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  1. Stuff.
  2. I don't understand
  3. Help please!?
  4. I need help!
  5. I dont like my breasts...
  6. friendship dysphoria??????????
  7. Feeling Uncomfortable
  8. "Just get over yourself"
  9. I'm so confused about my gender?
  10. Do transgenders have to be stereotypically what they identify with?
  11. trying to figure out if there is a gender term that fits me...
  12. Spinning in Circles
  13. On doubts and vulnerability
  14. Part-time Woman? (Non-Trans)
  15. help me pick a new name!
  16. my pool experience last year
  17. Where to begin?
  18. Thoughts about Tumblr?
  19. Testosterone
  20. i don't know who i am
  21. Trans guys and presenting feminine
  22. Binding Questions
  23. I have no idea what my gender is
  24. Social abuse because of gender expression
  25. Transgender or just masculine?
  26. Worried about endoscopy.
  27. Bi-gender and Sexuality of your gender fluctuations
  28. testosterone
  29. Validity of Questioning
  30. Trans or nah?!
  31. Athletic compression shirt for binding
  32. I just sorta want to be a guy in some weird way huh
  33. Lost on the road
  34. Gender-curious
  35. Searching for answers about my gender identity
  36. How to survive this?
  37. lived experience with Body Hair. MTF
  38. Gender fluid/Genderqueer
  39. Dysphoria with a side of panic
  40. About the proper reason for pride
  41. The dance of denial.
  42. Gravitation towards female characters?
  43. Loose thoughts on my gender identitiy. How much of a woman can/want i (to) be?
  44. I was outed
  45. Am I just imagining it?
  46. Question about attraction for those who are genderfluid
  47. Self Doubting
  48. Androgynous and Curvy?
  49. How to know if your family is a security risk
  50. From non binary/queer to trans*?
  51. Chest question
  52. Need Some Help With Identity
  53. Could someone explain?
  54. Gender Varies Situationally?
  55. Expressing masculinity
  56. Gay FTM?
  57. Bi-gender
  58. Anyone else feel it's not worth rocking the boat?
  59. I am straight male, but like crossdressing
  60. Keep questioning everything?
  61. Stuck and have no clue what to do
  62. Determining where to inject your shot?//FTM
  63. Places I can safely try acting as another gender online?
  64. Doubting Yourself
  65. Friend starting being transphobic.
  66. Dysphoria Blues-FTM
  67. The MTF Thread.
  68. An update literally no one asked for
  69. I like warmth.
  70. Feeling like everything's falling apart
  71. Female to Male Trans / Dating
  72. Genderqueer
  73. Any other lesbians here who prefer menswear
  74. Any other butch lesbians here
  75. FtM HRT and menopause - important information!
  76. scared to get haircut//FTM pre-everything
  77. Shoe shopping
  78. trying to figure this gender thing out (ftm?)
  79. Gender?
  80. HRT, the big questions(to ask the doc)
  81. help?
  82. Coping with Gender Dysphoria or Gender Switches
  83. How do you describe yourself?
  84. Weirdest Mix of Emotions.
  85. More thoughts on my mind.
  86. MTF HRT and alochol?
  87. Good day gone bad
  88. What foods are you craving since your HRT?
  89. Things seem to be changing.
  90. The Trans* Positivity Thread
  91. OMG!!! I'm eating us out of house and home!!
  92. Extremely confusing signal.
  93. Gender Identity Help?
  94. Major victory!
  95. Wanting to shout out your secret to the world...
  96. FtM swimwear
  97. My cravings and tastes
  98. How did you know your name was you?
  99. Questioning gender identity
  100. Hurting and confused
  101. Puzzling Pronoun Problems :P
  102. MTF voice coaching online?
  103. You can't teach patience!
  104. Hormone Therapy for Non-binary people?
  105. My name
  106. Furious and angry.
  107. Did anyone else get stronger transitions when they came out?
  108. Coping as genderfluid
  109. I hate my body
  110. Weighing up whether I might be genderfluid
  111. Trans help
  112. I don't know who I am.
  113. Half VS Tank binders?
  114. Ever Felt Ugly?
  115. Hair
  116. Questioning transguy in need of advice
  117. A taste of dysphoria
  118. Ridiculous doubts, panic, continuing to come out because I need progress
  119. Haircuts
  120. Reflecting on the past.
  121. Is it offensive to ask if someone's trans?
  122. How to know it it's a phase or not
  123. Why do we think "I'm not trans enough"?
  124. Anyone have good recommendations for "packing" underwear?
  125. Looking for advice
  126. Disagreement with the trans community
  127. Am I genderfluid???
  128. Transitions and lack thereof
  129. leggings question
  130. Question for people who like dresses...
  131. Last update I guess
  132. Visit to the hospital and some updates I guess
  133. My brother keeps calling me bro and dude
  134. "Young Looking" trans men
  135. Local conference events.
  136. Transition identification and what does "hermaphrodite" mean to you?
  137. Name change form asks for reason
  138. Am I Trans?
  139. Trans enough...
  140. Life hasn't changed much and it's getting annoying.
  141. The "Perfect Male" Form?
  142. Questioning, confused Genderfluid and large guy.
  143. I dont know if Im genderfluid or just looking for attention
  144. Overcoming the fear of never being "real"
  145. Spinning in Circles
  146. Passing
  147. What normally relieves your dysphoria?
  148. Car fixed, and broke again. Like my life.
  149. Indecisive on names
  150. Need opinions on some Names...
  151. Gender identity confusion
  152. How to look more masculine?
  153. How to make breasts less firm??
  154. Idk if I'm trans or just weird or what...
  155. Need advice about gender
  156. Thinking of going by a different name...
  157. Am I genderqueer or just a tomboy?
  158. Does attractivity stay the same on HRT?
  159. Gender Undefined
  160. No regret.
  161. Need Advice about my gender
  162. Stress relief.
  163. Passing but not out?
  164. Confused about gender again
  165. Don't know what to do with my name
  166. UK and Packers
  167. Huge victory
  168. So this happened...
  169. Got my first medical appointment today for possible HRT
  170. Would you give up parts of your character to get rid of dysphoria?
  171. Would you prefer having been born your gender?
  172. FTM Underwear?
  173. Nicknames
  174. Coming Out at Work
  175. Stuck in the system
  176. I need help with my gender
  177. School board meeting.
  178. Did others know you were trans before you did?
  179. Could I Be Trans???
  180. Anyone else feel this way about their binder?
  181. Family, life, and I just can't take it anymore.
  182. Crippling Doubt and Fear/AM I TRANS? HELP.
  183. Genderfluid: problems finding pronouns
  184. Male clothing system
  185. gender expression help?
  186. Living the non-binary way
  187. FTM - Forearm hair?
  188. Question for anyone who wears or has worn bras
  189. Is it just phase or I am trans
  190. Binder Advice: Urgent
  191. internalized transphobia? I'm struggling bad
  192. Any advice?
  193. Help
  194. Clothes for a date
  195. Happy and Terrified
  196. So... gender identity.
  197. Testosterone questions (FtM)
  198. Am I transgender?
  199. Some stuff on my mind.
  200. On gender
  201. Clarification
  202. Is 23 too late when it comes to transitioning
  203. School meeting about bathrooms.
  204. How to ask for a GP referral
  205. Help with wig clips??
  206. Ladies, what do you do about your beard?
  207. what's my gender identity?
  208. Realising that you're trans later in life
  209. Terrified of stopping hormones
  210. Trans girl with beard
  211. School bathrooms/lockerrooms
  212. Help! FtM: how to make myself look more masculine
  213. Questioning my gender, Am I FTM?
  214. inexpensive secret binders?!?!
  215. How rare is bi-gender?
  216. FTM Thread
  217. Changing last name for marriage
  218. Never be as beautiful as a Ciswoman
  219. Want to be more feminine
  220. First day of therapy
  221. Today's the day!!!
  222. Finding myself
  223. Specific dysphoria
  224. Therapy...and gender dysmorphia???
  225. Dreams.
  226. What's in a name?
  227. Feeling...Idk... Invalid?
  228. Society has to find a way to allow masculine dresses
  229. Fear of commitment to accepting a trans identity
  230. First blood test
  231. Conflicting needs for a closeted MtF - help!
  232. How can I pass as a closeted ftm?
  233. I need help with my name
  234. Where am I going to start?
  235. Julie Bindel
  236. Will I experience changes on testogel?
  237. Birthday. Want fun and cuddles, get blues instead.
  238. Let my male half fully out for the first time with my husband
  239. Realistic answers please: Full passing doable?
  240. New and in need of help
  241. Getting a haircut
  242. "Ma'am"
  243. Struggling to to T shot suddenly
  244. I feel like Two-face (and I need help)
  245. What treatments/options exist for bi-gender individuals?
  246. MTF voice
  247. An awful lot of confused text
  248. Getting diagnosed and acceptance
  249. Progress.
  250. Bulk before surgery?