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  1. am i trans
  2. Nonbinary,masculine presenting woman but with "straight" sexual orientation
  3. Screaming Internally - venting (trigger warning)
  4. FtM or GenderQueer?
  5. Am I going to regret this?
  6. How about a list of support nonprofits?
  7. Androgynous look with male body?
  8. Probably not transgender, but somewhere along there
  9. Coming out v2
  10. Why Does My Dysphoria Keep Getting Worse???
  11. How to get my mom to ask me
  12. Are you a trans parent?
  13. asking mom for boys clothes
  14. Middle school to high school, female to male
  15. Looking for science behind Non-Binary genders- Help!
  16. 1 year update on life & love post-transitioning
  17. Defining demiguy/demigirl?
  18. Is a certain amount of internalized transphobia okay?
  19. My uncertainty and discomfort is wearing me down.
  20. Questioning name
  21. What do you do if you meet another trans?
  22. What's the difference between demiflux and demifluid?
  23. Upper body dysphoria
  24. Cool academics specializing in gender identity?
  25. Questioning and finding
  26. I feel disgusting ;(
  27. Some rambling about gender and dysphoria
  28. Hard time giving up the gentleman role
  29. How to meet girls??
  30. Any tips on appearing more gender-neutral?
  31. Interview outfit
  32. I think I'm either trans or agender
  33. Getting Used to a New Name?
  34. Boyfriend jeans
  35. I feel genderqueer but identify as female
  36. today
  37. Pretty sure I'm trans, but could use some love and assurances.
  38. Body dysmorphia, gender identity, depression
  39. Variations within transgender - types?
  40. Androgynous Boy or Androgynous Girl?
  41. Legal stuff and jobs as a trans guy
  42. How I feel more masculine
  43. I'm struggling with what I am.
  44. Formal non-gendered titles?
  45. Stupid question... does this sound trans?
  46. lonely in Sussex
  47. Coming out, phase II and pronouns
  48. I decided to transition but not all the way
  49. I wore a dress
  50. dysphoria
  51. Yearning to be feminine. And free.
  52. Female? No? Then what?!
  53. Hindsight is 20/20 - looking back to before I understood I am trans
  54. Is this okay?
  55. So, about trans guy hair
  56. T.e.r.f.s
  57. Being mistaken for a girl
  58. Why things don't bother me...
  59. Ftm friends ??
  60. Getting a job pre hormones
  61. FTM Swimming !
  62. FTM Testosterone Worries
  63. Question to trans women...
  64. Correcting the uninformed...
  65. the Ranting and Rambling thread
  66. Should I come out to my friends?
  67. I'm confused... (Mtf?)
  68. Help with family and jobs
  69. Are there only two genders?
  70. anyone from germany or europe?
  71. Shopping (female clothes)
  72. What to wear to prom when your in the closet
  73. What are good ways or tests to see if you are trans for sure?
  74. Good Vibes!
  75. This is me
  76. How to express more feminine but undercover?
  77. Pick Out My Next Haircut!
  78. Short hair dilemma.
  79. Am i trans or ocd or in denial
  80. asexual? demisexual? can someone help me answer?
  81. I had a dream I started T. Not fair!
  82. Does It Ever Get Better?
  83. Binder pain
  84. I am a sadist and masochist
  85. Haircut Problems
  86. Crisis Mode
  87. so that happened
  88. ADHD and Transgender?
  89. Trying out different names IRL
  90. Questions about college stuff.
  91. How did you know you were non-binary?
  92. Starting fresh?
  93. What sex is your voice in your head?
  94. Not sure about my gender identity
  95. Trans guys: Where do you shave?
  96. Have You Ever Felt Ridiculous?
  97. Just some stuff.
  98. How would I know?
  99. Feeling Younger
  100. I need to stop obsessing over this.
  101. Need to talk
  102. How did you realize you were non-binary/genderqueer/agender?
  103. Giving end to the endings.
  104. Questioning a lot right now...and I don't like it.
  105. Help
  106. I don't know what I am yet
  107. How to explain your gender identity to cis people
  108. How to explain your gender identity to cis people
  109. How to explain your gender to cis people
  110. Attempting to talk about my issues
  111. Developments on gender identity
  112. Demigirl? Nonbinary? Genderqueer? Cis butch lesbian? No idea.
  113. Questioning myself
  114. Unsure of New Name (FTM)
  115. Who Am I?
  116. Confusion Once Again.
  117. What to do?
  118. FTM: For those not on T, do you cross-dress?
  119. Dysphoria with binder?
  120. A story I'm working on
  121. Talking with a therapist
  122. Weird Feelings
  123. Tdov
  124. I got a crush for a girl
  125. Hormones/gender presentation and animals
  126. Middle name opinions?
  127. Not crossdressing? More like gender conforming?
  128. When Should I see a Psychiatrist?
  129. packer/packing help ?
  130. Looks like my transition will be delayed, again.
  131. Alienation
  132. Autism and Gender
  133. Autism and Gender
  134. Needing advice on being inbetween
  135. Need Opinions ASAP
  136. Debating what I want to do with my life.
  137. Debating what I want to do with my life.
  138. More worried about transition appearance than pre-transition?
  139. Top Surgery Timeline
  140. I am Happy
  141. Super happy with the results!!!
  142. Is there a photo section? Looking for transition pics.
  143. Being Trans and Schizophrenic
  144. Fragility of Masculinity
  145. Feeling Agender
  146. Question about binders
  147. How would I know?
  148. Stupid question about binders
  149. Coming to a Gender Fluid conclusion?
  150. Parents can't handle me painting nails
  151. Most likely going to Boston (but there's still some obstacles)
  152. Denial
  153. Can you have gender dysphoria if you're cis?
  154. Genderfluid Surgery
  155. Am I demi boy?
  156. My Partner is MTF?
  157. How to deal with waiting
  158. My mom won't accept me and I can't deal with school
  159. Considering pumping/packer shopping (nsfw)
  160. Gender neutral haircut fail
  161. feeling alienated from female friends
  162. FTM & feeling like no one will ever love me or find me desirable
  163. Testosterone & not wanting to be really masculine
  164. Therapy Online?
  165. Opinions on being stealth
  166. Dressing as a girl/First experience/Tentative
  167. How to ask for a binder?
  168. Iranian and confused!
  169. Slipped through the cracks.
  170. FtM Voice Change
  171. My weekend is ruined?
  172. My relationship with my AGAB
  173. Non-binary or gender non-conforming?
  174. I'm officially Patrick (name change)
  175. my coming out letter to my parents.
  176. How to approach my gender dysphoria?
  177. This is awkward...Sexual fantasies.
  178. Getting Top Surgery Too Easily?
  179. ftm haircut advice
  180. Questioning Gender Identity
  181. Bigender, metoidioplasty and WPATH requirements
  182. A question for the other trans (HRT)
  183. FTM Transitioning doubts
  184. Update from last night.
  185. Bigender vs Genderfluid
  186. is it huberous for me....
  187. Binder sizes
  188. Genderfluidity life stories
  189. Chest binding?
  190. The Utimate Guilt Trip.
  191. Is "Are you a boy or a girl?" really about genitals?
  192. Long Hair FTM Help?
  193. My feelings
  194. How to tell parents that i'd like to be trans?
  195. A different view of myself
  196. Is going to a gender therapist worth it?
  197. One question
  198. Dealing with the future while trying to survive for now
  199. why is it ok for men to go topless???
  200. Do Gender Fluid/Bigender AMAB Ever Change?
  201. Coming out as ftm
  202. FTM Haircut
  203. Is it REALLY ok to not know?
  204. i suck at titles: transgender FTM?
  205. This post will be a mess...
  206. Packer shopping (NSFW)
  207. Transgender Women: Where are you?
  208. Update: The red demon is deciding to leave
  209. Non-binary and changing name
  210. Back because of a realization
  211. How do I lower my voice pitch without it sounding forced?
  212. I need help finding a chest binder
  213. I need help finding a chest binder
  214. more prominent gender euphoria than dysphoria
  215. Not sure if I'm trans, or a tomboy.
  216. Some accomplishments, working on it
  217. Question for Other FtM's
  218. Alex Bertie
  219. update to my supports at work thread
  220. Trans man sex problems
  221. I think I might be bigender
  222. Dissociation as a form of gender dysphoria?
  223. Ideas for a middle name
  224. Compression Tank
  225. Man I dont even know where to start deconstructing this mess of feelings
  226. The red demon has arrived, my fellow trans boiz
  227. Experiences with Gender Therapy?
  228. safe binding at work ?
  229. Binding at Prom?
  230. Is it still dysphoria if there's no focus?
  231. A puberty question for ftms
  232. Uncertainty coming back
  233. Finding my identity, with support from wife
  234. Military as masculine rite of passage?
  235. I just need someone to know.
  236. Where can I find SAFE binders?
  237. Does it really get better in college?
  238. supports at work for transition?
  239. Trans Prom Concerns
  240. Changing your name
  241. My Gender is Evolving
  242. Questions for trans people living in UK. NHS/name change etc
  243. How do I bring up the possibility of me being transgender?
  244. Identifying As Genderfluid and Doubts
  245. Is it gender dysphoria or just anxiety over body image?
  246. What should I look to do first when I'm settled in college?
  247. Trans in the military?
  248. Dating/Attracted to Trans Individuals?
  249. Am I Trans pt 2?
  250. Terrified of being me