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  1. Been questioning for over 3 years. I have to get to the bottom of this.
  2. Is this possible?
  3. Should I tell or not?
  4. Confusing thoughts and feelings
  5. Are there anyone else here that are QBC?
  6. Feeling disheartened
  7. Came out to someone about my gender
  8. Doubts
  9. Uncertain about being trans. Advice please.
  10. What to do
  11. Help D:
  12. Nobody! can tell you who YOU are but you can
  13. genderfluid or demiboy??
  14. Safe space for plus size queers!
  15. Genderfluid male, Should I transition?
  16. Update ?
  17. Afraid to proceed.
  18. I dont know what I am
  19. gender depending on people you hang out with?
  20. Hiding Half Binder
  21. very confused
  22. Haircut drama
  23. My family won't use the right name.
  24. White lies and support in the transgender world
  25. Dad's views on trangender
  26. Help?!
  27. Is there other trans people who are not unhappy with periods?
  28. Binding resources and sites to buy binders
  29. Would you rather have been born cis or accepted as trans?
  30. Dressing Feminine for Pride - Sizing questions?
  31. The other side of the medal.
  32. "did you just assume my gender" jokes
  33. FTM and Swimming
  34. Name ideas?
  35. Agender?
  36. Getting away with not binding
  37. Getting a binder
  38. Stereotypically lesbian haircuts?
  39. How far will you go to pass?
  40. Coming out as trans to friends
  41. FtM and non-binary haircuts
  42. I just can't deal with this
  43. Confused on my gender identity
  44. Am I just making stuff up?
  45. Am i paranoid? or have good reason to wonder?
  46. When the lines get blurred
  47. Denial and other crap
  48. So frustrated...
  49. I wish I could be happy as a girl but I feel like a guy???
  50. Label contradiction?
  51. Why do i feel people dislike me?
  52. Stressed out
  53. Confused as always
  54. Packer & Packing Underwear. Help Please?
  55. I think i passed?
  56. Not sure if I want to change my birth name
  57. Not 100% happy with everything
  58. Hello peoples im new
  59. Gender-Neutral Nickname?
  60. Labels.
  61. masc/fem expression
  62. What gender am I? I'm confused.
  63. Does this mean I can't be cisgender?
  64. Very confused!
  65. Body journal?
  66. What am I?
  67. Lost, confused, am I going crazy?
  68. Very Confused, Need To Vent
  69. confused.
  70. Name doesn't sound quite right.
  71. Lowering your voice without T
  72. Fearful of the future
  73. Where to get my first binder
  74. Timeline for transitioning
  75. Help me out...
  76. Finding your real self
  77. Reflections on the journey so far
  78. New second name?
  79. Weird dream
  80. Figuring myself out -help me
  81. Gender Dysphoria or Not?
  82. Nonbinary??
  83. Sex with a transguy
  84. "Total" Price of MtF SRS
  85. First endo appointment on Thursday, difficulty getting excited
  86. I just want to be a guy.
  87. Really struggling
  88. I need to change my name.
  89. Finding courage
  90. Opinions on name change
  91. The Game Of Life
  92. Younger sister that might be experiencing dysphoria
  93. Can't figure myself out!
  94. Gender therapy and the NHS?
  95. How to get fit but not bulk?
  96. Just...Confused
  97. Top surgery costs
  98. Came out on Facebook today
  99. Losing control
  100. What is it like being a girl?
  101. Surpressing trans feelings to keep friends
  102. Help picking a new name?
  103. Spin-off: Who DID know they were trans from early childhood?
  104. They/Them Pronouns
  105. Some binder washing tips for y'all
  106. Dysphoria and sports
  107. Trans hate?
  108. Am i just me or does this have a label
  109. Dysphoria and what it means
  110. I wish that I could be transitioning.
  111. I don't know how to call this
  112. My life right now.
  113. Bi but feminine? Help?
  114. Pronoun Weirdness
  115. Peach fuzz dye gone wrong
  116. I can't accept myself as MtF
  117. FtM's that don't want to smile?
  118. Dysphoria vs Negative Body Image?
  119. Is it okay for genderfluid people to bind?
  120. Is anyone else bothered by the word "queer"?
  121. Guilt about feeling trans
  122. I bought masculine clothes today!
  123. I thought I was FtM but now I just don't know
  124. Genderfluid and in need of help
  125. Labels?
  126. Straight Hime Cut
  127. I am so confused
  128. Ftm/transman or butch/masculine woman?
  129. Menstruation And Dysphoria
  130. I want to be a drag queen
  131. Thought I was MtF, Now Just Confused & Despaired
  132. Confused and need help 😑
  133. Your Reaction to Dysphoria
  134. Bigender question
  135. Do you need to be "born that way" to be on the trans spectrum?
  136. Passport problems ahhhh!
  137. FtM peeps I need your help
  138. Depressed, lost, need advice and support
  139. Binding Long Term
  140. Taking hormone blockers? Non-binary
  141. Difference between a dildo and a dilator?
  142. National trip and names/presentation
  143. Voice getting deeper?
  144. Cute boy names?
  145. gender identity issues?... please help
  146. Genderqueer?
  147. Lesbians, would you consider dating a very feminine trans guy?
  148. How much was your top surgery?
  149. I just joined, need some friends to relate.
  150. Testosterone and Blindness?
  151. am i trans
  152. Nonbinary,masculine presenting woman but with "straight" sexual orientation
  153. Screaming Internally - venting (trigger warning)
  154. FtM or GenderQueer?
  155. Am I going to regret this?
  156. Androgynous look with male body?
  157. Probably not transgender, but somewhere along there
  158. Coming out v2
  159. Why Does My Dysphoria Keep Getting Worse???
  160. How to get my mom to ask me
  161. Are you a trans parent?
  162. asking mom for boys clothes
  163. Middle school to high school, female to male
  164. Looking for science behind Non-Binary genders- Help!
  165. 1 year update on life & love post-transitioning
  166. Defining demiguy/demigirl?
  167. Is a certain amount of internalized transphobia okay?
  168. My uncertainty and discomfort is wearing me down.
  169. Questioning name
  170. What do you do if you meet another trans?
  171. What's the difference between demiflux and demifluid?
  172. Upper body dysphoria
  173. Cool academics specializing in gender identity?
  174. Questioning and finding
  175. I feel disgusting ;(
  176. Some rambling about gender and dysphoria
  177. Hard time giving up the gentleman role
  178. How to meet girls??
  179. Any tips on appearing more gender-neutral?
  180. Interview outfit
  181. I think I'm either trans or agender
  182. Getting Used to a New Name?
  183. Boyfriend jeans
  184. I feel genderqueer but identify as female
  185. today
  186. Pretty sure I'm trans, but could use some love and assurances.
  187. Body dysmorphia, gender identity, depression
  188. Variations within transgender - types?
  189. Androgynous Boy or Androgynous Girl?
  190. Legal stuff and jobs as a trans guy
  191. How I feel more masculine
  192. I'm struggling with what I am.
  193. Formal non-gendered titles?
  194. Stupid question... does this sound trans?
  195. lonely in Sussex
  196. Coming out, phase II and pronouns
  197. I decided to transition but not all the way
  198. I wore a dress
  199. dysphoria
  200. Yearning to be feminine. And free.
  201. Female? No? Then what?!
  202. Hindsight is 20/20 - looking back to before I understood I am trans
  203. Is this okay?
  204. So, about trans guy hair
  205. T.e.r.f.s
  206. Being mistaken for a girl
  207. Why things don't bother me...
  208. Ftm friends ??
  209. Getting a job pre hormones
  210. FTM Swimming !
  211. FTM Testosterone Worries
  212. Question to trans women...
  213. Correcting the uninformed...
  214. the Ranting and Rambling thread
  215. Should I come out to my friends?
  216. I'm confused... (Mtf?)
  217. Help with family and jobs
  218. Are there only two genders?
  219. anyone from germany or europe?
  220. Shopping (female clothes)
  221. What to wear to prom when your in the closet
  222. What are good ways or tests to see if you are trans for sure?
  223. Good Vibes!
  224. This is me
  225. How to express more feminine but undercover?
  226. Pick Out My Next Haircut!
  227. Short hair dilemma.
  228. Am i trans or ocd or in denial
  229. asexual? demisexual? can someone help me answer?
  230. I had a dream I started T. Not fair!
  231. Does It Ever Get Better?
  232. Binder pain
  233. I am a sadist and masochist
  234. Haircut Problems
  235. Crisis Mode
  236. so that happened
  237. ADHD and Transgender?
  238. Trying out different names IRL
  239. Questions about college stuff.
  240. Starting fresh?
  241. What sex is your voice in your head?
  242. Not sure about my gender identity
  243. Trans guys: Where do you shave?
  244. Have You Ever Felt Ridiculous?
  245. Just some stuff.
  246. How would I know?
  247. Feeling Younger
  248. I need to stop obsessing over this.
  249. Need to talk
  250. How did you realize you were non-binary/genderqueer/agender?