. How Do You (genderfluid peeps) Handle Dysphoria?
  79. Big change to my identity
  80. How to feel valid again
  81. Emma: day 59
  82. Binding pain vs dysphoria
  83. The trans spectrum
  84. Accepting yourself
  85. Kinda confused?
  86. Might be in trouble
  87. Confused?
  88. should I even bother
  89. How can i go about this without inciting a freak out?
  90. Here we go round the mulberry bush...
  91. Makeover? How?
  92. Can't decide on a name??
  93. Confused, worried...again
  94. Coming out to my doctors
  95. So I told my mom today.
  96. Dating As A Trans Person
  97. Moms
  98. No one is surprised I am trans. (Update/rant)
  99. HRT while travelling
  100. Catchy song about bathroom use
  101. Are Transition Supply Companies Bigoted Against Trans Women?
  102. gender apathy - anyone else feel like this?
  103. As a 50 year Old Trans Woman
  104. Am I Trans? (FTM) Im really confused.
  105. When did you figure out your gender identity?
  106. Transitioning and bathrooms
  107. I wonder...
  108. Coming out... and...?
  109. Making my clothing more feminine but keeping it low key?
  110. A Symptom Catalog
  111. So I'm a bit unsure of my gender.
  112. The blurry space between gender expression and gender identity
  113. Where to start
  114. Confused About Gender Identity, Need Help.
  115. Any other trans people here shocked at the results of puberty?
  116. Does anyone else get these days...?
  117. It did get better
  118. I wish I had never even thought about it.
  119. Breast Reduction/Removal??
  120. Genderfluid, maybe?
  121. How do I behave?
  122. Feeling really dysphoric today :(
  123. Is there a way to hide my breasts?
  124. Terribly afraid of looking for a gender therapist
  125. Using gender neutral language
  126. Should I stop doubting?
  127. Social+Mental dysphoria=Frequent depression
  128. Ask me questions
  129. Am I Really FTM?
  130. Girl but not??
  131. Questioning and in Need of Advice
  132. Why me? (A very rambly free form poem.)
  133. Wish I wasn't trans :/
  134. Am I just Gender Neutral?
  135. Telling my sister today
  136. Identifying
  137. Finding a Gender
  138. How to control these feelings
  139. What's the difference between transgender and transfeminine/masculine?
  140. What I want versus what's easy/societal pressure
  141. I Don't Want My Body To Be Any More Masculine.
  142. Agender Hair
  143. Agender haircuts
  144. An update
  145. Scientific articles?
  146. Unsure How
  147. A few steps closer to my transition
  148. I officially hate clothes shopping (rant)
  149. What's it like for trans people in UK?
  150. TG Women, How your experiences in public feels like ? ?
  151. Gender neutral names?
  152. How do know if trans is right for you?
  153. Transitioning fears/anxiety
  154. Sex Life After Transition?
  155. How to come out slowly? (Long self absorbed rant)
  156. Should I seek counselling?
  157. I think I really screwed up, and I'm losing it
  158. Gender non-conforming?
  159. Is my sexuality changing...?
  160. How to make a more feminine short haircut look more masculine?
  161. Gender vs Social Dysphoria
  162. What if i'm not really trans??
  163. I Want To Be Called They/Them Or At Least My Preferred Name
  164. Gender confusion
  165. Guess who is Darth Vader?
  166. Orientations in a relationship
  167. New Therapist Advice
  168. Gender Presentation and Testosterone
  169. What to do about screwed up shoulders from binding
  170. Found out my mother already knew...
  171. FTM Confusion
  172. How to convince my mum that binders are safe?
  173. Telling Family I bind
  174. Help with hair (ftm)
  175. Getting used to new name
  176. Finally came out to my fiancee
  177. is "non binary for attention" actually a thing?
  178. Home workouts for trans guys
  179. No sense of gender
  180. Gender neutral bathrooms
  181. Days are getting harder with myself
  182. Swimming Binders and Transphobic Mother?
  183. Uncomfortable, afraid, and confused about my gender
  184. Surgery or binders?
  185. HRT, Day 1... :)
  186. How The Heck Have I Had Transgender Tendencies Suddenly?
  187. Casual androgynous clothing styles?
  188. Non-binary?
  189. When should I transition?
  190. Non-binary and family struggles
  191. FtMs- binders
  192. I feel invalid/not real
  193. Inconsistent Dysphoria/Am I actually trans?
  194. I had my first therapy appointment but I'm not sure how much I should trust her.
  195. trans people, one question
  196. Don't want my child to use wrong pronous
  197. A small request from parents and I'm reeling.
  198. Please help - I'm confused and scared
  199. bit confused
  200. Feeling less than hopeful
  201. Binders and Chest Aches
  202. I need a bit of help...
  203. am I doing this right?
  204. Watching the last embers die out...
  205. The binary
  206. ....
  207. pulled in opposing directions by my identity
  208. Just A Phase?
  209. I feel like I'm crazy
  210. Thinking about trying out a new name
  211. Someone to talk to?Advice?My story
  212. ADHD medication
  213. Where do I fall? Am I alone?
  214. Am I Just Really Effeminate???? HELP
  215. Am i just imagining things (possible trigger warning)
  216. Swimming and Binding?
  217. Really shitty talk with the parents
  218. No idea
  219. What the hell am i?
  220. Un-labelable
  221. Accident while I was drunk
  222. Confused and Upset
  223. My heart can't accept my identity
  224. Just knowing
  225. strange feelings today
  226. I dunno
  227. Figuring myself out
  228. Nosey question about biology for transwomen
  229. I'm sorry I over-reacted
  230. Need some help w/ current situation
  231. My first skirt!
  232. When will it be too late for me?
  233. Sexual Expression
  234. It has an end
  235. Genderfluidity vs Personality
  236. weird new feelings here, and a few Qs
  237. Goodbye
  238. Gender dysphoria + hormonal surges?
  239. any advise?
  240. gender euphoria?
  241. Questioning my Gender
  242. Can't find a label that fits...
  243. Transitioning, not transitioning...
  244. Questioning My Gender
  245. I made a grave error that may out me before I'm ready
  246. Is It Normal To Not Have Much Dysphoria?
  247. Something I worry about
  248. Question about When You're on HRT but don't Pass
  249. Gender expression VS Identity
  250. Genderfluid vs. Crossdresser