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  1. Help with hair (ftm)
  2. Getting used to new name
  3. Finally came out to my fiancee
  4. is "non binary for attention" actually a thing?
  5. Home workouts for trans guys
  6. No sense of gender
  7. Gender neutral bathrooms
  8. Days are getting harder with myself
  9. Swimming Binders and Transphobic Mother?
  10. Uncomfortable, afraid, and confused about my gender
  11. Surgery or binders?
  12. HRT, Day 1... :)
  13. How The Heck Have I Had Transgender Tendencies Suddenly?
  14. Casual androgynous clothing styles?
  15. Non-binary?
  16. When should I transition?
  17. Non-binary and family struggles
  18. FtMs- binders
  19. I feel invalid/not real
  20. Inconsistent Dysphoria/Am I actually trans?
  21. I had my first therapy appointment but I'm not sure how much I should trust her.
  22. trans people, one question
  23. Don't want my child to use wrong pronous
  24. A small request from parents and I'm reeling.
  25. Please help - I'm confused and scared
  26. bit confused
  27. Feeling less than hopeful
  28. Binders and Chest Aches
  29. I need a bit of help...
  30. am I doing this right?
  31. Watching the last embers die out...
  32. The binary
  33. ....
  34. pulled in opposing directions by my identity
  35. Just A Phase?
  36. I feel like I'm crazy
  37. Thinking about trying out a new name
  38. Someone to talk to?Advice?My story
  39. ADHD medication
  40. Where do I fall? Am I alone?
  41. Am I Just Really Effeminate???? HELP
  42. Am i just imagining things (possible trigger warning)
  43. Swimming and Binding?
  44. Really shitty talk with the parents
  45. No idea
  46. What the hell am i?
  47. Un-labelable
  48. Accident while I was drunk
  49. Confused and Upset
  50. My heart can't accept my identity
  51. Just knowing
  52. strange feelings today
  53. I dunno
  54. Figuring myself out
  55. Nosey question about biology for transwomen
  56. I'm sorry I over-reacted
  57. Need some help w/ current situation
  58. My first skirt!
  59. When will it be too late for me?
  60. Sexual Expression
  61. It has an end
  62. Genderfluidity vs Personality
  63. weird new feelings here, and a few Qs
  64. Goodbye
  65. Gender dysphoria + hormonal surges?
  66. any advise?
  67. gender euphoria?
  68. Questioning my Gender
  69. Can't find a label that fits...
  70. Transitioning, not transitioning...
  71. Questioning My Gender
  72. I made a grave error that may out me before I'm ready
  73. Is It Normal To Not Have Much Dysphoria?
  74. Something I worry about
  75. Question about When You're on HRT but don't Pass
  76. Gender expression VS Identity
  77. Genderfluid vs. Crossdresser
  78. Is this just in a phase, or for self esteem boost?
  79. How often do genderfluid people shift?
  80. Transition timeline
  81. Temporarily Passing as your biological sex after transition.
  82. Is This Normal for Cisgendered People?
  83. Pre-T and feeling less dysphoric now that I've lost weight?
  84. Middle name help
  85. I think I want to wear a suit to graduation. Advice?
  86. Shopping!!
  87. X with a brain of Y
  88. Step one and two
  89. Can you tell me if this is dysphoria?
  90. I'm stuck in myself!
  91. What do you think of the term 'Lesbian?'
  92. How to convince my parents I'm trans
  93. Organising counselling...
  94. The wait.
  95. Emma's new apartment
  96. I hope I am not trans. But probably am.
  97. Judgmental Friend
  98. I am so confused
  99. Misgendering yourself
  100. Demigirl? Agender? Gender fluid?
  101. Royal Pains
  102. Who/what am I?
  103. do you think not transitioning because of the possibility not being able to pass?
  104. Depression / Dysphoria.
  105. Possibly moving, chance for a new start?
  106. Still confused. Making progress?
  107. Still confused. Making progress?
  108. Agender, needs some help
  109. Am I In Denial?
  110. Applying/Interviewing for Jobs
  111. S.A.G.E. Test?
  112. Experience with silk n glide
  113. Where did the idea that sex and gender are different come from?
  114. People on Facebook are pretty ignorant
  115. Trans folks: How do you feel better about yourself/your body?
  116. Tips on training a male voice pre-T
  117. Am I Genderfluid?
  118. Am I In Denial?
  119. Chemical OR Physical Castration?
  120. Gender expression and gender identity
  121. Gender expression and gender identity
  122. Perceptions of Bigenders
  123. Transgender doubts around family?
  124. Did my inner girl die?
  125. Internal sense of gender?
  126. Joking about being Transgender?
  127. Still confused...
  128. Transitioning tips
  129. A must read for those of us that choose to participate in online discussion openly
  130. am I genderfluid?
  131. Boarding school for trans people
  132. Can't go back...
  133. Define gender
  134. Trans* underroos?
  135. Plus size chest binding advice?
  136. help
  137. Don't understand gender
  138. I think im mtf trans..
  139. Not feeling like I belong
  140. Dating - body or mind?
  141. Transgender phase?
  142. Am I Trans?
  143. THAT question
  144. Things society could do?
  145. Opinions on my letter?
  146. Conflicted about my gender
  147. Should I Transition?
  148. Mentally Attracted to men Sexually Attracted to women.
  149. V. Confused??
  150. Some questions about mtf hrt
  151. don't know what to do about school
  152. How to start transitioning FTM
  153. I don't know
  154. GC2B binders
  155. Feeling like a burden.
  156. Haircut!!
  157. Being told what to wear...
  158. Getting Uniform Policy Changed
  159. "Her Story" show on YouTube
  160. My Current Obstacle
  161. STP harness question
  162. Bow ties
  163. 10 Reasons I'm Satisfied and Unsatisfied With Being Male
  164. Why do assholes do the dehumanizing thing?
  165. Good news!
  166. Genderfluid presentation
  167. Deciding if i'm Agender or Bigender [HELP]
  168. Deciding if i'm Agender or Bigender [HELP]
  169. Guilt and not trans enough
  170. Why will everybody tell you you're cis or agender?
  171. Figuring out my gender identity.
  172. New Trans survey - short and possibly pays $75
  173. Wondering if anyone else feels this way
  174. What does gender mean to you?
  175. Thyroid issues and transgender
  176. Any advice on dressing more female at school while still in guy-mode?
  177. Am I overthinking this?
  178. Having doubts?
  179. Non-binary? Binary?
  180. Voice Changing
  181. My Mom Is Being Difficult
  182. Girl's Name?
  183. New clothes
  184. I live between genders.
  185. Confession: I don't like being trans
  186. How often does your gender change? (Genderfluid)
  187. Transgender, Maturity, and how it effects your gender
  188. Expression Struggles
  189. Advice for supporting a boyfriends ftm transition
  190. Would my body pass on HRT? (Warning shirtless pictures)
  191. Just a great video on Voice Feminization I found. :)
  192. Transition & feeling like a grown up?
  193. If I'm this now, what was I then?
  194. Being Transgender is a Mental Disorder
  195. How to be bisexual?
  196. I don't know what I am
  197. Genderfluid? Bigender? Demigirl? Help!
  198. How to teach your mind to stop thinking binary
  199. Im so confused about my gender identity!
  200. How do I explain to my therapist?
  201. i wanna be more feminine
  202. trans and mentally ill
  203. What would you consider this?
  204. What is the Difference Between Gay and Queer?
  205. Does Lex or Seth suit me best?
  206. Pants! (results of a shopping trip)
  207. family and bathrooms :(
  208. Feeling Invalid
  209. Coming out..
  210. I'm scared to take HRT
  211. Name help?!?!?!
  212. Help: Masculine Gender Expression
  213. I am so proud of each any every one of you.
  214. Questioning my gender identity
  215. I hate that there's no hormone to "make" me neutral.
  216. Thank you<3
  217. genderfluid and i HATE my long hair
  218. a surgeon
  219. Tips on Early Transition?
  220. Anyone else had this? (Advice as well if any :3)
  221. How do you tackle being misgendered?
  222. How to deal with socialisation...?
  223. Are there any ways of lowering your voice without having testosterone?
  224. The most surprising thing about being trans for me.
  225. Question on changing legal documents
  226. Genderqueer?
  227. I have a name idea, but...
  228. Am I Genderqueer?
  229. Finally found the condifence to dress in all-girl clothes to school
  230. How to hide binder+straps??
  231. RE: Coming out to high school! :)
  232. No meds
  233. Quite sure I'm trans now
  234. diy binder help
  235. I wish I was female.
  236. Feeling the Part but not Looking the Part?
  237. Am I pronoun-indifferent agender?
  238. My recent trip and gender
  239. internalized transphobia..in dreams?
  240. The VA and transgender
  241. hair tips
  242. Any Advice for A Younger Transgender Man?
  243. I just need to voice my thoughts...
  244. Harder to Hide
  245. Are drag acts a problem?
  246. Cheeks
  247. Transition process in the UK?
  248. Any advice on what to buy to help stay…..while running?
  249. My trans Journey
  250. They said my name.